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I have discovered a terrible withdraw

- Mon, 16 Sep 2019 02:42:35 EST qIrfrJZG No.132751
File: 1568616155787.png -(96297B / 94.04KB, 768x494) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I have discovered a terrible withdraw
I had 6 Lamictal 250mg which I've taken daily as monotreatment for bipolar I for years now, with anti-psychotics PRN for bad manic episodes. Works great for the depression side of bipolar which tends to be worse for me.

Well, I lost them, and they won't give me 6 extra, even though I've been on an anticonvulsant for years now at the highest recommended dose, because something something insurance (fuck burgerland). So I figure ok it's a drug that has to build up a little bit in your system, So that was a lie. By day 2 I felt a little weird, on edge, racing thoughts, kind of figety. By day 3 I was getting terrible cramps and just a general malaise, racing thoughts, emotions all over. Day 4 my hands start to tremor and I get restless legs and toss and turn so much in my sleep I cracked my elbow hitting it on the wall. Night of day 5, I haven't slept in two, I'm constantly shivering and twitching. Took a half a bar a friend gave me and some Lunesta and I'm still wide wake (that could also be a bit of mania) but all the tremors and twitching stopped. Thank god. Got one day left. Think I'll pick up some vodka tomorrow. My mood is all over the place, one second I'm laughing hysterically at almost nothing the next I'm crying my eyes out absolutely bawling because Sing by Blur comes on the radio. Fingers crossed no seizure.

It feels like of like how people describe the infamous gabapentinoid withdraws like from pregabalin/gabapentin/phenibut only the symptoms of it hit my like a freight train, I feel like I could legitimately die if I wasn't getting more soon. These all have in common that they're sodium channel blockers, could this be a unique kind of withdrawal? It's nothing like benzo/barb/alcohol and other GABAergic withdrawals ime, and slightly different but very similar to gabapentinoid w/d, since those are also mildly GABAergic

Still love this drug though, the best psych med for my bipolar I, not psychoactive at all, keeps me from suicidal behavior and violent rages and reckless behavior, but doesn't change my rather dynamic personality at all

But god DAMN don't run out
Eliza Nemmerstad - Tue, 17 Sep 2019 13:10:19 EST gSEHUHnZ No.132752 Reply
Don't drink the alcohol man.
Samuel Dezzleson - Tue, 17 Sep 2019 21:29:35 EST IX47wWTh No.132753 Reply
It will make it worse when it wears off probably, but it helps immensely for a while. Every time I come off gabapentin, which is like once a month, I drink heavily to ease the synptoms. It does help, but unless you're ok drinking sunrise to sundown until you get your refill it's not worth it. It just prolongs the withdrawal and turns you into an alcoholic, and you may not stop drinking once you get more if you're getting alcohol withdrawals.
Graham Tillingbury - Wed, 18 Sep 2019 06:28:52 EST S4C7bXBR No.132756 Reply
1568802532689.jpg -(177003B / 172.85KB, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I was thinking about for this to treat my bipolar and whatever else is wrong with me since the quetiapine shit i'm prescribed will sometimes make me enter the Do Not Want zone and get tons of CEVS while i'm trying to sleep. Leaves me feeling like shit in the morning too. Lamictal sounds way better all around from what I've read online, aside from the awful withdrawal you described and apparently it might stop working after a while. I think it's worth a shot though, could be that this and mirtazapine will be exactly what I need to get my shit straight
Ian Firringferk - Wed, 18 Sep 2019 10:51:33 EST qIrfrJZG No.132760 Reply
Welp I got the refill and with an hour of taking 250mg the shaking stopped and I slept for like 12 hours now I still feel really on edge but I took another 250mg about an hour ago and I'm starting to feel like I'm going down to baseline. Mood is starting to get a lot more stable.

It's really good. I can't stand antipsychotics of any kind and flat out refused to take them. I was on Seroquel for a while but it's shit, unless you really need to sleep, I still keep a bottle of 200mg IR because that shit knocks me out better than almost anything, but then I sleep for a whole day, wake up and eat 5000 calories but if I'm on day 5 of a stimulant binge and I just want it to be over it's useful. Also I'll take it if I get too manic or I start getting into psychosis territory.
Martin Sazzleshaw - Wed, 18 Sep 2019 20:23:14 EST S4C7bXBR No.132762 Reply
Yep, can't stand any of that shit either. Hear too many scary things and I get horrific side effects from most. Seroquel leaves me feeling groggy and irritable in the morning but I still keep it around for the same reasons you do lol

Definitely seems like Lamictal is my best bet as far as treatment goes, hopefully it won't do anything bad combined with Mirtazapine and the Strattera I'm already taking. I just need to kill off my mood swings and horrible anxiety and then I'll be golden.
Molly Hurringsare - Thu, 19 Sep 2019 00:36:25 EST qIrfrJZG No.132764 Reply
It should be fine with Strattera at least, I took it with Wellbutrin until very recently
Martin Sazzleshaw - Thu, 19 Sep 2019 03:11:37 EST S4C7bXBR No.132765 Reply
That's a relief. Guess I just have to hope I don't get a skin rash now.

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