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The taste of dope;what makes it bitter?

- Tue, 28 Jan 2020 14:08:17 EST FuumGxBz No.613287
File: 1580238497773.jpg -(48289B / 47.16KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. The taste of dope;what makes it bitter?
I've got 2 different batches of some dope recently; one was Tar and the other was powder. The tar tasted super bitter and vinegary and immediately made my mouth water upon tasting it (the kind of salivating you do before throwing up), and the powder has a super light bitterness with almost no taste.
So what makes dope taste bitter as fuck or like nothing at all?
Out of the 2, the powder actually makes me nod where the tar was more of a fent high
Shitting Simblekirk - Tue, 28 Jan 2020 15:55:33 EST YofsFlfv No.613292 Reply
the powder might just be a fentalog or some other wierdo op RC. #4 H always tastes super vinegary and bitter just like that tar.
dr. m - Wed, 29 Jan 2020 04:29:19 EST sYKUcQbI No.613312 Reply
As nodson has pointed our in the past, it's possible, albeit of unknown likelihood, that your tar has/had been sprayed with extremely concetrated vinegear (30% vs. normal 4% I believe,which IIRC, maybe I'm getting the wording wrong, but nodson's seemingly sound logic was that, if #4 tar/gunpowder was fent fent and other RC opi analogue free, was ~30% pure, and presumably considered between roughly 3.33-6.67/10 on the subjective quality scoring based on area and experience, then assuming 100% pure acetic acid is at least crudely similar to the pH of 100% pure H/possibly 6-MAM, then it's very possible that vinegear/taste smell can be ~95%-99%+ faked. Even if he chemistry doesn't add up and 30% acetic acid isn't as acidic/"vinegary" as 30% pure dope, surely there's ways to concentrate it further, not to mention the fact that it could be a combination of abitrarily say, ~1-7.5% H/6-MAM purity (just enough to fail drug tested and pass reagent kits), sprayed and dried with a coating of 30%+ purity vinegear, and a semi-thoroughly blended cocktail of typically atleast 2, often 3-4, potentially as many as 5+ different fentalogues that generally include fentalogues weaker than fent by at least 50-75% to reduce the likelihood of short term hotspots, that differ in duration of action including ~1-2 chems with durations/HLs within at least an hour short of good heroin, if not even closer. Then the other 1-2 fentalogues tend to be, assuming a 4 fentalogue blend, something like a top tier euphoria one with short duration and strong CNS depression, and at least moderately good euphoria with relatively less sedative, possibly specifically shining in its, say, physical relaxation/limbic system exciability reduction/muscle relaxation effects, all with a duration somewhere between the ridiculous ~30-75min half-life of fiendy lil peep killer fentalogue and the 1-2 more mild, long duration fentalogues.

When such a blend is utilized together, particularly when composed of 3 or more fentalogues on top of essentially trace/token amounts of real dope, it become nearly impossible for even the mos advanced and experienced users to blindly guess which fent or fent mix they're taking, and what, if any. real dope it contains.

>tl;dr even vinegar smell/taste can be beyond to a certain extent, as well as texture, other opi-related bitter/pseudo-bitter tests, color, consistency, and everything else under the sun. Unfortunately, there are people whos 9-5 job is to find the perfect blend of fentalogues that in their naive view most closely mimics real H, all while perfecting filler/cutting ratios and contents to create the aethetic sensory appearance that this shit is "fire" and at best fent-fre, at worst only slightly boosted with fent, when in reality it's likely only around ~1-15%, maybe ~1-20% H/6-MAM purity, which the creators have arbitrarily determined is sufficient when combined with the portfolio of mystery fents when it comes to "fooling" customers entirely.

why flip heroin from a an absolutely lowest possible minimum of like $15-25ish/g for powder or say ~$10-17,5/g for tar into, realistically, 5-10g packs for like $100/g absolutely max (more like $40-80/g), or ultimately a potential maximum of around ~500, maybe ~750%, or 1000% after including chain adulteration, when the ROI on a gram of fent analogue presumed equipotent to regular fent hcl for an absolutely maximum of a few $100 these days (was certainly under $20 years ago, likely even sub-$100/g), that contains the equivalent of 50x the potency before any adulteration begins. A starting cost as high as maybe even $30+/g for #4 powder, assuming 50x its pure strength, meas that in theory, as long as the 1g of 1:1 fent hcl potency fentalogue+ related adulteration/cutting supply costs the dealers a total of less than say $1500/g (trust me it does, by a LOT), then it only makes sense to lace everything with fent.

  1. Use dancesafe dot org's fent test strips!
  2. Test all your batch at once if possible, and if it's positive for fent, stick to volumetric dosing ONLY. even with voumetric dosing, IV use at all costs unless you're both extremely experienced and accepting of high risks.
  3. Remember, the bigger/larger the batch, the safer it is, period. Tent tests, Marquis Reagent tests, and volumetric dosing! Titrate from a starting dose so low that you're assuming it's 2x the strength of carfentanil and reassess hopefully at least every ~30-45min, in theory more like ~20-30min.
  4. Acquire yoru own narcan. Create your own nasal "narcan" by crushing up at least half of a 25mg nltx pill, shke it, let it rest, shake, rest, repeat for at elast ~18-24hr before at least cotton filterng, preferably 0.22ug micron filtering the solution, with 25mg prepped for IM and 25 for IN.

Even if you have narcan, You should halso have naltrexone prepped, or at the very absolute least, narcan tablets around that you can bang with a hammer and quickly pour into a nasal syringe barrel before drawing up some water and doing roughly halfin each nostril, no more than about 0.6ml of liquid per nostrils, particularly if your resources are limited,

7. ALWAYS CALL 99 FOR A FULL ON OD. Research your stat good Samaritan laws BEFORE this happens, when in doubt, if you're physically able, drag them outside the front door and close+lock it behind you, bringing only the narcan kit, cell phone, and if it's drug free, your wallet. While many say "dont say it's an OD; just say they've collaped and stop breathing," IF you don't have any narcan, simply tell them your friend's a prescription pain killer patient and must have overdosed. Not every cop carres it in their case yet, and most don't care it on their belt. Sometimes I wonder if that third 15-17rd magazine is statistically more useful than replacing one mag pouch slot with multiple doses of IM+IN narcan.
Betsy Coshstock - Wed, 29 Jan 2020 18:47:33 EST l/QqfqV/ No.613321 Reply

Excellent advice, and I'm glad to see Dancesafe being mentioned.
dr. m - Thu, 30 Jan 2020 05:23:53 EST sYKUcQbI No.613332 Reply
sorry that im clearly intoxicated in many of my posts (ironically some of my better ones). Some times Im moderately benzed (high dose from POV of 420chan community) and drinking. I hope people obviously know when I make a mistake. For example, in general, DO NOT IV fent-positive solution, even when it pops positive for fent. shake before everyone use due to settling due to settling, nature of IV just avoid IV altogether. Fent hcl has nasal efficiency is 89% anyways (presumably ~89%+ rectally). Why even risk IV use then.
Jenny Wozzleburk - Thu, 30 Jan 2020 15:49:28 EST A+iz7F1W No.613342 Reply
>I hope people obviously know when I make a mistake.
The people who actually don't know and are actually reading this info for the first time (aka the only people this info is of any use to) won't know when you've typed out a mistake, it wont be obvious. So maybe instead of getting fucked up and then typing out paragraphs of advice with potentially deadly misinfo to feed your ego, you could just chill. You aren't an actual doctor even though you get off on pretending to be one on here, your advice is completely moot to 90% of the people on here.

>clearly intoxicated in many of my posts
>(ironically some of my better ones)
lol no
dr. m - Fri, 31 Jan 2020 21:42:20 EST sYKUcQbI No.613382 Reply
I've said it like a million times that I chose this handle, used eslewhere first as well mind you, because it's my main character on SSBM.

Your point about half assery endangering those most at risk is duly noted. I'd try to explain that it's not ego related, but our respective preconceived notions would at best leave us at an impasse.
Simon Blozzleshaw - Mon, 03 Feb 2020 11:34:47 EST R8EWzC2Z No.613415 Reply
Just keep calling him out on his bullshit. His ego is so gigantic he wont realize how unwanted he is until literally every user tells him so.
Basil Surrylare - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 09:56:57 EST suIhzJLt No.613496 Reply
Yeah be as cool as the nodson haters
Or just ignore what you dont agree with
Sophie Sobbleshaw - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 10:10:21 EST xLCKwbm0 No.613498 Reply
1581001821037.jpg -(25185B / 24.59KB, 720x715) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Stop this nonsense.
Dr mario can be silly and unrequested, no doubt, but we're all in the same boat in here, hell I always criticized thants for posting stash pics and nothing else, but the man got beat up in a toilet while nodding, everyone heres fucked up one way or another pal, just live and let live. Unless you're nodson. Fuck off.
User is currently banned from all boards
Basil Surrylare - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 12:05:12 EST suIhzJLt No.613500 Reply
OP the sad life which tends to come with it
Lol so what if ik a dope feen
Cornelius Bapperchat - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 14:09:54 EST R8EWzC2Z No.613502 Reply
You do realize that there are other people who hate Dr. Faggot other than nodson right? He's been annoying as all shit ever since all the tripfags left.
Sophie Sobbleshaw - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 14:14:28 EST xLCKwbm0 No.613503 Reply
We need LESS trips and more CONVERSATIONS going on in here, dr mario might seem unpleasant but he's like a chat bot, he spits his bloginfoposting in the designated threads and is easy to ignore, he's basically like a bethesda npc; programmed to talk about the same topics by the clock
User is currently banned from all boards
Cornelius Bapperchat - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 14:19:26 EST R8EWzC2Z No.613505 Reply
I never said we needed more trips. It turns this place into an ego fest like every other drug board that allows it. /dis/ was a prime example. And its beyond just ignoring him when his novels take up half the fucking real estate on this page.
Sophie Sobbleshaw - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 16:07:58 EST xLCKwbm0 No.613506 Reply
IMHO overmodding killed this board, many threads got banned and we only ever use this as a harm reduction place now.
For example if you made a thread about movies or art depicting / you enjoy on opiate ñs would get nuked, this would never happen at /weed/, many like me probably got pissed and eventually just didnt care, I dont know why I stick around tbh.
User is currently banned from all boards

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