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Harm Reduction Notes for the COVID-19 Pandemic

BWN Corona lock down edition

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- Thu, 26 Mar 2020 08:20:00 EST txpYQORe No.614404
File: 1585225200899.jpg -(151296B / 147.75KB, 800x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. BWN Corona lock down edition
Corona got us in self isolation but you know but I think d-boy counts as close family and friends, nah what I'm sayin? Juuuust kidding, though we know deep down we're gonna potentially risk our loved ones lives over an "unnecessary" break of iso.
That's enough negativity. Who's getting high on some opiates? Anyone have any interesting stories or antics to share?

Personally I'm bumping on some store bought Spanish seeds according to the label, I guess AUS truly ran out, these aren't half bad honestly but I'm also on a high dose of pregablin so who knows.
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Hedda Drumblestone - Sun, 24 May 2020 14:37:39 EST 1Y5bL+Nl No.615375 Reply
>enhanced kratom

the fuck is that? How is it "enhanced"?
Hannah Marringhot - Mon, 25 May 2020 06:42:59 EST CNV0UqYi No.615386 Reply
Yeah I have remained pretty much on kratom since the last detox from heroin. It was really mild that second time because I had spaced out my binge with a few days in between but by the last few days of it I had used 3 days in a row, right before I ran out.
So it was really mild w/d but still shitty and made me realize how easy it is to get hooked.
That night I wrote that post I had done 40mg of oxycodone total over the night. Now I'm back to just being on kratom. And I'm going to be a lot more careful about getting addicted.
Pretty sure I will use again so I'm just going to prioritize not using multiple days in a row or having a large stash around.

Low potency speedball

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- Sun, 17 May 2020 20:51:27 EST 6xHhg06P No.615253
File: 1589763087418.jpg -(30194B / 29.49KB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Low potency speedball
I am curious, the classic combination for a speedball is heroin and cocaine, as it is the most extreme of those two classes in combination. I don’t particularly feel like using that combination (my sense of self preservation remains somewhat intact).
Is it viable to attempt a similar Dopaminergic combination with other drugs of that class?
E.g lisdexamphetamine + oxycodone, or methylphenidate + oxycodone?
  • also posted in /stim/ to receive >1 population of reference
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Betsy Dummerfuck - Sun, 24 May 2020 16:14:28 EST 29QbCoeq No.615377 Reply
For opiates, oxymorphone especially and even dilaudid win. Opioids theoretically limitless potential for euphoria...but afaik heroin is more pleasurable than any opioid, maybe like Demerol types but i havent tried them
David Pickwill - Sun, 24 May 2020 21:19:53 EST GOpwdYji No.615384 Reply
try Kratom+Coffee for a mild speedball
Betsy Pickfield - Mon, 25 May 2020 00:32:40 EST fAuyB3yr No.615385 Reply
dilaudid and adderall at a 2:1 ratio is fucking amazing compared to your classic speedball every real junkie knows this

Krat attack

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- Sun, 24 May 2020 19:39:42 EST LZ8viA85 No.615383
File: 1590363582109.jpg -(2862490B / 2.73MB, 3483x2361) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Krat attack
Thinking of doing a kratom tek but it's pretty unclear what the best way to do it is. A lot of people claim that water and alcohol extracts will end up with different alkaloids and thus effects, which seems obvious, but they never specify what alkaloids or effects. I've also heard conflicting reports that almost nothing good ends up in water and you should water wash (and dump the water) before an alcohol wash for better results.

From what I've read, a standard A/B process isn't worth it yield and final product wise, which is convenient cause I don't want to have to go to the store. But again, the info I've found has been pretty spotty and most of the people posting their results seem like dumbasses who couldn't dissolve salt into water. Not to mention it's predominately kratom heads doing these teks, which makes it hard to gauge how good the end result is since they're not comparing them to real opiates.

Anyways, cliffnotes version: what sort of extracts have you all made and how were they? I've done both alcohol and water washes but I was too deep into real opiates back then to get anything from them.

Why opiates

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- Thu, 21 May 2020 05:23:32 EST Mjy8E5PD No.615309
File: 1590053012221.jpg -(109579B / 107.01KB, 640x799) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Why opiates
Why do some people gravitate towards opiates? I've tried every drug under the sun and nothing does it for me quite like heroin. And then I know other people who really don't like opiates too much and are more meth freaks. Must be a personality thing wonder how it works.
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Phineas Gozzledet - Sat, 23 May 2020 21:59:57 EST bj8s2ro/ No.615367 Reply
The glitter kinda fades once you've done them for a while, after I turned 19 I stopped even being interested in them.
Phineas Gozzledet - Sat, 23 May 2020 22:17:09 EST bj8s2ro/ No.615369 Reply
depression and anxiety disappear pretty much instantly and it acts as a mood stabilizer too so I end up feeling very relaxed and clear headed, almost more than normally.
Hamilton Nommerson - Sun, 24 May 2020 18:14:13 EST wPVuI1TH No.615380 Reply

Try heroin and cocaine together...

It makes heroin on its own totally "meh" and coke on it's own is great for 2-3 shots then it turns into a disgusting fiendfest, stabbing youself ever 20 minutes till it's all gone, the high getting less and less, the side effects greater, telling yourself this is retarded and pointless, but continuing to stab yourself over and over until it's all gone and you're wired to the tits with no landing gear, which sucks.

But together...wow. 2 + 2 = 200 in this case. It really is something special. They both complement each other perfectly and get rid of most of the others side effects. Once I shot a speedball, I never willingly used either on their own again.

I'm was very much like you in that I did loads of different drugs, but opiates were my number 1 choice, stims were meh to me (though I did really like 6-APB and MDMA on occasion) bnut combining a stim + opi makes the perfect drug experience. I quit using 2 years ago, but even thinking of a speedball ramps my heartrate up. Thank fuck for methadone

Can kratom age you?

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- Thu, 21 Nov 2019 12:21:43 EST Zurg6VnA No.612084
File: 1574356903675.jpg -(86338B / 84.31KB, 700x525) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Can kratom age you?
Does kratom age you?

I never thought this before i feel like if anything it did the opposite because of the anti oxidants, stress relief, anti inflammatory, and it being totally natural. I read it on circlejerk and thats the only reason I’m thinking that. theres a few posts of people saying they took kratom and noticed they aged faster and chalked it up to dehydration. Those people were doing insane shit though like 45 grams a day usually i only take like 5-10 grams a day spaced out.

I take really good care of my health mainly for the purpose of not wanting to age keeping my window cracked to get fresh air, i go on walks especially in fresh air near trees and in nature, i drink water all day, ive been taking a ton of herbs, researching whats the best for anti aging, getting rest, taking vitamins, ive been buying a ton of all natural stuff to moisturize my face and take care of my skin multiple times a day and keeping my room humid to avoid dryness, and avoiding the sun.

I always look super young for my age and that was even not giving a fuck i just drank alcohol all the time with friends, smoked cigarettes, i drank gallons of sugary drinks with alcohol,i didnt take or do anything healthy, ate the most processed microwaved gross food ever, drinking soda, energy drinks, sitting around with my friends who smoke cigarettes, tanning out in the sun. I always thought i looked young cause of weed because i smoked a ton of weed but even with that i smoked with with a tobacco blunt wrap.

I dont notice any aging or anything but I’m scared. I noticed it makes my eyes a little darker but i literally always have the darkest black bags around my eyes. And ive been doing everything to take care of my health. Quit cigs, eat healthy, vegetables, water all day, no soda, exercising outside in the fresh air, researching constantly things that are healthier and good for me to make sure i dont ruin my health.

Can kratom really age you? I figured it was doing the opposite because instead of alcohol i just sit there with water sipping on water the whole time while i take kratom and making sure to stay hydrated. I even take a few extra chugs of water just to make sure becuase i know it gives me dry mouth. I figured if anything kratom was helping my health because it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and helps me sleep and i just sit there and sip water the whole time I’m taking it and take it with water.

Aging is my biggest fear and the reason i take crazy good care of my health now and do everything natural. Plus everything i do is totally natural now. I take herbs, ashwagandha, natural moisturizers, fresh air, kratom, i use cbd hemp almost all days of the week. I have ptsd, depression, anxiety, always sick, insomnia and kratom cures it all. Can kratom really cause aging because this is the only thing that helps me and i realy dont want something thats going to age me. I dont even as much as stand near someone smoking a cigarette now.

The way kratom makes me feel i cant imagine it doing anything but being ANTI AGING but those people took like 30-45 grams a day too thats just a fucking insane amount and kratom does give you dry mouth so that has to be a crazy amount of dehydration and you can always take too much of a good thing. I figured kratom was anti aging for me because without kratom i just sit there miserable staring at a wall exhausted zero positive thoughts, zero happiness, stress, anxiety, massive depression, and kratom just makes me feel warm and more content and i dont even take a lot just a few grams a day
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David Mondleridge - Sat, 23 May 2020 18:51:37 EST K1yDezPf No.615354 Reply
also once the addiction starts and you feel the wd gl since you age like 5x faster when an addict
Archie Semmerstig - Sun, 24 May 2020 13:40:03 EST EuAk/hJt No.615374 Reply
If you eat shit and dont look after yourself yeah
Nell Dummerdit - Sun, 24 May 2020 19:10:09 EST LZ8viA85 No.615381 Reply
Kratom actually super ages you. it's what nasa uses when they send a twin into orbit to make sure they're the same age when they get back. if you've been taking kratom daily you're probably like 100 in real years (kratom works similarly to dog years, according to the research).

Kratom allergy

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- Mon, 18 May 2020 20:12:19 EST xNEv+oAd No.615279
File: 1589847139911.jpg -(15114B / 14.76KB, 184x274) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Kratom allergy
if i need to move this thread sorry, i know kratom's an opioid and i trust you guys more than the homeless ppl in /other/.

has anyone ever experienced a rash/hives from taking kratom? i'm trying to figure out if this batch is somehow contaminated or if i've somehow developed an allergy to it after taking some time off. again, sorry if this is the wrong place for this question but need some help
3 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Cyril Bardforth - Sun, 24 May 2020 11:16:25 EST l18Raq9t No.615373 Reply
Contamination is a possiblity.
I have had a contaminated batch once in the past. When you brewed tea with it you had a rainbow like layer on the top. It looked similar to what you would get when gas from your car leaks into a puddle. It also made you super neaseas.
Of course I dumped it.
Betsy Dummerfuck - Sun, 24 May 2020 16:17:15 EST 29QbCoeq No.615378 Reply
fiber is literally deadly, you dont want fiber, if you cant shit without it then your using it as an ass bandage, magnesium potassium and salt should keep one regular without any fiber. I dont know how fibrous kratom is though
Nell Dummerdit - Sun, 24 May 2020 19:11:39 EST LZ8viA85 No.615382 Reply
this is absolutely true, it's why you hear so many stories about people dropping dead after eating some broccoli. oh wait that makes no sense eat some fucking vegetables you savage

Avoiding opiate addiction

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- Mon, 18 May 2020 10:59:33 EST VOq/TOdp No.615268
File: 1589813973790.jpg -(175052B / 170.95KB, 1711x1232) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Avoiding opiate addiction
Is there any way to try/use opiates occasionally without getting addicted? I plan not to try out any hard stuff, just codeine, but i've heard that it's very difficult to stop once you try it a few times.
19 posts and 8 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Doris Lightdale - Sat, 23 May 2020 08:55:44 EST OjvfybaZ No.615346 Reply
1590238544961.jpg -(160922B / 157.15KB, 960x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
WIth all due respect as you can read and watch whatever you want, surely theres something to be taken from such pieces, but some people dislike celebrity culture in general, especially one that romantizes opiate use, I have the feeling those people are the lil peeps of their generation, talking about how shitty their life is and how much of a hedonistic heaven opiates are, its alll very said and done. nb
Phineas Gozzledet - Sat, 23 May 2020 22:12:52 EST bj8s2ro/ No.615368 Reply
I'd say you could make that case for lou reed given he's a musician and a lot of his music was glorifying drug use, but you really can't compare bouroughs or carrol cause most of their work had nothing to do with their drug use and they didn't revel in the sadness of their addiction and lifestyles like someone like peep does. For me personally thats why I like them and dislike people like lil peep, its a reminder that even with addiction or the problems you may have your still a normal person at the end of the day who can contribute great things to the world, not some charicature of a junkie whose only famous for glorifying a lifestyle that is self destructive. But thats just me
opioid connoisseur - Sun, 24 May 2020 08:18:32 EST IIq5dt3U No.615371 Reply
yup. i started using dihydrocodeine 3.5 years ago, then oxy, then heroin. all in moderation and you're fine. i don't get cravings or anything. nowadays i just buy ER oxy because I enjoy nodding for the whole day, but I only do this about once or twice a week.

i don't get cravings or withdrawal, just that typical "well fuck, it's all gone. oh well" and then I wait until it's time for me to start nodding again to go buy more. i've avoided withdrawal this way extremely easily. it takes self control for sure, but it's 100% do-able.

Lean and Percs

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- Fri, 08 May 2020 13:50:41 EST bM2Ya8Wf No.615146
File: 1588960241616.jpg -(6074B / 5.93KB, 200x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Lean and Percs
Hey anons. Tonight gonna try Percs for the first time. My dealer said it goes great with Lean and I plan on doing so while smoking some good ol' MJ, but I am kinda afraid of the results. Any thoughts/recommendations/reports?
Anything would be very appreciated
30 posts and 4 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Henry Noffingkune - Sat, 23 May 2020 20:08:52 EST PN1xbDWw No.615357 Reply
Lol it's been less than a month since your OP... Most people don't just go from their first use to full blown dope fiend instantly. It's a process. Not saying you will become an addict but it is playing with fire. Opioids are insanely addictive.
Nell Dummerdit - Sat, 23 May 2020 20:55:40 EST LZ8viA85 No.615361 Reply
1590281740109.jpg -(115889B / 113.17KB, 1221x643) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
<- OP next month probably
opioid connoisseur - Sun, 24 May 2020 08:15:57 EST IIq5dt3U No.615370 Reply

lean lmao, gtfo with that garbage. complete waste of money. do your percs then never buy lean again

is car still around

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- Sat, 23 May 2020 21:13:06 EST Eso+iEk0 No.615363
File: 1590282786061.png -(1309187B / 1.25MB, 2550x3300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. is car still around
does anyone know for sure whether or not china is still vending carfentanil? I suspect the answer is yes but it would be reassuring to have a second opinion.
Clara Woffinggold - Sat, 23 May 2020 21:14:22 EST Eso+iEk0 No.615364 Reply
not asking for sources, just for whether or not said sources exist.

Morphine Sulfate

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- Thu, 14 May 2020 10:12:39 EST RZPfN6If No.615212
File: 1589465559875.jpg -(85405B / 83.40KB, 1300x956) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Morphine Sulfate
I'm a recreational and very occasional opiates user. I wanted to know, do I have any risk of developping opiates addiction and withdrawals if I "abuse" morphine sulfate for a week (taking around 600mg in the week, so around 100mg a day) or is that okay if I only do it for a week?

I'm just doing that waiting to be able to have some weed again, which should be in around a week
7 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Henry Noffingkune - Sat, 23 May 2020 20:13:08 EST PN1xbDWw No.615358 Reply
I strongly disagree with this. It is fairly easy to get physically dependent. After 2-3 weeks of daily use you will have some withdrawal symptoms upon cessation.
That is for people taking them as prescribed. Abusing them you will develop dependence even faster.
Rebecca Madgestare - Sat, 23 May 2020 20:13:55 EST V0WvDXrv No.615359 Reply
I strongly disagree with this. It is fairly easy to get physically dependent. After 2-3 weeks of daily use you will have some withdrawal symptoms upon cessation.
That is for people taking them as prescribed. Abusing them you will develop dependence even faster.
Nell Dummerdit - Sat, 23 May 2020 20:52:11 EST LZ8viA85 No.615360 Reply
I agree with this, I started having withdrawals after only ~2ish weeks of using when I started out. It wasn't full blown withdrawals back then but it was definitely very uncomfortable and noticeable.

regional opium quality

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- Sat, 16 May 2020 23:40:10 EST KhsDhp0N No.615242
File: 1589686810020.jpg -(139583B / 136.31KB, 1280x834) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. regional opium quality
where does the best opium come from? like what part of the world are the top shelf poppies grown
2 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Phineas Gundershit - Sat, 23 May 2020 08:27:05 EST D/iKjtLy No.615345 Reply
I wonder how heavily guarded the poppy fields are. I could imagine dope fiends going wild in them fields.
lol - Sat, 23 May 2020 10:40:04 EST IggaRoSW No.615347 Reply
Those places are probably locked the fuck down, don't think any junkies are gonna be getting in very often. That one vice documentary with the heroin addicts who all meet up around the season the poppies are ready and go out and start gathering the sap from them, think it was somewhere in Europe

how the fuck do i buy drugs in a new city

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- Wed, 22 Apr 2020 21:30:14 EST WKbQPseN No.614957
File: 1587605414224.jpg -(48627B / 47.49KB, 553x793) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. how the fuck do i buy drugs in a new city
i don't know anybody. i know where the trap houses are, i know who the fiends are. but i don't know the fucking dealers. i've tried like 3 times to get H now and only succeeded once, and even then I didn't meet the dealer. the other two times i got finessed.

how do i insist on the fiend introducing me to the dealer without sounding like a fucking cop? part of the problem is i can only seem to meet crackheads. i feel like if i could meet a fellow dope fiend this problem would solve itself.
20 posts and 5 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Phineas Greenbanks - Mon, 18 May 2020 05:25:34 EST Mjy8E5PD No.615263 Reply
i know exactly how you feel OP except I'm in an even worse situation. I moved out of a big city and into a medium city, and have not been able to find any open air markets around. I've been yelled at by blacks who I've mistaken as drug dealers for hanging outside their stoops in shitty neighborhoods lol.

I wish I had a local connection to buy on demand but the darknet markets work just as well. Just a week delay between ordering and actually getting it.
Alice Bovingtot - Sat, 23 May 2020 01:16:43 EST 29QbCoeq No.615340 Reply
open air markets are dying and only really exist in a few cities (for opiates anyway), open air markets for meff everywhere.
Need to network with junkies especially if youre in a medium city
Hedda Buzzwell - Sat, 23 May 2020 04:47:54 EST Mjy8E5PD No.615342 Reply
Network with junkies? You mean going around trying to find anyone nodding out in a public space and asking for an introduction to their supplier in exchange for some money?

How to tell if dope is good?

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- Tue, 19 May 2020 22:20:51 EST l/QqfqV/ No.615286
File: 1589941251672.jpg -(3426915B / 3.27MB, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. How to tell if dope is good?
I know I'm gonna get flamed and shit for this but I'm a TOTAL heroin noob. Never even seen it irl until a couple days ago.

I got a gram of Grey Afghan #4 and it came in fairly hard rocks, easy enough to break down with something hard but it was annoying because shit kept flying everywhere.

Anyways, it's a light brown/grey color, smells strange and the drip is gross but not intolerable. It gets me high but not nearly what I was expecting... everybody touts heroin as something that is so incredible, so euphoric and amazing, the top dog of opiates... I haven't been getting that? It gets me high and I feel pretty good, but it's not exactly the "floating on clouds, sleeping with angels, warm fuzzy euphoria" I was expecting.

I much prefer oxycodone to this so far. I insuffalate it since I cant do needles. I have also been using Suboxone sparingly to maintain when I dont have any harder opiates, so obviously that's going to have an effect too. But am I doing something wrong..? Or is heroin kind of overhyped?

I'm going to be ordering more of a different type just to try again, but I hate to say that I am a little disappointed. It does the job well, it just wasnt the amazing euphoric experience I was expecting. Sorry I know I'm retarded, I just want thoughts, opinions, and general info I guess.. thanks fellow junkies xoxo
6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Hugh Clungerridge - Thu, 21 May 2020 12:23:51 EST liWKE2fZ No.615315 Reply
i think its a lot more pleasurable when you are relieving yourself of the withdrawal symptoms there is much more noticable euphoria if you try it when you are completely healthy sometimes its very nausiating itchy and uncomfortable i always smoked which was extremely addictive
William Trotwell - Thu, 21 May 2020 22:43:41 EST ImjSzKdG No.615320 Reply
I like oxy at first as well. I was well in to my heroin addiction before it just clicked one day and became euphoric. Even now when I do it once in a while its just strong euphoria compared to when I first started. Try not to get addicted if you can. I spent my 20 and 30's with a habit im 38 now and chip every once in a while it can be done but be careful.
Hedda Buzzwell - Sat, 23 May 2020 02:34:57 EST Mjy8E5PD No.615341 Reply
This is 100% true. The relief from withdrawals is a much greater high than starting fresh again after being sober for a few weeks. My heroin use is now about 2 weeks on, 4 weeks off and whenever I start up again I get very very uncomfortable itching and its like its just too powerful and I know I need to let my body adjust for a day or three before I can feel just right.

How to get morphine sulfhate and oxycodone out of your system

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- Mon, 18 May 2020 19:12:35 EST DVCZ97U4 No.615274
File: 1589843555941.jpg -(1149621B / 1.10MB, 1332x2560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. How to get morphine sulfhate and oxycodone out of your system
Hi there is a urine test in 2 days and i took 50mg morphine sulfhate i.v today and 10mg oxycodone i.v yesterday how can i get this shit out of my system as quickly as possible? I am also taking zopiclone and gabapentin all days but that os ok on the test i just need the morphine out :)
1 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Matilda Crankinstere - Thu, 21 May 2020 04:36:40 EST 5UGRCXaZ No.615307 Reply
It depends on which metabolites they test for, and he shouldn't say "got high", just that he had too many. I would think someone was more of a freak for trying to get high on dphm than opes.

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