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Week without bupe

- Mon, 10 Feb 2020 16:08:42 EST IxGcrMpY No.613579
File: 1581368922326.jpg -(52537B / 51.31KB, 933x698) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Week without bupe
Hello, my sub doctor wrote me a 4 week script as usually but scheduled me 5 weeks out. I realize this today as I run out and realize my appt is a week out. I cannot get a hold of him so I think he is camping or something. He's been very professional but he is a bit out of it, sometimes he wrote my debit card number wrong so it didnt charge me, etc. I think he forgot to tell me about vacation and update my scripts for 5 instead of 4 weeks.

Any ideas? Loperamide, kratom extracts, craigslist scoring,
Been calling sub doctors but nothing yet
Emma Senderspear - Mon, 10 Feb 2020 22:50:38 EST YofsFlfv No.613586 Reply
"Loperamide, kratom extracts, craigslist scoring"

yea, that pretty much sums it up, would recommend lope as your first try before the others. also you can simply just take half your regular dose of bupe per day in order to get by temporarily.
Fanny Nungerlet - Tue, 11 Feb 2020 00:15:03 EST IxGcrMpY No.613587 Reply
Anyone with exp injecting bupe? I know only about half of the bupe is leaves the saliva sublingully, and less than that gets absorbed. So IV would be near 100%, but does it last much shorter?
John Pommerspear - Tue, 11 Feb 2020 00:25:23 EST W76L+LV1 No.613588 Reply
there is no rush with bupe but it comes on faster over 10mins. It is much stronger but only lasts half a day. I do find that when combo'd with lyrica I get an awesome rush though.
m - Tue, 11 Feb 2020 01:24:06 EST 7CjouJSN No.613589 Reply
nasal/rectal bupe is roughly ~150% the strength of sublingual bupe, assuming that sublingual is done optimally. Sublingual bupe when done near eprfectly is supposedly ~30-35% BA, whereas nasal/rectal bupe is ~50-55%, arguably ~60%+ with the use of various supplements added after micron filtering the pill in solution.

Don't IV bupe without using 0.22ug filters, especially IMO if it's using the strips.
John Pommerspear - Tue, 11 Feb 2020 02:47:40 EST W76L+LV1 No.613590 Reply
why would you think the strips are worse than the pills to inject?
Emma Senderspear - Tue, 11 Feb 2020 03:06:06 EST YofsFlfv No.613591 Reply
having done both myself and having known many others who have done both its def safer to bang the tablets (preferably the ones without the menthol in them).

shooting the strips has been known to cause vein hardening and collapse quite frequently, shooting the tablets is just like shooting up any other pills.

in general though shooting any pills without a wheel filter is bad news, glad i never continued that habit myself, its way harder on the body than shooting #4 H.
John Pommerspear - Tue, 11 Feb 2020 03:22:59 EST W76L+LV1 No.613593 Reply
thanks for the reply
I've shot suboxone strips off and on for years and only used micron filters maybe 30% of the time. I really wish they were more available. Anyway I'll buy some off ebay so I have a large stock since I'm switching to bupe again and know I won;t be able to stay away from the needle, at least not until I'm properly stabilized.
I always feel paranoid shooting them but haven;t done it THAT much so I haven't noticed any ill effects yet luckily. (Not saying I haven;t caused any damage)
Fanny Nungerlet - Tue, 11 Feb 2020 03:56:53 EST IxGcrMpY No.613594 Reply
I'd imagine you could use one wheel to filter a lot and then freeze the solution. Anyone know if thats a bad idea?
dr. m - Fri, 14 Feb 2020 04:39:12 EST 7CjouJSN No.613630 Reply
Personally I'd only do this if I truly couldn't afford it otherwise, and even then I'd only whip up a few days worth to maybe a week maximum, being sure my fan is off and transferring the end product in a truly well sterilized container that is airtight before transferring it to a refrigerator, preferably the "non-food"/mini-fridge if you have the luxury of 2 fridges. Never work with pseudo-sterile (microns don't sterilize anything, don't keep out all 100% of bacteria though it's over 99% by a lot, don't remove any bacteria-created toxins <0.22ug in size, and don't reliably reduce virus count to "safe" levels whatsoever, as in the viral filtration rate could be as small as just ~1-49%, though IMO it's likely to have lower viral count/load than a cotton filtered solution, but not enough to truly matter when it comes to HIV or especially Hep C). drug administration/creation in a bathroom if you can, unless perhaps it's pre-made, micron'd solution using a fresh needle. If for some reason you would be IVing more than 1x/day, then sure I guess you could use 1 filter for 1-2 days worth of dosing, but practice safe/sterile protocols or it's all possibly not worth it.

Spoiler: general tangent(s) related to safe IV use, general bupe use, and some tolerance reduction supplementation towards the end.

Microns are as cheap as like ~$0.20-0.50 each, and since they don't trap >1% of active drug like cottons always do (that's why "cotton washes" even work), depending on your DoC, they likely pay for themselves by reducing those costs alone. If you do IV and can't get microns or at least sterifilts, for the love of God don't IV cotton washes or re-use cottons even if you dry them out ASAP; snort, boof, or eat the "washes" instead, depending on bioavailability.

Just never ever reuse a micron filter later than like 1-30 minutes after the first use, but I'm being arbitrary here. Just don't do it, and when you can, ALWAYS use TWO different needles assuming you draw up the non-micron filtered solution before pushing it through a micron filter. Unless you somehow fill the syringe via non-needle back loading, always use one to draw up the unsafe crap and another to actually IV it. If I was stuck with just 1 fresh needle, and some how couldn't get the syringe filled without sucking up unfiltered gunk/bacteria, I'd consider something like wiping it with iso or squirting some iso through it, but I guess you'd need a clean barrel to even do that, so just don't do it period, and if you have to, I guess sterilize the outside tip with iso in one single clean downward wiping motion using an iso prep pad that won't break apart into small fibers.

If you can afford it, seriously if you miss or otherwise need to pull out and attempt another injection, then remove the used one and attach a fresh one. Always use an alcohol wipe on an injection site, and IMO, either untie your makeshift tourniquet, or at least inject your solution relatively slowly but consistently so you don't contribute to potential risks of vein collapse/being blown out. This stuff matters. And don't forget that IV bupe is pretty much minmum ~3x more efficient than sublingual, and roughly 2x more efficient than nasal/rectal (can be just 1.5x if you do things to enhance nasal/rectal use), so IV doses above say ~4-6mg, or especially >8mg don't really make sense unless you plan to achieve an 8-12+ hour nod or something, and even then only if you're offsetting such high doses with increased non-use duration or somewhat lower daily use rates.

For me, anything above 4mg/day sublingual equivalent means no mega dose (at least non-IV/IM) is capable of truly psychoative effects above placebo/baseline. For that, you need to IMO wean down to like 4mg or especially 2mg or less sublingual/day, anything 1.5mg or less being ideal, and then perhaps consider using one "megadose" a maximum of once a week, preferably once every 10-14 days, at ~4-6, maybe 8mg IV.

Also, if you can, to reduce your past, current, and future tolerance/tolerance gain, buy a very limited amount (smallest quantity they'll let you unless shipping if flat rate & expensive) of naltrexone pills from a reputable (best you can find) clear net site, and if they're made by an Indian company, do your research on that company. Just one 50mg tablet is enough to make a minimum of ~500-1000 days worth of ULDN, though it's not recommended to "trust" a homemade ULDN solution to remain "stable" for >90 in the fridge, or >30 days at room temp.

I think for example Sun Pharma has a particularly shady/shoddy track record at least in the last ~10 years, but don't take my word for it . Do your own research. Then, when you get some, ask here or on the functionally defunct ULDN subr3ddit on how to safely make ULDN solution for non-needle use. ULDN helps all opioid use-related tolerance reduction to various degrees, but for bupe-related ULDN use, you'll likely have to dose 2 or even 3x per day at roughly equal respective doses to non-bupe users' daily dose. Even then, I can't recommend it enough.

We should have another ULDN/general tolerance reduction thread to hopefully spark some more individual anecdotal "trials"/results, particularly in terms of ULDN. I haven't used ULDN in almost 18 months, but using it off and on during my years of use really made a difference, particularly for a ~4-6 month period before a shoddy fast ~2 week "taper" off maybe ~1-1.5lb of post-2017 UK PST that was mediocre but apparently still way better than ~90%+ of 2019 product. It was infinitely easier to stabilize bupe than in the past when I hadn't been on ULDN for ~30-60+ days, even when somewhat accounting for potency/quality reduction.

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