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Hey guys, so I'm interested in building my own Draco AK47 Pistol

- Fri, 17 Jan 2020 21:36:18 EST DNccLXNq No.44120
File: 1579314978563.png -(376147B / 367.33KB, 720x554) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Hey guys, so I'm interested in building my own Draco AK47 Pistol
Does anyone know where I can buy the parts?
Sidney Mablingstug - Sun, 19 Jan 2020 10:27:52 EST hO8BLpiv No.44123 Reply
Just buy one. After tooling you won't make out on building one assuming you could even find the parts. You'd have to build at least 5 from the cheapest parts kits out there to cover tooling costs assuming you didn't break anything. Build a regular AK first if you want to build one, it is a lot easier. And it is still very hard at that.
Reuben Worthingbury - Sun, 19 Jan 2020 20:53:51 EST DNccLXNq No.44124 Reply
I am going under the assumption that the Draco has the same receiver as the AK47 assault type.
James Singerpud - Mon, 20 Jan 2020 00:19:18 EST hO8BLpiv No.44125 Reply
whut? I mean yeah they are both stamped usually from 1mm sheetmetal with spot welded rails and ejector but they aren't technically compatible. Are you trying to build a machine gun with draco parts? Seems like a good way to pop yourself in the dome tbh. Those things are hard to handle in S/A. Let alone it runs away from you ineptly trying to make it F/A.

I don't think you can buy draco parts kits either. Dracos are also cheap as fuck, they are 600 bucks complete. You can't even get a shitty romy parts kit for under 400 with a receiver, then you have 500 worth of tools to buy and years of mechanical skill needed to make one on the first attempt without fucking it up.

Don't try and make machine guns either. They are way overrated. Go to a machine gun shoot or a range with rentals and pull the giggle switch until you're satisfied and move on. Total waste of money and time. Especially on an AK pistol with a stub barrel. wtf are you going to do with such a piece of shit anyways? You can't control them at all. Hell you can't control an AK on full retard. Go to a rental range and try it for yourself.
Angus Seckledadge - Mon, 20 Jan 2020 13:28:53 EST QEsdDmw7 No.44126 Reply
I like making guns instead of buying them. It's more for collection reasons and no I'm not making machine pistol. This is more of a collection reason and I'm a big fan of AK style weapons.

If I can't buy a parts kit, how or where can I build/make my own?
Molly Bommerpack - Mon, 20 Jan 2020 21:35:49 EST hO8BLpiv No.44128 Reply
I suppose if you are a good machinist you could buy a parts kit from whatacountry or some other place and then cut it all down to make one but still... why? I mean I've made a bunch of guns for the fuck of it but even I'd still buy an AK, especially a weird impractical AK pistol. AK's are probably among the hardest to make for the home shop guy aside from like FAL's and stuff like that.

The only thing special about a Draco is the gas system length and all. The rest is standard AK build but again, the gas system and all is the limiting factor there. Plus you'll probably have to fuck around with port timing and size to get it reliable. You're going to destroy a few receivers if this is your first time as well. It is nearly unavoidable unless you buy finished lowers. Even then, you could easily fuck them up. An AK isn't as tough and rugged as we like to think. They are quite easy to break. Really the appeal of an AK is cheap and easy to mass produce and give to conscripts. It doesn't make much sense for single end users.

Again, the only reason I could think of why you'd actually want one is to install a stocked rear trunnion to make an SBR or some F/A bullet hose. Just buy one and build a normal AK from a parts kit. I'd recommend the Hungarian parts kits atm. Still kinda cheap but solid and cooler than a standard AK in my opinion.

I've built one of the Hungarian underfolders and it had a bunch of slavshit carved into the handguards. Kinda wish I still had it but I traded it because underfolders suck to shoot a lot. Plus I'm still no AK fan to begin with. The days of AK building are long gone because parts kits are so costly now and 5.45 is dead in the water but AK-builder is still the best place to get parts and shit to build out a rifle. There was a time when only the ejector was heat treated, you just ripped on them until the FCG holes rounded out and the gun stopped firing and then you built another kit and threw that one on a wall or whatever. Parts kits back in the golden days used to be like 30-50 bucks. You could have functioning AK's shooting surplus 5.45 for like 200 bucks or less.

Just think about that, an AK rifle with 5 mags, and a tin of 1000 rounds for like 200-250 bucks. That is actually pretty reasonably priced. I'll never pay 1500 dollars for a fucking AK. They are cheap conscript rifles. There is no reason to spend a ton of money on them. An AR is way, way, WAY higher quality and easier to fix and use and they are 400 fucking dollars now lol. AK's suck, they didn't when they costed fucking pennies but it is like buying a Mosin Nagant now that they are 200-300 dollars. They were the last milsurp rifle on the market for a reason. They're fucking terrible. When they were 40 bucks a crate full, they were alright buys. 80 dollars was too much for one of those boat oars imo, but then again, I knew the days of 49.99 SKS's and surplus 7.62x39. And sweet sweet surplus 7.62x25. Those were the days in a way.

You could enjoy your guns by using them. Nowadays you can enjoy your guns by looking at them. It's weird mayne, it used to be weird and esoteric cool shit built for what people wanted was near impossible but a brick of 22 was 5 dollars. So you could enjoy mediocre milsurp crap and actual shooting and usage. Now you can't afford to shoot anything but .22 and there was a time when that wasn't even the case a few years ago but we have a million awesome guns and the whole industry is making crazy cool shit. I don't know which I prefer. There is a joy something hanging on a wall can't do like bumpfiring an entire drum mag and not even caring because 5.45 costs literally nothing and if it breaks the gun, the gun costs nothing as well. But then again, we didn't have a million small shops making legal clones of every video game and movie gun at reasonable prices.

Atlantic firearms has dracos for sale at 630 dollars. Just fuckin buy one already lol. Also buy a surplus tokarev or beretta 82 while you're at it. Those are still solid milsurp deals.
Isabella Sarrypare - Tue, 21 Jan 2020 13:19:10 EST DNccLXNq No.44131 Reply
If it's too difficult to make one, then fuck it. I suppose I'll buy one from some shithole post-soviet nation. No big deal, but I feel more passion and joy when I make my own.

Thanks for the information.
Molly Bommerpack - Tue, 21 Jan 2020 18:42:00 EST hO8BLpiv No.44132 Reply
It isn't too difficult, well for some maybe, they issue is the cost. It makes no sense. You need at the very least a drill press, angle grinder, shop press, files, ball peen, grease, and various other knick knacks. To really do one right and without a registered receiver, you need a lathe, spot welder, bending jig, heat treat furnace, and a decent set of calipers. For me, all I had to do was make a bending jig and a thumb type deal to mash the rivets. And even I fucked up the first 2. The first one I bent the barrel pressing it in lol, the second fuck up was not heat treating the ejector right and it failing/bending after 10 rounds. And for the record, I'm a pretty damn good machinist and welder.

When you consider it is like 350 for a parts kit, another 100 for all the gay ass 922(r) shit and an S/A trigger, 50 for a barrel, and 30-100 dollars a pop for a receiver. It makes no sense. Plus in your case, you can't even get Draco parts kits that I know of so you'll have to machine and heat treat a new gas piston/bolt carrier and dick around with timing the gas port. You'll spend way more doing that for an inferior gun. And that is again, assuming you don't break shit. If you just want to do it, have fun and try and use the webarchives for weaponeer.net. The site went down a while ago but if you built guns, it was THE place to go.
Angus Fanwill - Tue, 21 Jan 2020 19:50:29 EST vRM5YD5v No.44133 Reply

I have all these tools and TIG welding. I'm even planning on going to a gunsmithing school

Again, I do this for the passion. Not for the money, it's the same reason many gamers build their own computer instead of buying.
Emma Wangerluck - Wed, 22 Jan 2020 04:04:08 EST hO8BLpiv No.44140 Reply
Then go for it? I mean a simple good search could have avoided this thread, not to say I care this board is dead so it doesn't matter but I can tell you don't bother with gunsmithing school it is a waste of money. Go to a community college and get an associates degree in machining. Maybe see if you can find one with less emphasis on CNC production work. That shit sucks and isn't applicable to most things you'd be doing in a gun store. Also, hope you like getting paid peanuts. Unless by gunsmith you mean going to work for like Sig or Glock or something. If that is the case they want machinists, not gun smiths. Not to be a dream crusher but you're chasing a smaller than usual sector in the machining trade which is dying and your job is threatened every waking second by half the country. And boyo let me tell you as someone who works as a machinist/welder, go do something else. I've been doing this bullshit for 5 years as a day job now, feel free to ask me whatever you'd like but again, go get a 4 year degree and get a bullshit job where you get paid a living wage, have time off, have benefits, and don't run yourself into the fucking dirt. I'd be homeless if it wasn't for bumming shit and housing from my gf lol. If she fucks off, I'm living out of my car again. I'm nearly a mechanical engineer and I get fuck all for it, I made a mistake, learn from it. How old are you btw?
Angus Fanwill - Wed, 22 Jan 2020 12:59:21 EST vRM5YD5v No.44141 Reply

I don't know where you're from, but here in places like wyoming almost everyone owns a gun and not many of them know how to fix their guns and always want more. Your location is shite for a gunsmith. As far as money problems, man I don't know? I'll probably just work for some big company.
Charles Snodfuck - Wed, 22 Jan 2020 21:33:42 EST hO8BLpiv No.44142 Reply
>As far as money problems, man I don't know?

Yeah well, not trying to be an asshole but when you get out there in the real world, man, I dunno doesn't cut it when it comes to money. Either you can pay your bills or you can't. And life sucks having to constantly cut corners just to live because you can't afford shit. I can't speak for Wyoming but I live in Atlanta, I'm certain our market is far better than Wyoming though just due to sheer population. Glock was incidentally hiring during the time I was in machinist school and I'd have to drive all the way to Smyrna to do CNC production work for 16 dollars an hour. And Production machining is the worst kind you can do IMO.

If you're going to go work for a big company that makes guns, be prepared to move and also be prepared to do production CNC. And also get paid peanuts. And also spend 5-10 years in the underworld of green button pusher while senior hands code, program, and do all the fun CNC stuff. You'll likely be hired on as an Operator and not a machinist too. CNC operators get paid fuck all and are laughed at and given the shit end of the stick until they prove they can do college level Trig and Algebra and not crash the machine constantly. You'll have 5 years at least in the dirt and likely only learn 1 or 2 machines. Granted, you'll be amazing on those machines but likely won't have the versatility that manual guys have. Again, it really depends on your level of intellect and memory more than anything else.

>But again, like I said, a good to great machinist is practically an engineer. But gets paid about the same as some dumb fuck "weldor" who can barely read a tape.

Being in wyoming, avoid the oil industry at all costs. Shit is fucked up and a meat grinder, do not recommend at all. I know a lot of dudes who left school to do that shit at the lure of 50 dollars an hour and now they're trapped and poor being worked like a dog. One guy literally just abandoned ship and grey hounded back home to his folks, and he is better for it. Another good thing about community colleges if you show you're not a fucking idiot and can do maths real good, it is likely you can get picked up for work-study programs in Europe. I pussed out of doing one in Sweden thinking the lies they tell you about trades meant I would have control of the show once I graduated and could be mister hotshot telling employers what I was going to be paid. Boy was I fucking wrong. Employers still run the show, and you're still replaceable if you get an ego.

Bosses do not like people who are independent and call out bullshit. They'll run out someone speaking the truth and blowing the whistle on stupid shit. They would rather run the company a man short for a year than have a week of a guy calling out safety issues and illegal shit fucking with payroll. Keep your head down and accept this is blue collar work. Everyone involved gets drunk, is generally stoopid, and is working with their hands and body for a reason. If you have any brains at all, go get a fucking 4 year degree in STEM.

>I'd easily trade getting out of school at 24-25 and being broke all that time during that to have a cush job permanently til I retire. Doing what I'm doing? Shit, I have a statistically high change of not even making it to 60. And the chance of not having parkinsons or copd by that time is basically nil. Don't go into welding/machining. Don't go into the trades at all, the whole deal of trades is a fucking scam. There is a reason everyone left that shit except for chronic alcoholics and doofi.
Beatrice Ginningnag - Thu, 23 Jan 2020 13:57:20 EST vRM5YD5v No.44143 Reply
1579805840304.jpg -(10998B / 10.74KB, 300x218) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Bro I just want to fucking make guns...It's a hobby, I like it....
Lydia Dimmlebat - Fri, 24 Jan 2020 01:12:56 EST YtoEyx4n No.44144 Reply
Go to enginerding school then you will have plenty of money to do that shit and time off and the ability to do it as a hobby because your body isn't fucked and all you can do is get drunk and lay around tired as fuck.

You've missed the party a bit too to be honest. You're in Wyoming so you'll be the last state affected but I can pretty much assure you, if Trump loses, gun rights are gone federally and if he wins you've got maybe 4 more years. By the time you're out of school and making enough money to buy shit up, an AWB will be enacted. 2030, the US's gun laws are going to be mag bans, a bigger AWB, and a registry. Anyone who isn't making 6 figures won't be able to buy anything preban if they grandfather shit. Not trying to be a pessimist but the old farts on the GOP are the only ones keep gun rights afloat. Millenials seem to like guns a fair bit but they will never vote for the Republican party and I don't blame them but that is how gun rights are going to be lost. 70+% of the countries population already lives under mag bans and a weak or strong AWB. The major states with power already have all this shit, the fly over country will get rolled on in less than a decade. That's just the way she's going to go m8 as much as I hate to say it. I've nearly got everything I could possibly want but I had the benefit of starting to work just as we tapered off of the Sandy Hook panic, right now dude, Ammo is cheaper than it has ever been since at least Obama took office, and guns are so retard levels cheap I'm honestly buying 2-3 guns a month. And I'm making piss all. I've got 10's of thousands of rounds and every gun that takes a mag I have at least 10+ for them. Shit breaks yo and ammo can get super scarce. Stocking up is just smart to do now. I don't need 3 Glock 17's. But if they suddenly disappear overnight, I have to make them last my lifetime, it is foolish to not have 50 glock mags, 10,000 rounds of 9mm and 2 backup pistols. Plus, I was around when my lonely A2 AR went in value from 600 dollars on a good day to 2 grand nearly overnight. If they grandfather shit, I'll be sitting on a small goldmine.

>People will call you a crazy gun nut sure, but I can guarantee you, that AR you buy for 400 dollars, will never get cheaper than that. Fucking ever from now on.

I can't stand the orange buffoon but I hope to god he gets reelected only for the fact that I can finish stocking up everything I could possibly need plus shit I probably don't even need. If Bernie or Biden or anyone of those other fools gets elected, it will be another 4 years of a defacto AWB and Ammo ban from people panic buying. I spent 8 years in Obama's shit because everyone was hysterical. The next democrats to get in office will likely take supermajority and I can assure you 100% federal gun bans and shit are coming. It isn't a question of if, it is when dude. Trump might give 4 years of relief and then it is all downhill from there.

>Go to college, get a STEM degree, be able to buy what you want because you're making a decent wage. And also so you don't get kicked out on your ass because "gunsmithing" shrinks 75% overnight. And you might say oh well there are lots more guns that won't be affected by an AWB! Go to a gun store and look around, it is all shit that will be banned by an AWB. You're too late to the party man, sorry; get a job where you have money. 10 years from now the only people with guns will be those who stockpiled and those who are middle class or better. The rich people are never affected by gun control.
Oliver Funningwill - Thu, 09 Apr 2020 11:32:14 EST Y++HjE8i No.44209 Reply

Why do you have all of those guns though? Because you think guns are cool or something? Or because you're scared of the government? Seriously the fuck?
Shit Chollershaw - Thu, 09 Apr 2020 13:40:11 EST iRaTwP0k No.44210 Reply
youre really gonna vote for trump even though you know hes destroying america because you want more guns? are you retarded?
Jenny Gecklelag - Thu, 09 Apr 2020 18:57:38 EST fdfM3Hq5 No.44212 Reply
Reason #1
>Because fuck you, it's my rights to spend the money I made honestly however I see fit.

Reason #2.
>Because I used to be into vidya gaymes a lot and I wanted to collect every type of gun I could reasonably attain that I grew attached to in said vidya.

Reason #3.
>Because guns are a good investment.

Reason #4.
>Because shit breaks and if I live another 30 years, I've got to try and make all my mags and guns and shit last that amount of time otherwise be limited to gay as NYC shit like 6 round magazines for a fucking AR-15.

I haven't voted for him and never will. But there is a good portion of me that wants him reelected for the simple fact that gun owners will be lazy and quiet for 4 more years while I can get mine. That is the American Dream dontchaknow? "Fuck you, I got mine." Also, Trump is hardly destroying America. I don't like most of his policies and I for sure don't like him and I really don't care for his opinions on guns being a spoiled rich NYC faggot frat boy, but the GOP has him by his nads a bit on it and so does his voter base. He isn't good for guns, but he is the best we have on the plate. And probably for the remainder of the United State's existence. He also appoints far right judges who are total fascists but are pretty lenient on guns in the hands of white people.

>I'm not a martyr and never claimed to be. I'm not a good person and I never claimed to be. If someone goes up and says, hey middle class white people, we'll give it easy for you; I probably won't vote for them directly because of that but if they get in office and fuck over poor and not-whites then hey, no skin off my back. It isn't my problem to fight the good fight. That shit is for college kids and willful idiots.

It is like the gun rights battle or whatever, you think I'd be caught dead in DC toting around guns and shit in that surveillance shit pile? You know the first people who will get a door kicked in will be those standing up for their rights. I can bury my shit and still have it if it comes to that. And if they're going around gunning down innocents then yeah, I'll probably fight back. But here is a little spoiler, and it is already in your head bub:

>Any 2nd Amendment type who stands up and resists will get their door kicked down at 2am, their dog shot to shit and then they will be captured or mowed down. Then guess what? They'll say they had a history of CP and racism on their computer, along with a stockpile of guns, and probably lived on a "compound."

And guess what we'll all say, "Gee fuck, glad they got that guy!" The media and the internet have been weaponized. Like I said before, it is all in your head already, you're quick to shout down me for no real legitimate reason, you've never even met me. And for what? Your political dogma? Following lock-step with the party lines or some groupthink instilled into you by ledditors/bots? Come on man, the whole fucking game is a scam dude. It isn't real, guy. Do you even have any original thoughts? Or is your "opinions" all just a quagmire of experiences with others thoughts and actions? Tell me off the top of your head 10 policies that Trump has signed that makes you despise him. Tell me off the top of your head 10 policies which Biden or Bernie has sponsored which makes you like/despise them. You can't do it without looking them up. These people have spent decades working on political direction in this country. And you can't name the top 5 without having to look shit up. It is all a scam.

>Get yours, fuck America, the people in it, and the American ideologies and all that other horse shit you've been fed since birth. Fuck humanity and the world, it is all lies and you're just worker ants toiling eternally. I worship complete entropy only. Death is the only answer to life. You'd have been a Nazi gassing jovial jews in Germany circa 1942. You can't deny it. It is all the reality you're given, not what you make of it.

Do more acid. Reject all you've ever known and will, it isn't yours and pretending to have a concern over me or anyone is idiotic in the slightest. Everything you have ever held, experienced, and known will die and be forgotten to the ages. Earth will die and never be remembered. Cherish this fact, it is the only truth there is. Don't get caught in their games, get yours and fuck everyone else.
Rebecca Blondersane - Sat, 11 Apr 2020 12:43:23 EST Y++HjE8i No.44213 Reply

I'm pretty sure you're actually obsessed with the thought of being able to kill at the pull of a trigger
Charlotte Drublingstock - Sun, 17 May 2020 14:19:57 EST L5fwx9xG No.44228 Reply
1589739597911.jpg -(132000B / 128.91KB, 960x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
in reply to the aged post which this one's a reply to:
>Do more acid. Reject all you've ever known and will, it isn't yours and pretending to have a concern over me or anyone is idiotic in the slightest. Everything you have ever held, experienced, and known will die and be forgotten to the ages. Earth will die and never be remembered. Cherish this fact, it is the only truth there is. Don't get caught in their games, get yours and fuck everyone else.

A young corporal jumps into an icy blast from a douglas DC-3 having been called upon in the name of righteousness. Unfortunately, his reserve chute malfunctions causing the suspension lines to wrap around his arms, legs, neck, and the connectors of which to crack his skull. The field medics having been happy that a chute hasn't failed for some weeks, much to their disdain, see the young man crash to the ground in a fountain of blood with their comment to follow, "what a hell of a way to die!"

but because of the republicans or white people or Jesse Jackson or whatever guess what: it turns out that it was all of a waste for nothing! because George HW Bush or George W Bush or Lyndon Johnson or Vietnam, everyone who has ever died has died as a waste for nothing.

What a happy thought that one is, what a nice world to live in! Let me know when world war 3 starts, i'll be in a broom closet crying for it. There's a lot of power in storytelling. People like that other guy can get fucked.
Ernest Dadgeway - Thu, 25 Jun 2020 11:14:03 EST Z5DiyVSP No.44262 Reply
So basically you want an overpriced and overweight tec-9 with a gigantic muzzle flash?

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