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Kratom and Speed

- Tue, 17 Sep 2019 11:12:59 EST GOSIXo3Y No.610442
File: 1568733179398.jpg -(69252B / 67.63KB, 720x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Kratom and Speed
How does speed go together with Kratom? Is it like a pansy variant of a speedball? The effects my uncle get from kratom are very good, he gets a sense of well being and pleasurable sensations, anxiety relief, and pain relief etc... he can only imagine how it would be combining speed with kratom ... any one tried this combo, how is it like?

Also what are your top 3 green strains and top 3 red strains.
Albert Pamblebury - Tue, 17 Sep 2019 14:08:17 EST gn5CkwGY No.610445 Reply
>my uncle
Why people keep using that faggot ass shit in 2019? It does nothing to defend you in court. Maybe lay off that speed, paranoia is getting bad in your case op
Hedda Brommertere - Thu, 19 Sep 2019 07:35:04 EST +OptEnMS No.610479 Reply
There's gotta be a nicer way for you to let him know that the whole SWIM thing is so 2001.

But yes OP, you really don't need to be doing that. I mean there's no real proof that you are the one posting this in the first place. So it's totally redundant.
Cuntinizer4.0 - Sat, 21 Sep 2019 07:37:52 EST UE4H5H/Q No.610542 Reply
1569065872949.png -(1012453B / 988.72KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Which Kunttrom strain is best suitable for sexual stuff? Also is there a drug that Completely relaxes the pc muscle ?
Isabella Cunnerford - Sat, 21 Sep 2019 07:52:21 EST OHIHxMID No.610544 Reply
I wouldn’t say any for sex. Whites are supposed to be more stimulating but I’ve never done any. Green calms my nerves and red usually my pain but I’ve heard the colors are all bs.

And yeah like every muscle relaxer and benzo.
Isabella Cunnerford - Sat, 21 Sep 2019 08:10:17 EST OHIHxMID No.610545 Reply
Oh sorry just reread and saw “completely”. I guess muscle relaxers are the best bet but wouldn’t exercise be better? What exactly is the issue? I know Tramadol is prescribed (or maybe just *was* these days in the US) to some for just straight up premature ejaculation and tons of us love to brag on and on about how we’re some kind of badass sex god because we can’t cum.
Isabella Cunnerford - Sat, 21 Sep 2019 08:14:14 EST OHIHxMID No.610546 Reply
Also if only that dude on the right was white and lost the glasses they could do a good cosplay of the crooked SA cops.
Kekistan69 - Sat, 21 Sep 2019 10:20:49 EST JEt2x1Cb No.610547 Reply
There is most definitely SIGNIFICANT differences in the effects of Kratom strains on sexual craving and desire. Don't take any red vein Kratom if you want to have sex because it basically makes sex seem a lot less appealing. I've had sex on red Kratom strains but other times I just didn't feel in the mood. It's too opiate like. Use white MD if you want to increase sex drive and simultaneously make you last longer (takes me forever to cum on Kratom).
GapingAssPussy - Sat, 21 Sep 2019 11:04:06 EST 9NxsEWfB No.610548 Reply
1569078246994.jpg -(4661311B / 4.45MB, 5760x3840) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Which one of the following strains that are all white would you prefer: maeng da, malay, sumatra, bentuangie, thai, papua ... And would you rather take a good green strain like maeng da instead of some white strain if you was gonna take it for sex.

Also is opium less hardcore drug than oxy?
William Pashmudging - Sat, 21 Sep 2019 11:58:13 EST tSJb7yD7 No.610550 Reply
>Also is opium less hardcore drug than oxy?
No not at all, if anything it can be more hardcore given the large alkaloid profile

Also, if ur in the US, and getting it on the street and not a DNM. be super paranoid of any 'opium' you are buying. Chances are its not opium but rather mystery fent/dope
Kekistan69 - Sat, 21 Sep 2019 12:01:18 EST JEt2x1Cb No.610551 Reply
White maeng da is what I'd use for sex. However green maeng da is not a bad choice either but green is like a combo of red and white, so it could adversely affect sex drive. White maeng da is by far the type that makes me the horniest, and I don't mess with any other white strains. 90% of the time I stick with red and green for daily use, white is for doing work or for sex.
Matilda Duckwell - Sun, 22 Sep 2019 05:56:09 EST iVz4KLWX No.610569 Reply
Unless my whole empire is pushing it for subversive policy again stfu, more oxy ruining lives than O.... Nowadays
Simon Fimblebudge - Sun, 22 Sep 2019 14:04:36 EST OHIHxMID No.610578 Reply
Yeah and benzos are more abused than barbiturates....Nowadays
BolshoiBooze - Tue, 24 Sep 2019 14:10:59 EST zHgQQzPX No.610629 Reply
1569348659069.jpg -(93266B / 91.08KB, 1600x1082) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Is somadril better for muscle relaxation, specifically anus/pc muscle area than say benzos? can someone describe difference in muscle relaxation between benzo and Whoremadril
Molly Murdfoot - Tue, 24 Sep 2019 18:15:13 EST 9y9V1jVY No.610630 Reply
I'm personally not a stim guy, but if you like kratom and speed individually, you should like the combination

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