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anyone else high on nutmeg right now?

- Wed, 11 Sep 2019 19:47:23 EST aILdVZDE No.132724
File: 1568245643593.png -(11270B / 11.01KB, 615x198) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. anyone else high on nutmeg right now?
it feels awesome
Jenny Shittingwater - Thu, 12 Sep 2019 15:44:14 EST ddfNTixH No.132729 Reply
I loved the stuff, when I was younger. Now that I'm a middle aged 20 year old, I avoid the stuff. "tripping" for 3 days no longer appeals to me.
Oliver Senderbure - Thu, 12 Sep 2019 17:47:53 EST aj8K69lY No.132733 Reply
How much would you need to take to acquire a high?
Shitting Fiblingtark - Thu, 12 Sep 2019 20:29:16 EST cpj7uIgh No.132736 Reply
Same here, the power it puts into daydreams is fantastic.
Actually been craving a revisit lately though, been figuring maybe I should take a trip to nostalgia next I have some days off.
Or maybe just try out that recipe for pagan yuletide-cookies I saw on erowid when reading on there as a teen. See if it has any good feels in more just-above-regular amounts.
Go have a look at the erowid nutmeg page, should be some info to base a guess from (we're all different). At least it'll tell you how much NOT to take, to not have a bad time.
Also use fresh whole nuts, not the preground.
Angus Trotman - Sun, 15 Sep 2019 20:15:13 EST QKlAYjyX No.132749 Reply
Is this shit actually euphoric because I read a lot of bad reports
Sophie Suvinggold - Sun, 15 Sep 2019 22:04:05 EST cpj7uIgh No.132750 Reply
I would not say euphoric per se, more like being hyper comfy and your daydreams being manifold amplified, super easy to just close your eyes and float away in alien worlds.
Bad reports could easily be people just taking too much (if taking doses based on tablespoons, since depending on how finely grated they are a TBSP could vary by a lot, or just not checking up how much not to take to begin with at all)
Martin Bingerdat - Wed, 18 Sep 2019 03:47:18 EST fQCjMkIK No.132754 Reply
I love nutmeg, but for me personally, I have had to take about quadruple the dose that is normally listed to feel the effects. But on this dose (after many previous nutmeg ventures that just felt mild like a marijuana high) I experienced the effects that you mentioned about day dreams being amplified. I had fucking absurd day dreams as I felt my imagination was just running in some chaotic autopilot. Like I was watching some show not from this reality. That is in only time I have had such an experience on nutmeg. I hear that ingesting a lot is bad so I try to stay away now. After so much manually ground nutmeg that I had ingested, I felt the effects for 3 days and I wasnt able to shit once. On the night of the third day, I had severe constipation as i strained to pass the fattest turd in my life. it reeked of nutmeg and had chunks of the nuts in it since i ground it coarse. after passing the nutlog i quickly began sobering up. nutmeg is weird. the high was fun, but i will never put my digestive system through that ever again.
Martin Bingerdat - Wed, 18 Sep 2019 03:52:26 EST fQCjMkIK No.132755 Reply
I will add that even finely ground, it's like consuming sawdust. I've read that it is bad on the liver, which make sense because I believe it can't be properly digested.
Matilda Blittingshit - Wed, 18 Sep 2019 12:03:49 EST pQ3XFwLt No.132761 Reply
If you have a weak stomach it can make you pretty sick.
Fuck Busslemire - Fri, 20 Sep 2019 13:00:43 EST l8uPvjUm No.132767 Reply
Good call, imma smoke a joint and eat a piece of apple pie.

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