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What should I buy for my first gun?

- Thu, 26 Jan 2017 18:00:57 EST GpUJBBov No.42996
File: 1485471657855.jpg -(325139B / 317.52KB, 1500x1117) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. What should I buy for my first gun?
I was looking at a g18 for reliability and because Ive already taken one apart and cleaned it a few times.

I live in CA, so keep those dangerous ASSAWLT WEEPUNS away from your recommendations
Hannah Surrybuck - Thu, 26 Jan 2017 18:32:51 EST XPBrD66U No.42998 Reply
G18 is full auto so probs not bro, thinking of a G19?

In that same price range I would get a P320
Hedda Fidgeford - Thu, 26 Jan 2017 23:44:22 EST 1jMsJJKo No.43001 Reply
the m&p shield, or a s&w.. whatever the small one is called.
Basil Crellerhall - Fri, 27 Jan 2017 02:18:36 EST rszTYzvc No.43002 Reply
Can swap calibers between 9mm .357Sig and .40sw with only a slide change.
Can be in .45 ACP if you wanted to do that for some reason.
Can swap entire frame for smaller/larger/different colors.
You can just pop the entire internals out and soak it in cleaner and throw it back in
WAY better trigger.
Comes in 4 different sizes.
Sights are standard or Tritium from the factory depending of course. You can also get RMR slides or an RX variant.
Won US military trials. Will now be US sidearm and designated as M17.
No safety on non-military models.
Extremely reliable.
Not a hammer fired Sig, it is striker fired.

33 round stilt magazines.
Reliable. (4th gens excluded)
Grip is fixed size.
Stock sights/aftermarket tritium.
9mm, .357 Sig or .40sw, .45 ACP and .380
Come in all different sized from Full size to Subcompact
Shitty trigger.
4th Gen is fucking stupid. Gen 3 is the best Glock that will ever be made. On a side note, Glock's refusal to modify and update with the times has really fucked them pretty hard. Tons of guns surpass Glocks in nearly every category at this point. Even reliability.
No safety.
Cleaning/tearing down isn't too hard.
Has Magpul mags now for 17/19 and maybe more. Magpul mags are okay for their price.
You can get them used probably cheaper than anything in the same class save for maybe an M&P. (Taurus, EAA and other shitpiles are not in the same class and are priced far cheaper.)
Police trade in Glocks pop up pretty often for good prices.
Striker fired.

Take all that for what you will. The P320 is FAR better than a Glock in nearly every regard except possibly pricing. Not sure how much P320's are at the moment + mags. M&P is better than a Glock. M&P Shield is not better than an equivalent sized Glock. Springfield XD's are not better than a Glock. Ruger SR's are not better than a Glock. Nearly every H&K pistol currently made is better than a Glock. (Only marginally though.) Just about every Sig is FAR better than a Glock. A handful of Walthers are better than a Glock. CZ's are FAR more refined that a Glock but are on par with reliability.(Fuck safeties though.) Beretta 92's are better than a Glock if you excluded the stupid fucking slide safety.

>A Glock will still serve you for a long time and is a simple no thought option. Hence why they are still popular aside from being surpassed by multiple designs in the past 10 years. There is a reason Gen 4 came out. It was because Glock was losing Police contracts left and right and wanted to reinvent the gun but Gaston Glock (owner) is a hardheaded fuck set in his ways. Expect a line of Glock Carbines, New Pistols, Silencers and NFA after he keels over. Same thing Ruger did after Bill Ruger fucked off and left the picture for a morgue.
Ian Pittham - Fri, 27 Jan 2017 07:00:47 EST Q2EFwHsh No.43004 Reply
>Thinks the sig had a good trigger.

OP that's all you should read before discounting this retards opinion entirely.
Martin Panningkatch - Fri, 27 Jan 2017 15:50:27 EST GpUJBBov No.43006 Reply
>not safe

could you go more into detail?

I want
>the most reliable
>wont blow up in my face
I have pretty low standards, and am willing to drop 1000$ on this investment,.
Fanny Bonkinbanks - Fri, 27 Jan 2017 20:40:21 EST rszTYzvc No.43007 Reply
Compared to a mushy Glock trigger and a flexing M&P trigger, it is a good trigger for a handgun. You do realize the P320 is striker fired right? This isn't a typical double action pull to single action. I'm guessing you haven't even handled 3 of the guns I listed. "Retard"

>not safe
>could you go more into detail?
Not sure where you are getting that. None of the guns I said anything about are "not safe." Many don't have an external safety. On a handgun for carry use, having an external safety is stupid. Guns are made to be drop safe and maybe there is a trigger piece like on M&P's and Glocks that block the trigger unless a finger shaped object is placed on it. You don't want a magazine disconnect "safety" but I didn't see you are in CA so I can't help you on legality. If you are on 420chan, not sure why legality even matters...

>the most reliable
>wont blow up in my face
>I have pretty low standards, and am willing to drop 1000$ on this investment,.
Given the list, a used Sig p320, older p250, or M&P plus ~5-6 mags and the rest in ammo+range time. Oh, and a holster+gun belt of course. Cobra buckles are probably too annoying for most people. Leather gets nasty as fuck. Cheap Kydex sucks, get a decent holster (60 dollars roughly) and a good belt which should be around 50-70 dollars. Both will last for a decade or more if you buy decent shit. Either of those pistols will last 50 years probably. A Glock 19 Gen 3 will serve you very well in addition to the above. Be sure to test out all the pistols at least in a store before you buy. Plenty of people hate how Glocks point, how M&P's slide fish scales feel and the trigger thingy, "The High Bore Axis on a Sig." etc etc. Most of this shit is just mindless parroting used to justify brand loyalty and being a fanboy. (probably used by guys like the on above that called me a retard) I personally wouldn't buy an HK, FN or Taurus given what you are looking for and your price. Night sights are pretty useful too but nothing to worry about if you don't have them.

>If this is for self defense and absolutely nothing else, I'd personally get it in .357 Sig as bottlenecked pistol cartridges are superior to straight wall rounds in nearly every way. Ammo is costly though. .357 Sig is snappy too I guess.
Martin Chevingfit - Fri, 27 Jan 2017 22:10:12 EST maHgC2dI No.43008 Reply
just get a glock 19, p320s are cool but idk if theyre on the gay california approved list
g19 is more comfortable for iwb carry in my opinion.
Lillian Wirringtare - Sun, 29 Jan 2017 13:58:00 EST Q2EFwHsh No.43012 Reply
you're just a huge retard. I've never read more of a noguns post in my life.
Lydia Bardstock - Sun, 29 Jan 2017 19:38:28 EST maHgC2dI No.43013 Reply
also keep in mind M&P's are engineered to avoid infringing on patents from Glock
Esther Devingbatch - Sun, 29 Jan 2017 21:43:26 EST rszTYzvc No.43014 Reply
Literally EVERYTHING made for mass production is designed to not infringe upon patents. What kind of statement is this? Glock fanboy detected. Glocks are good but they aren't the best anymore. Unless you put another 1000 dollars into them.
Lydia Bardstock - Mon, 30 Jan 2017 04:12:27 EST maHgC2dI No.43016 Reply
ok ok im not a glock fanboy. I own several handguns. If anything I'm more of an HK douche anyways. What I'm saying is that M&P's are over complicated for what they are.
Esther Devingbatch - Mon, 30 Jan 2017 06:07:42 EST rszTYzvc No.43017 Reply
Not really. Looking at the M&P 9 and G17 Gen 3 right here on my desk, neither are that much different.

The slides are basically the same damn thing. The striker area on an M&P is slightly simpler while the trigger area is slightly simpler on the Glock. Internally, both are just about the same gun. The M&P is just a refined Glock due to the grip, mag release and trigger. I guess you could say M&P copied Glock but Glock won't update their shit because of Gaston so like always in a free market, someone came along and did some final polishing and touch up to perfect the design.

Also, my boat anchor USP 9 is just as simple as either of them; albeit less easy to fully strip. I can also use it as a brick and a dumbbell unlike the other two. HK's are not worth their pricetags either.

I'm not a Sig fanboy. Before the P320, the "best" 9mm on the market was an M&P in my opinion. That is straight out of the box and into a holster with nothing but ammo and mags. Full size that is. I imagine most don't carry full size though but the P320 comes in every size so it doesn't even matter anymore. Before the M&P the best was a G19.
Lydia Bardstock - Mon, 30 Jan 2017 15:27:28 EST maHgC2dI No.43018 Reply
Well, I've seen videos from james yaeger (guys a douche but let me get to my point) where he runs classes and he said the top performing guns where they shoot thousands of rounds during a class are glock's and M&P's. So I suppose they aren't inherently bad guns.

HK's are too expensive for what they are, and to reiterate what I said earlier, I'm more of a USP fan not necessarily an HK fan. I'm not so much a fan of their newer guns.

The P320 is definitely a sweet gun, I have a compact with somewhere between 1000-2000 rounds through it I think and it has never malfunctioned. I have a Glock 17 with, I shit you not, somewhere around 14k or so rounds through it and it's started to malfunction a little so I had to replace the ejector along with the recoil spring. I've had more malfunctions with Glocks than I have had with Sigs including a 220, 226 and the 320.
Molly Soggleforth - Mon, 30 Jan 2017 15:27:32 EST gYI4dRyi No.43019 Reply
Thoughts on the MP Shield 9 for first pistol and ccw choice?
Lydia Bardstock - Mon, 30 Jan 2017 15:30:04 EST maHgC2dI No.43020 Reply
sorry for doublepost
Get the one without the safety imo, great gun from everything I've heard. Definitely excellent choice for CCW but as a first gun it may be a little tougher to learn to shoot due to it's size. I think Glock 43's are cool but not 100 dollars more than a shield cool, Take a look at a ruger lc9s pro as well, I really liked the trigger on that one.
Molly Soggleforth - Mon, 30 Jan 2017 16:15:09 EST gYI4dRyi No.43021 Reply
I was eyeing the lc9 for awhile, but wasn't a big fan of the magazine disconnect safety. I've shot both my friends G43 and a rented, shot-to-shit Shield at an indoor range and the weight wasn't a problem at all, with the shield I was able to get a quarter sized groups at 15 yards. Also, why are safeties are not encouraged for ccw? I'd imagine it would be good idea to get one with a safety and just ignore it, better to have the option than not imo.
Eugene Foshhick - Mon, 30 Jan 2017 21:33:00 EST rszTYzvc No.43022 Reply
James Yaeger sold out at some point in time, not sure when but I don't give a fuck about his advice past at least 2011 probably. Example: Canik sent him dozens upon dozens of pistols for free if he would do video's promoting them and using them in his classes as loaned guns. Now of course, the piece of shit UAE/Turkish guns he would have never even touched back in 2008 are the best thing ever. He is a cunt sellout to be honest. He used to talk about how all AK's from Century are shit blah blah blah and now that Century is sending him free AK's, he is all over their taint.

Even still, Glocks, Sig, M&P, H&K, Beretta, CZ will all last you and be reliable barring lemons that do slip out sometimes. I'd be leery of 90% of shit you'd see on forums and shitholes like /k/, people are just talking out of their ass and usually can't even completely strip their guns down to roll pins. People parrot what other more "esteemed" members say and after a game of telephone you get insane horseshit that isn't even close to true. Youtube gun channels have all built this dichotomy of people with 50 subscribers or people with 100k subscribers or more. Mainly due to Google's shit but that is another story. The relatively few channels that are 100k subs or more get free guns sent to them if they will talk up the guns in question. This pisses people off so fucking much for some reason but people like James Yaeger, Hickok45, Gunblast etc are all just gun commercials. None of them will trash any opportunity at free guns/gear. You probably wouldn't either if given the opportunity. Youtube gun channels are rare to have any integrity and be at least moderately known. Yet people eat that shit up like candy.

Get the one without a safety.

Don't get any gun with a magazine disconnect. Most magazine disconnects can be disabled however. Just look it up if you can.

>Why no safety on pistols?
Because they get turned on when they are in holsters due to you walking around all day. Then when you draw the gun, you can't fire without flicking off the safety. Which *could* get you killed or maimed or whatever. If your life is at stake, flipping down a tiny little lever while your hands are shaking, your vision is tunneled and someone is trying to fuck you up is, well lets say it isn't necessarily easy or quick usually. It just isn't necessary. Pistols stay in holsters so something hitting the trigger isn't going to happen unless the gun is in your hand and your finger is on the trigger. Safeties are added shit to deal with while serving no purpose on carry guns. They make sense of rifles. Well at least more sense but on pistols, they serve no purpose if you are carrying it in a decent holster. The holster IS the safety.

Other safeties are just stupid anyways as well. Drop safety is the only safety that should be on pistols.

>Grip tang safety.
You have to hold your hand perfectly on the gun for it to fire. Poor grip could cost you your life, limb or whatever else. Shit is stupid as fuck.

>Mag disconnect safety.
Carry guns in shitty holsters can often activate the mag release or you could just not insert the full magazine all the way. It happens. When the mag drops out and you only got 1 round, the mag disconnect safety means you got no rounds despite having one chambered. That is really helpful isn't it?

>Trigger safeties.
Kinda pointless but I've never seen nor heard a legitimate source talk of them breaking/fucking up a gun. Basically makes it so that the trigger can't be depressed unless a finger shaped object is on the trigger. If shit is tangled up inside the trigger guard that little thing more than likely isn't going to stop the gun from firing and honestly, if shit is flopping around inside the trigger guard, something has went severely wrong with your gun handling.

>Horny dog safety.
The little red tag indicators that say if the chamber is loaded is just a point for more shit to fall in your gun. If you carry daily, your gun is going to get nasty and ugly as fuck fast. All my carry guns look beat to shit and are rusty. It just happens. Another reason not to buy some 4k dollar 1911 to carry. Most of the horny dog red penis rockets can't be seen well anyways. Just politicians regulating shit they know nothing about.

>Child lock outs/action locks.
If you are unfamiliar, these come on some Taurus revolvers and other guns. You can't operate the firearm if a specialized key thing is inserted and turned in a little machine screw. This should be retarded for obvious reasons. Mainly because you could lose the key and have a non-functioning gun. Just plain stupid shit.

Drop safeties are the only safeties that should be on pistols that are intended for serious use. All other safeties should be on range toys or not existent.
Graham Clenderset - Tue, 31 Jan 2017 00:02:42 EST maHgC2dI No.43023 Reply
1485838962296.jpg -(3847854B / 3.67MB, 3648x2736) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
lc9s PRO does not have mag disconnect

Shit I forget that pretty much all of those guys are shills. I am subscribed to the military arms channel, which is the only gun channel I'm sub'd to I think and I used to like him but jesus fucking christ I get more pissed off the more videos he releases and always says "o i dont git annnnnythin from the manufacturers heh heh" when that fucker is trying to tell me that this piece of shit 400 dollar hungarian mess of a parts kit that wasn't even a real service rifle amd-63 or whatever the fuck is awesome as hell when right about two minutes of research on the forums will tell you that the gun is shit. Or really anything that they review.

There are stories of the hillary hole fucking up S&W revolvers and making guns inoperable while shooting. Some people even have to send it back to Smith and Wesson or a gun smith to get it fixed.

Sad how even gun store employees will regurgitate the dumb shit they see online too, O YE THIS CANIK WILL BE EXCELLENT CHOIC 4 U ITS BETTER THAN A GLOCK and people not knowing any better think they're getting a good deal because its 200 bucks less when in reality the guns arent dick compared to the glocks, m&ps, sigs, even a fuckin springfield xd lol

There's a local gun store near me that I go to regularly and two guys who worked there who were really nice people and smart left because of how retarded firearms sales is. The only reason they did it for any amount of time was because they could get discounts on guns
Eugene Foshhick - Tue, 31 Jan 2017 04:24:01 EST rszTYzvc No.43024 Reply
Gun store employees are there to sell guns. Not to give good advice. I just ignore them. Same at places like Guitar Center or car dealerships.

They youtube guys are faggots for real, no bullshit reviews but they are somewhat of a necessary evil. Google has basically defunded ad revenue for gun channels on Youtube. Facebook and other social media basically just want to outright ban weapons talk and so the only way to keep a channel open is to have someone making it worthwhile. Running youtube is a fucking bitch now. I mean a fucking bitch. I don't do one for guns but I do it for something else and it is literally a part time job to keep a channel running and up to standards. And it is just so easy for Google to say they don't like your video for whatever reason and you're out of any profit from that video that took 8 hours. (They demonetize swear words and guns and other naughty things) So pretty much everyone quits if they aren't big enough to pull in gun companies to send them free shit.

The thing is though, without proles like Hickok45 and FPSRussia, none of the youngsters get into guns. The big owners/operates of the internet such as Google and other social media holders all want guns off the internet completely. And let's be real here, if something doesn't conveniently exist hand served to people on a silver platter now over the internet, it doesn't even exist.

All these youtube gun guys are basically 100% infallible truth machines about guns because they look official and talk with confidence. When most of them are just full of shit. Then you have people running around saying shit they haven't even applied critical thought to. They just take that shit as fact and run with it. It used to be forums were the breeding grounds for this nonsense, now that forums are dying out, it is Youtube. Only now it is FAR harder to convince people out of gibberish because Youtube looks so professional and TV like now. TV still seems to have people mesmerized into thinking that isn't all just a bunch of shit either.

Graham Clenderset - Tue, 31 Jan 2017 16:06:40 EST maHgC2dI No.43025 Reply
Oh wow, I never thought that hard about the why's in that situation. That really sheds some light on whats going on ...
Beatrice Guddlewell - Thu, 30 Mar 2017 17:39:33 EST gYI4dRyi No.43143 Reply
Hate to necrobump, but this board is dead anyways.

I ended up getting the M&P Shield in 9mm as my first pistol and absolutely love it, especially how thin it is and ease of takedown. Came with a flush 7 round mag and a slightly extended 8 round mag. Only issues I've had so far is that the slide lock and mag springs are stiff as fuck, making it a bitch to release the lever when the slide is back and tough to insert a loaded mag on a closed slide without a good smack, but they're slowly being broken in. Also got some rubberized talon grips and an extended baseplate for the seven round mag so I can actually get my pinky around it. Pretty satisfied all around.
James Fepperridge - Thu, 30 Mar 2017 23:44:52 EST maHgC2dI No.43144 Reply
nice man, i have a buddy with one of those. does yours have the safety or not
Oliver Drullerhine - Fri, 31 Mar 2017 20:51:32 EST gYI4dRyi No.43145 Reply
Yeah, it's the one with the safety. It was the only one they had in stock. Doesn't bother me though as I won't be carrying it outside the house except for the range since I don't have my CCP yet. It's legal to open carry in my state, but I'd prefer it if people not know I'm armed.

>Also, if anyone here has a concealed carry permit:
Say you are carrying your CCW in your vehicle and you are pulled over by an officer. When they run your tags, I assume they can see if you are permitted to conceal carry (correct me if I'm wrong), and if so, can they search you on the spot if they feel like they have probable cause (paranoid behavior, red eyes, dank smell, etc)? Are you obligated to tell them you are carrying, or are they automatically informed by dispatch? My friend brought this up and it's got me worried even though I never carry drugs and firearms on me at the same time. Basically, once you get a CCP, does that in turn lead to a higher chance of getting searched when pulled over? I live in NC for the record.
Clara Blackbury - Sat, 01 Apr 2017 00:50:49 EST maHgC2dI No.43146 Reply
depends on the place, in Arizona you have a duty to inform. Idk about big curvy ocean state
Simon Gogglechock - Mon, 10 Apr 2017 22:02:20 EST 3CW28dOZ No.43155 Reply

often one of the first questions an officer asks is if there are any weapons in the vehicle. bad idea to lie about that. one good bit of advice i have heard is when you initially hand them your identification, also at the same time give them your gun permit and keep both hands on the wheel and wait for their instruction. at least thats what i would do

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