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What's Wrong with Pokemon Trainers these Days?

- Thu, 23 Jan 2020 20:45:40 EST RrP2mj5o No.230000
File: 1579830340348.jpg -(35657B / 34.82KB, 639x631) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. What's Wrong with Pokemon Trainers these Days?
>Starts up the grill
>Puts some burgers on

Does anybody else just miss the good old days? You turn 10, pick up a Pokemon, travel the region to catch other Pokemon & collect gym badges, fight other trainers, mean rivals & gangsters? Nowadays, everything is just so complicated! Too many Pokemon, the rivals are all wimps instead of jerks & bullies, the evil gangs have these cockamamey schemes of a new world order...

Heck, even the trainers are too soft these days! What, with never having to change their box if they wanna catch more Pokemon, default EXP share, trading with people through the internet instead of in person like the good old days. I heard that there's even a FAIRY type, now! Can ya believe it?

>Flips burger patties

The way the rivals, professors & the champions always holds their hands, these darn kids will ALWAYS be kids! Apparently, legendary Pokemon will even come down & clean up the messes caused by the kids & the evil teams! when I was on MY Pokemon Journey, I NEVER had a legendary waste their time by helping me, nor did I ever expect them to! Today's Trainers need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps & fix the messes that they create!

But, hey, maybe I'm asking too much, because believe me when I say that I have seen Cryogonals who don't aren't as big of snowflakes as these kids! What do you expect when you send them all to Safe Space City to go to the Fairy Type Gym so that they can get their Participation Badge? Heck, they're probably gonna just download their badges through their Rotom phone apps in a coupla years... & then, there's the friggin' media!

All the media & younger trainers talk about these days is "gigantamax, Z Moves, mega evolutions, EV training..."

I just wanna battle, for Mew's sake!

>Serves you your burger as he throws on another pair of patties.


>Opens cold can of Pocket Monster Energy Ultra

There is only ONE first Pokemon, & that is Mew! Not AR-SEE-YUS, not Bulbasaur, not friggin' Rhydon; MEW! That's what my parents taught me to believe, that's what their parents taught them, & it's what the missus & I teach to the boys! If you believe anything else, then ya ain't got your head one straight!
Jogger Hannah - Fri, 07 Aug 2020 04:35:42 EST peXSUCC4 No.230040 Reply
Mew is the one true pOkemon god
Ramen Ah
Camper Edwin - Tue, 11 Aug 2020 04:57:11 EST 3ifyNt/P No.230049 Reply
Oops, managed to accidentally post.

Was going to point out I caught all 150 when there was 150 +1 that you couldn't get outside Japan or maybe one event that happened once in your country. I'm as much an old fart as you.

Honestly most of the new shit is good. Pokemon training is a young man's game but now I have a life and job and responsibilities all this quality of life means I can still get on with my life and battle. You wouldn't be sat around this barbequeue if you were a serious trainer back in the day, you'd be breeding 900000 pokemon and iv training. And the lack of exp share? It was tedious. Psychic types terrorised everything and no one had an answer.

Your journey was never difficult, it was just about putting in a load of effort. Do you really think those gyms weren't going easy on us? Seriously? You think Brock actually fights with a level 12 onix seriously? Nah it's just something he grabbed from mount moon to make sure the kids weren't slacking off. His real team would have buried your little charmander in a single rockslide and no amount of scratching away would have saved you.

The real problem isn't all the advances but that all the love and attention, the friendly folk whose houses we could wander into, people who'd share their stories with a kid. It's gone away.
Team Aqua Grunt Eugene - Sun, 16 Aug 2020 20:02:49 EST xisGAu91 No.230051 Reply

Just started heart gold on emulator a couple months ago (don't play often) after only playing yellow and gold hundreds or maybe thousands of times as a kid.

> The good old days improved

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