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Daily dose

- Sun, 31 May 2020 01:22:21 EST jPNtZ3fl No.615470
File: 1590902541691.jpg -(45307B / 44.25KB, 634x834) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Daily dose
For those of you who use daily, how much of your drug of choice is necessary to keep you out of withdrawals? What about to get high?

DOC is heroin, and it takes about two bags to avoid withdrawal completely and more than double that (about 5 bags) to catch a high. Bags are supposedly 100mg of heroin, but obviously it varies big time.
Kabylius Offjacker-Mouthfrother - Sun, 31 May 2020 01:59:31 EST 96eIKlAG No.615471 Reply
depends on quality, which, unfortunately, varies a lot. sometimes a bag worth 10 € (supposedly 1/4 g) do more for me than 2 bags on another day. that said, usually 1 bag against withdrawals, 2 for make me feel god. If only 1 bag i top it off with beer.
I also do polamidone every other day but it doesnt get me high, its just so i can sleep.
lol - Sun, 31 May 2020 05:10:25 EST IggaRoSW No.615472 Reply
How does levomethadone compare to regular methadone? If you've had the normal kind.
m - Mon, 01 Jun 2020 17:48:37 EST vgHBTjMI No.615479 Reply
1591048117483.jpg -(55630B / 54.33KB, 650x650) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Not sure if my use/reply is relevant for OP's thread, but...

>on bupe/sub maintenance for ~1.75 years now

>DO pharma opioids (~99.99% of the time just bupe/subs, occasionally hydros/percs/codeine, very rarely dillies/dhc), or various unrefined poppy plant products (seeds via water tea, both dried and rarely fresh pods via water-based tea or actual laudanum, very rarely non-smoked pod latex, etc.)

>how much to stay well
~3.5-4.5mg/day snorted/plugged in solution, or ~5.5-6mg/day sublingual.

Lately for weeks it's been ~3-3.75mg/day snorted/plugged, i.e. thesmaller broken-in-half halves of 8mg tablets, or for sublingual use, the smaller half tablet + smaller quarter tablet.

>how much to get high

No amount of non-IV bupe can subjectively make me feel high or impaired at this point. Ages ago I tried something nuts like 24mg plugged + 8mg snorted via monkey water, so 32mg total, and felt nothing but more nauseous and temperature change. I've never IVed a drug outside medical care, and have 0 interest IVing bupe/subs.

>how much to get high on my various DOCs

At 4mg snorted (approx. 6mg sublingual) bupe/day, for me, if I drop down to ~2mg sublingual one day, ~1mg snorted/2mg sublingual the second day, followed by ~24-36hr "CT" (so ~3-3.5 days since "full" normal bupe dose)...

I can successfully get high off as little as about ~0.50-1lb of UK PST, at least the pre-ban 2018-2019 Big 2 brand name sources (that no longer sell). It might reasonably take ~1-2lb of that one remaining online UK source seed wise, but in the past, just ~0.67lb seed+30-60mg pharma morphine equivalent has been enough for a ~6.5-7.5/10 high enjoyment wise. I've tended to use 0.75lb seed on top of either 300mg codeine [%](non-CWE'd codeine via T3 tablets+ 1.5g oral NAC) or 120-180mg oral dhc.

If I only do one low bupe dose day instead of two (usually just 1mg snorted vs. normal 4mg) before waiting an additional ~24-36hr CT, IME it requires something like a ~25-40% higher dose to achieve similar effects, though it's not quite the same and tends to have shorter euphoric legs.

For pods, it's been hit or miss...usually something like 2.5-6oz of dried, deseeded, ground up pod matter via several pass water/75% ethanol extraction, when consumed alongside either 300mg codeine, 120-180mg dhc, or maybe like 150-250mg tramadol.

I only tend to use codeine/dhc/rarely tramadol because it's way more affordable for me, and because it's way easier to obtain. There's still loads of 30mg codeine (w/ & w/o APAP), 50mg IR and 100mg XR tramadol, and less so 30/60mg dhc IR tablets in my unused stash from Cambodia, among other stuff.

>how to transition back onto bupe/subs after you chip/use rarely

My experience is ~90-95%+ with subutex, not suboxone. They're essentially the same in almost every way in terms of full agonist blocking effects when you try to get high, but IME suboxone causes marginally worse partial PWD/WD than subutex, at least when snorted/plugged and at doses under ~4-8mg bupe. If you use it sublingually, the naloxone goes from negligible to almost irrelevant.

>tips to transition back and forth without fucking yourself too much

Doing this more than one day/one stretch of time per 20-30 days is just a huge headache and IMO not worth it, unless (possibly) if you take 4mg or less sublingual/day, especially 2mg or less. Just as I spend ~1-2 days on lower dose bupe + ~1-1.5 days CT, I then wait another ~1.5-3 days before I induce micro doses of liquid bupe, starting with ~0.1-0.25mg snorted/plugged. For best results, slowly increase the dosage by another 0.1-0.25mg every 1-2 hours until you either feel mild PWD or reach at least half your normal maintenance dose.

If you feel worse, particularly when upping your dose whilst still below the 1-3mg total range, stop microdosing the subs/bupe entirely. Wait between 2 or 3-12 hours before considering trying again.

Never use full agonists more than four days in a row absolute maximum. If it's in high doses/has a long(er) half-life/longer duration RoAs, stick to 1-2 days of usage maximum. Something like methadone should only be 1-2 days of use max (probably just one), PST/PPT 1-2 days if high dose, possibly 2-3 days if lower dose, ~1-3 days for most pharma opioids/heroin, ~2-4 days for non-oral dilaudid, ~2-4 days for fent/somewhat short duration fentalogues/fent cut dope(have almost 0 personal experience with these).

Anything over 3 days is totally a risk, and for me/those I know, anything over 4 days is a guaranteed shit show. For me, I do usually two days of use every time, dosing once (or rarely twice) the first day and only once maximum the second (or last) day of use. Try to use earlier in the day on your last day of full agonists. IME, your highest dose should be on your first day of use, or at least any day but your last.

Dosing just once per day is optimal, but depending on your DoC/RoA, it could be ~1-3x/day. Again, the last day you should be using moderately smaller dosage sizes and less frequency, so just 1-2 doses.

Realistically for me, assuming I cbf to endure mild yet annoying WDs for ~3-3.5 days, again it's just 1 day 1-2mg sublingual (1/4 to 1/3 of normal dose), then 1-2 days CT (use low dose kratom if you truly must, but don't use kratom within ~12-18ish hours of your full agonist DoC) , then first day of use/relapse (1 huge dose or 2 large doses, usually at night/later in day to avoid sub blocade), then one dose smaller second day usage (use your shorter duration opioids on the final day/days) earlier in the day, then 36-72hr CT since last opi dose, followed by very slow bupe inducing at just 0.1-0.25mg per 1-2 hours until reaching 50% of normal bupe dose. The following day, I'm usually back to normal.

Chipping doesn't seem to work for most seriously hooked addicts, and I'm not saying it's a good idea, but that's how I do it/suggest doing it. I've only done it like 3-4 times maximum in the last almost 2 years. Don't do it spontaneously though. Definitely plan ahead for a specific usage date(s).

If you take any more than around 4-6mg subbed bupe/day, you'll likely be unsuccessful trying to do this without significant negative WD/high blocking effects. At 12mg/day subbed or even 8-10mg subbed/day, this didn't reasonably work for me at all. For best results, drop down to at least 4-6mg/day subbed, meaning actually stabilize on 4mg/day subbed for at least 2+ weeks (no feelings of WD and having been on 4mg/day or less for at least two weeks) before trying this, if not for 30+ days.

It's not a perfectly smooth transition, particularly the 2-3.5 days of marginal/mild/for some maybe moderate bupe WD waiting to get high. You can't just wait until moderate WDs IME when it comes to knowing when you can successfully get high. You'll likely feel some rather mild WD/general shittiness for 3-10ish days after restabilizing back on bupe.

As for me, I haven't "relapsed" on any opi besides my regular bupe in over a year at least. It's also been nearly a year since using cannabis even once.

1.5-3mg of xanax/4-5mg ativan + 200ug clonidine + 50mg hydroxyzine + tiny 100-300mg gabapentin booster + 2-5 servings of booze all taken together just once every other weekend or so is enough for me to relax, apart from my near daily d-amph script use (down to 6 days/week now). It used to be up to 60-100+ mg/day (big yikes), but these days it's usually 30-40mg d-amph IR/day. 20-30mg oral d-amph IR in the morning and 10mg d-amph IR + 4mg bupe plugged together around noon (or snorted/subbed when situation dictates).

If that's too wordy or irrelevant for anyone to want to read it, then don't. My mental health has benefited from the total lack of THC and dropping from daily benzo use back down to 2x/month though, that's for sure. Amph/d-amph isn't euphoric any longer no longer the dosage, so it's entirely just for mental utility at this point.
Sophie Herryworth - Mon, 01 Jun 2020 18:53:21 EST wPVuI1TH No.615481 Reply

There's no need to spoiler all that text, it's obnoxious. Plus, if you try and expand your post from the main page, it breaks the code and puts spoilers within the spoilers, which makes it more of a PITA to read.

There's really no need, it's a distraction. nb
Papo - Mon, 01 Jun 2020 21:28:14 EST qIwULXln No.615482 Reply
2 bags per day keeps the withdrawals away(for me atleast). and about 3-4+ to get me high. My friend has this killer shit though where just 1 bag will get you high.
m - Wed, 03 Jun 2020 15:22:13 EST jv0zZnW9 No.615502 Reply
Yeah, it got messed up a bit. I just usually spoiler the arguably less important sessions so it's easier for readers to skim. Also, spoiler'd text isn't readable via the wayback machine, so for more semi-personal stuff it's a slight advantage.

Again though, it spoiler'd the entire post when you expand it, which is weird and wasn't intended. Sorry.


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