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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 26)

PST General

- Tue, 13 Aug 2019 14:28:45 EST 0D2KEBt3 No.609357
File: 1565720925684.jpg -(260019B / 253.92KB, 750x1334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. PST General
last one is gone. Post all things Poppy
Isabella Cruffingstock - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 14:31:06 EST 0D2KEBt3 No.609359 Reply
I’ll start it off w 1lb of BRM (did y’all know they are discontinued and also hardly active)??

Got some overpriced Loose Goose in the mail arriving tomorrow. God I hope NC comes back late August.
Priscilla Nibblewater - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 15:56:05 EST W0ct5kxG No.609361 Reply
well i didn't see the thread before it got taken down, but was gonna thank dr. m for the tips of stocking up kratom lope etiz o dsmt etc

also i asked if yall think this seedpocalypse might be for real or not? Like, is it the end?

bumping on some kratom, im grateful for it, cuz WDs got pretty bad, getting a lb of NC today, hopefully by some miracle its good, so i can make it thru to tomorrow when i get TNT
Isabella Cruffingstock - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 16:14:49 EST 0D2KEBt3 No.609362 Reply
Please report back how the NC is and the exp date! Crossing my fingers for you.

This could be the beginning of the end, not not in the short term. I only say this because SN and NC should be back in stock by the end of the month.

Based on the past 5+ year trend tho, eventually yes, I think seeds will become less and less available, even more than they already are.
James Hammlewell - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 19:02:38 EST 9FVBmnW1 No.609368 Reply
No its no endinhg its just pst going away nothing wrong just welcome change
Ebenezer Tillingdale - Tue, 13 Aug 2019 20:29:01 EST W0ct5kxG No.609373 Reply
it was a 5/18, just took it, basically doing what kratom did, kinda took the edge of and killed WD by 75 percent, so yeah, active, but not by much
idk, id use about 1 to 1 1/2 lb a day, so 30 a month.so about 300 to 500
Its JRoc Mafk - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 01:04:07 EST 3+1vaCib No.609384 Reply
I'm using a 5lb bag I got Express from TNT. It's definitely weaker than SN and NC sadly but it does the job at least a little. Cant seem to get nods at all from it and it is unmistakably higher in thebaine too. Much more sick feeling highs. What can you do right now though eh? I'm ordering tramadol and tapentadol from an online pharmacy and gonna look for some RCs but not many good ones are out rn. Hope this drought ends soon and if SN gets the same shit NC has I'll be highly upset.
Fucking Buzzham - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 02:11:12 EST 5jEmHe+k No.609385 Reply
fuuuuuck man, im getting TNT tomorrow. im just white knuckling right now, used up all comfort meds and im broke
Jarvis Sodgefoot - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 07:37:47 EST mTDGV1rf No.609392 Reply
Just picked up a 5 pound from FTL. weak shit, but seems unwashed. Have to triple the dose
Betsy Wagglecocke - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 11:56:17 EST 6Yn8rRmK No.609407 Reply

Grabbed some FTL too and it's coming tomorrow. Might as well cancel. Hopefully SN comes back with good stock next week.
Eliza Pellygold - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 14:14:14 EST A32MSk+r No.609410 Reply
my sn just shipped today. nice.
Eliza Gadgehall - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 16:42:36 EST MKCpQz/N No.609413 Reply
i have no tolerance and I got pretty high of 1 pound of FTL from the river. Still pretty high from it a day later.
Shit Minderkodging - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 16:55:59 EST zlM4egsf No.609414 Reply
I got 20 Lbs. of TNT on Monday. It's nothing special but it's better than my previous SN and way better than current NC but not as good as pre-total-garbage NC. Tons of plant matter in these bags and has a good smell. I thought they'd be fire from just the look alone but the bitterness just isn't there the way it should be.

I know some people (looking a particular group of people here) say that plant matter, color, smell and bitterness aren't indicative of strength and I would agree with that on all qualifiers except the bitterness. I've been doing PST on and off since 2005, back when my junkie friends would laugh at me for telling them pods/seeds could ease withdrawal and much more. I have used every single day since 2013, outside a few droughts and I can say 100% certain that bitterness is THE #1 way to guage strength. Pre-2017 fire bags from SN tasted like chewing up a fucking aspirin. Plant matter is also a good indicator but not outside of bitterness, ie. tons of plant matter doesn't mean shit if it's not bitter. I mean fuck the bitterness is due to the alkaloids present so of course it means a stronger batch.

These TNT are honestly one of the better batches I've received since January-Febuary and I haven't felt a need to re-dose in the evening, which is always good. I typically use 1.5 Lbs. a day of good seeds but have recently been using as much as 3-4 Lbs. trying to chase a high that isn't there with these shit seeds but these TNT leave me feeling okay at my regular dose. Mind you, if you compared these to an actual 7/10 bag when seeds were still going strong they'd likely get a 2-3/10 rating from me but I can tell that since seeds have been dropping quality, my tolerance has gone way down making it so I can actually enjoy a very mediocre bag. I've been thinking recently that if seeds somehow (and I doubt they will) jumped back up to decent levels, I'd have to be careful since I just chug my tea down in one go. Sorry I'm rambling but I haven't actually got the "coming up" feeling in a while and I wanted to talk about the current situation.
Jenny Bizzleman - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 17:38:30 EST 0D2KEBt3 No.609416 Reply
1565818710647.jpg -(2193235B / 2.09MB, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Short story time
1lb “out for delivery” since 8am via USPS
staring out the window ALL DAY
4:30pm I get an update “redelivery tomorrow”
“oh fuck no”
Drive to the post office. get there at 4:53 (they close at 5)
Long story short the lady goes to the back and finds my bag, had a slight issue getting it because my ID doesn’t match my mailing address, but eventually got it
pic is fucking related (peep all that plant matter)
Ebenezer Honeyshaw - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 18:22:33 EST p7wXtP4j No.609418 Reply
1565821353090.png -(142603B / 139.26KB, 1280x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The spanish wgn was there for me and my go-to brand, they dont sell anymore though.

Spent the last year on Australian ftl that stuff was cut with actual poison in my actual opinion of some type of detox plant in way to high of a dosage I don't know I still need to send it off to a lab. Same goes for the stuff they call UK from many vendors to a slightly lesser extent.

Still dealing with some of the taste 100 days later without using as of today.
I spent 3 years every moment either asleep or when I would run out in actual terror I can't fucking sugar coat it man I almost died on the way to pickup once as I never touched loperamide. I developed and used a way to get the first 2 weeks of sub for free from clinics who demand you go there 4x a week for 1 hour of group. e.g. Maintenance assisted therapy(MAT) without actually having to attend group. As I was hiding my usage.
Opioid's may be non toxic assuming you get enough oxygen when nodding but dude the isolation, poor diet and poor lifestyle eventually adds up, looking back staying with group even just as an observer could have been so great I may go back without getting on sub.

Ebenezer Honeyshaw - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 18:31:08 EST p7wXtP4j No.609419 Reply
Probably has alot to do with seeds and nuts being high in tyramine as I was on an an maoi (tobacco) 24 7 365 with a high tyramine diet on top of it.

Those 2 threads are Christian and I'm down with self segregation.
Its JRoc Mafk - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 20:51:30 EST 3+1vaCib No.609420 Reply

I wonder if we got different batches. I got 5lbs of TNT about 2 days ago. It's definitely weaker than the NC batch right before this last inactive one. Frankly I'm a bit disappointed with it, I should have done fake scuffing up of the package and tell them it came that way with almost no seeds. That's worked with SN once or twice.
Frederick Goodstone - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 22:01:10 EST 1IikRqGF No.609423 Reply
Received my package from ebay vendor who named themselves after the "taste the rainbow" candy, plus some numbers. they have 400+ positive reviews, but the seeds are absolute shit. Im sure someone on ebay is legit, but its way too expensive of a gamble figuring out who.
On the bright side, the past 2 bags of FTL england ive had this week were both as good or better than most 4/6 and 4/8 NC bags. no plant matter but a decent smell. As most have said, it takes a higher dose but its working. back to FTL for me, for now
Wesley Wiffingspear - Wed, 14 Aug 2019 23:40:54 EST GOSwM1UK No.609425 Reply
1565840454100.png -(256519B / 250.51KB, 385x393) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Here's what I can contribute: NC is shit, big shock. I got some TNT last week, 2lbs. Pretty good, much better than the NC before that nosedived. Have another 2 coming tomorrow, and after that I gotta clear out before seeing my PO. The last few I've gotten from TNT have been pretty decent. I've been using FTL off the river all week, and god damn, this shit is inconsistent. First 2lb bag was def active, just weak. Took the craving away. 2nd 2lb bag yesterday was active, but weaker. Thebaine pukes all day. Today I got a 4 lbs of FTL and it's straight garbage. No plant matter, and fucking zero bitterness. Useless. Doesn't smell like anything. No pepper, but no earthiness either.

Will report in about TNT tomorrow. I'm not worried, they always do me right
Lydia Bunlock - Thu, 15 Aug 2019 23:04:54 EST 6Yn8rRmK No.609471 Reply

Got the 8lb from FTL as a gamble and it paid off. Did 2lbs and I'm feeling pretty good. Granted I took 3 weeks off so I'm sure my tolerance is lower. 7/10 since I wouldn't need this much if they were more potent.
Samuel Dridgebodging - Thu, 15 Aug 2019 23:11:39 EST CTiahFI1 No.609472 Reply
yeah those ebay vendors are almost always not worth it

kinda similar to donating money to egirls from what i've seen
William Bidgestone - Fri, 16 Aug 2019 11:14:28 EST qJjEQOwj No.609484 Reply
So far I've had kind of good seeds (had to double my dose compared to NC before their quality plummeted) with an August exp and ridiculously weak, tasting more like Spanish ones with a May exp.
The Tea Monster - Fri, 16 Aug 2019 16:18:38 EST jk3SugMf No.609495 Reply
I am overjoyed to report that my 4 lb. bag of FTL 8/2021 is really good!
I was nervous when I saw very little plant matter, felt better when I smelled the strong smell, and started to get excited when I saw the darkness of the was and finally tasted it. Holy hell, is it bitter!

It's been 30 minutes and already I feel warm and fuzzy and have pinned pupils. These are better than ANY TNT or SN I've had in 2019, and better than all but one bag of NC (4/2). I can honestly say that this is only the 2nd time I've actually felt "high" all year.

These are light years better than the other 3 bags of FTL I've had since they went to shit in late 2017. My hope is this is from the new 2019 harvest, and a good omen of things to come. 9/10 for 2019 quality. I'm very happy. Maybe now FTL can force the prices back down. I can only hope...

DISCLAIMER: I did was 2 lbs, expecting it to be weak, but 2 lbs. of other FTL I've had this year barely got me out of WD, so it's not just the amount. I'm PRAYING this marks the start of a return to their former glory!

Anyway, good luck. Hope y'all get this good batch!
Basil Chonningmug - Fri, 16 Aug 2019 17:10:19 EST lRTMMJYy No.609499 Reply
happy to hear. I’ll wait for a few more reports to confirm 8/2021 is being shipped consistently and i’ll check it out!
Eugene Nocklelig - Fri, 16 Aug 2019 19:45:56 EST cbXJ46oj No.609509 Reply
How much do you take of decent SN or NC? Based on your post, it sort of seems like middling quality that you just took a lot of. I'm sure our tolerances are wildly different but .6lbs of ~5/10 or 6/10 quality (the NC right before they went mostly bunk) seeds gets me nodding so it's hard to interpret without knowing how much you normally take.
Eugene Nocklelig - Fri, 16 Aug 2019 19:48:28 EST cbXJ46oj No.609510 Reply
are they really discontinued? they are my go-to emergency brand cause they're carried locally and get me out of w/ds. that's a bummer, i've been tapering for a while now but knowing what a massive, useless fuck up I am it's only a matter of time before I'm in a pinch again.
Eugene Nocklelig - Fri, 16 Aug 2019 19:59:09 EST cbXJ46oj No.609511 Reply
Sorry to triple post (not really but I'll pretend to be in case it bothers anyone) but I didn't see the last thread. Did SN's quality improve? last I heard was that it was bad or bunk, but that was a few weeks ago. I know they're out now but how where they before they ran out?

and in case anyone was wondering, NC still sucks big time as recently as last sunday.
The Tea Monster - Fri, 16 Aug 2019 20:39:33 EST jk3SugMf No.609514 Reply
Now that some time has passed and my initial enthusiasm of actually getting good seeds from FTL has waned, I have to amend my rating. They are more like a 7/10. Still pleasantly surprised, but not floored.
Shit Sengermetch - Fri, 16 Aug 2019 23:38:08 EST 1IikRqGF No.609517 Reply
Just wanna confirm from my own personal experience, I got my third bag of the same date. UK ftl (river) 8-21 exp. lot 19’857 . the one i ordered yesterday and tried an hour ago has been the best so far. lots of small pieces of pod/plant matter showed up in the wash. I have a half pound/day tolerance and had about 1/3 of the lb i washed and i’m done with it for tonight. this feels like more/better than the best LB of NC I’ve had this year (thats 25+lbs sampled) but i never saw one of those supposedly fire 8/2s. Lots of decent really noddy 8/6 and 8/4s though. I hope they make a comeback but they’re not worthwhile unless there’s a new batch out somewhere.
RATING 8.5/10. *This bag* (one of 4 2lbers with the same exp. others all 5+) rated on the modern scale. 7.5 by -2017 standards. reminds me of 2013 BRM
I am aware these bags, not unlike the rest vary significantly. within the same date, batch and all. Hopefully my next bag confirms they’re back on top.
Contrary to this, without getting out a magnifying glass, there’s no visible plant material looking into the bag with a good light. They smell nice and doughy/earthy but not at all a strong aroma. Taste is also surprisingly very bitter. not the strongest but best this year by a decent margin. Wash was super dark (1.5qt water+1oz lemon juice 1lb wash cold 8min) Something has changed either in how the seeds are extracted, or possibly they are using air/solventless “processing” but these are def. not washed and smell normal.
PSA: Please all seed users, please stop leaving reviews referring to your illicit use of poppy seeds on any website. good or bad works just fine if you want to help others. I’m afraid it’s this that’s going to ruin seeds the same way pods were exposed and now extinct here. I want to share with those who have guided me in the past. and right now. I can’t go wrong with uk ftl. besides price. all my bags have been good this past month.
Feelin good’s good enough
>>609466 >>609425
Sidney Bresslefield - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 01:38:53 EST fFMTdto7 No.609523 Reply
Never tried PST, been doing kratom for a bit. Who is a good distributor to try this out? Also Pods vs seeds?
Matilda Gammlespear - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 01:53:22 EST OHIHxMID No.609525 Reply
Bad time to get into the pst game. Would strongly advise to not touch it especially if you’ve never had experience with a bad opiate addiction and WD.
Shit Sengermetch - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 02:01:21 EST 1IikRqGF No.609526 Reply
This is probably the worst time in history to source seeds worth making tea from. The market is completely trash except a couple sources which are hit-and-miss at best lately. Unless you already have a source for unprocessed seeds, You're a few months late for the end (maybe temporary) of the seed scene. if you found pods and theyre legal where you live, go that route. Much more bang for your buck, as long as theyre pap. somniferum and not an ornamental

in my above post i reviewed a very popular / top 3 brand as of recently. cant get any more descriptive than i already have but that should be enough for you to find some unprocessed but mild, overpriced seeds that may or may not work at all, depending on your luck
dr. m - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 02:32:49 EST 1qKXc0ke No.609529 Reply
This guy experienced everything I did and knows EXACTLY what the fuck I've been ranting about for years to myself like a grumpy old man complaining about how the "times are changing." You are ABSOLUTELY right that sometime around Jan-late March of 2017, seed quality absolutely, totally plummeted, almost like a stock market crash.

To this today, the quality has NEVER recovered, apart from two individual bags of SN in 2017 (exp was I think 5/13 and maybe 5/31) that just nearly missed the mark on being as good, and one, single fluke individual bag ordered after Christmas yet before New Years brand new 2018 from WGN. Apart from those three outlier orders, dozens and likely hundreds of orders I had made were comprised of quality that was just never the same since 2016.

They definitely fucking did something to their process, didn't they? Because another four entire years of the asprin-tasting ~2500mg/kg morphine quality was definitely going to end up killing the children of well-to-do white suburbanites, and this product killing some lawyer's or doctor's child whilst attending undgrad or whatever is absolutely the perfect political vehicle to enact change.

I really am convinced that something, SOME kind of decision, was made by the single pharma company authorized to manage the aggregate production for the NHS. There's no way that seeds magically became at least a solid 50%m, arguably 75%, less potent than that had been during at least the peak season of 2014 (late summer, fall and first half of winter), all of 2015, and as I recall, all of 2016.

Also, in terms of the taste, you are 100% spot on in that it's the only real factor that truly tells me what kind of quality I'm dealing with. Even if it's a sub-optimal alkaloid ratio, the high bitterness crudely serves as a litmus test for the total opiate alkaloid content, regardles of whether those opiates happen to be actual opioids. The reason that it doesn't even matter if they're opioids or not is because of the fact that, even if it contains a majority of non-opioid opiates, said non-opioid opiates clog the absolutely shit out of the same exact enzymes that break down codeine, morphine, thebaine (and therefore oripavine).

IMO, degree of bitterness is the absolute #1 most accurate indicator, followed arguably by a tie between the "taste" of the seed aside from just bitterness (thaw raw oily goodness taste vs. peppery bullshit/spice rack combo pack taste) and the smell of the bag immediately after opening it and jammed your nose deep in the sack of seeds. Visual severity of residue, particularly white/off-white residue can often be promising, but it's far from a guaranteed. Bitterness is 90% of the picture IMO.

I've never even cared about the quantity of the ratio of so-called plant parts to seeds. The hundreds of bags I've had in the distance past that will likely never been matched in quality rarely had any serious amounts of pod/plant matter, IIRC.

I'm just glad someone else has been around to witness what the fuck actually happened. I grew SO tired of leddifags telling me that it was simply my tolerance rising combined with rose colored glasses of nostalgia for the "old days." But NOPE, BITTER IS BITTER regardless of your tolerance, and those 2015-2016 seeds were so bitter that I doubt non-regular used of seed could even manage to consume this stuff.

Remember when those 2015-2016 batches, especially SN and to a lesser extent FTL, were so stimulating but in a pleasant way, whereas the WGN had a nearly equally strong potency but a much, much more sedative, low-thebaine, high-morphine, high quantity non-opioid opiates that functioned as crude gabaergic drugs? Remember when those seeds were so fucking bitter that consuming just like 0.5lb, maybe 0.75-1lb max, required strategies like pinching your nose and/or chasing with liquid like orange juice?

Remember getting so fucking high from those bags that you'd projectile vomit more than you'll ever be comfortable admitting to anyone (probably close to at least 10% of all bags honestly, maybe more), how much more itchy they made you feel, and how ABSOLUTELY fucked up they made you, like I'm talking 30% awake for 9 hours straight, whilst wearing leftovers from both your so-called lunch (that you forgot to finish because you're not really conscious) and your dinner conveniently located all over your shirt or in your pants? Remember being so impaired from that shit that it was almost like the combination of a strong sedating opioid like non-IV fent or I guess morphine, almost arguably combined with a moderate dose of xanax? Or how much it made your voice sound completely stoner as FUCK and made it literally impossible to hide your impairment?

I remember just ~0.5-1.5lb of seed making me so impaired that I couldn't even stay away enough to send a single 13 word, 2 sentence text message, which I had attempted to complete with all my efforts for nearly 3-4 hours. There's no way I could have even WALKED downstairs to my car, let alone attempt to operate an automobile. And I fucking KNOW it wasn't tolerance related, because I had been doing that crazy potent shit nearly every single damn day for over 18 months at that point, or at least 30 months right up to the point that the quality totally tanked.

No matter how many moths or years I had used that crazy potent stuff, I ALWAYS was capable of nodding out on at least around 2lb, and most often just as little as 1/3-1/2lb was enough to get pretty damn impaired if you only used like twice or 3x per week.

Remember dosing in the afternoon, like say 3-5:30pm, nodding out in bliss, and then waking up the next fucking day on a day off like say Saturday, and it would be fucking 1-3pm and you'd STILL barely be able to keep your eyes open if you had done a full 1lb, or especially ~1/1.25/1.33/1.5lb, the day before?

Apart from those three specific bags in 2017 (two SN in late summer, one WGN bag during the last week of 2017), nothing in 2017 was even comparable. The same result happened for me in 2018, though I wasn't ordering every day at that point. I mean FUCK, in Fall 2017, at one point I was consuming 4-6lb in ONE FUCKING SITTING of WGN, whilst only dosing ONCE A WEEK! And even then, I swear to fucking God, somehow consuming the concentrated teas from 4-6lb of considered solid at the time WGN, even as a person with logically less tolerance from only dosing once a week period, I was absolutely at least conservatively half of an entire magnitude (5x less potent) less impaired from consuming 4-6 fucking pounds of WGN than I was from just usually 0.75lb to get high and ~1.25lb to get completely anesthetized from reality.

Part 1/?
dr. m - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 02:34:19 EST 1qKXc0ke No.609530 Reply
On that 4-6lb of WGN, which, sure, at the time it's true that WGN was considered the 3rd strongest but arguably the most cost effective brand, I could have absolutely, 100%, without any doubt in my mind whatsoever, been able to "safely" operate a motor vehicle at speeds of 50 or less mph, without any real problems or concerns that wouldn't necessarily also exist in cases of people driving just under the US alcohol legal limit.

It's honestly what made me do that first major round of "Detox" in Spring 2016 and spend about 4 solid months of full on detox, followed by another ~4 months of weekly or less use, before lastly of course ending up roping myself in again, even though it was infinitely weaker.

Seriously, not a single bag from all of 2018 whatsoever, and only ONE bag from all of 2017 (the WGN Christmas surprise) had caused significant, visible, and noteworthy impairment/nodding out. And for the record, in 2017 and especially 2018, I was buying a LOTTTTT of seed, maybe 25lb of UK and 25lb of Spanish per WEEK, simply because I was also evenly mixing up seeds from 5+ batches before "cutting them" with Spanish seed (honestly I've talked about it before in these threads, but basically good source Spanish+UK, especially when only a first and only wash is done on the Spanish and that first Spanish wash is reused as the first wash for the UK seeds, the total elixir is stronger than the simple sum of its parts) to maintain reasonable profit margins before selling them in bulk to around 2-5 clients in my old region.

Believe it or not it was best for everyone, because they never knew jack shit about which countries or companies they came from. That way, they couldn't spill the beans to all 30 dope fiends they know each, and the day I was forced to leave town, I gave them roughly 3 weeks notice to make final super-bulk purchases and attempt to have a semi-reasonable tapering down.

My bigger point is, by being the resale guy to roughly ~5 PST users who used roughly ~0.5-0.67lb of UK seed and ~0.33-0.5lb of Spanish seed (depending on quality...I tried to keep it standardized to reduce OD risk), I had the privilege of often getting 5-6lb or so orders arriving at my door every single fucking day month after month, or a minimum of one 5-10lb order twice a week at all times.

Of course I sampled each and EVERY order I ever flipped to them in case there was some metaphorical vintage wine stashed away that might some day make it to the surface.

In short, the so-called absolute aspirin/APAP-tier times 10 taste never was available ever again, and everyone online in other forums kept insisting it was just my tolerance and that my tolerance had simply made the seeds stop working.

Again, I HAVE to ask you, would you agree taking that super duper fucking atomic SN from 2015, especially that particularly dark washing late Summer to early Winter SN, type of quality taken regularly, especially in typical doses of 0.5lb every 1-3 days absolutely minimum, a realistic average of about 1lb every ~1.5 days, and a minimum use of at least 1lb, likely 1kg per week of at least 85%+ weeks of the entire year, for at least 18 months, would have been long enough for "permatolerance" to largely or at least significantly have reached at least 75-90% of its tolerance rate limit?

I ask because I still wonder to this day if I'm just a full on victim of gaslighting, or if it really was just tolerance gain and that 2017 and 2018 seeds were somehow "nearly" as good as 2014-2016 seed. In case you're curious, I think I had my first PPT/PST in 2012, and I definitely experienced, at least in a limited capacity, the now notorious 2013 Spanish FTL that Q had agreed was through the roof in terms of 2011-2013 relative quality. Still, I'm convinced the 2015 and 2016, especially 2016 in particular IMO (both had equally maximum best in class peak bags, but I sort of recall 2016 having top tier best in class bags being available almost all year long, and most importantly, absolutely ZERO, ZERO bags I ever received those entire two years was ever below what was then a 3.5-4/10 and today a 7-8.5/10, more than 80% of all bags received were a 7/10 quality relative to 2016 standards and NOT today's so-called "standards", 40% of all bags I remember getting were in that 8.5+/10 range, and maybe a quarter of all orders would easily quality for a full and complete 10/10 compared to the standards of any recent year, whether 2017, 2018, or 2019.

I guess the bottom line is...even doses as high as fucking 6lb of UK and an additional 3lb of some of the most cost effective Spanish( (mostly weaverN back then from their wholesale site for like $~100+ maybe $20 for shipping for 50lb of seed I'd probably label 4/10 for this year's UK standards at least BEFORE the severe RC quality drop/1.75-2month EARLY annual shortage) would only make me 10, 15, MAYBE 20-25% absolutely maximum effects in terms of impairment compared to only 1.25lb of every 2014-2015 batch, or even ~0.75-1lb of particularly noteworthy batches.

How on earth is 4-6lb of UK seed listed as ~4-5/10 in terms of 2017's quality AFTER Black Spring and part of Black Summer, PLUS + 2-3lb of Spanish ontop (even if they only had 5-20% as much morphine/opioids as the UK seeds, they had LOADS of non-opioid opiates that definitely potentiated my batches by subjectively 10-40% improvement), merely 5-20% as impairing as just a single 1lb bag was during the years of 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016?

It's almost like it's not even just a raw potency issue. I feel like not only the strength has changed, but that the "morphine/opioid purity," or ratio of opioids to non-opioid opiates, has possibly somehow dropped drastically. This would explain the heavy reduction in subjective euphoria, the nearly complete eradication of PST's capacity to cause involuntary partial or completely lack of consciousness (nodding out), yet still remains able to keep WD at bay for an extended period of time (meaning morphine definitely still faces a multitude of metabolic competition, even if there might be like 3-10x less morphine:non-opioid opiates like there used to be).

Part 2/3
dr. m - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 02:34:56 EST 1qKXc0ke No.609531 Reply
Part 3/3

What has your experience been? Do you also find that not a single big has truly been able to fuck you up in remotely the manner as the "you know what and when" bags of the past? If you have felt similar quality bags, when did you get them, where were they from, and what were the overall effects.

Personally, I miss having all the different choices we had, like SN, WGN, FTL, sometimes A&S, and a few others. SN always seemed the most potent by a slight hair in 2015/most of 2016, though a lot of people were suggesting that FTL had less muscle relaxer/impairing GABAergic-like non-opioid opiates than SN, and sometimes had even more thebaine than SN yet not too much to cause sickness, so it produced a crude stimulating high roughly comparable to oxycodone, whereas again, at least for me and according to a few others, SN was ever so slightly more sedating and more middle of the road in terms of alkaloid ratios in exchange for the raw maximum morphine content.

Meanwhile, WGN almost always tended to be more sedative, but not in a dirty GABAergic-like way. It seemed nearly void of thebaine most of the time or something. It might have had the least morphine out of all three, but the difference was ever so slight, and the seeds were still absolutely fire. They were also significantly cheaper than both FTL and SN at the time.

It's almost like FTL was more of the oxycodone "profile" (stimulatory), SN was of the more balanced "profile" (and therefore almost crudely representative of hydrocodone's "profile," as it's more stimulating and orally powerful/reliable than morphine, yet notably more sedative compared to oxycodone), and WGN had more of a classic morphine-only profile, possibly with one of the higher quantity of codeine as well.

It's like we had speedy, hybrid, and sedating seeds available on demand, like an opioid version of a Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica strain of poppy milk. Now "we're" just lucky if something works, even if it's the guy who owns TNT possibly spraying or otherwise dissolving DNM opium or other opioids (just a theory I have zero evidence) into a solution that evaporates at room temp, spraying his seeds, cutting his seed with a certain % of his filler seed of choice (I suspect the most cost effective Spanish that doesn't have any pepper taste to give it away), and then mixing them in a massive commercial size paint mixer to attempt to make the entire say 500 or 1000lb batch relatively evenly distributed.

What are your thoughts man? Have you even been able to catch a nod? The permanent, mind boggling drop in quality is what ultimate led me to quit "for good." Also, I had expected to relapse sometime between after my 1 year of full agonist opioid "sobriety" which occurs in late Aug/early Sept., and my birthday in Oct. HOWEVER, if seeds continue to be this bad, there's no way I'm tossing out all my clean time if I'm not even guaranteed to have a solid, extremely noticeable, blissful experience.

I fear the seeds you and I both fondly remember well may never exist again. Also, to those asking if the end is getting near, it DEFINITELY is. There's no fucking way this shit is going to last as is beyond another four years or so. Prices will continue to rise (I predicted prices of $15-25/lb by the end of this year about ~1.5-2 years ago, and in four years time I could easily see UK seeds maxing out at prices of around $35-60/lb even, depending on the quantity purchased and of course the quality).

Will I ever even have the capability to ever even get high or nod again? Having like basically the highest or one of the highest permanent tolerances is "cool" for about 0.73438 seconds when engaged in a finctional dick swinging contest, but in reality it really fucking sucks ass, and I'm worried that even if I took 2-3 full week off 3.5mg subutex/day (dropping to 3mg/day soon), taking say 400-500mg oxycodone IR might STILL result in a unsatisfactory or otherwise unsatisfying experience.

I'm just afraid that even if I were to spend $500+ on a single dose of legitimate oxycodone IR, it's almost like there's a chance above 50% that said dose will be underwhelming. How do you mentally grapple with this?

Maybe this whole problem will end up pushing me to get and stay actually clean. We'll see.
Ian Tillingman - Sat, 17 Aug 2019 05:15:05 EST sS3txn5b No.609536 Reply
AUSfag here, trying out a brand I've never heard of. They do bulk but I also found a supermarket selling 500g bags.

The wash came out kinda dark but had only the tiniest bit of dirt settled at the bottom of the glass after I let it sit for a couple of minutes. Honestly there wasn't much taste either, these signs aren't looking too good tbh but my finger are fingers crossed that I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Yesterday I tried 1300g of the most expensive brand and that got me pretty toasty but I can't afford to spend $30+ on a PST high.

I just spend $220 on a bunch of Trams and Etiz but who knows how long that will take to arrive so I'm gonna be forced to afterpay 15kg of seeds through afterpay since I'm basically broke.

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