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- Tue, 08 Oct 2019 15:49:13 EST iejqnhMX No.611022
File: 1570564153764.jpg -(3326535B / 3.17MB, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. FIRST BOOF HELP ME
So /opi/ I have some oxy here and want to make the most of it. Walk me through on how to CWE and booty bump this shit into mah veins. Please?
P - Tue, 08 Oct 2019 22:28:37 EST v6N73DW3 No.611030 Reply
Buy 1ml needless syringe aka oral syringe at Walgreens or CVS.

Grind pill into powder. Put in spoon. Use syringe to add 1ml hot/warm water and mix thoroughly with syringe tip.

Let it settle a bit and then pull all the water you can into the syringe. Turn upside dowm and squeeze out air (not for safety reasons).

Lube asshole with vaseline or sex lube. Hell even olive oil works and is completely safe and hygenic. Dab your finger in it and rub your asshole with it. Then coat syringe tip with oil/lube of choice.

Now penetrate yourself with mother Mu and let her hot seed shoot up inside your asshole.

Just kidding lol. But actually do that, just without the sexual imagery or analogy.

Seems kinda pointless though. Oxycodone BOA rectally is basically the same as orally as far as I know. It'd probably be better to just snort that shit. Either grind it up and snort within 5 minutes or take an hour to buy and prep everything for plugging. Morphine is far more fruitful to plug than oxy.

However the plugging directions I did give is in general how most drugs are administered so it's a good general guide. All you gotta worry about with other drugs is their solubility in water.
Sidney Crickleforth - Tue, 08 Oct 2019 22:50:56 EST 7Y8izlLY No.611032 Reply
God damn, its bad enough you are telling OP to fucking insufflate oxy but telling them to do so with a fucking oxy/apap combo is ridiculous.

Man, I really hate to be a dick but you always post the worst information that is at best barely correct. Please refrain from posting if you don't know what you are talking about. At best you'll fuck up someone's drugs and possibly put them in WD and waste their money and at worst seriously injure or kill with your misinformed posts.

Also Rectal BA(you seem to be confusing BA with ROA) is 67%, oral is 87%, and intranasal is 50%

You're better off to just take them orally and unless you are taking a lot or taking them very frequently there is no need for a CWE.
P - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 15:10:16 EST v6N73DW3 No.611051 Reply
Truth be told I didn't even see him mention CWE, I must have skimmed over it, I was nodding kinda hard last night. Was at the point where I had to keep one eye open to read.

Still though it's not like it's that fucking dangerous. Those are 10mg oxys. The fact he's even asking about CWE shows he probably has low or lowish tolerance. There's no need to CWE when you're only taking 10 or 20mg. APAP is toxic bullshit but as long as you don't go past 2 or 3 grams it's not crazy bad. And neither is it that wasteful. Snorting oxy will last shorter but it kicks in way faster and has a rush. Tiny for me at this point but when I had no tolerance it was awesome compared to eating it.

I'm not sure what advice I've really given besides this and heroin filtering/freezing. All I've talked about is my own use and theoretical shit (which is not advice but things I want to try).
Kekistan69 - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 16:16:33 EST JEt2x1Cb No.611053 Reply
It's not good to take more than 1g of acetaminophen every 4-6 hours. Some people might be fine taking more but taking 2-3g at a time is a retarded thing to do. Getting high isn't worth risking permanent liver damage. I've known people who had to go to the hospital from taking 3g of acetaminophen at one time (in the form of Vicodin).
David Guttingfoot - Wed, 09 Oct 2019 16:49:16 EST qhQZHuYu No.611054 Reply
It takes weeks to get that "permanent liver damage", unless you are an alchie or elderly person. Or you already had some form of liver damage/dysfunction. Just eat the damn ACC before and after whether you CWE or not and you will be good.
DTMO - Thu, 10 Oct 2019 09:38:24 EST Ks4d2EmT No.611085 Reply
Right, and when they went to the hospital they told your friend to go home, yeah?
Cos there are literally no accounts of liver damage from that kind of dose as a one off in healthy people.
dr. m - Sun, 13 Oct 2019 17:58:18 EST LOk04uH3 No.611153 Reply
If they're instant release, especially with APAP, don't bother plugging/boofing them. It's not worth the chance your bowels aren't empty. Depending on your dose, you can either choose to CWE, choose not to CWE, or choose to CWE/not CWE and simply consume NAC alongside your oxy dose. It's N acetyl cystine and only costs like ~$7-12 for a decently sized jar of it on amazon etc. It's what's used in the hospital for APAP overdose.

There might be debate on oxy's rectal BA, but I can tell you that oral oxy IR has a bioavailability of between roughly ~60-90%. Rectal is supposedly 67% give or take, but I don't assume all patients in those studies had empty bowels. Anyways, even if it's like ~75% oral BA on average and say for sake of argument rectal BA is ~80-90%, that's only a maximum of ~20% increased rectal BA relative to the average oral BA. Unless you're willing to go on a fisting...I mean fishing expedition into your anal cavity for the sake of a maximum ~10-20% strength increase over oral, that's not worth the risk of one of your turds soaking up all of the solution.

As long as you don't have liver problems, and don't regularly drink and don't drink within ~12-24hr before or after the oxy, you can arguably consume as much as ~2-3g APAP maximum at any one time, or ~4-5g within 24hr. It's better to not consume more than ~2g APAP if you can avoid it. CWEing your pills will lose roughly ~5-15% of your oxy depending on who you ask about it. I've never CWE'd anything except tylenol 3s, so I wouldn't really know. Personally, as long as it's less than like ~2.5-3g APAP, I usually just eat 500-750mg NAC (or more depending on APAP dose) about 15min before the oxy, and another 500-750mg NAC roughly 3 hours since the first NAC dose.

Bear in mind that I've only consumed an opioid with APAP in it once this entire calender year, so that's why I don't really bother to CWE. If you don't have NAC and your APAP dose is higher than 7-9 percocet 5s/7.5/10s with 325mg APAP each (or 2275-2925mg APAP total), then yeah, definitely CWE your shit using MINIMAL water they're nearly freezing temperature.

You'll have to decide if said liver "damage" from ~2-3g APAP is worth the extra ~5-15% oxy you won't lose from the extraction process, assuming you don't have micron filters available. If you had NAC, a small dose of just ~1000-2000mg spread out over 2-3 doses depending on APAP quantity would reduce APAP-related liver damage substantially, likely somewhere between ~50-80%+. I'm not saying abandon doing CWEs just because you might have NAC, but it's infinitely better to combine it with oral NAC without a CWE, instead of not doing either a CWE or consuming NAC.

This is something any and every opioid user should have in their stash, or arguably any "medium" or "hard" drug user for that matter. Just $10-20 worth could last you a minimum of years, or as long as a lifetime. Even when you do a CWE, some degree of APAP still ends up in the final solution, both via water-soluble APAP (minimal if small amount of water is used) and via insoluble APAP that isn't successfully stopped via a non-micron filter. As a result, everyone who regularly or semi-regularly consumes CWEable opioids (especially otc codeine, perhaps otc dhc not sure, maybe even Rx ultram aka tramadol+APAP, etc.) should combine their dose with a minimum of 500mg NAC, preferably within 15 mins before the APAP dose, but surely within 15-30min after said APAP dose.

If someone is doing a CWE on something very opioid impure, such as UK tylenol 1 or 2 tablets (something like 325-500mg APAP per 8mg codeine), medium or higher tolerance users might have to consume as much as ~20-50 tablets worth. Even if a user does a CWE, that's still a starting dose of like 12.5-25g of APAP before being filtered. All such users should be consuming like 500-1000mg NAC a bit before the APAP dose, another 500-100mg roughly 3 hours later, and a final 500-1000mg dose 6 hours after the initial NAC dose.

tl;dr buy some n-acetylcysteine for just $7-20 for a multi-year supply, stick to oral use, consider crushing them up even if you don't do a CWE for a marginally faster absorption rate, and decide for yourself if the APAP damage of your specific dosage range is worth the "cost" of ~5-15 or 20% loss of your oxy. I do believe rectal BA of APAP is higher than oral too, so yeah stick with oral use.

Unless your oxy is instant release formula, is APAP-free, and not a fraudulent counterfeit pill filled with fentanyl, stick with oral use. If it's ever XR, grind them up, dump the powder in a shot glass of coca cola, wait ~8-24 hours, then drink all of it. Then refill the shot glass with water or cola and ensure you drink/eat all the pseudo-XR goop or pill residue left over.

Samuel Dendlehood - Sun, 13 Oct 2019 19:56:30 EST LBtuZswc No.611155 Reply
Nice information dr. m, For the sake of CWE related science.

Opiate+APAP crushed into a very fine powder, Then placed onto a extremely fine filter such as to only allow liquid.
Then place ice cubes on top, They will eventually cool to a temperature which allows the water-soluble opiate to go throw.
Leaving the majority of APAP filtered out and maintain the particular level of cold water by adding periodically ice cubes. Thoughts?

From my understanding of CWE it's the insoluble APAP & soluble opiate. Most opiates can separate in water when the water APAP+Opiate solution is close to freezing but above enough to allow it to remain a liquid and then makeshift distillery apparatus does the rest. So keeping a constant temperature & having a good distillery apparatus, could you not get 95-99%+ purity in the final solution?

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