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Need a new fighting tournament like kumite.

- Mon, 23 Feb 2015 11:59:41 EST g3HydAz2 No.55270
File: 1424710781998.jpg -(69921B / 68.28KB, 610x457) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Need a new fighting tournament like kumite.
We need a new sport.
Some kind of Kumite, or UFC.

Something where the only rules are - No biting or eye gouges.

This is what UFC once was - before the pussies and religious people got involved.

No rules, no weight divisions - a real fighting championship.

We need something like this back.
Something like Bloodsport with vandamme - the kumite.
Rules have ruined UFC and all other fighting championships.
Paulo Thiago - Wed, 25 Feb 2015 13:14:15 EST 1MrSbg5q No.55286 Reply
So UFC with small joint manipulation, curb stomping, and genital smashing?
Rashad Evans - Wed, 25 Feb 2015 15:30:21 EST tB4g9DZ/ No.55287 Reply

What's with the Star Man helmet? Did Tommy become the Red Ranger in one of those weird, shitty Power Rangers series after the original series ended?
Hatsu Hioki - Wed, 25 Feb 2015 20:28:35 EST +zNY97eX No.55291 Reply
1424914115412.png -(51795B / 50.58KB, 250x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

no, but the red ranger became a gay porn star. It's probably to show he gave tommy head.
Paulo Thiago - Thu, 26 Feb 2015 09:12:31 EST G0ZlhMgI No.55293 Reply
IIRC he got it in zeo.

>the red ranger became a gay porn star.
Nope, was someone with a similar look.
George Roop - Sat, 28 Feb 2015 17:24:55 EST ZsWuWp1W No.55307 Reply
Has nothing to do with pussies or religious people and everything to do with insurance and lawsuits. If you permit shit like small joint manipulation, neck punches and head stomps, fishooking, whatever else then you open yourself up to getting fucked by the police and courts.

You can maybe get away with this if you held matches on the Myanmar border but even broadcasting them live will be a challenge as no CDN will accept your bouts, so you'd have to create your own from scratch and good luck with that.

Instead of making MMA/UFC more bloody, they should go back to stuff like Pancrase where it was open hand only strikes to the face. You make more money if your fighters are healthy.
Cody McKenzie - Sat, 28 Feb 2015 22:06:04 EST t/Nlm5C5 No.55316 Reply
1425179164385.gif -(1653351B / 1.58MB, 200x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Is the Vale Tudo scene in Brazil completely dead by now or is it still bubbling away under the surface?
I imagine most of the talented fighters are training for unified rules MMA rather than NHB because that's where the money is, but I would've thought the original sport still has it's purists.

The last true bare knuckle, no-holds-barred promotion I can think of is Rio Heroes but they went under a few years back. (Due to their online gambling racket rather than the fact that it was Vale Tudo.)

There would definitely be an online market for it if enough competent fighters could be found.
Hatsu Hioki - Tue, 10 Mar 2015 03:10:31 EST U+yRClxe No.55365 Reply
I think it's pretty much dead at the moment, but I wouldn't doubt a resurgence sometime in the next 5 years seeing as there is demand for it (even if not so strong). I feel like it's in like an extension of the spot Muay Thai is in, it just needs a superstar or some big thing to bring it back into the limelight.

At least with Muay Thai, hopefully CMT picks up because that shit is so awesome, it's like Muay Thai in a cage with MMA gloves and takedowns but no groundwork.

Dan Miller - Sat, 14 Mar 2015 14:11:31 EST FDucgZ7P No.55564 Reply
Why are you scared of eye gouges and bites? Are you some kind of faggot?
Trevor Prangley - Sat, 21 Mar 2015 00:04:42 EST Hnj/2f5Y No.55589 Reply
1426910682882.jpg -(64400B / 62.89KB, 730x487) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>it's like Muay Thai in a cage with MMA gloves and takedowns but no groundwork.
This shit is fucking awesome! Thanks for the tip, bro.

I really want to see this take off. I've been watching this all dayand I don't think I've seen a boring fight yet.
Don Frye - Fri, 20 Dec 2019 19:56:51 EST IxtdOMhj No.58194 Reply
1576889811950.webm [mp4] -(10535111B / 10.05MB, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The people who want "no rules" fighting are the least likely to fight.
Steve Mazzagatti - Sun, 22 Dec 2019 14:34:00 EST RnVVxngM No.58196 Reply
Power Rangers R.P.M. is 100x better than the original series.

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