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Should I disclose my past drug use?

- Sat, 04 Jun 2022 22:25:25 EST QLUbc33W No.624220
File: 1654395925734.jpg -(962511B / 939.95KB, 4032x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Should I disclose my past drug use?
Ok so this board is slow AF so I think it's fair to ask dumb questions like this, right?

So I'm going to get a formal diagnosis for mental illnesses for the first time in my life - got the standard issue millennial bullshit - ADHD, depression, anxiety, but also Borderline Personality. This is all self diagnosed or suggested to me from others who took a psych class (lol I know, terrible way to make a judgment but I mean it's pretty obvious if you knew me IRL)

So I've been clean off opiates for like 5 years now after getting caught up in Oxy and then heroin (fentanyl though probably). I was on opiates from 15-26. I went to treatment at 21, still struggled for a bit, and then just stopped using one day after I lost my connect & didn't really bother to seek out another one. I wasn't physically dependent at the time, so that was the main reason I was able to easily do that. After treatment I never got to a point of physical dependence again. After I got out of treatment I immediately started smoking weed again & will smoke until the day I die. It's the only medicine I take right now.

Normally I don't really have an issue disclosing this drug use to medical doctors I see but i don't want to have my medication options limited if it is recommended to go that route. Should I keep this info to myself or do you think it would be ok to disclose?

Thanks for reading & I didn't think this was a QQ post so sorry if you read it that way.

Pill porn is still enjoyed, right? (I stole it from circle jerk) I don't see a lot of it anymore - side question, are there literally 0 legit OCs available for sale in general now? Like if you get a script you either keep them for whatever reason they were prescribed for or sell them to someone who is willing to pay out the ass I suppose?
Cedric Ningerbanks - Sat, 11 Jun 2022 12:41:20 EST Zy1Ca6VH No.624229 Reply
Never tell the Dr you were a addict. Only give them important information needed to get help you need. As soon as you tell them you had a problem your not going to have a good time
Edward Buvingfield - Sat, 11 Jun 2022 20:32:44 EST NmdNahIS No.624230 Reply

agreed. NEVER disclose your recreational drug use to any doctor no matter if it's current or in the past.
You'll just get flagged immediately and wont get anything stronger than tylenol, no matter how much pain you're in.

Also. that pic gave me a chub.
oh man the golden days of actual prescription mblock roxi 30's on the streets instead of the pressed fent bullshit we have now.

wish I could go back to those days and hoard them instead of being so frivolous, but we couldn't have known it would have gotten this bad.
Priscilla Puttingstone - Sat, 11 Jun 2022 22:51:38 EST LFk640WO No.624231 Reply
1655002298614.png -(800914B / 782.14KB, 720x691) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
None of that is required.

Just start a daily regimen of yoga, meditation, exercise.
Eat a proper diet, full of high-fiber foods. Remove added sugars and simple carbs.
Sleep at the same time every night, wake up at the same time every morning. Avoid light at night. Go into the sunlight first thing in the morning.
Report back in 1 month.
Basil Senningworth - Sun, 12 Jun 2022 08:48:52 EST D2Zn/M0R No.624233 Reply
if you live in the u.s. opiates are notoriously hard to get scripted these days regardless of your drug history, even if you're on them for pain management or don't have a history of [ab]USE. if you want legitimate help getting clean then disclose your past drug use. i've got former heroin and meth abuse on my record and got my pcp to prescribe me 10 xanax/month (despite his reluctancy and after exhausting other, non-narcotic options). understand that being open and honest can be beneficial if you are having debilitating physical issues from your drug use that can only be addressed properly if you're honest and quit using. otherwise, if you intend to get scripted a narcotic moving forward or currently are you risk losing your current script or future scripts. no one can tell you what is the right answer, its up to you to decide when you are ready. we can simply tell you the ramifications of your choices and you can decide whether or not its worth.
William Fogglespear - Tue, 14 Jun 2022 13:22:53 EST D/JCOn1f No.624248 Reply
It really depends, if you went to a rehab and your insurance paid for it, the drs already know... Also, props OP, staying clean is hard to do for some, got 3 years off that needle shit, just Kratom these days
m - Tue, 14 Jun 2022 18:05:55 EST SAgRl9qx No.624253 Reply

I say this as someone with a very similar (but not identical) medical background. The less they know the better, generally speaking. The only truth/partial truths you should give are ones in place of outright lies that you're otherwise convinced the doctor in question would never even consider believing.

This is assuming your ultimate goal is to keep various legal prescription options open for you in the future, or especially if you're seeking specific prescriptions in the short or mid term.

I'm a subutex OUD maintenance patient (or legally was until the end of 2021...still on subutex). It was through a private practice psychiatrist. He knew about my PST/PPT/very rarely opi pharma pill addiction obviously. But I always suggested that Alcohol, cannabis, etc. was never really for me. For benzos, I hinted its never been a problem, and that I only took them from my own legal scripts (never actually had my own benzo scripts apart from one 20ct lorazepam script and some pre surgery stuff) or very rarely given to me by a specific family member (I wouldn't even recommend that last one generally).

I basically played it off as opioids have been my only drug problem ever. Then, when I lied and suggest months into treatment that I can't keep my attention for work/school and said I think I should get "back on" my old medication, his ears perked up. I had never mentioned using stimulants before. I just said "oh, I used to be on prescription adderall from my old doc up until a few years ago when I moved states."

But that was a lie and had actually never happened. It your state has really good script record laws, then say you haven't had them for a much longer time or since you were in middle or high school.

Likely because I waited at least like 6 months before bringing it up, he believed me and didn't see it as drug seeking. And since I always passed my every 0.5-3 month drug tests over the first year or so, he decided to script me adderall. I eventually got to boosted from 20 to 30mg, eventually to 60mg but that was extremely rare circumstances of working outside the country and having script filling problems, and eventually switched to 60mg dexedrine IR.

Normally, he said he usually never goes over 30mg/day IR, very rarely 35-40mg/day for XR or partial XR.

Anyways, that was my experience. If he ever knew I had used meth, Ritalin RCs, etc., or used them illicitly in college, he'd 100% have never considered giving me a script.

Most docs don't like scripting schedule meds to chronic cannabis users besides maybe suboxone/possibly methadone users. This is especially true for stimulants scripts, and to some extent benzo users. This is assuming you don't live in some liberal utopia like Seattle with a pretty young doc. And young docs are less likely to script multiple controlled substances at once to begin with.

Every doc is different. Mine was a sub doc psychiatrist, so he was outright against daily benzo use by sub patients unless they were epileptic. But he scripts stimulants sometimes. Most refuse to do daily stim+benzo at once period, let alone for known addicts.

The less you share the better. So many people scream on leddit about having a daily benzo script for years and then being dumb enough to come to their doc for help with their opi addiction or something else or confessing they use weed, and then the doc cuts them off cold turkey for breaking their office's terms of service.

We don't live in Western Europe where tapering off meds is a human right. Your doctor is never your friend if the goal is to access or maintain potential access to controlled substances.
Cedric Drockleditch - Tue, 14 Jun 2022 18:48:01 EST XkF45NWN No.624254 Reply
Shit, this is smart. It's been a few years, am I too late to try this? Any other tips and advice for navigating the medical system? You seem to know your stuff down pat
Phineas Sissleledge - Tue, 14 Jun 2022 22:34:20 EST dcDWCYlN No.624255 Reply
you should probably disclose it. benzos can be as addictive if not more than opioid, so you should stay away from this shit. im addicted to benzos and it fucking sucks, never had a drug problam before but the withdrawl from even three weeks of taking it regularly are awful. stay strong op
Doris Worthingway - Sat, 18 Jun 2022 03:21:03 EST QLUbc33W No.624268 Reply
Op here

Not helpful

Thanks, brother

Ok so 1) I tell my normal doctor about my drug use. I'm already probably flagged for abuse potential. 2) I don't lie anymore (like it's actually hard to come up with believe shit to say & I prefer to just be open about shit with people).

I guess I'll just keep it to myself unless I'm asked about it.
Doris Worthingway - Sat, 18 Jun 2022 03:21:58 EST QLUbc33W No.624269 Reply
Oh also, to the folks who seem confused, I'm just trying to get Adderall for ADHD. No benzos or opiates or anything. I never had a dependence on any stimulant, I don't even really like them, at least not recreationally.
Eric Bugenhagen - Sat, 18 Jun 2022 03:34:07 EST CHWTUDpc No.624270 Reply
Kill yourself.
Don't tell doctors anything than what gets you the substances that you want.
User is currently banned from all boards
m - Sat, 18 Jun 2022 13:22:19 EST SAgRl9qx No.624271 Reply
>I'm just trying to get Adderall for ADHD.
Then listen to my suggestions because I know what I'm talking about, lol.
>telling one doc about drug use and telling another doc a different story

This is a bad idea for multiple reasons. It's easier to keep your half truth concocted story on track if there's only one version to remember.

I assure you that docs won't touch a schedule 2 stimulant script with a 10 foot pole if you spill your guts about polysubstance abuse in particular. If you make it known that you not only have/had an opi problem but also a second mental addiction (booze, weed, literally anything, maybe just confessing to trying psychedelics), they'll consider you a drug seeker and shut it down immediately.

>but I've already told them all the negative stuff

I can't speak for how much you've already fucked up the situation. But think hard before you just assume a defeatist attitude.

Telling the truth feels good and it makes your relationship with a doctor seem more human, but I assure you it's NOT the best way to optimize your chances of successfully getting a script that you want or need.

>I prefer being open with people

I mean yeah no shit, don't we all? It doesn't change the fact that in 95%+ of cases, honesty is rarely EVER the best policy when it comes to American docs.

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