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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

North Korea executes envoy in a purge after failed U.S. summit

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- Fri, 31 May 2019 06:23:11 EST M/Ws53KS No.176198
File: 1559298191820.jpg -(126510B / 123.54KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. North Korea executes envoy in a purge after failed U.S. summit

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea executed its nuclear envoy to the United States as part of a purge of officials who steered negotiations for a failed summit between leader Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump, a South Korean newspaper said on Friday.

Kim Hyok Chol was executed in March at Mirim Airport in Pyongyang, along with four foreign ministry executives after they were all charged with spying for the United States, the Chosun Ilbo reported, citing an unidentified source with knowledge of the situation.
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Betsy Dangerlock - Thu, 06 Jun 2019 08:29:18 EST Y+imZOxn No.176534 Reply
It's stylistically designed to be that way and you can't undo that. But we can diminish the effects of it.
Graham Sittingstone - Thu, 06 Jun 2019 12:56:43 EST +8irr0Qf No.176541 Reply
It's DerpKorea. They can't actually do shit. It's one of the poorest, shittiest countries. Everything outside of Pyongyang is concentration camps and the absolute worst poverty that makes even the shittiest Russian villages in middle of nowhere look nice. The idea that they could ever take on any power is utterly laughable and having nukes is just the geopolitical equivalent of a gun as great equalizer: even grandma, a kid, and some batshit crazy person can suddenly use it and kill a warrior just as dead as another warrior. And the thing is, they only allegedly have a handful and don't even have enough rockets nor the type to hit anywhere but the West coast of the US.

In all honesty the spoiled rich kid might be worse because he still might have that frying ants with a magnifying glass tendency which this asshole clearly does. But no, he could never possibly be a Dr. Doom. He doesn't have the cranial capacity or temperment even if he did have command of enough resources. Instead he's just a threatening backwater shithole that has a few nukes and a lot of artillery pointed at a heavily developed US ally and could fuck up both Japan and SK in a moment and crash the global economy, but doing so would obviously mean the whole country is getting flattened in the next moment, and the only people who want something like that to happen would be a batshit insane religious fundamentalist like some sort of Islamist or someone trying to kickstart the Rapture or whatever, which clearly derpk has no one trying to do unless you count the country being basically a bunch of trumptard tier personality cultists because it's enforced by the state at gunpoint.

The much bigger threat is Pakistan. Now that India has a retarded right wing nationalist as a leader, the risk of nuclear war is acutely gravest there, and it's a chronic risk because Pakistan is always one Islamist coup away from pushing that button.
Cyril Parringbudging - Fri, 07 Jun 2019 11:03:57 EST k1KVPD2F No.176565 Reply
1559919837006.jpg -(107337B / 104.82KB, 547x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Kim Jong Un's girlfriend hasn't been spotted by American media in over 48 hours. It is safe to assume Kim tied her to a slab and sliced her in half with a gold-cutting laser.
>Oh there she is never mind.

Socialists win elections in Spain

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- Sun, 28 Apr 2019 16:34:57 EST VPlrYAvC No.175253
File: 1556483697816.jpg -(142534B / 139.19KB, 656x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Socialists win elections in Spain
>The governing Socialist party has won Spain’s general election and is on course to win about 125 seats, according to partial results, but may need the support of Catalan separatists to form a majority.

>With more than half of the votes counted, it also appeared that the ultranationalist Vox party would make a decisive breakthrough, winning two-dozen seats.

>Sunday’s vote was the third general election in four years, with the country’s politics more divided than at any time in its recent democratic history.

>The partial results suggest that the socialists and its far-left allies Podemos on 42 seats have a substantial lead over the three parties of the right. But they may still need support of Basque or Catalan nationalists to form a majority in the 350-seat chamber.

>The new government that emerges from the election will have a profound impact on Spain in the coming years, as the country confronts a number of deep-seated challenges: an economic slowdown, chronic unemployment, precarious public finances and a tense stand-off over Catalonia, whose secessionist leaders are on trial for sedition and rebellion.
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Edwin Saggleridge - Tue, 04 Jun 2019 00:33:47 EST 8pt/AtPX No.176426 Reply
I can't see how Not quite socialists would be worse then Neo-Francoists, quite frankly.
Cyril Blathergold - Tue, 04 Jun 2019 06:41:20 EST sHzpYgFv No.176434 Reply
They're also talking about removing his corpse from the church he had built by slaves.
Edwin Saggleridge - Tue, 04 Jun 2019 15:02:36 EST 8pt/AtPX No.176458 Reply
Is there a nice Bilbao septic tank we could put his body?

Netanyahu declares the end of the Two-State solution if he's elected

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- Mon, 08 Apr 2019 08:28:22 EST 8pt/AtPX No.174561
File: 1554726502571.jpg -(93314B / 91.13KB, 640x349) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Netanyahu declares the end of the Two-State solution if he's elected

He doesn't expectantly say that, some might argue, but this stance can only have that outcome

He's running real scared at this point.
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Martha Seblingfeck - Sat, 01 Jun 2019 13:57:08 EST +8irr0Qf No.176266 Reply
Question is what will replace Bibi. Ariel Sharon was literally a war criminal and no matter what bibi does or how corrupt he is he still manages to not be as evil as Sharon was, just a lot more buffoonish with his literally poltard son Yael only adding to the spectacle.
Nathaniel Crenningsten - Sat, 01 Jun 2019 15:11:08 EST QgwvDyjp No.176268 Reply
Probably Benny Gantz and the more militarized but less religious end of the right wing. Netanyahu's strength is the ultra orthodox and settlers. Gantz and the faction that scuttled the coalition's strength is the secular business class and mainstream nationalists who just want the land they've already claimed walled off and the Arabs pushed to outside the fence, and think that Bibi has been driving them down the road towards full annexation of the west bank and a one state solution.
Shitting Wablingduck - Sat, 01 Jun 2019 15:42:46 EST 8pt/AtPX No.176274 Reply
From what little I understand, I admit, even the right arn't fond of the setllers. Most Israli's see them as starting conflict just so they can build a house without paying for it.

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