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Water return of Tea and Plugging Tea

- Mon, 07 Mar 2022 17:03:59 EST 3grkQFOm No.623772
File: 1646690639277.jpg -(90574B / 88.45KB, 700x467) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Water return of Tea and Plugging Tea
When making PPT for 10 years now I have found the best recipe to be 100ml of boiling dH2O per every 10g of biomass with .5-1g of citric acid added in (depending on dose). But lately ive been frustrated by the fact that any dose larger then about 30g gets a lot of the solution trapped in the biomass and the cloth used to wring it out as hard as I can. From using tea daily almost every single day this year so far I have built up a massive tolerance and earlier today I wanted to try doing a bit of a higher dose to counteract that, but as I expected when I wrung it out as hard as I could through a stretchy two layered shirt (one ive found helps the process more then an everage white tshrt, which ive found catches more water in its cloth) I was only able to get back 425ml out of the 700 I put in. Presumimg that this dose was around 43g of PS I drank the tea down pretty quickly on a mostly empty stomach. I know I need to add in another 100-200ml and recook and restrain out the solution to get the last 200-400ml of tea out before tossing the spent biomass (never do more then two good pulls if your doing them right and wringing them out as hard as you can) but I really have been wondering if there is some way to improve upon my tea making recipe, specifically the method of how I strain/wring out the tea/biomass/cloth filter. Read something really wild about someone making a french press out of two different size tall glasses and a sock and rubber bands to hold it together, also been considering trying to use a kava straining bag and then if particulates go through that (I know thry will) then give it an additional filter through a coffee filter or a single layer white cloth in a funnel. Any thing else I havent thought of? This problem definitely isnt as bad for PST as it doesnt havent any biomass or cloth to get stuck in, a bit of the tea just gets stuck on the seeds and can be easily rinsed out with an additional 100-200ml of water shaken for 5-10 seconds, much faster and less labor intensive then wringing out boilng water containing opium and citric acid through the shirt off your back with your bare hands because you ran out of disposable gloves. Should be my last week or two getting "high" and then my family (God bless them) is gonna be tapering my down to increasingly small singular doses of opium per day, Should start at 40g and quickly go down to 20g and the hopefully down to between 15-7g once per day before going to a detox treatment. But untill then im looking to get as much out of my Tea as possible. Also gonna give pluggin PPT another try at least once, tried it I think with PST once or maybe twice before but dont recall dose or effectiveness. Info on that appreciated too!

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