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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated April 10)
Fentanyl based medicine Ignore Report Reply
Nicholas Fuckingfoot - Sun, 10 Mar 2019 12:29:10 EST ID:eLUeSXqZ No.603772
File: 1552235350978.jpg -(26163B / 25.55KB, 350x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 26163
so i got picrel fentanyl plasters.
they are supposed to last for 72 hours when applied but thats not really ideal for recreational use.
is it recommendable to just chew it or is there a more intricate way to extract the fentanyl?
m - Tue, 19 Mar 2019 20:23:22 EST ID:FiR/zsWu No.604015 Ignore Report Reply

You're better off doing the math first to find out exactly how much fent is in the entire patch. My understanding is a 100ug/hr patch has at least 72hr worth of meds in it, or ~7.2mg of fent. As little as 1.5mg of fent can kill an amateur user.

Use a ruler and determine the exact dimensions and total surface area. Then cut off a piece that's approximately 1% of the total area (~72ug) and smoke it on foil. If it's the kind that just wont smoke well, theres a few options. Personally I would try to dissolve a single dose in either water or ethanol, preferably water if it will dissolve well. Then you can snort or plug the water solution, or if its ethanol solution you can let some of it dry out and then use it buccally/sublingually, though this is notably less efficient.

Always remember less is more with these patches. Dont assume two similar sized pieces are always the same dosage. Never use these patches alone because they're easy to OD on. NEVER leave a patch on your skin and fall asleep.

If you want to try a "safer" method, you can cut out 1/10th to 1/4th of the strip depending on tolerance, then use isopropyl on the placement site of your skin to make it easier to absorb. Then begin scoring aka cutting the surface of the strip without cutting through the entire way. Score it in thin lines all the way across before placing it on your skin transdermally in the location you already wiped with isopropyl to make it absorb more quickly.

Once you feel too high/ high enough/ sleepy at all, take that shit right off immediately. You can always wear it several times until it doesnt stick well before using it via vaping/snort/plug/buccally etc.
lol - Wed, 20 Mar 2019 00:22:02 EST ID:IggaRoSW No.604019 Ignore Report Reply

I'm assuming these don't have gel in em? Only drug I ever liked to smoke was old school gel fent patches. If I didn't smoke it is usually extract and shoot or just cut it into smallcstrips and gum it. Patches without gel kinda blow though to be honest, we used to cut them in half and just chew on the things for hours but I don't recommend that
Shitting Blackbanks - Thu, 21 Mar 2019 13:55:21 EST ID:eLUeSXqZ No.604083 Ignore Report Reply
i cut 2 very small pieces from it and placed them on the gum above my upper teeth, it was really good tbh.
i also drank 5 beers with it and smoked some weed, seemed fine.
Frederick Choddlebanks - Thu, 21 Mar 2019 13:58:07 EST ID:Yr41jpJi No.604085 Ignore Report Reply
I remember when I was super into heroin I had a beast tolerance. I put one patch on my arm, one of my chest, and one in my mouth. Took the sickness away...but it wasn't really as recreational as say percs or heroin

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