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How many days after last suboxone dose is the buprenorphine out of your system?

- Tue, 08 Mar 2022 08:24:32 EST LGJPOwWg No.623776
File: 1646745872267.jpg -(31983B / 31.23KB, 720x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. How many days after last suboxone dose is the buprenorphine out of your system?
Hello, I've been experimenting with this before and a few times have taken my meds too early after having my last suboxone dose. I know the half-life of suboxone is about ~36 hours and that it is notorious for lasting very long within you coupled with a very slow reduction rate from your body.

How many days after the last 24mg suboxone does should I wait before taking oxycodone to be able to feel it? Is 4-5 days long enough? 5?

I've heard at least a week is a good safe point of of days to wait from last dose before taking any more real opi meds incase they're wasted by you being unable to feel them (happened to me just a few times, relating to taking them too quickly after suboxone doses days before. Effects were there but subdued greatly)

For the past month was about 1mg sub daily (almost tapered to nothing), and skipping some days and taking none, basically saying I have very litte bupe tolerance for past months

Now and then during last week I took 24mg bupe 3 times over 4 days. I took one time daily doses of 24mg suboxone (about the maximum dose you can have at a time) with 1 day between most doses.

My safe bet is on at least one week but I'm wondering since for a long time I've only been on 1mg for ~1 month and only took 24mg for a few days but I know that's a max dose.

But I'm already feeling the last small bits of withdrawal syndrome from subs as I've tapered so close to the end (in preparation of a nice oxy session to treat myself been very long).

If i'm already feeling withdrawal symptoms am I good to use my meds and they won't be blocked? I feel that's how it worked for me in the past, that I was good to go as soon as I felt really sweaty , awful , and all the rest uneasy feelings.

Thank you all for any help/advice you can share!
Eugene Beggleledging - Tue, 08 Mar 2022 08:54:36 EST QLUbc33W No.623777 Reply
Half life is 24-72 hours, so with one time use,3-5 days is probably longer than truly necessary. Using for an extended period of time can keep it in your system for even longer.
Alice Seddleshit - Tue, 08 Mar 2022 09:41:11 EST LGJPOwWg No.623778 Reply
1646750471267.gif -(4084144B / 3.89MB, 278x249) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
hey thanks for reply

The thing is it wasn't 24mg daily, it was bunched together only for a period of 1 day on 1 day off for 4-5 days last week.

For the past month and a half I had been tapering down from 1mg suboxone to 0.5 suboxone and then near the end decided to see how much of a buzz I could get from 24mg suboxone at once (which was actually really nice after like 3 months of extremely low sub therapy amounts, had 3 solid days of buzz)

So 4-5 days use of 24mg suboxone last week with only 1mg suboxone use the month behind it should be fine with 96 hours of waiting between the last sub dose 4-5 days ago?

Really don't wanna waste these oxy percs now that I got em I wanna tear into them but I could wait a few more days or is that just pussyfooting?

Thank you
Alice Seddleshit - Tue, 08 Mar 2022 09:54:01 EST LGJPOwWg No.623779 Reply
*correction, it was 24mg suboxone on 3 different days 5, 6 , 6.5 days ago
Fucking Suddlefoot - Wed, 09 Mar 2022 08:41:37 EST QLUbc33W No.623784 Reply
You’re probably fine at this point if it’s been 5 days
Betsy Fuckinggold - Thu, 10 Mar 2022 08:14:17 EST LpimgFkq No.623787 Reply
The dosange and the hours since aren't really important, it's about when you start withdrawing. This varies from case to case, that's why there is so many numbers floating around too. Once you reach moderate withdrawal, you are in the clear to do anything you want without the subs affecting anything. You can even induce withdrawal with naloxone/naltrexone, and take what you wish once you are undeniably in withdrawal (yawning, sniffles, dilated pupils, chills etc). It's brutal but it spares you the waiting and the uncertainty.
George Cullyhudge - Thu, 10 Mar 2022 10:44:12 EST LGJPOwWg No.623788 Reply
that's what I thought too, but I tapered down over 2 months to nothing so at this point I am baseline so I had very little or no withdrawals to judge from

I'm overthinking and planning this hard because it's gonna be a big good pharma dose and shit is so expensive nowadays I don't want to fuck it up

I'm 95% sure I'm fine to use right now, but let's say there was 5% sub dose lingering in your body after almost a week, that wouldn't hardly block the high at all would it? All the good feelings of opi would wash over it?

Ebenezer Gurringdidge - Fri, 11 Mar 2022 00:50:47 EST LGJPOwWg No.623790 Reply
1646977847949.png -(499598B / 487.89KB, 600x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Update: I believe I waited sufficiently long enough but the resulting high was so strong from my t-break that I just laid in bed semi-conscious in the perpetual nod zone.

Maybe fell asleep for short stints of time. But It felt fucking good like nodding for hours on the brink of sleep and then waking up in a blink of an eye several times.

Guess I could need to build my tolerance levels to a manageable high again but I've been an ultra-chipper for a few yrs now and fixed my life up so don't really need to reach that level, ya feel me? New life circumstances. Like to use opi as a treat and for special occasions.

Thanks bros

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