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Anti-Vaxxer Campaign Proposition

- Wed, 11 Sep 2019 04:06:57 EST ZmaOCVHp No.55914
File: 1568189217958.jpg -(39226B / 38.31KB, 500x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Anti-Vaxxer Campaign Proposition
Hey guys! It's been many years since I've been on here, but for some reason this site randomly came to mind as a source for an assessment I'm currently working on. I thought I'd post on /med/ as it is crucial that my responses come from people with at least basic knowledge on the matter.

Basically I need to come up with a campaign to raise awareness and ultimately increase the rates of people and children being vaccinated in the Northern Rivers in addition to countering the anti-vax movement.

Considering the areas, the target demographic and possible risks, I've constructed several ideas and narrowed it down to the following:

  • Series of animated comics featured in public transport , shopping centres etc:
Targeted primarily towards children, features a relatable character (child) that undergoes several scenarios in which he/she is faced with a dilemma caused by the topic of anti-vaxxing. This campaign is designed to grab the attention of children with the idea that they will ask and/or pester their caretakers about the issue. The animations will be bright, colourful, and relatively consistent.

  • "Black Plague" Enactment:
A series of visual (and very out-there) street performances which illustrates a dramatisation of the effects of failing to vaccinate. This campaign is designed to be really unavoidable - would occur at several times of a day in busy city areas and would show actors pretending to be suffering from the effects of measles and other highly contagious viruses. No one likes seeing sick people in public - especially in high density areas where illnesses spread rapidly, and this campaign will really bring the issue to light. The actors would hand out brochures/flyers to people that advocate getting vaccinated.

Both these ideas are obviously not without risks, and contain problems, but my goal here is to get feedback on each so that I can choose one to include in my final project.
Priscilla Fenningham - Thu, 12 Sep 2019 02:24:54 EST RWXges62 No.55916 Reply
Anti-vaccine people tend to be anti-liberal, Just by default. So the influx of immigrants 'seeking asylum' thanks trump.<<<<<< Are bringing into the US diseased we do have stored, but are seeing diseases we ave not seen for
decades and decades, what we, as the CDC is or was concerned had been
long sense eradicated, at least in the US. Have now re-surfaced.

The anit-vax people are few. Let them be, I guess, if their religious beliefs like pestilence and disease.

Like this, we are cattle USA, we inoculate beefs, cattle, with all kids of hormones, vaccines. That are detectable in humans and water tables. Yet, if it means anti-liberal, all is fine. Our family breeds cattle to the healthy environments, some immensities that transfer from wild say elk to domestic cattle, we can do that.
Priscilla Fenningham - Thu, 12 Sep 2019 02:47:03 EST RWXges62 No.55917 Reply
The black plague is actually possible. In our world vaults we hold, underneath nuclear detonation proof bunkers. So if need be, we can immediatly create vaccines if the need arises. In mass quantities to inoculate populations as a needed basis.

The sci-fi movies, where ( i am rambling but prove me wrong) There are zombie movies. Where living and living dead are dangerous.

Rabies, for example can take a basic house dog to tun rabid. Which the disease will eventually kill the dog. The plague as mentioned, doe exist in many prairie dog colonies.

(back when, the black plague was misunderstood about where it came from and how it propagated.) I believe cats, especially black cats were viewed as bad luck, furthering the plague, by destroying the cats, the rats, were uncontrolled. Which were the main (hosts) carriers of the plague.

Reality, any disease could overwhelm populations. Ebola, the right was complying about liberals in general, Drs without borders, etc, fighting the disease in africa. Some had died. As it was easily transmittable.

Considering the CDC and the EHA (world health organization,) the could have spread, to a small right-wing town you ours.

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