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Fake boy?

- Fri, 25 Sep 2020 09:40:53 EST Qc6uXR/A No.617316
File: 1601041253173.jpg -(73029B / 71.32KB, 750x710) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Fake boy?
I just copped a g of some grayish and have had trouble getting truly high lately due to tolerance. This stuff almost feels like a bento. Has anyone had this experience before?
Fuck Penkinforth - Fri, 25 Sep 2020 15:33:36 EST OHIHxMID No.617321 Reply
Lol i think you’re right judging by this post.
Ernest Bressledere - Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:19:38 EST 5+8CTWHH No.617338 Reply
Everytime ive bought grey dope it was cut to shit fent. All the grey shit would stay in the cotten and the water would be clear as fuck.

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