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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated April 10)
burn normal? Ignore Report Reply
Rebecca Bemmerheck - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 00:28:15 EST ID:9K2IRcHx No.603875
File: 1552451295992.jpg -(145778B / 142.36KB, 707x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 145778
got some H off the darknet a while back, new vend, decided to give it a go tonight. feeling pretty fucking solid so far, but the powder burned my nose/throat when I snorted it/made my nose pretty stuffy/runny

I've never had that happen with H before, is there any kind that isn't uh supposed to be snorted? its that light-brown beige-white color stuff, which I was under the impression generally is. feeling a bit of a high already, so its not like it didn't 'work', but just wanted to double check before I go ruining my sinuses sticking stuff up it that maybe wasn't cut for that

thanks pals

happy nods
hsn - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 00:59:01 EST ID:/J4rytMl No.603876 Ignore Report Reply
#3 cannot be snorted which is basically heroin thats left unconverted to a salt (which the salt allows it to be snorted as it is water soluble).

to answer your main concern though, odds are its just something they used to cut the H with. even #3 shouldnt burn if its relatively pure. thats just the name of the game; even on the DNM you're susceptible to getting shitty cuts in your heroin. at least it isnt cut with that chili P theres not much you can do to seperate out the cut unless said cut is not water soluble.

time to find a new vendor! maybe message the one you got it from and tell him, cant hurt. sometimes they'll send you free shit if you pipe up. good luck my dude.
Rebecca Bemmerheck - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 01:05:58 EST ID:9K2IRcHx No.603877 Ignore Report Reply
thanks my man. this stuff was called #4 and vend descript claimed it was different from #3? not sure if that means anything, its been a while since I ordered it so I'm not super concerned about getting anything out of the vendor, nor did i ask before buying, so yeah. since my preferred market has been down from ddos a lot i'd been checking out new ventures

as long as my nose cartlidge ain't about to have a collapse or some wild shit from snorting, the sting ain't even *that* bad, and the high right now feels great, so i'm pretty satisfied

super appreciate the info, i'm pretty sure you've helped me out with some Qs i've had on here before, so thanks for doin' what you do, hsn
hsn - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 01:16:26 EST ID:/J4rytMl No.603878 Ignore Report Reply
yes, #4 is the HCl salt and can be snorted. if it was #3 you would definitely not be as high as you are so its for sure #4 especially if the vendor said so, I was mainly just answering your query about if theres any type of heroin that cannot be snorted.

but yeah that makes sense if you used a back up vendor, while you can get very high quality heroin off the DNM its still a black market and will always share the same variables as on the street. while its less skewed than actual street heroin, it can still for sure happen. I've had H that burned pretty bad from the street and H that you barely felt in your nose. one time the batch was so fucking bad it would instantly make my eyes water, nose bleeds and felt more painful than insufflated 2-CE lol. thing is that the heroin itself will make the pain feel less worse than it actually is (obv) so you can heavily damage your nose quite quickly and easily. went off on a tangent but my point is that you should be careful with any heroin that burns because I have permanently damaged my nose from doing this and other poorly cut drugs.

tl;dr (I apologize for the lengthy post) basically dont make it a habit and find a new vendor, your nose is easily damaged. ended up with a deviated septum after a few bad batches (and previously poor choices on snorting drugs). you can mitigate the risk of the rest of the batch by squirting filtered or distilled water into your nose after snorting and cleaning out the leftovers in your nose. anytime though buddy, if you have any other questions done hesitate mane!
Rebecca Bemmerheck - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 02:35:08 EST ID:9K2IRcHx No.603879 Ignore Report Reply
yeah, yeah, I get cha! I've spent most of my life buying whatever I could get off the street so all these different numbers/specific types are pretty foreign to me, so I really appreciate the added info

and jesus, worse than 2-CE? I remember getting a nose full of that since our bugger of a dealer at the time told us it was regular street pressed E (only admitting it wasn't after we'd snorted it, lmao), felt like my brain was being stabbed with a knife repeatedly while I sobbed and sneezed like a babe on the floor for a good 20 minutes. can't say I'd relive that experience ahhaha

but yeah, I see what you're saying with the warnings. I'll most certainly be careful about it/see if I can't find a different source that's maybe a bit more nose-friendly in the future

thanks for all the info/advice friend, hope your night/day is going swell! happy ventures

--- actually I guess I could hit ya with one last question, if you got the time: when it comes to types/what not on DNM, is it generally better (if I prefer snorting) to get 'china white', instead of this #4-beige type stuff? I know everythings a gamble and the color/claimed name ain't gonna be a guarantee for anything, but I know the stuff I used to get in person I liked the most was white (though iirc my irl dealer cut with fent, so not sure if that's worth much)
Eliza Gocklespear - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 07:46:05 EST ID:KjgaaA7+ No.603892 Ignore Report Reply
U snorting no3, i got nose burning cheap cut no3 when i ordered some sniffable no4

If it dissolves in lemon j but not water its no3
Eliza Gocklespear - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 07:47:24 EST ID:KjgaaA7+ No.603893 Ignore Report Reply
Fyi people often do this n get way higher when they try smoking it
hsn - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 08:08:33 EST ID:/J4rytMl No.603903 Ignore Report Reply
OP dont listen to this guy unless you want nasty bacterial infections. plus I wouldnt take advice from someone condoning people to overdose from their drug of choice, your life is his last concern. fuggin lemon juice loool.

you're literally retarded. injecting lemon juice what a shocker coming from >>603896 all that lemon juice to your brain seems to have a great impact on your cognition. maybe you'll turn into a super hero if you keep it up.
Edwin Dipperstock - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 09:26:40 EST ID:+rJY0K/n No.603905 Ignore Report Reply
Nice Mithra OP
Rebecca Bemmerheck - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 16:28:07 EST ID:9K2IRcHx No.603921 Ignore Report Reply
the vend descript specified it was dissoluble in water though I admit I've not tested to see yet, so I at least think it's not #3..? but I suppose that would be an easy test!

I don't think I'll be smoking any or anything like that, though. I've kind of sworn myself to snorting only (I'm a binge addict so my tolerance is never so high) as I've OD'd being too overzealous with injection in the past and can't say I'm super interested in trying smoking. thanks for the info, though!

I appreciate your looking out for me again, hsn, but might I ask you to clarify: what is it that heightens bacterial infection risk? dissolving in lemon juice does, or...? I do think I'm going to be sticking to snorting for above-mentioned reasons/personal preference, but always good to know about these kind of risks, me thinks

heck yeah, dude, love me some mithra. I see you're a man of fine taste, Edwin Dipperstock

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