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Kratom and kava kava (and other sleep aids)

- Thu, 01 Nov 2018 04:51:52 EST 6ZEtGP0I No.131969
File: 1541062312185.jpg -(128026B / 125.03KB, 980x814) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Kratom and kava kava (and other sleep aids)
>why I want a sleeping aid
Main reason is I work one long night shift a week and that means the next day I wake up at 3pm so that means my body isn't ready to go asleep until at least 2.30-4am..I do t look at it that I just need 8 hours sleep more like my body needs to be up for 16 hours before it starts feeling sleepy.

I want a drug what will shorten this and then I can just wake up early the next day without being tired.

The other reason I want it is just to make bed time slightly more enjoyable
What's the strongest sleep/sedative strain ?

I've bought it 3x now once was a pack of 3/4strains what was poorly labled (provably for customs)
Most never done anything but I think there was a red what felt like tramadol and one felt like what I could imagine smack to feel like but after 20mins of good feels I was couched locked with bad nausea for 2hours

Then I order again
Gave me a tramadol speedy type feeling where I was talking a lot.

Did barely anything to me if anything st all

All from a popular euro website

>suggestions on what to use ?
Btw I've got a tollerence to codein and I can get a lot of codein easily but I don't wanna use it any more.

>kava kava
I've found a couple of the popular websites what are Actualy based in Hawaii I think.
I don't know what one to mess with first,it seems a bit exspensive and I feel like it will take a while to ship so I'd rather just buy the best/strongest one

Any suggestions on the best mellow/sleep strain ?

>what other sleep aids could I use
>valerian is weak and so are all herbal teas I've tried
>I don't like weed
>benzos are my last resort As I'll be tempted to use them for fun again
>GBL seem good but besides that I don't have a safe source and it's expansive I've read it will only keep you asleep for 3-4 hours then it wears of and you wake up feeling good.
>melatonin doesn't really do much,I see how it can work but I need some sedative
>alcohol nope.
>And I can't get my hands on zoplicone

P.s the doctors in England are no good for this they don't hand out z drugs or benzos to the average person
Wesley Cengerwell - Fri, 09 Nov 2018 05:54:50 EST CXB0L+uW No.131984 Reply
I have extensive experience with both kava and kratom due to the insane popularity of the both at the moment where I live.

I have to say that kratom veins which are red are very good for sleep, but possibly not as good as kava. I would give them both tries and I wish I could recommend sources but a lot of the gook kava comes for Vanuatu. Always make sure the quality is good with either, but kava makes me sleep like a baby.

GBL will do what you have stated but can be abused easily and can be physically dangerous if mis-dosed or mixed with another depressant. Also it is a solvent and literally can melt plastic.

Kava is probably the best bet because it can leave you sedated for around 8 hours and although euphoric to some degree, not very psychologically addicting. There are also no psychical withdrawals whatsoever unlike when you stop taking benzos and try to sleep.

As for why you didn't feel anything off kratom, it is obviously because of your codeine tolerance. Although the mechanism of action is very different with each substance, they are both opioid agonists and will create a cross-tolerance.

As for the best kava strain, sometimes refered to as cultivar on kava websites, there are many. borogu is a pretty sedating one. Melo Melo as well. Just look at some of the kava forums and you will probably get a better answer, as there is no kava section on 420chan. Also they might be able to name sources.

Lastly, trazodone seems to be a pretty effective, relatively safe(I think) sleep aids here in the US. It's not controlled here but you need a prescription to get it. If tha kava doesn't work you could try that.
Wesley Grimdock - Mon, 26 Nov 2018 13:38:07 EST TRpW9ace No.132033 Reply
I really don't think kratom is good for sleep. It's quite the opposite for me actually, I have to be sure not to take it too late in the day or it will keep me up. I take several different kinds regularly and it's the same with every type, although some are much more stimulating than others. Larger doses will knock me out after ~2 hours, but only for an hour or so before I get another burst of energy.
Eliza Blerrypadging - Fri, 30 Nov 2018 01:35:04 EST hwifto1y No.132045 Reply
i am a daily kratom user and i sleep like a baby every night
Lydia Clayfield - Sun, 02 Dec 2018 01:13:22 EST TYrFK2CI No.132051 Reply
1543731202683.jpg -(59675B / 58.28KB, 445x333) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
In higher dosages, kratom can work fine. There's a slight addiction chance, though.

IME, Kava never did anything but make me very nauseous and extremely anxious, almost as if I had paradoxical effects from it. I have tried several premium cultivars that were all noble root as well. YMMV, though.
Eliza Blerrypadging - Sun, 02 Dec 2018 02:31:54 EST hwifto1y No.132052 Reply
No time particular but usually stop dosing an hour or 2 before bed. I take teaspoons of it all day tho, like every couple of hours and usually most concentrated in the evening.
Jenny Grimdale - Sat, 08 Dec 2018 16:42:04 EST TRpW9ace No.132069 Reply
Could just be a difference in how it affects us. I try to not take any more at least 5 hours before bed unless it's a really low dose so that I can fall asleep easily. This goes for any strain.

The reds I've tried are certainly less stimulating than whites or greens. I tend to take it in the afternoon more often than others because of that.

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