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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated April 10)
Tar vs powder, east vs west Ignore Report Reply
Doris Duckdock - Wed, 27 Mar 2019 21:17:52 EST ID:E4XseD3I No.604367
File: 1553735872014.jpg -(139095B / 135.83KB, 720x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 139095
Black tar vs. powder/East of Mississippi River vs West

Hey br/opi/s,

I’m moving from an east coast state to one out west, a state that I know for sure has a pretty big market for black tar heroin. I only ever did black tar when I was still fucking with the deep web (before I found a local connect). I wasn’t very experienced at the time (3 years ago) and thus don’t really remember how it felt in comparison.

I’m wondering if any smack users who have had both during the more active parts of their using career can describe any difference in feeling, potency, way of preparing (aside from cooking being necessary), etc, between the two.

Surprisingly, cold copping in that mountainous Mormon capital won’t actually be difficult, seeing as I know the spots and people who have done it, so that’s not what I’m asking. I’m purely curious about the difference in the heroin itself.

However, if you can think of any other notable differences in junkie life on one side of the country vs the other, I’m down to hear it.
Basil Brooklock - Mon, 01 Apr 2019 19:26:04 EST ID:UlZO6Bcs No.604522 Ignore Report Reply
Tar is better for smoking. It is usually way dirtier than powder in my experience and shooting it is hell on your veins
Lydia Novingfield - Tue, 02 Apr 2019 23:24:33 EST ID:xtZl/S34 No.604583 Ignore Report Reply
tar sucks basically. its annoying to inject and if you arent injecting why the fuck are you doing h anyway?
Hedda Sinderworth - Wed, 03 Apr 2019 01:10:55 EST ID:2AoEjo9l No.604587 Ignore Report Reply

sounds like youre moving to mesa, az to me.

ive noticed tar seemes to be stepped on a lot more heavily out here than in florida where i used to get powder.

if you ARE moving to the valley, tar is super shitty out here so don't expect anything like back out east.
Eugene Claybanks - Fri, 05 Apr 2019 02:31:23 EST ID:bb/QLY52 No.604663 Ignore Report Reply
I love smoking tar. I guess it just comes down to preference.
Matilda Girryforth - Fri, 05 Apr 2019 04:07:32 EST ID:v0p/hyyt No.604666 Ignore Report Reply
What in his post makes you think Mesa? He said Mormon capital city, which is more likely SLC.
Fucking Bliffingdadging - Fri, 05 Apr 2019 07:31:59 EST ID:Yo0ILBhy No.604668 Ignore Report Reply
Imo tar is just better because it's more convenient in certain regards. It's essentially made to smoke and to be fairly easy to inject. It's a bit of a pain to snort but I do really like cheese. The major downside to tar is that it can harbor lots of microbes and can make it more easy to get infections and shit. Putting tar on foil and adding a tiny bit of water to dilute it and spread it across the foil makes for a really smooth way to smoke it, letting you get nice dome hits.
White is nice because it's easily snortable, but iirc it's not really smokeable or if it is it's really gross because it burns at a high temp. It also probably dissolves more easily in water. In general, it's better for injecting just because it's probably not as contaminated as tar and won't give you abscesses so readily.
Imo, it's really up to preference. I've had great shit of both types. People generally say that tar is less refined and less pure but I think that is not true, though it does contain more byproducts from the process of making it. Quality really just depends on where you're at and who you're dealing with. No matter the type, it's gonna be stepped on. And if you're in Michigan, that shit has traveled really far from the Southern border and probably changed hands many times. If you're in Houston or Dallas, which are two of the biggest drug hubs coming from Mexico, you're likely to find some relatively pure shit if you have a decent plug. I prefer tar, but it really is just preference.
I know someone who got an abscess on his hip and it got so infected that he had to get a huge chunk of meat taken off his side and even a bit of his hip bone, in order to not succumb to the infection. I imagine in retrospect, he'd probably wish he was shooting white. But I've never been so far gone that I've gotten abscesses so i can't complain.
George Pesslestock - Sat, 06 Apr 2019 07:27:23 EST ID:GRdSP5lX No.604705 Ignore Report Reply
1554550043940.jpg -(17464B / 17.05KB, 107x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Tar is easy as hell to snort, if you do it right.
>get spoon (or whatever else you use to dissolve drugs in)
>add however much tar you want to snort
>add a few drops of water
>stir (NO HEAT) until it's dissolved enough (with some types of tar with no heat dissolving it'll look like there's still chunks floating around but that's just cut and not tar)
>depending on how dirty/murky/undissolved the liquid is filter it through a cotton or filter
>grab a little vape drip baster like the one in pic related
>suck up the liquid, stick the baster up your nose, and put a drop or two in each nostril with your head slightly back
>grab and pinch your nose for 10-15 seconds so it absorbs
and there you have it, you're done. if anything, I'd go as far as saying tar is better for snorting than powder, especially in larger quantities. liquid drugs absorb in your nasal passages about (if I remember correctly from studies) 60% better than powder drugs, so if you absolutely must stick to snorting and don't want to shoot for whatever reason you'd be getting a way better bang for your buck by snorting ti as a liquid. powder temps to clump up and absorb poorly while liquid coats your nasal page evenly and has no problem soaking through. the vape drip baster ensures you don't waste/drop anything either and don't run into the problem of accidentally snorting too hard through a straw and sending it to the back of your throat.

to reply to what OP was asking about how the two feel differently, let me chime in with my two cents
tar vs ecp potency comparisons are a myth for the worst part. i've had good ecp and bad ecp, good tar and bad tar. all depends on who you're buying from and how cut (or not) it is. from what i've found for the most part tar seems to be cut far less often than ecp, especially with shit like fentalogs. when tar is shit it's usually just shitty tar, when ecp is shit it has fent hot spots. on average most tar i've copped has been stronger than the ecp i've ever copped though
tar is cheaper hands down, even the really good and strong shit. expect to be paying something like 60$ a gram for tar whose equivalent ECP in potency would be like 80-90$ if you get the right connect
tar has an better rush/comeup than ecp. the way tar is manufactured, there are trace leftovers of 6-MAM (very short lasting, short half-life but intense morphine derivative iirc) left as part of the production process. the way ecp is manufactured 6-MAM isn't present or is present in small enough quantities after the purification step that it isn't noticeable. other than that they feel more or less the same
if you were the kind of person who didn't filter ECP, ABSOLUTELY FILTER TAR WHENEVER YOU USE IT IF YOU'RE PLANNING ON SHOOTING. SNORTING ISN'T AS IMPORTANT (STILL A BIT IMPORTANT) BUT DO NOT SHOOT TAR WITHOUT FILTERING IT. tar is often dirty as fuck and in its raw form is absolute fucking hell on your veins. it's full of nasty shit and when you dissolve in liquid you'll want to puke seeing at what you would've put in your veins if you didn't filter, there's so much shit floating around in the liquid clumped up it's honestly hard to believe. tar doesn't dissolve into a near uniform liquid like ecp does because it's so damn dirty. do NOT use heat to dissolve tar or you'll melt all that dirty shit down into the liquid and make shit even worse for yourself when you can't separate it out. cold water is enough to dissolve the actual heroin in the tar and seperate it from all the dirty shit before you run it through a filter.

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