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PST tolerance decay

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- Sat, 19 Oct 2019 18:34:59 EST LGJPOwWg No.611285
File: 1571524499492.jpg -(9510B / 9.29KB, 240x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. PST tolerance decay
how long does it take for the raised opiate tolerance to go back down from using PST? just took 40mg oxy and didn't feel it nearly as much as i expected to, haven't done PST in a month and during the past 6 months barely did it as much as i used to in the previous year

6 months? 1 year? never?

Q's RCs

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- Fri, 04 Oct 2019 06:35:14 EST 5fqU3odd No.610883
File: 1570185314696.jpg -(88254B / 86.19KB, 1024x1005) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Q's RCs
Was any of the regulars from here in discussion with our dearly departed Q when he was getting into his opioid RCs? I wish I saved his posts here looking back, he posted some good info. I remember he was into metopon analogues, and I also believe he had ordered 14-cinnamoyloxycodeinone? Does anyone here recall?
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Polly Harringchadge - Sat, 19 Oct 2019 04:43:29 EST 5fqU3odd No.611276 Reply
Man Dr M always rubbed me the wrong way, but this shit is something else. I know people give you shit on here but WOW. It's good to really see his true colours, his constant verbose answers working in whatever bits of trivial knowledge he could pull out to seem smarter than others was annoying but this is some real scumbag shit. I hope you're going alright bro, I know you've copped a hard time here these past few years but there are people on here who love you just from seeing your posts over the years, I'm one or them.
Hsn - Sat, 19 Oct 2019 09:06:54 EST RwD+ByKY No.611281 Reply
I let it slide for far too long, I just constantly gave him benefit of the doubt but after reading his posts about Q and the amount of disrespect he has for him made me see red. Check out his leddit account if you want the full force of bro science. He does the stereotypical leddit formula here as well for his posts which is make it as lengthy as possible and throw in every single buzzword parroted from someone else.

But thank you for those kind words for real, I needed that. Things have been super rough lately and Qs death is starting to finally sink in.. it’s like I’ve been a soulless skeleton as a coping mechanism for going on autopilot.
Isabella Fanford - Sat, 19 Oct 2019 15:07:10 EST nJx4zflJ No.611284 Reply
1571512030974.png -(62178B / 60.72KB, 200x196) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

cognitive effects

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- Sat, 19 Oct 2019 08:26:03 EST srJS2O5Z No.611279
File: 1571487963445.jpg -(99418B / 97.09KB, 779x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. cognitive effects
Concerns about opioid use and wanting to quit.

Hey guys, I come here seeking a deeper, intelligent discussion regarding the use of opioids and how the ties into the general desire for self improvement. To start off with some background about myself, I am 23 years old and I have been opioid dependent for about 5 years. I dose multiple times a day and every single day. Thankfully due to a steady and constant supply I have not often had to go sick. Like maybe once where it was by choice during an attempt to quit.

The opioid which I have been using is kratom. Now I know some off you are going to scoff at that and not consider it to be a true opioid addiction, downplay it or whatever. Yes, I understand that it is nowhere near the level of shooting up heroin or even having a serious addiction to script opioids. However none of that is really relevant to me here, because I know that I am seriously addicted to opioids not only for the reasons of serious withdrawal symptoms that occur upon cessation, but also because I have a strong feeling that my substance use is impairing me from living my best life.

Once in these 5 years have I had serious motivation to quit. I was able to follow through and get clean for 3 months. That was about 3 years ago and I have been opioid dependent since failing to keep up with sobriety. Lately I have begin to have a moment of realization where I am examining where I'm at in life, the kind of person I want to be and the person who I am, and I see there is a huge discrepancy between the two of those.

I feel a general apathy towards just about anything. I can muster up motivation to go do something with my girlfriend or go on a short trip and such, however a lot of things which I feel should bring me joy don't. I can't get excited about life the way I feel I should. I want to explore my interests such as computers and programming, which I have always loved yet now I don't care. I find it hard even doing simple things like cleaning my room up every once in a while. I feel tired and mentally foggy all the time. My memory is either fucked or my brain just doesn't care enough to try to remember stuff. I can remember something when its important but a lot of the time it feels like I'm just checked out.

I want to begin this journey of self improvement by quitting, yet it feels overwhelming. How long should it take for me to reach a level near baseline? If I quit and these cognitive and mental symptoms persist then I don't know how I'll feel motivated to stay clean. Do you think most of this can be attributed to opioid use or is there likely other causes?
Shitting Clayhall - Sat, 19 Oct 2019 08:36:36 EST hUQqjpJM No.611280 Reply
Sounds more like depression than symptoms of kratom addiction.
Addiction seems to eventually lead to apathy especially when you start chasing a high rather than using the drug as a crutch to function on. I too have lost interest in hobbies I used to like before but if I get high enough/the right kind of high I still enjoy them. Being sober is miserable for me.

I think I may have really fucked my dopamine system up back when I was IVing H at every chance I had.

Sorry I'm rambling and don;t even know what I'm really trying to say.
Kekistan69 - Sat, 19 Oct 2019 10:09:27 EST JEt2x1Cb No.611282 Reply
100% agree with this. I quit stronger opiates by switching to Kratom and it has done nothing but benefit my life overall. I feel far more enjoyment in daily life activities and it surely does not hamper my critical thinking and memory, I teach economics courses to college students while on a ton of Kratom everyday.

You sound depressed. You should speak to a psychiatrist
lol - Sat, 19 Oct 2019 10:48:26 EST oaWRMjn3 No.611283 Reply

Drug use in general may be something you consider stopping if you feel this way, sounds like youre in a rut. Do you feel hopeless or uncertain about your future? Does seem like depression.

Are opiates just a meme?

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- Thu, 17 Oct 2019 05:56:09 EST m0kkv1ha No.611229
File: 1571306169983.jpg -(1067997B / 1.02MB, 2000x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Are opiates just a meme?
I've bought heroin, shot up heroin with an experienced addict (who said it was good shit), taken huge quantities of codeine, made and smoked my own opium from plants, and have yet to experience that sublime state known as a "nod". It feels like the mildest buzz, no matter what I take or how much I take.

Are some people just immune? I feel really let down. I thought I would enter a blissful state.
James Fanfield - Thu, 17 Oct 2019 05:57:48 EST NN+wl5+T No.611230 Reply
you've never had your head droop down after doing opiates?
Emma Dannerwadge - Thu, 17 Oct 2019 11:19:33 EST YofsFlfv No.611238 Reply
No they aren't, you clearly just haven't done the right dose to get the nod.
Charles Nicklefield - Sat, 19 Oct 2019 08:02:01 EST nhtcTpVH No.611278 Reply
The guy who shot you up just gave you a little piece. Dont get further involved with opiates they destroy your life.

Crushing Extended Release Morphine

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- Wed, 16 Oct 2019 22:51:11 EST hBjuff1Z No.611222
File: 1571280671502.jpg -(299989B / 292.96KB, 2816x1744) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Crushing Extended Release Morphine
I'm currently in the midst of a second Benzodiazapine addiction, around 10mg of clonazepam and 50mg of diazepam a day, but it varies.
I scored some oral morphine, but they are extended release, blah. Is crushing them up ok, it literally says not to on the label, but I assume that is to prevent exactly what I want to do. They are only 10mg
6 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
dr. m - Thu, 17 Oct 2019 22:43:42 EST LOk04uH3 No.611243 Reply
assuming they aren't simply crush-defeatable XR tablets, you'll need to crush them as best as you can before pouring them into a small volume of acidic liquid, such as water mixed with acetic acid. However, using non-diet coca cola seems to work fine, though it will take a bit longer. Then simply let it sit for ~8-24 hours before drinking the whole shot, making sure you consume any residual goop/fillers by filling the empty shot glass with some water and drinking that as well.

If you want them to be roughly 2x more effective, then you need to boof/plug the pills. By far the easiest way to do that is to crush them up before mixing the pills with a super, super small amount of very warm tap water mixed with lemon or lime juice concentrate (using no more than 5ml liquid, preferably ~2-3ml, and has to be concentrate, and lime works way better than lemon). You'll kind of have to just wing it in terms of how much of each you'll need. Maybe something like 1:1 lime extract:water, but even that might not be acidic enough. You could try using coca cola, but I have no idea if that's safe to use rectally.

Then, after the 8-24 hour wait, add in something basic/alkaline that's non-toxic, so that the acidity can be at least partially neutralized so that it doesn't sting when you boof/plug it. Baking soda works quick well (has a pH of 8.3, which isn't all that basic, but is still somewhat effective), and washing soda is much, much more effective. HOWEVER, seriously don't consider using washing soda unless you have pH testing strips and know what you're doing.

So anyways, just sort of add a big pinch or two of baking soda (always do so after morphine is fully dissolved), swirl it around, wait 3-10 minutes, swirl again, and then you're good to go. Filtering it has specific pros and cons, but it's not totally necessary. If you do filter it, eat the filtered portion and do a cotton wash before drinking said cotton wash. The pH should ideally by 7.0, but anything within 6.5-7.5 should be okay.

Even if you only have non-diet coca cola, no pH strips, and no baking soda/tums, you can always try boofing the flat non-carbonated coca cola and then keeping a 2-5ml needle-free syringe filled with water on standby in case the ~2-3ml of coca cola is too acidic. If it starts to hurt, then just add the additional water to reduce the concentration of the acidity at the expense of absorption rate, aesthetic comfortability, and risk of liquid absorption by unwanted presence of fecal matter.

It might all sound like a total waste of time and effort, and it arguably definitely is if you're in Asia and can just get more from a doctor at the right price, or at least get some codeine/dhc/tramadol under the counter without a prescription. However, if you were stuck paying US prices of around ~$0.40-0.75/mg, then such an elaborate option becomes more viable in exchange for roughly 2x the potency and a notable faster onset and increased pseudo-rush.
Hugh Nunningstat - Fri, 18 Oct 2019 09:37:16 EST kgn2zUW7 No.611256 Reply
to be honest the morphine has just made things worse. I feel physically hotter (I have experience with opiates) but my mood is more repressed, I'm way way down, to the point of some serious dark thoughts. Before the morphine my benzo dosing was out of control as was my alcohol consumption, and it still is, but the morphine seems to have made things worse. Everyone I know can see it, and everyone I know is straight laced. My GF is super cold to me now, because of my mood. I think I am getting severely depressed and I dunno where things go from here. Tonight probably take more clonazepam and diazepam, drink and just do whatever
Albert Picklock - Sat, 19 Oct 2019 05:37:40 EST lT9qHNZZ No.611277 Reply
I snort wax coated Oxys and it works just fine. Suck on a tablet for a couple of seconds and rub it dry until the coloring is gone. Make sure it's completely dry then stick it in a baggie and use a hammer/back end of a screwdriver to crush.

Bump While Nodding: Tournament of Opiates vs. Opioids

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!KqgSR25gAQ - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 20:04:09 EST 56TOD6Vq No.609151
File: 1565395449738.jpg -(80218B / 78.34KB, 1000x650) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Bump While Nodding: Tournament of Opiates vs. Opioids
The previous BWN is no longer bumping. As such, here is the new BWN.
Post your opi of choice, binges, recreational usage, medically authorized use, and more surrounding this lovely class of drugs.

Today's current cocktail of Rx meds: 15mg diazepam, 50mg tramadol, 50mg tapentadol hcl (Nucynta), 15mg cyclobenzaprine, and 25mg DPH.
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Isabella Chattingkedge - Sat, 19 Oct 2019 01:30:57 EST wf4tDSp1 No.611270 Reply
1571463057603.png -(126376B / 123.41KB, 400x324) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Man what the hell, that heroin turned out to be crap. I took the rest of the dub two hours ago and I only feel a little bit tingly. I've had more intense highs from kratom and tramadol for fuck's sake. I took it the way I usually take heroin and it's by far the weakest I've ever had, the other times I couldn't even keep my eyes open I was nodding so hard. I guess that's what I get for cold-copping from some hobos under a bridge, but it was late in the day and rainy out so nobody else was really on the street. Now I'm glad I only wasted 20 bucks on it instead of 40 like I was planning.

Oh well, at least I have steak and beer. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow before work and see if I can get some better shit, but maybe Portland's just not getting any decent heroin at the moment. From my understanding it's kind of a bad time for opiates all around; no pharms, we're getting flooded with fent dope from China, and they're probably racing to ban my beloved kratom as fast as possible. If I can't get any good heroin to kill my W/Ds when that happens I'll really be up shit creek.
Edwin Dellyhotch - Sat, 19 Oct 2019 04:21:38 EST YofsFlfv No.611273 Reply
Was it even real or straight bunk? Always test H or pills with a test kit before ingesting them. You can't be too careful these days.
BlinkeyBill - Sat, 19 Oct 2019 04:40:39 EST sCMuf5FY No.611275 Reply
Damn man, we all know the sting from being burned. Anyway bumping on 200mg of dihydrocodeine, 300g PST and 50 MG's of Temazepam.
I hope you cop lad

cheapest longest lasting opiate?

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- Thu, 17 Oct 2019 00:49:34 EST 2ZDSFsmI No.611224
File: 1571287774656.jpg -(33109B / 32.33KB, 480x570) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. cheapest longest lasting opiate?
well looks like seeds are slowly dying and i dont have many options besides kratom rn.

do i make the jump to H and become dope feen boys? kratom is okay but i need that full agonist juiciness

been thinking about odsmt but can't find good vendor, all the sites are shady and i only have a prepaid card for payment
2 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
dr. m - Thu, 17 Oct 2019 23:42:41 EST LOk04uH3 No.611246 Reply
It appears that DNM asian tramadol, possibly bupe via DNM/local sources (no more than $10 per 8mg, hopefully even less like $5 each) if lowish doses of 1-4mg snorted/plugged or 0.5-2mg IVed somehow still get you buzzed/high, and a few specific fent analogues that have a lot longer duration than the others + significantly less potency compared to regular fent (one that comes to mind is I think isobutylfentanyl or something similar spelled, but definitely do your homework first), maybe like 3-4x less potent, seem to be some of the better options that are still very affordable.

O-DSMT is only a solid choice if you can get it direct/semi-direct from a Chinese manufacturer that sells it in quantities of 10-100g for between $10-60/g. It's supposedly about 4x stronger than normal tramadol, so 0.1g is like 8x50mg tramadol. The good thing is you can take more than tramadol safely allows, and it doesn't feel anywhere near as much overstimulation as tramadol. If 0.1g costs you around say $4-6, I'd say the equivalent of around ~$0.50-0.75 per a better version of the 50mg tramadol capsule isn't the absolute worst choice in terms of cost and effectiveness. Supposedly it's roughly as enjoyable as oral morphine, though it is distinctively different. Paying more than ~$60-80/g is just a complete ripoff, and more than $40/g is arguably not worth it. Apart from that, good fucking luck. Pods are hard to find, mediocre to moderate in quality, moderate to extremely high in price, and tend to have very, very low stock. I know a guy who's crazy into the pod game still, and he's been sitting on various origin country pods (his favorite, unsurprisingly, are UK pods) that are around ~3-4 years old. He still buys sample shipments, but he says it's not quite as good as the older crates. His 2 main sources have unfortunately went up about 250% in price since just 2-2.5 years ago.

Kratom in plain leaf form just objectively sucks if your tolerance is super high/fried, or you don't process kratom well. Kratom extracts either totally suck or are high quality but extremely, extremely overpriced (like ~$15-30 per effective moderately high dose). So yeah, your best bet is one of the ones I've mentioned, and then possibly buying a 10 strip of some of those UK origin oxycodone endone crushable XR oxycodone tablets. They're supposedly like ~$0.33-0.60/mg depending on quantity and vendor on the DNM, at least when I checked a few months ago. One guy had decent reviews and sold a strip of something like 6-10 40mg oxycodone XR tablets for around $22 per tablet, but unfortunately only shipped from UK to USA & Canada. That might be a semi-afordable option a few times per month depending on your tolerance.
Walter Brankinpit - Fri, 18 Oct 2019 17:39:27 EST 5zZZR5+M No.611261 Reply
Quick question from a Canada-Fag.

So where I live H is non existant. We have scrubby street dealers selling addicts "heroin" but its widely known and expected to be fent.

No I personally like snorting pills, so after my oxy guy dried up the only other sensible option was Hydro-morphcontin or "beads" 3mg 6 mg 12, 18, 24 ect.
These are fairly common here Inside of the opi scene, But I never hear much about them on this board. Is this brand of pill more commonly perscribed in Canada vs The U.S?
Wesley Blytheway - Fri, 18 Oct 2019 18:00:13 EST YofsFlfv No.611264 Reply
those are somewhat common all over but I've never had them myself, only the 2 and 4mg tablets in my day. hydromorphone is actually the pill I've done the most of next to oxycodone because I would always know people who had huge scripts (50-100 pills) of them years ago. No idea how much different the ER versions are or what kind of crush/dissolving defeating mechanisms might be in them, but I will say that if you are going to be IVing them (they really are a waste unless you bang them) you should really use a wheel filter, shooting up any pills can be super dangerous if you don't use a micron filter, I'm lucky I haven't suffered any damage.

Opiate Withdrawal?

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- Mon, 14 Oct 2019 21:10:40 EST LZ2GiWn6 No.611184
File: 1571101840026.png -(172585B / 168.54KB, 402x420) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Opiate Withdrawal?
So, I'm a former IV heroin user. I started fucking around for the past 2 weeks, maybe once every 1-2 days I'd rail 20-40 dollars worth of H giving myself some space inbetween some days. I stopped and im on day 3 and believe me the withdrawals aren't that bad at all but I'm trying to decide if I'm dope sick or not but I feel like fucking trash but I can sleep. Just anxiety and diarrhea is going fuck crazy right now. Is it possible to become dependent again THAT fast?
2 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
dr. m - Thu, 17 Oct 2019 23:57:21 EST LOk04uH3 No.611247 Reply
After 4-6 months of true opioid sobriety, using PST at moderate strength/dose just 3 days in a row would produce moderately mild WD symptoms for about 3-6 days. If the dose was particularly high or the seeds were really good, dosing just 2 days in a row would produce similar WDs. So honestly don't use more than 2-4 days in a row, and you would be better off doing 1 day on 2 days off followed by 1 day on 3 days off, at minimum. If such a schedule has you in constant mild WDs, then once a week or twice a month is going to have to be your realistic limit.
Hamilton Greenman - Fri, 18 Oct 2019 04:00:14 EST ltkgSqoN No.611249 Reply
Hey buddy, maybe this can serve as a reminder how shitty opiates make you feel. If you can fall into a 2 week bender this easy, you sure as hell can fall into addiction quick af. Leave the shit alone.

Opium poppy tea

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- Mon, 14 Oct 2019 13:43:27 EST 1JgKkitr No.611172
File: 1571075007416.jpg -(2358737B / 2.25MB, 2448x3264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Opium poppy tea
dear /opi/

I ran out of things and I have some old opium poppy seeds(at least 1 year) about .8 of a gram, I was wondering how should I make a tea with them or if I should even use all of them. I was considering using all and drinking slowly, but I'm not exactly sure since I've never taken them like this. The growing season is over now and I can just get new ones next year.

They are the white opium poppy strain. Should I just eat them raw or should I make a tea out of them?

Have a picture of my rat, unrelated.
1 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
John Tillingbanks - Mon, 14 Oct 2019 15:28:00 EST jrcY8Yaf No.611179 Reply
Might as well throw em in some dirt and let em do their thing. Might get your grass high
Hamilton Greenman - Fri, 18 Oct 2019 04:45:58 EST ltkgSqoN No.611251 Reply
Why dont you just grow some pods? It's a gray area in legality, i don't think it's illegal until you harvest. It's pretty easy and doesnt take super long

So how the fuck does one even get on subs or methadone?

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- Sun, 01 Sep 2019 22:18:15 EST DOtmUPy9 No.609972
File: 1567390695622.jpg -(55008B / 53.72KB, 343x317) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. So how the fuck does one even get on subs or methadone?
I see all these ex-heroin addicts on suboxone or methadone, talking about how they went from rock bottom to normal with it. And I'm just left wondering how. How can someone with less than $10 to their name, a rock bottom junkie, afford suboxone or methadone? It's astounding. Like I'm actually curious, how is it possible.

When I tried getting on both and called these places up I realized how expensive it was and how much of a racket it is. It seemed impossible for me and I'm not even rock bottom.

First I called a suboxone clinic and they were nice in that they actually ran my insurance to see if it covered any of it (my insurance ended up being glitched or something). They then told me weekly "therapy" /Jew sessions were mandatory. In all it'd be $800-$1200 a month.

Then I tried calling a methadone clinic and was answerwd by some retard Black chick who didn't understand anything. Asked if my insurance could cover any of it or if they could run my account to see if I could get it cheaper. She literally didn't understand it. Responded in grunts and primitive slang. Ended up basically hanging up on me. Then later I tried calling back for a week every day with no response every time I called. Finally they picked up and gave me this retarded price plus tons of "therapy sessions" too.

Fuck man it's depressing. How the fuck do you get on this shit without it being more expensive and hassling than dope?
121 posts and 6 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
James Fanfield - Thu, 17 Oct 2019 06:38:39 EST NN+wl5+T No.611233 Reply
I'm on methadone and my mouth is so dry at night i have to wake up and drink water multiple times but I brush twice a day with colgate total new formula and floss, mouthwash etc twice or 3 times a day. Haven't had a dental issues in years but some slobs who get too fucked up to brush their teeth blame it on the done.
James Fanfield - Thu, 17 Oct 2019 06:39:25 EST NN+wl5+T No.611234 Reply
here in Canada you just need to peee positive. you can get methadone for free if you're low income.
Hamilton Greenman - Fri, 18 Oct 2019 04:28:14 EST ltkgSqoN No.611250 Reply
If you can afford a heroin addiction, you can figure out how to afford suboxone. It's substantially cheaper. There was a clinic that legit did suboxone for free in sacramento but they stopped that. If you have insurance, call them to get a list of providers and go from there. If not, call around and find a program that works with you. Some of them make you come in and drugtest all the time as well as do gay ass programs, so if you're into that...

Don't get on methadone. Get on suboxone. If you want to stay an addict forever, get on methadone.

Kratom strains

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- Mon, 14 Oct 2019 08:12:02 EST nA5rzxZh No.611165
File: 1571055122657.jpg -(47299B / 46.19KB, 600x420) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Kratom strains
Whats the difference between green bali and green maeng da? are they both as stimulating or ... Whats Ur Fav Kratom Strain ?
3 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Eliza Dartson - Wed, 16 Oct 2019 08:04:58 EST hzgzpfiZ No.611209 Reply
Have been trying kratom for the first time the past couple days. Purchased small quantities of white maeng and red bali in pill form from a local smoke shop. I have very limited experience with opiates, but I found 1g of Red Bali to provide a nice energy boost and makes me feel talkative. I don't find it to be that great for relieving pain. I'll have to try 2g soon.

For me, the stimulation is soft and nice with 1g Red Bali. With 2g white maeng da the effects weren't as obvious, though perhaps I felt like I had more focus? Idk. I'll keep experimenting with each.

Where do you guys get yours? Know any good sources online that are legit and reasonably priced? I'm considering buying a lot at once for personal use and for some family members and friends to try. I'm in the US.
Kekistan69 - Wed, 16 Oct 2019 10:55:00 EST JEt2x1Cb No.611211 Reply
Just google for sources, they are everywhere. Sourcing isn't allowed here and they shut down a thread last week for someone sourcing poppy seeds. There's a few sites I use to buy kilos for $80-90. Every source I've used had good Kratom. Just read the reviews on each site and make sure they test for contaminants.

Passing a drop as a daily user

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- Mon, 14 Oct 2019 13:33:40 EST UDKgUnug No.611171
File: 1571074420830.png -(1892100B / 1.80MB, 1481x1001) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Passing a drop as a daily user
So I've been doing dope that contains real H in it for 2 months. I need to pass a piss test exactly a week from today. I've passed as soon as 48 hours multiple times before, but I wasn't using daily then. Does anyone have experience with taking a piss test as a daily user? I can't cheat on the test reliably, it's for probation and I never managed to pass via dilution before. I know there's no definitive answer, but I feel like even with daily use a full week is enough to be 100% sure of passing.
John Tillingbanks - Mon, 14 Oct 2019 14:54:27 EST jrcY8Yaf No.611175 Reply
You'll be fine. Just stop now and get some decent kratom so you don't feel like the alien is trying to burdt out of your chest. God speed
dr. m - Fri, 18 Oct 2019 03:29:17 EST LOk04uH3 No.611248 Reply
Definitely be clean for a solid 5 days (a full 121 hours, not just 4.5 days), preferably an entire 7 days, if you want above a 90-95% chance of passing. Make sure you dilute by drinking lots of water, with vitamin B complex and most importantly creatine to have sufficient creatinine levels.

Get some kratom and loperamide aka immodium you can take together to deal with ~50-90% of the withdrawals. Just take two 2mg immodium when you wake up, and another 4mg after every really watery shit, 2mg after every halfway watery shit, or no extra immodium if it passes halfway normally. Then, before bed, take 2-4mg so that you can get some sleep without having BM problems. Be sure to taper off consistently so you don't withdrawal from loperamide itself, and whatever you do, don't take more than ~20-24mg in a day, more than 8mg within 2-4 hours, or more than around 16mg/day if it's a chronic thing that goes on for more than a week. This stuff can cause heart arrhythmias, heart attacks, or even heart failure when taken in large doses, particularly above 20-40mg/day, or taken above the doses recommended on the label for multiple weeks or months.

12-20mg loperamide across the day should be more than enough to stop the shits, make your guts feel a bit more stable, and possibly reduce other symptoms of WD, even if only by ~2-10%. The rest is honestly what kratom is for. Just take ~2-3g to start, wait an hour, and if you don't feel anything getting better, take another 2-3g. Repeat until you achieve desired results. You'll feel shitty, but not as shitty as you could have felt. IMO any more than about ~5-7g of solid quality kratom every 3-6 hours most likely won't make things any better, unless perhaps you were on some absurd opioid dependency dose, in which case a maximum of ~7-10g kratom every 3-6 hours might be merited.

What is available online besides kratom and seeds?

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- Mon, 14 Oct 2019 16:29:44 EST oN6LT/Si No.611181
File: 1571084984839.jpg -(56348B / 55.03KB, 480x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. What is available online besides kratom and seeds?
I've had excruciating chronic pain after a car accident three years ago. My doctor has refused to give me a script for pain meds aside from a few weeks after a diskectomy(back surgery). He doesn't want me to be physically dependent, nevermind I'm on four other medicines that cause dependence. He just wants me to take 375mg aleve along with my other meds. It doesn't help that I'm 25.

Anyway kratom does pretty much jack shit. I know it isn't bunk I'll give friends 4gs and they'll be feeling good. Seeds are to expensive and such a crapshoot I can't rely on. I'd be interested in ODSMT but haven't found anywhere legit to order.

I would just do heroin like I have in the past but I can't drive, have no money, and everything has fentanyl now.

I appreciate any advice you guys have. Thank you
Shitting Pittingwater - Mon, 14 Oct 2019 19:08:31 EST AH2aaazO No.611182 Reply
Order tramadol or tapentadol (or bupe if that’s works for you) off the dnms or a online pharmacy. It will work out to under $1USD for 100mg.
That’s probably the cheapest way to easily get opis. Idk about ODMST though sorry
Doris Hiffinglutch - Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:12:51 EST YDyRV7U2 No.611195 Reply
Does it feel kinda sketch getting things off the internet? I live in the US and I can't help but feel real awkward when ordering even legal rcs online. So whenever I order something different i feel like I'm gonna get snatched up into jail.

O-DSMT Is a pretty good painkiller, not much on the euphoria side of the house, but my tinnitus and back problems are pretty much gone with it. It lasts a while too.
Tianeptine is in the same price range and I feel a bit more functional on it, but it doesn't have any euphoria for me and the painkilling is pretty modest and short-lived. But if i need to work that day, I'll take tianeptine before dsmt.

opium hash

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- Tue, 08 Oct 2019 13:16:02 EST 71zrLyi1 No.611018
File: 1570554962178.jpg -(3309B / 3.23KB, 223x226) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. opium hash
I got my hands on some 'opium'. It looks kinda like the picture, though that's hasch. Smells like poppy.

I can't find any instructions online on how to take it. The guy said it's the first harvest so it's probably too weak to smoke.

Either way I thought I'd try smoking it. But how much?? I have scale but no clue where to start
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Rebecca Sungerpat - Tue, 15 Oct 2019 07:20:04 EST Gw/wMT3t No.611192 Reply
Maybe if you started with larger micron filters to smaller ones. Like a wasteful version of bubble hash
Angus Briggleford - Tue, 15 Oct 2019 07:51:18 EST yB2lulph No.611193 Reply

I'm not familiar with Indian terminology but generally making refined opium is a simple process of reclarification. they dissolve it in boiling water, scoop out the solid plant matter, strain it through cheesecloth then slowly reduce it over a low flame until it a thick paste which can be dried in the sun leaving a refined putty.

there is a more complicated persian type of opium which is supposedly pre-smoked a little to "improve the taste". maybe that is a similar thing to your indian term idk

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