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- Sat, 17 Aug 2019 15:18:50 EST qIrfrJZG No.132608
File: 1566069530436.jpg -(72686B / 70.98KB, 335x335) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. WHAT ARE THOOOSE
the rc site i use, in addition to having dozens and dozens of popular NPS's, also has some interesting ones, I'm trying to find out what the fuck some of these are that google turns up nothing for

>ethyl 3-[[(4-chlorophenyl)methyl-[(5-nitrothiophen-2-yl)methyl]amino]methyl]pyrrolidine-1-carboxylate
>(17a,20E)-17,20-[(1-Methoxyethylidene)bis(oxy)]-3-oxo-19-norpregna- 4,20-diene-21-carboxylic Acid Methyl Ester
Hedda Blerryshaw - Sun, 18 Aug 2019 07:00:08 EST Nzxu2iUg No.132609 Reply
  1. 3,4-Ethyl,Chloro-PNP (similar too α-PVT/α-PVP etc. line of chemicals.)
  2. Cocaine analogue (Similar too RTI-177 & HPBE (hydroxypropylbenzoylecgonine)
  3. Likely a decent too very potent opioid. Seems to based on Thebaine.
  4. Integrated Stress Response Inhibitor - A Nootropic it seems.

Please take this with a huge grain of salt. This was basically a jigsaw puzzle with my limited chemistry knowledge.

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