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movies to watch while camping in a van

- Thu, 05 Dec 2019 16:30:22 EST mMBGaOW+ No.412012
File: 1575581422792.jpg -(506301B / 494.43KB, 2200x1753) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. movies to watch while camping in a van
camping in sequoia natl park and death valley this week, just looking for some recommendations. a list to help

bram stokers dracula, in the mood for love, the conversation
tinker tailor soldier spy, existenz

mind game (animated movie), future boy conan, the eccentric family

so two lists, really movie recommendations like any of these would be appreciated!

i'll probably post about whatever we end up watching, ty friends
Jon Stewart - Thu, 05 Dec 2019 16:59:34 EST xEBFum+a No.412014 Reply
I really don't get threads like this. Not only is that comically specific, but the films you mention don't seem particularly appropriate or related.
Mr. Popo - Thu, 05 Dec 2019 17:05:36 EST mMBGaOW+ No.412015 Reply
what is comically specific about movies that are like other movies
i didnt say it was thematic, not sure how you got that implication considering the list

what about just recommending something? i really dont get comments like this nb
Tommy Pickles - Thu, 05 Dec 2019 18:48:45 EST 7VuehaRW No.412018 Reply
The Irishman because it's 3 and half hours long so that anything that will pass more of the time is good. I also recommend all of the Star Wars movies back to back
Slab Squatthrust - Thu, 05 Dec 2019 18:56:17 EST E5p0/xCR No.412019 Reply
What's the point of going camping if you're just going to watch a ton of movies?
Edmund Pevensie - Thu, 05 Dec 2019 19:56:16 EST mMBGaOW+ No.412020 Reply
irishman has potential

we arent gonna watch a ton, it gets dark at night you know! who goes around the forest in the winter at night
C-Higgy !lfsExjBfzE - Sun, 08 Dec 2019 03:12:34 EST RBdu29nx No.412074 Reply
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