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- Mon, 24 Jan 2022 22:57:31 EST b5BN4p6P No.164521
File: 1643083051431.jpg -(140563B / 137.27KB, 1242x1052) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Diet
Whats your diet like?
Guillaume Tirel - Sun, 30 Jan 2022 16:28:33 EST IYLqXglH No.164531 Reply
I like the idea of the Mediterranean diet and paleo. I like salmon, coffee, cheese, salads, and bread with olive oil.

However, I just moved out on my own again, and to be completely honest, to save money I'm almost on an anti-paleo diet since I guess carbs are cheap. Spaghetti with tomato sauce, cereal with skim or coconut milk, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, coffee, and sometimes yogurt. I guess I need to figure out how to transition over to my more ideal diet.
Geoffrey Zakarian - Thu, 10 Feb 2022 20:56:00 EST t9Wgy/9q No.164553 Reply

in a word. shit. i fry porkchops and chicken all the time and serve with gandules and rice all the time seasoned with sofrito, goya adobo, and sazon. all of it is high fat and sodium.
Adolphe GĂ©rard - Thu, 17 Feb 2022 17:47:37 EST 8pXCFI1t No.164557 Reply
A block of halloumi once every two days so i can spunk and tons of vodka for the calories
User is currently banned from all boards
Rose Gray - Mon, 02 May 2022 09:02:16 EST 09lWoFWA No.164616 Reply
Two steps forward

Two steps back

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