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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

Thought opioids killed sex drive?

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- Sun, 16 Jun 2019 17:59:29 EST QfB53hD5 No.607000
File: 1560722369988.jpg -(13064B / 12.76KB, 250x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Thought opioids killed sex drive?
My buddy gave me 5 oxys to try, read about them beforehand. Sometimes I get nauseous or itchy but those are expected side effects I can manage. The surprising one is the horniness.

I'll take one 20, go lay down and wack a bit, but then I drift off into this dream state where it's usually vivid sex dreams, I'll kinda.. come-to, and do it over again and then maybe after I start to come down I cum, sometimes I don't but it doesn't matter, which is odd because normally I'd freak if I didn't.

Don't get me wrong, no complaints at all, it's a great way to spend 4 hours, but I really thought it wasn't possible.
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JJzz !8tv9M.5S82 - Wed, 17 Jul 2019 06:23:50 EST LTgweARC No.608199 Reply

Like many other things, its not caused by the acute effects you experienced from trying them a few times

Try being physically dependent 24/7 for a year or two

Father's (or lack of) Day

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- Mon, 17 Jun 2019 00:21:23 EST zlM4egsf No.607008
File: 1560745283527.jpg -(320590B / 313.08KB, 994x427) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Father's (or lack of) Day
Anyone else get their father dope for this special occasion? Only a little bit to help that back pain my man. I know you like it.
Martin Chattingdin - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 22:24:38 EST nuztW1TN No.608119 Reply
That would make a great gift idea for my father if he wasn't in jail lol
Polly Blackway - Mon, 15 Jul 2019 05:21:18 EST tnjAgdYk No.608131 Reply
It would work for mine too if he wasn't dead. That drunk bastard.
hsn - Mon, 15 Jul 2019 20:36:01 EST cA+802PK No.608158 Reply
yeah, nothing says bonding like a nice dose of wake me the fuck up up the nose because pops hit a fent hot spot.

Benzos and opioids?

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- Thu, 04 Jul 2019 07:37:52 EST ET54hmDQ No.607739
File: 1562240272824.png -(347762B / 339.61KB, 580x530) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Benzos and opioids?
I've heard that benzos make opioids stronger is that true? And is it dangerous? I only have 1mg of ativan on me but if I take it with an opioid how much stronger will the trip be?
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Nell Weggleway - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 23:36:56 EST mB1yuKg5 No.608124 Reply
They make you nod harder and more likely to OD, but they don't potentiates any aspect other than sleepiness and respiratory depression. One time I did some clam and a trash bag of dope. I didn't feel high at all so I did one more bump, suddenly it was 8 hours later and I was surprised I was alive. I blinked and the only reason I noticed time had passed was because the sun had come up and I did the bag at like 10pm. If you don't have much and you're trying to make it get you unsick, benzos aren't the way to go. Depending on the drug a variety of things can potentiate, but benzos are a bad choice. Gabapentin and weed have way more synergy and you'll actually feel higher, or you can try wgfj or tagamet for actual potentiation.
Polly Blackway - Mon, 15 Jul 2019 05:12:49 EST tnjAgdYk No.608130 Reply
Really? Diazepam, alprazolam or clonazepam always added to the chillout I get from opi. Estazolam and nitrazepam didn't do much besides making me sleepy. I guess it's all about proportions and doses. Too much alpraz or cpam could easily overpower tramadol or codeine, but they mix very well with oxy or heroin.
Simon Facklesen - Thu, 18 Jul 2019 18:55:46 EST 2S+1FhlK No.608246 Reply
you sound physically dependent on benzos, so of course they will do that for you

Smoking Fentanyl and Safety

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- Sun, 14 Jul 2019 00:24:11 EST HtQLHF8I No.608089
File: 1563078251966.jpg -(73156B / 71.44KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Smoking Fentanyl and Safety
Sup guys, wanna ask a question to those of you who prefer to smoke your drugs, specifically fentanyl. Has anyone here ever ODed from smoking it? It seems to be the safest option because you can easily control your intake and assess how high you are. I end up having to get high alone a lot and just want to stay safe as I can. Whenever I start nodding off I stop redosing for at least 1-2 hours. Provided I take test hits and also keep myself under the threshold of nodding off, should I theoretically be immune to overdosing?
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Ian Buncocke - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 15:56:28 EST khDB4u4x No.608100 Reply
If you're going to use something to filter a solution for shooting straight into your bloodstream, you should probly use something purpose-made for filtering for I.V.

Regarding smoking pure fent, shit is strong as fuck, I was tapping a pinhead from the bag onto foil, catching about half the vapour and falling on my face waking up with a headache 20 minutes later to run to the shitter and puke at least twice. Shit ain't worth it, of course I did the whole bag but only because of dopesickness.
bb - Mon, 15 Jul 2019 01:06:48 EST of/iB1FU No.608128 Reply
I remember an rip post on here from 2015 or '16 where a user was paying tribute to a dear childhood friend who overdosed from smoking fent. So it can happen i guess be careful.
Eugene Bindleledging - Mon, 15 Jul 2019 03:40:44 EST iwPQzXLg No.608129 Reply
Oh.. like breaking off the actual end of a durry to use as a filter... Yeah, ok. I can see why that's not a great idea.


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- Fri, 12 Jul 2019 18:09:10 EST fWGcvW62 No.608038
File: 1562969350964.jpg -(106679B / 104.18KB, 483x643) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Hydrocodone
How difficult is it to od on hydros?
11 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Martin Chattingdin - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 23:13:06 EST nuztW1TN No.608123 Reply
Fucking hard. The toxicity of the Tylenol will get your liver first.

loperamide and quitting

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- Tue, 14 May 2019 11:10:56 EST C/qiuSbC No.605857
File: 1557846656736.png -(71415B / 69.74KB, 170x243) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. loperamide and quitting
hey /opi/
so around a week ago I made the choice to quit using smack after years of daily use, jumped off cold turkey. suffered for a few days using no kind of supplements, then on the 4th or 5th day someone told me lope helps a lot with w/ds so I ended up buying some and taking it, 4mg at a time, even though I was already feeling better, just for the diarreah. then today on the 8th day I feel worse than I did 1-2 days ago. Yesterday and before yesterday I felt like I was almost out and clear but now it feels like I have minor w/d symptoms again. Am I just imagining shit or do low doses of lope reset your w/ds if you take it?
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Graham Honeycocke - Fri, 17 May 2019 12:26:54 EST C/qiuSbC No.606000 Reply
Thanks, friend. I feel a lot better now than I did when I made this post, came off lope completely too. Figured I'd rather suffer more and finish faster than suffer less but for longer. Still got some symptoms like diarreah, restlessness, insomnia, general cramps and fatigues and joint/muscle pains 11 days in but I'm hoping those are just post-acute symptoms. Mentally I actually feel kind of okay- not good or great but not awful either
Martin Chattingdin - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 22:29:13 EST nuztW1TN No.608121 Reply
I made the same mistake with using Kratom to get off opana.
Charlotte Bunhood - Mon, 15 Jul 2019 00:36:18 EST 2S+1FhlK No.608125 Reply
lope pretty much like methadone that only works on your gut receptors/not your cns brain receptors, so you will get physical symptoms


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- Fri, 14 Jun 2019 20:24:49 EST 5206ckm4 No.606946
File: 1560558289289.png -(86765B / 84.73KB, 300x219) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Hallucinations
anyone ever get any kind of hallucinations on opiods?
had that shit for the first time after redosing on hydro
trying to fall asleep and was getting auditory hallucinations and the kind of stuff you see when on dph, except not terrifying
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Ebenezer Clirringfuck - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 17:51:45 EST OIRp6jL2 No.608036 Reply
Only when I drink a whole bottle of prometh VC and cod I'll get benny trip like hallucination
Martin Chattingdin - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 22:01:45 EST nuztW1TN No.608111 Reply
Haha nope. I'm an opi addict (iv g series opana) and in my experience opis block out things that are there, lol like family, jobs,money, health,ect.

PST General

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- Fri, 31 May 2019 03:26:04 EST MlqvQr7T No.606564
File: 1559287564378.jpg -(95307B / 93.07KB, 720x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. PST General
New PST thread, the old one reached its post limit.
Discuss PST related things in here.
185 posts and 25 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Caroline Bidgeville - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 11:27:13 EST nsH4Xy6z No.608096 Reply
Havent been opi in almost a year. Sippin on some 08-2021ftl spanish, not much plant material but not zero either. Hope my super low tolerance will still let me catch a nod from this stuff.

Anyone else got some of this batch? I mixed it with the last of the pound I had of some NC i got from the river. That stuff was okay, seems like nothing will ever be as good as the SN from june in 2016, that shit could get me noddin' even with a heroin addiction lol
dr. m - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 14:46:43 EST 1qKXc0ke No.608099 Reply

Dude I know right? People always said it was just my tolerance raising, when summer 2016 shit had me barely awake from like 0.66-1lb, could not possibly even walk to my car let alone drive, yet the following three years I've never felt impaired from PST enough that I couldn't drive, even when I was doing fucking 4-6lb of WGN once a week (no I didn't actually drive impaired). Legit 1lb of that shit had me more fucked up than 4+ pounds of 99% of the other shit.

I've given up arguing with people elsewhere online about it. They DEFINItELY changed the de seeding process in some way that permanently reduced the alkaloid content for all seeds from that country. There's no other explanation.
Molly Blimmersetch - Mon, 15 Jul 2019 09:49:50 EST jIhJkm9f No.608140 Reply
That sound gay. I have already had a break for nearly two months now with these garbage seeds in sa. Going to try a place tomorrow but it’s 3 hours round trip so I’ll be pissed if they don’t work.
How do you score h in Australia? Dark web?
Would also love to know your source for seeds too I have never discussed what I do with them with any sources (although I’m sure they know when I buy 2kg a week)


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- Sat, 06 Jul 2019 06:36:45 EST uDzJBNIJ No.607820
File: 1562409405474.png -(508638B / 496.72KB, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. promethazine
so does promethazine actually make codeines high better? adds a slowed down feeling? considering buying some promethazine to take alongside codeine
15 posts and 3 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Archie Fumblebatch - Sat, 13 Jul 2019 19:05:14 EST 2S+1FhlK No.608083 Reply
generics can legally have something like 20% more or 20% less active ingredient compared to name brand. So there can be quite a difference, also binders can make a good difference
dr. m - Sat, 13 Jul 2019 20:59:44 EST 1qKXc0ke No.608087 Reply

Nah bro. I researched it less than a week ago and the maximum "average" percentage a generic med can be weaker than a name brand is only either 2.5% or 3.5%; I think it's 2.5% (sorry my memory capacity on specific number related facts is garbage these days). Most are likely riding that 1-2% or 2-3% line and no further to not risk ever going beyond the legal limits whilst still saving that portion of their bottom line.

Either way, drugs that are actually sold in America likely never are actually duds, even if manufactured overseas. However, many of the same imprints that make it to US streets through unofficial ways could easily be made by the same production lines but for different customers that could influence the quantities of active ingredient that is used in those batches. This is especially true in less regulated countries like the 3rd world.

For me anyways, the Valium in Cambodia was complete and total bullshit 90% of the time I purchased it from pharmacies, regardless of where those ultimately came from. Similarly, their alprazolam is NOT evenly dosed and is overall less potent. I'm confident in saying so because I have both Cambodian and American generic 0.5mg tablets side by side, and for fun, I've even crushed up a I think it was 6 sets of both 3 US generic ones and the 3 generic Cambodian ones 0.5mg tablets, added the contents of both into separate sets of 00 capsules, and had someone I know pick one of the two options at random whenever I needed a dose and they happened to be around, and I was handed the chosen capsules and swallowed them without looking.

Although the sample size was completely trash (12), I guessed correctly 9 times. Of course that sounds nerdy as fuck, but I really wanted to know if I was full of shit or not. Although it's not proof, I'm convinced these Cambodian Xanax are total bullshit.

...unfortunately/fortunately for me, I only have like 5-10 0.5mg tablets left of them anyways, so that's good. Gave away loads of the BS Cambodian Valium (maybe I just hate Valium) and some Cambodian tramadol to a family member than can actually use both responsibly, largely because tramadol is useless for me and I don't like those Valium+Valium lasts waaaaay too long in the urine to safely have those around when I get drug tested semi regularly.

Is Afghani H off the onions REALLY from Aghanistan?

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- Wed, 10 Jul 2019 07:35:40 EST 0sAaLk6L No.607951
File: 1562758540668.jpg -(543869B / 531.12KB, 1774x1125) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Is Afghani H off the onions REALLY from Aghanistan?
So what're the chances of Afghani H off of the onions is actually REALLY from Afghanistan? I mean I have my doubts but if it were true it'd be AMAZING. Anyway I got some "Afghani" dope yesterday and was wondering. They didn't label this shit #3 or #4. It's a brown powder. Do I snort it or can I smoke it? I see they smoke it in Afghanistan.

So I tried smoking it and it seemed to work OK. It made a trail burned pretty clean.
6 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Angus Gumblemat - Thu, 11 Jul 2019 10:17:50 EST cQwnaJPa No.607972 Reply
This, ty for good post

You can also get upwards of 50% no3 with better sources up the line. Ive had it fresh off the brick a few lucky times

Precipitated withdrawal

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- Tue, 09 Jul 2019 14:20:05 EST p9qDWuxh No.607905
File: 1562696405743.png -(2873942B / 2.74MB, 1221x941) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Precipitated withdrawal
I should've done my research... I were to take 40mg oxy and 20mg naloxone recreationally, because I heard the naloxone will just help with constipation. I missed the part where that happens with oral ingestion.

So I snorted 40mg oxy and 20mg naloxone. All hell broke loose and for 60 minutes I was in precipitated withdrawal, shaking and throwing up. Now I'm all well with the aid of some benz and probably the remainders of oxy in my bloodstream. Never touching naloxone again. It's either snorting or kratom for me.

So my acute question is, I'm done with oxy for a while so when can I start a short buprenorphine taper to kick everything for a while? Should I do it now or wait until I feel some withdrawals?
In fact, will I even feel withdrawals or were the precipitated withdrawals it?
12 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
dr. m - Sat, 13 Jul 2019 18:35:16 EST 1qKXc0ke No.608077 Reply
I agree and was generally aware of sublingual being closer to nasal than oral. I only suggested sublingual because a decent portion just ends up swallowed anyways. It's why I rarely ever take bupe sublingually. Fuck all that shit.

tianeptine, specifically compared to tramadol

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- Sat, 06 Jul 2019 05:27:51 EST Gv2ytShQ No.607819
File: 1562405271078.jpg -(33028B / 32.25KB, 300x676) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. tianeptine, specifically compared to tramadol
I'm a poly drug user and I only do opiates once in a blue moon so I have zero tolerance. I've done your typical stuff, hydrocodone, oxy, codein, morphine, PST, kratom, etc. but I'm also one of those weird people who legitimately likes tramadol, I like weird drugs with a novel effect and I have a very low tolerance to opioids so I get the opi effects from it and the SNRI part

I can't take tramadol anymore though because I'm on wellbutrin and it wouldn't work since a lot of the action is due to it being metabolized into desmetramadol

So I'm wondering, is tianeptine similar to tramadol in terms of effect? Stronger or weaker opiate type effects? would I better off getting that or O-DSMT if I'm shooting for getting an RC?

Just moved and I'm trying to weigh my options between convenience of legal/grey area and variety I can get from DNMs/cold copping
Jenny Goodworth - Sat, 13 Jul 2019 15:22:52 EST YiYpCkqK No.608071 Reply
I don't recommend tianeptine. It's the crack of opiates. It will only last an hour and will completely wreck your tolerance to all other opiates. Withdrawal is one of worst too.

You also have to use way above therapeutic dosages so the safety profile is unknown. It's not just an opiod, it's a tricyclic antidepressant that happens to bind to mu receptors in high doses.
dr. m - Sat, 13 Jul 2019 17:51:37 EST 1qKXc0ke No.608074 Reply

My understanding is the O-DSMT has significantly less or potentially 100% less of the SNRI effects that tramadol has. It's part of the reason why staggering trauma doll or popping a single dose of tramadol XR is less likely to cause a seizure compared to a single large dose of tramadol.
Lillian Turveydock - Sat, 13 Jul 2019 17:54:46 EST tnjAgdYk No.608075 Reply
I don't think tianeptine is any safer than tramadol in your case.


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- Fri, 12 Jul 2019 06:56:46 EST HtQLHF8I No.608022
File: 1562929006047.jpg -(38013B / 37.12KB, 720x694) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Willpower
Hey not sure if this is the right place to post this, but does anyone have any advice on building willpower in regards to re-dosing? I can stay sober generally fine, but if I have something in my possession I have a very difficult time not using it and constantly redosing, which runs me into a lot of different problems. Any tips besides just trying to resist as much as I can?
3 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
lol - Sat, 13 Jul 2019 09:04:41 EST IggaRoSW No.608061 Reply

Boy I'm goin to harbor freight and spending 30 on one of those little wall safes you can bolt down along with the garbage 10 dollar scale. Harbor freight is the place for aspiring dealers. I could do a lot with 215. I guess if you're serious about security then spend as much as you need though. I don't think price is the issue with a safe that you're using to keep YOURSELF out of though. It's a pretty specific problem.

Low Dose Naltrexone

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- Sat, 06 Jul 2019 14:39:48 EST 220E/2dL No.607827
File: 1562438388350.jpg -(13146B / 12.84KB, 293x343) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Low Dose Naltrexone
I heard some people talking about this awhile ago and now that I have got my money sorted out I just wanted to ask some questions about it.

From what I understand doing LDN shortly before other opioids can greatly cut your tolerance and that is kind of the point, right?

Any suggestions on the dosage? Numbers seem to very wildiy depending on who you ask.

Also, specifically for me, Suboxone is one of my favorite things and I was curious how the two might interact mainly, would doing the one and then the other force you into precipitated withrawls? And, if so, if you dose LDN on the regular does it have a cumulative effect and help cut your tolerance even when you are not using it or is that just wishful thinking?
12 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
dr. m - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 04:35:40 EST 1qKXc0ke No.608020 Reply

Bud I've used the same line except saying dog sometimes and it's worked like 12/12 times I've ever needed to ask for one instead of paying the $8 they wanted for one on the rack.

Bonus points for acting clueless about the proper size...they usually give 1-2 1ml, 1-2 5ml, and 1-2 10ml all in one go, sometimes with a random 2 or 3ml one or a weird ball dropper contraption to boot. Try if yourself if you think I'm full of shit.
dtmo - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 18:37:02 EST WPH+dayt No.608039 Reply
Everything up to serial dilutions was serious. The sussuration thing was a a dig at homeopathy as someone suggestes. This is the explanation for how solutions so diluted that it's statistically improbable that they contain any trace of the "active" ingredient can still be effective treatments.
So basically what i did was dissolve pill in 10ml of water
Freeze 9ml of solution
Use 1ml to dilute with 9ml of water. (Adjust these numbers as necessary, I cant remember how strong i made it)
Freeze second solution, use 1ml to dilute to X ml.
Store third solution in fridge
This makes it easy to do a month of doses at a time.

I wouldn't want to store it like this for injection.

Not sure about how long naloxone vials would keep, should be easy to look up though
Some drugs do degrade chemically in solution, faster with temperature. I did some research before I did it.

As to dissolving 10 different chemicals in one solution there's a method for determining competitive solubility... which I also forget. I worked this out for seroquel XR tablets and ended up having to use over a litre of water per 400mg XR tablet to fully dissolve all of the active. It wasn't particularly difficult maths from what i remember, I'll try to find a link
dtmo - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 19:08:28 EST WPH+dayt No.608042 Reply

It doesn't seem quite as simple as i remember but, I won't lie to you doc, I am pretty cooked right now.

As to whether dissolved substances are evenly distributed; yes they are. Don't confuse suspended and dissolved they're different things. If something is dissolved it wont form a suspension.

I remember discussing ULDN and bupe a few years ago. I ended up using it when i was withdrawing from bupe and for PAWS, hard to say how much it helped though. Incidentally, I'm the thebaine toxicity guy. Still off opiates except once in a blue moon. I hope you get to where you want to be with your opiate use

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