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Ornamental poppy high?

- Sat, 18 Jun 2022 19:45:03 EST MglW2jqA No.624273
File: 1655595903019.png -(333986B / 326.16KB, 752x440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Ornamental poppy  high?
I bought picrel from a flowershop online. Some dried poppy straw meant for decoration. Legal here. I have a feeling this is a glitch and I can catch a nod from this. Like strong poppy seed tea thing. These flowers arent processed in anyway just sundry. The milk dried up so it must still stick to the poppy

Help me out to make this work pl0x
Panda5 - Sat, 18 Jun 2022 23:06:54 EST 4hfDRgO2 No.624278 Reply
Yes, it works, assuming you get real somniferum pods, which the ones in that picture are. I've been doing dried 'ornamental' pods since '09 (though I prefer good seeds), and they can be pretty awesome. Pods vary greatly in strength (much like seeds). If you have a really big tolerance (like 200+mg oxy big) then pods stop being worth it due to how many of them you have to consume, but at low / moderate tolerance levels pods can be the best. They last decently long, too, like 12-18 hours.

Verify that your pods are legit somnis (opium poppies).
Remove the crowns, nodules, and seeds. You just want the 'walls.'
There are two ways to prep them:
  • You can crush them into chunks, boil them in water for a while, strain the plant matter, and drink the resultant water.
  • Grind them into a very fine powder (coffee grinder or similar - blenders aren't good enough for this), mix into juice or ice cream, and consume.

I prefer the latter method, though you want to make sure that it's very very well ground and that you mix it into your drink well because it's easy to gag/puke if you come across a big unmixed glob of pod grounds. I think most people use the boil method though; google it for better instructions.

Obviously the more dark, spotted pods have the most opium. Sometimes you come across moldy pods (I sometimes just scoop/scrape out the mod and eat the pod anyway).
Phyllis Nullykine - Sun, 19 Jun 2022 06:51:52 EST MglW2jqA No.624280 Reply
Awesome man thanks a lot

Is it worth to grind the whole plant instead of just the walls? Are there some alkis in the other parts of the plant? May be more economical to grind the whole plant?

Thanks a lot again man
Phyllis Nullykine - Sun, 19 Jun 2022 06:53:06 EST MglW2jqA No.624281 Reply
Also how much should one drink without ODing? My only other opi consumtion has been just kratom so far
Panda5 - Sun, 19 Jun 2022 16:15:59 EST 4hfDRgO2 No.624283 Reply
1655669759854.jpg -(2068714B / 1.97MB, 3000x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Most of the whole plant does have opium, but those nodules at the bottom are *really* tough/hard and they would easily break a coffee grinder. The crowns are sharp (I've cut my fingers on them many times) and while you may be able to grind them, any little crown bits left could cut the inside of your mouth or esophagus (better safe than sorry).
You most likely want to remove the seeds, too. When ground-up they release oils when soaked in water that make you likely to puke.

As far as how much to take, that's really tough to answer. Potency varies a LOT. I'd say 4 to 6 golf ball sized pods would be a safe but not boring starter dose. Maybe 2-4 if you get huge ones that are really dark.

Oh, yeah, if you've never taken any opi other than kratom, you want to do a really small test dose first. Opiates, esp the natural ones, make everyone itchy - but some people are deathly allergic to opiates (usually codeine, which is in pods) and break out in a really bad way. Eat one or two first as an allergy test just to make sure you're okay with it.
m - Sun, 19 Jun 2022 21:12:14 EST TjByTg7f No.624285 Reply
>Are there some alkis in the other parts of the plant

Generally, stem has a lower morphine:all other alkaloids ratio than the pods. Also, it's less potent per gram overall. I recommend using the stems as long as you're making your batches in roughly a 1:1 ratio of one pod: one stem (regardless of weight).

It's generally way more economical to use most of the plant. I just always cut the stem about 2" from the soil line and used everything from there up, excluding the leaves and parts of the crown. I think the leaves have some residual amount, but IMO it's not worth it.

Not to mention that, as Panda5 knows, grinding and simmering pod matter for ~20-60 minutes is somewhat labor intensive. I miss the simplicity of shaking seeds for like ~2-4 mins 1st wash, maybe 60-90 secs 2nd wash.

Where I'm headed (leave for Thailand on Tuesday, but I'm referring moreso to Cambodia and Laos drug scene), they sell opium (not sure if it's crude extract or actual smoke able form) either in beverages/foods, laced in a cigarette (inefficient), or as 1g blocks. I've been stuck at 3mg/day subutex. So we'll see if their shit is any good. It costs tourists usually $40-60/g, but I've read one specific bar will do like 10g (can come back for the rest) for about $180 if you pay up front. I bet it's 20% that price from the right people, but the cops don't prosecute you for possession inside the bar/restaurant.

They also recently decriminalized/de facto legalized weed recently.
Graham Brookville - Mon, 20 Jun 2022 03:40:38 EST MglW2jqA No.624287 Reply
Thanks a lot man Ill use your advice as soon as the flowers come in prob very soon maybe tomorrow .

One question: when you say "eat" pods do you mean the tea process or literally eat? Stupid question maybe. About the seeds cant they be used for PST or something? Here all store seeds are processed so these are the only unprocessed seeds I can get.

Enjoy your trip man! Hope you stay out of the bangkok hilton and have comfy nods
Panda5 - Mon, 20 Jun 2022 12:07:10 EST 4hfDRgO2 No.624292 Reply
1655741230147.png -(86714B / 84.68KB, 640x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You can literally just eat the pods, they aren't gross just hard to chew. Like m said, prepping pods can take quite a while and is indeed labor intensive, so if I'm just going to have 3 or fewer pods I usually just remove crown, nodule, and seeds then eat the pod wall pieces 'straight-up.'

And yeah, you can use the seeds for PST. In my experience I've puked if I mix them in with my pod dose, especially if they were ground-up too. That said, it's odd, but most of the seeds I've collected from good pods don't do shit for me when making PST from them - even if I save a full pound, seeds from pods never seem to work so I usually just throw 'em out, plant them, or throw them around in the woods.
Nicholas Gendlebury - Mon, 20 Jun 2022 15:05:30 EST NeJi76Ac No.624293 Reply
gotta wait a while for that to get outa your system before you would feel the opium. give it at least 72 hours. maybe twice that.
Graham Norrydotch - Mon, 20 Jun 2022 15:43:47 EST yazNWnkk No.624294 Reply
Srsly just eat the pods and get high sounds awesome ty

This works with dried ones to right? How long to wait before it works + safe redose. Sorry for many questions..


Wait what... i have to wait 3 to 6 days before I get high? What
Nicholas Gendlebury - Mon, 20 Jun 2022 15:59:41 EST NeJi76Ac No.624295 Reply
for someone whos been on 3mg sub for as long as m has, yea you gotta wait at least 3 days. look whos being replied to buddy.

also if you just try to eat a dry pod and wash it down with water I dont care how small it is your gonna be like wow this is not happening. like was said you gotta mix em into a carrier drink/food.

i did opium for 10 years and just kicked for the first time for real with ibogaine. stuff really works if your trying to kick.
Jack Grimwill - Mon, 20 Jun 2022 17:11:00 EST 92AbYeD1 No.624296 Reply
I cant wait 3 days man I want a nod within an hour ya know

If I not eat a pod but do the brew as described ITT will it work fast?
m - Mon, 20 Jun 2022 17:19:05 EST TjByTg7f No.624297 Reply
>will it work

Objectively no, it won't. Especially if you're on 4mg or more per day. If you take 8mg/day, just forget it entirely. You need to stabilize on 4mg/day or less for a week or so first. I usually rapid taper down for 1-3 days and then wait 3.5-5 days cold turkey. If cold turkey is too much for you, you can substitute in plain leaf kratom as long as you stop the kratom ~12-24hr before the opium.

I don't know how you could be on suboxone and not know this. The guys who manage to get a nod next day whilst on daily 8mg suboxone are only successful because they shoot enough fent dope to kill 10 people and it somewhat blasts through. >>624273
m - Mon, 20 Jun 2022 17:23:22 EST TjByTg7f No.624298 Reply
Yeah this is correct. I'll probably go from 3mg>1.5mg>0.75mg per day rapid taper, followed by 2.5-4 days cold turkey. If I were on 8mg/day, I'd probably do a 5 day rapid taper and then cold turkey for 6-7 days.

This is why trying to use whilst on bupe maintenance is pants on head crazy if you're on more than 4mg/day to start with. At 2mg/day, it's much easier to switch on and off.

>when can I take my subs again

Definitely wait at least 24hr. I recommend 36-48, especially for full spectrum opium. Be sure to induce a LOW dose of bupe to start, like 0.5mg. If it makes you feel like trash, wait 12hr and try another dose later.
m - Mon, 20 Jun 2022 17:41:04 EST TjByTg7f No.624299 Reply
>That said, it's odd, but most of the seeds I've collected from good pods don't do shit for me when making PST from them - even if I save a full pound, seeds from pods never seem to work so I usually just throw 'em out, plant them, or throw them around in the woods.

I agree 100%. The seeds inside dried pods are always shitty compared to bulk processed seeds from the UK. It must have to do with how their large scale, industrial processing works. As you know, the seeds are strong only because of residue in the de-seeding machines.

I've always wondered about the specific mechanical variables that make seeds "fire" or "bunk." It's all speculation though. I bet they clean their machines, and I'd assume the seeds processed right before the next cleaning must be pretty dank. But I guess I depends on the specific machinery we're talking about.

I'm glad you found some good seeds recently. Feel free to hit me up on discord anytime DrMario#5729 . I want to get a discord group going before the website stops working entirely.
Barnaby Sudgeken - Tue, 21 Jun 2022 12:04:32 EST Wumj7e8S No.624307 Reply
I.. i only use kratom. Im OP but I think you think Im someone else.
Barnaby Sudgeken - Tue, 21 Jun 2022 13:17:19 EST Wumj7e8S No.624308 Reply
1655831839370.jpg -(2782305B / 2.65MB, 3024x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Barnaby Sudgeken - Tue, 21 Jun 2022 14:00:43 EST Wumj7e8S No.624309 Reply
1655834443370.jpg -(1826308B / 1.74MB, 1299x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Theyre home ^^
Barnaby Sudgeken - Tue, 21 Jun 2022 15:09:38 EST Wumj7e8S No.624310 Reply
Im just gonna crush the plant wands and stems in a coffeegrinder , boil some hot water over it add grapefruit juice and drink

How long before I get high , how much to boil and what to expect?
Charles Droblingwill - Tue, 21 Jun 2022 16:21:38 EST MfzIlDlk No.624311 Reply
It should take 50-80 min to start kicking in. Those are legit somniferum poppies. If you plan to consume the grinds in juice then you don't need to do anything with boiling water BTW. Just stir the grounds into the juice, mix, and drink. You might want to eat a very small amount of food first to get your digestion going and to prevent nausea.
Effects depend on how much you take and how strong they are. Be safe but have fun!
Panda5 here BTW, at work and this app doesn't post names.
Martha Dartstone - Wed, 22 Jun 2022 15:09:26 EST cnLAVzBo No.624331 Reply
1655924966586.jpg -(2260936B / 2.16MB, 3024x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
How much should I out in grinder
Phineas Bardspear - Wed, 22 Jun 2022 16:40:38 EST vCEZcDjY No.624332 Reply
bump cause its nice seeing a new thread
Sophie Clommerridge - Wed, 22 Jun 2022 23:45:07 EST cnLAVzBo No.624334 Reply
Smoked one pod and drank the other

Abt 3 hours in still high

Just hope I dont die lol
Sophie Clommerridge - Thu, 23 Jun 2022 00:11:01 EST cnLAVzBo No.624335 Reply
1655957461899.jpg -(1426125B / 1.36MB, 3024x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ok coming down now

The juice was lots more potebt than the opi joint . Slapped me proper

It was a good nod

Thank you 420chan!
Phyllis Doggledig - Fri, 24 Jun 2022 11:55:46 EST cnLAVzBo No.624367 Reply
Grinded very fine then rolled it

Juice worked not the smoke.

Ngl I can see someone dying from this breathing goes down and you drift away not even noticing
chiliasticus - Fri, 24 Jun 2022 13:58:31 EST NeJi76Ac No.624370 Reply
yea it happened too many times for comfort sadly. if your completely new to it you need to do it in what would be a literal microdose for someone whos an addict. as an addict I did over 20x what your doing in a single dose daily.
Angus Sanderfane - Sun, 26 Jun 2022 05:46:32 EST hoEPsZyG No.624378 Reply
Lucky I can't find anything local and the price online is ignorant I may as well just grow some in a field
Panda5 - Tue, 05 Jul 2022 20:37:49 EST 4hfDRgO2 No.624424 Reply
The picture is definitely of opium poppies, yeah.
I can't read any of that, and can't guarantee that they won't fuck you over. But yes, the pic looks legit.

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