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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

Tonight the hurricane, touch me hurricane...

- Mon, 02 Sep 2019 04:40:45 EST nC9iL/JD No.178844
File: 1567413645720.jpg -(45228B / 44.17KB, 700x467) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Tonight the hurricane, touch me hurricane...
Ride the whirlwind
Reuben Trotwill - Wed, 04 Sep 2019 11:16:42 EST RQNsJp9C No.178888 Reply
They hyped that shit up and it turned into the biggest nothing burger ever. I guess better safe than sorry but what an annoyance over nothing.
Shitting Gonningkon - Wed, 04 Sep 2019 23:24:11 EST esDmqlbD No.178894 Reply
1567653851549.jpg -(122838B / 119.96KB, 610x661) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Trump seemed concerned, not about people, but, his assets/interests.

Katrina did though change projected direction. But in the end, just a bunch of dumb Negroes who were too stupid to live in a danger zone, (below sea level) like they were simply supposed to.
Like the masses that slowly did so.
Frederick Sapperworth - Thu, 05 Sep 2019 05:28:12 EST FSgK0P9C No.178897 Reply
What if a hurricane smashed Mar-a-Lago? Would Trump cry?
Lydia Blytheway - Thu, 05 Sep 2019 11:01:32 EST dZDaQqJv No.178904 Reply
Probably not, I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to burn it down in the middle of a hurricane to collect the insurance.
Jack Fimmlenig - Thu, 05 Sep 2019 13:48:26 EST WL3e2fsO No.178908 Reply

What is it with the news always trying to make it seem like people who live along the southeastern coast have never seen a hurricane before? These fuckers happen literally every september. They're not threatening, they're just inconvenient.

For most non-retarded people in florida, georgia, carolinas, etc. you just buy 2 extra days worth of food and shit (and booze. DO NOT forget the booze!), board up any windows exposed to the storm, then just chill out and wait for a few days! Then you clean shit up and everything is back to where it was.

These fuckin shithead national news networks always deliberately choose to interview the mentally-deficient people who wait until the LAST POSSIBLE SECOND to get supplies and....surprise! These people are a fucking trainwreck on TV complaining to the new york media about how they can't find any bottled water for sale or how they gotta wait in hours-long gas lines. Well no shit! All of us with more than 4 brain cells bought it all days ago, like actual functioning adults!
Priscilla Dubblewell - Fri, 06 Sep 2019 14:17:01 EST LJfpnhJE No.178931 Reply
Thoughts and prayers to the people of Alabama.
Eugene Hudgenutch - Tue, 10 Sep 2019 05:57:03 EST UDt2el4P No.178993 Reply
1568109423499.jpg -(582693B / 569.04KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Just Trump being himself when unsupervised.

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