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Harvesting Opium Poppys???

- Mon, 20 Jun 2022 20:22:35 EST cBut4bnv No.624303
File: 1655770955887.png -(1368860B / 1.31MB, 623x790) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Harvesting Opium Poppys???
TLDR: I grew some poppys, i cut them, everything seems good, but i wonder when EXACTLY do i cut them. If i cut them at the wrong time (they have crowns now that ARENT sticking directly up (as to indicate its too late)) will i get a substance/latex that has no morphine/codeine in it? Just an illuionary harvest?


Been growing opium poppys at my buddys house. we got 30ish plants so far all grown and got little bulbs.
BASICALLY Im asking when do i harvest the opium? The pods are starting to all have little black/brown/purple spots on them and when we cut them with razor blades they bleed white like i know they should. Everything appears to be good.
BUT im curious. do you have to wait till the crowns stick out 180degree's? or can they be slightly angled down like a roof (i know when they stick up you cant harvest anymore latex and they begin to dry and release the seeds through the holes that form).

its been years since ive done percocets so please dont give me a response like "you wont even get high that stuff sucks!" i understand if you do 100mg of perc a day opium wont affect you okay lol.
Reuben Dockleforth - Tue, 21 Jun 2022 06:39:06 EST iULB2hfR No.624304 Reply
Wait until the pods just start to show first signs of them starting get "ripe" like you said them having brown spots
But honestly I don't know if it is worth to even harvest opium latex from just 30 plants thats nothing.
Just wait until they becoming kinda strawish and cut the whole plants with stalks and everything and cook that shit into a tea or something
Isabella Blocklebudge - Thu, 23 Jun 2022 08:48:19 EST CHWTUDpc No.624345 Reply
Can't you cut them, let them heal and then harvest them dry?
User is currently banned from all boards
m - Thu, 23 Jun 2022 19:28:19 EST QkFW4RpC No.624354 Reply
Assuming you're in the US and don't want to risk a manufacturing S2 substance charge, don't score your plants whatsoever. The overall good alkaloid yield from scored pods isn't that much higher than unscored, assuming you harvest and process the entire plant except for the first 1-2" of stem above the soil line, the sharp crowns, and the seeds.

The only reason pods are scored in the 3rd world is because it effectively maximizes the production of a concentrated product that's easier to both transport over bonders and to turn into more refined products like heroin.

I've grown maybe 500-1000 poppies in my lifetime, and yet I've never scored them once. They still worked just fine. Just 30 plants is unlikely to lead to a manufacturing conviction IF you refrain from scoring them. IMO it's not worth it.
Jack Huckleridge - Tue, 28 Jun 2022 15:59:28 EST YCJSpNy5 No.624390 Reply
Don't cut, grind the pods and make tea.
Baked4life - Sun, 03 Jul 2022 00:39:41 EST yhB4hgU/ No.624407 Reply
>>624403 so does cutting the stems shorter or longer make a difference? Ask after the water is evaporated can we smoke it?
tog - Sun, 03 Jul 2022 03:01:16 EST 2TDeZr68 No.624408 Reply
TLDR: are you sure the stems dont have more or less toxic shit in them compared to how little opium is even in them making them dangerous? have you personally drank or smoked the stem yield? thanks
-big Tog

i am also curious. ive read a few times on youtube comments going back and forth with people collecting information ***that the stems have more or less toxic kind of sick-inducing stuff in them** and very little morphine making it not worth processing. or even not worth it at all because you will get literally sick? Is this true lol.
do you personally harvest the stems?
or have you?

p.s. we cooked the stems and a handful of bulbs and we got a solid ass little goop tbh. So you were right, though i do believe cutting the plants and harvesting them is better, the effort needed is proving to be crazy and we only have like 40 plants, 30 grew, a total of like 20-30 bulbs. And its like a decent bit of work. My point is after boiling the shit down we got aallooott off of not even half the plants. So you were right. Definitely the way to go
tog - Sun, 03 Jul 2022 03:29:51 EST Vfpy0E7A No.624410 Reply

vice video link below can this process be done with the vinegar on the goop we already boiled out of plants/scraped

Also one more thing. we got the scraped stuff, and the gooped stuff. put it together.
can you purify this down into a more concentrated form (50% morphine) as seen in this vice video: https://youtu.be/IdYZj9vmfi0?t=566
(i time stamped it its about 30 sec long)

could we put the goop we boiled out of them into a ladle of sorts and put vinegar in to get it a little more pure?

Thanks M you been big help so far btw
m - Sun, 03 Jul 2022 10:17:37 EST DuZnnP8f No.624413 Reply
We talked about it here a few years back, but generally the bottoms of the plants (e.g. roots) have a way lower ratio of morphine/codeine:other alkaloids than say the pods. When I did my research (read a stupid # of papers) before starting a grow back around 2016, I came to the conclusion of just cutting them 1-2" above the soil line.

That's what I do personally. You won't die if you use the bottom 2" of stems.

>***that the stems have more or less toxic kind of sick-inducing stuff in them** and very little morphine making it not worth processing. or even not worth it at all because you will get literally sick? Is this true lol.

It is true that the stems usually have a lower ratio of morphine/codeine:all other alkaloids than say the pods. But IMO/IME, as long as you balance that ratio out by always mixing your tea with a rough ratio of 1 full pod per 1 full stem, it's totally fine.

Stems are absolutely worth using, and just throwing them out is a total waste.

>making crude poppy extract

I always found that processing it further than what you guys have already done is generally a waste of time. You could look into de-fattening it, but even then it's not really smoking/vaping quality.

If you really want to get your money's worth, do more than one "wash." I always did two washes. Then after, you can dump the ground pods+stems in high % spirits (I suggest at least 60%+...most standard liquor is 40%. I use 75.5% myself), using the absolute minimum volume of spirits possible that still covers all the product.

If you don't have the liquor ready, you can throw the poppy grounds in the freezer until you're ready.

>other tips

Since you've made crude extract, consider trying to boof it. Boofing/plugging is roughly 2x as efficient/potent as oral; it also has a much stronger pseudo-rush.

>vice meme video

It's been discussed several times here that that method (adding vinegar) doesn't even work of do anything. You specifically need AA acetic anhydride to make heroin. It's a watched/controlled substance in the US. You used to be able to get it in small quantities in chemistry aspirin manufacturing kits.

If you want to refine it, there will be morphine loss. Since it's already in solid form (unless you get big into boofing and want to de-fat it further), You've already done everything necessary.
tog - Sun, 03 Jul 2022 19:53:31 EST OXQ+N81d No.624417 Reply
TLDR: we have about 2 stems:1 bulb ratio in what we already did. this aint bad is it? we have more so next time we can just do 1:1 and mix the yields together making it even less "bad stuff". Also vice video vinegar dont work? we arent making heroin just want to purify it down to a better morphine:gunk ratio. im assuming this will be stronger. like kratom with the kratom extract. its ultimately the same but the extra is technically better even if its less or more-costly.

we had about 30 plants. but only maybe 15 grew bulbs. the others were taking forever and maybe they would've opened up but we didnt wait lol. long story. maybe a bad decision but they've all been growing at different rates (basically just didnt thin them out and i also planted 4000 seeds into a 1x7 foot area no joke LOL) so we said fuck it

ultimately we probably had 1 bulb per 2 stems. this wont be a bad then? we have another maybe 12-15 plants so when we do those it will be 1 stem to 1 bulb. and ultimately thin out the ratio of Bulb:Stem and in the end probably be the same as 1:1?

also about the vice video. isnt this defattening it? taking the cut latex and putting it in vinegar to get more morphine:gunk as possible. i know you will lose some (as with anything) but you're saying this DOESNT work? vice just straight up lied? lmao. we arent trying to make heroin just get out the gunk and have a more purified latex.

thanks again.
-big money man toga

p.s. trying to learn as much as i can because i plan on growing atleast a couple dozen plants every season. and maybe starting my own cross-bred strains and such. its really fun.
tog - Sun, 03 Jul 2022 19:55:03 EST OXQ+N81d No.624418 Reply

also for our first time(s) this seems more or less dangerous compared to smoking a little at a time? not trying to OD lol.
also i take about 15g of kratom a day for the last 8 months. will i even feel anything if i smoke it?
also you just vape it right? probably could use a lightbulb if you really got no other options. or a meth pipe maybe type of straight pipe?
tog - Sun, 03 Jul 2022 19:59:54 EST OXQ+N81d No.624419 Reply
also i dont remember reading it but how long do we cut the stems up exactly?
we just threw them in about 5-6" longer. im guessing 1-3" is best? tho that might give you more plant matter crap?

sorry 4 spam i had all this saved but PC crashed now here we are rushing around trying to figure the rest of it out

(pls dont ban me sorry 4 spam lol wish i could edit)

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