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Too much kratom

- Mon, 17 Jan 2022 17:34:13 EST Ju/B+/0v No.623217
File: 1642458853707.jpg -(114026B / 111.35KB, 1023x780) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Too much kratom
15 grams
Uh and im feeling sick
Smoked a bowl and its bearable
But I don't want to puke
Im feeling fucking high
cunt - Tue, 18 Jan 2022 16:37:15 EST d5aQVBnH No.623221 Reply
Next time take it with antihistamines and drink a shit ton of water
Edward Fabberkeck - Fri, 28 Jan 2022 06:37:39 EST XfeJSiG6 No.623306 Reply
bump cause i found some ways to help some of the shitty side effects

i have been using Psyllium husk supplements for the constipation with great results (and glorious bowel movements) i think it also helps even out the insoluble fibers in kratom. I get drastically reduced nausea and it seems to work through the GI track with more ease, just make sure you do drink shit loads of water or juice.

I have just tried using papaya enzymes to assist in breaking down kratom and i think it came on a lot more smoother and slightly quicker, seems promising but can't tell for sure yet.
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Emma Dammerpork - Sat, 29 Jan 2022 07:26:08 EST XfeJSiG6 No.623321 Reply
little update, i think those papaya enzymes actually make it a lot stronger but in a shitty kind of way, it contains cellulase so it should in theory break down kratom easier so if one were to try this i would half your kratom dose before giving it a go.
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Molly Senningsotch - Wed, 16 Feb 2022 01:51:04 EST TAYO67rJ No.623595 Reply
I second this, drink an entire gallons worth of water for kratom next time
Lillian Fongerbore - Fri, 18 Feb 2022 11:54:44 EST QLUbc33W No.623627 Reply
I say this, not to brag, more of a warning. I can tolerate 25g+ of kratom. It is gross.
Alice Honeybury - Fri, 18 Feb 2022 12:55:42 EST +8NVV808 No.623630 Reply
If you need more than 12 grams to achieve euphoria you are fucking up unless you have chronic pain problem

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