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functionalCS/learnAIfromscratch cringe 3.0 as old thread died

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- Tue, 17 Aug 2021 23:25:07 EST x6K3CZQk No.39739
File: 1629257107033.jpg -(357377B / 349.00KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. functionalCS/learnAIfromscratch cringe 3.0 as old thread died
lying drones over Sweden https://youtu.be/qKDcBK_B-bw though the sound is trash https://youtu.be/Bdywzwu4a-ki if you fan video, fix the sound because you now know how to do so, with the meme curriculum.

I will make drone workshop maybe in learndronesfromscratch sometime as I'm writing drone software now, mainly because it's so terrifying https://youtu.be/ZiO2dq78mZI but all anons should get invovled in this kind of work, what is going on in x field? it's worse than you thought.

FunctionalCS is 1.0 alpha. Learnaifromscratch.github.io is beta. The final version I make my own curriculum on youtube and build an anon army. If I get into X tech, I will shill to them that I can train the next generation of employees to be here. Not that I want anons to be wagies or slaves to Bezos or Minsky, but we can manipulate the game and just get in to see 'what goes on here?' https://functionalcs.github.io/curriculum/ is alpha, there we learn with no help at all, it's the first attempt.

https://learnaifromscratch.github.io/ is the second attempt, an AI specific 'workshop' there we learn roughly most of functionalCS in efficient courses I've found that are the same curriculum as functionalcs, this is a deliberate attempt to bypass the credentials of 'ML engineer' so anons can work for places like Algorithmia AI marketplace or get into MBZAI, but it's also an attempt to get into various bigtech/wallstreet tech, because if you haven't noticed many of the profs I've chosen speak at certain companies so I decided to roll with them and it was rewarding, I've never learned so much from these profs and now I kind of 'get it', the concept I took for granted earlier is a much bigger subject about computational theory and that's what we're doing if it's not obvious.

There is way too many workshops for learnai because the subject is AI with a huge prereq list of annoying stats (do we need stats? another goal of learnAI is all of this is this needed?, you decide), but some random anon who just wants to destroy their way into bigtech, if you do CS19 you're good, despite what everyone has told you, plus I made algorithms.html but you are even better than all those uni internships because none of them want to work there, whereas we would like to parachute in there and see what goes on in these kinds of companies. No really they want to work for Google and get some kind of L8 salary or Facebook so we're poaching what they have left on the table to chase a non-existent comfortable positions (until your performance review, tip they fire everyone, but not us).

Anyway my promise is to infiltrate and teach you what you need to know to get in there too. I have a background of doing this, writing for 'Infiltration Zine' since I was a teenager. I have articles in 2600 magazine where they sent me clothing and I replied 'hey I'm supposed to be anonymous'. There's a few cringe articles I wrote there and for infiltration I won't post here, one is where I climbed a suspension bridge and kicked open the door to get to the top of the cables and broadcast a pirate radio signal, and then filmed a very cringe video that ended up on crimestoppers but thankfully nobody snitched me out, so I'm returning the favor, no snitching you aren't ivy league grads but it doesn't matter, you will know (well, most of what they know, they are the best schools with personalized assistance) what they (well, mostly) know but you have taught yourself, and it worked for me to excell in HK finance. Literally not a single person I met in HK that I worked with, including highly talented frenchmen who knew OCaml, could finish a single CS19 assigment. It's a hard course, but can you figure it out? You're already better than everybody I hired in HK.

Every other anon should copy what I'm doing and make their own workshop for whatever they are interested in so I can also take their courses, I'd like to speak Latin or ancient Greek, I'd like to understand the cutting edge of modern philosophy whatever that is, I'd like to speak another language besides Mandarin, English and Russian, I'd like to understand how agriculture works so I can get the fuck out of where I am and live in a remote farm when I quit JS and get out of Tribeca. I'd like to build a house there too if you can teach me. I'd like to make games, etc.

I write my meme curriculum purposely in the most basic html format because I've been around the world and nobody has functioning internet anywhere, I designed it so if you're on a phone you can complete it, the entire meme curriculm on a phone. Have you guys been to middle of nowhere Indonesia and have seen kids with phones and nobody owns a laptop? That's what you should strive for, make your own repl if you have to like code.pyret.org that's something I will try after memeAI is done.

Anyway there is no 'high iq' needed or 'early programing knowlege' like being 13yo and writing algorithms needed. Just put in the work, you'll be fine and crush everybody else..... hint: nobody puts in the work like you do. Good luck anons.
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Fanny Greenstock - Fri, 20 May 2022 06:04:05 EST x6K3CZQk No.40239 Reply
1653041045815.jpg -(539702B / 527.05KB, 2000x898) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
After interviewing in over 20+ firms I think anybody can get into JS
Of course the hard part is getting them to notice you but you'd be surprised how bad it is right now to find 'qualified programmers' they even have troubles recruiting on campus because bigtech screwed them if you read their recruiter blogs like I do

I never used to do this but interviewing is the easiest thing I've ever done, it's just CS19 or the beginner algorithms.html like a famous place asked me last week how to write fibonacci with recursion, I literally have done this for months in the meme curriculum I banged it out in seconds it's also a SICP exercise (and TAOCP exercise) and also Robert Harper old 15-150 course taught this. I was hired immediately I now have 4 F/T jobs. I get up at 4am and I write programs for an AI platform, at 8:30 I do working class union work, at 3pm I'm done and then have 2 hours to make food and do some cringe workouts I updated getinshape.html with, then I start job #3 and they have me doing nothing right now so I'm just bug fixing shit on my own accord in github, 6pm rolls around and I have to start my 4th job I just got and so far it's all meetings too I do nothing, 8pm rolls around I talk to my g/f and then I do meme exercises as outlined in getinshape.html and then I shower and update the meme curriculum as long as I an until tired then sleep.

Anybody can do it, I never thought I could but now I'm realzing how easy it is. I will update algorithms.html with this and even ai.html because now in my 4th job I'm the 'ai expert' because I took that waterloo course! wtf. I need to update that workshop

Anyway anons, it's easier than you think esp if you did CS19, if you did that course you're already better than 70% of other applicants just you don't know. Maybe even more, like who knows property-based testing? Nobody, I smoked my 4th interview with that just imitating Prof K walking through examples and talking about the problem which was typical CS19 trees and nothing more difficult.

I know JS is much more difficult and certain other M(F)AANG companies that's why I meme competitive programming because when they see you dunk stuff like tkhat on cruise control it's shocking to them, you may think it's a joke but nobody else has these skills, anywhere. Nobody. True the people that are there will make you feel like an imposter but you should expect that from an 'elite' firm whereas everyone I've met so far at work in my now 3 tech jobs including m(f)aang knows half what YOU know if you've done CS19. I'm not exaggerating at all I was shocked when I got in I was thinking surely, I'm an imposter. Nope. Guy with Msc as my mgr asking me to explain my code because nobody understands my basic recursion algorithms I learned from Robert Harper and Prof Ragde. I will have his job and hire you anons some day, directly, that's actually my plan.

Anyway this is EASIER than I thought, of course the real world problems that need to be solved are not easy but getting paid to do this, not hard.
and now HK is desperate to hire people right for finance, it's all so crazy what's happening like a full circle. Anyway good luck anons remember, we're already doing the most '''elite''' courses that nobody else does like Brown university or Waterloo or Robert Harper material or Cornell. Think about that. *You* are the elite! I tricked you all by giving you the hardest courses. You did them and now are SOME of the best programmers on earth. That was the plan all along, a confidence surprise you will not understand until you get hired to one of these places and realize that YOU are the 'senior developer' now!

It was all a trick anons and now you're the best of the best.
Anyway I have to finish all the workshops on learnai and functionalcs so trying 1hr a day per workshop, esp the AI one so we can finally finish it doing the original author of Waterloo's famous ML book. Reminder you can get paid doing the homework of ppl who aren't taking the course we're doing, I will include it.

Good luck see you at the party https://youtu.be/hjMqMPKa9Mk

Least bloated backend stack

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- Mon, 27 Sep 2021 07:56:13 EST bQK4WBOK No.39861
File: 1632743773738.jpg -(36770B / 35.91KB, 474x355) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Least bloated backend stack
Hi all,

What's the least bloated backend stack?

I want the simplest, cleanest, least complicated stack. Basically the opposite of node js.

I want some basic Post functionality on my website and I want to hook into a database for data.

Thoughts plz?
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Angus Gickledork - Sat, 21 May 2022 09:23:12 EST r4bYI/8Z No.40242 Reply
Spring Boot. Java I'd typesafe and with its great tooling it will ensure there will be less runtime bugs and you will finish your work sooner. Modern springboot is extremely non-bloated, you just need pom.xml with 3 or 4 dependencies, mvn clean install and you get single JAR you can run with Java alone so basically everywhere. Extremely simple deploy just java -jar app.jar
Angus Gickledork - Sat, 21 May 2022 09:25:52 EST r4bYI/8Z No.40243 Reply
If you got baited into Lisp meme so much and you call people pajeet like every simpleminded /g/ moron then I beg you, at least do it in Clojure
Thomas Neddlepot - Tue, 24 May 2022 14:53:57 EST b34yLXfb No.40245 Reply
Do I need to touch the node ecosystem? That was a deal breaker for me previously when I wanted to try Elixir/Phoenix.

Forum/Image baord Creation

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- Sat, 22 Aug 2020 18:01:19 EST qL+QCiK3 No.38945
File: 1598133679059.jpg -(277327B / 270.83KB, 1350x1450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Forum/Image baord Creation
I want to program my own image board from scratch but I don't know what programming language is ideal or where to start at all, really. What is the best tutorial or book out there on this topic that I can follow?
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Emma Gunningshit - Thu, 02 Sep 2021 17:04:38 EST RfCPWDDi No.39789 Reply
There are loads of them already up on github, in a variety of langs, just give it a search
User is currently banned from all boards
Nicholas Shittingbanks - Thu, 17 Feb 2022 09:45:05 EST DwIx2sYS No.40149 Reply
write your own web servers in assembly jolly african-american
Edwin Goffingstack - Fri, 29 Apr 2022 21:30:55 EST U3E4S0yl No.40220 Reply
Unless their passion is for assembly, or there's a particularly nasty bottleneck in web servers built without assembly, why would you suggest such a thing?

Web3 Projection

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- Sat, 09 Apr 2022 12:39:13 EST i4efGmNn No.40200
File: 1649522353677.jpg -(44576B / 43.53KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Web3 Projection
Hey everyone, what are your honest thoughts about Web3 and its future?

I'm in the video game industry and over there, the concept of things like NFT make people grab their pitchforks.

I don't get it, as I see the value in the concept of digital ownership but at the same time I could imagine why there'd be backlash of Call of Duty devs said "Here's a new gun, there's 5000 of em, thx" but I envision a more organic approach to the inclusion of NFT that isn't so... obviously a money grab lol

Interested to hear your thoughts as I light one up. Also, I very much used to be one of those "omg you bought gif you loser" until I started to understand the actual technology of blockchain and its potential with projects like IPFS.
The King - Wed, 13 Apr 2022 21:00:09 EST lTLSkWn+ No.40205 Reply
Blockchain is pretty cool technology, and pretty amazing, but it only works in specific cases where you cannot trust **any** actors in a scenario, and is not the only way to do that, it just allows for a very specific type of safety. I could see it being used for currency, maybe, and nothing else. Etherium contracts are just too slow, and too expensive to use for almost anything realistic. I feel this is akin to the hype around the car, Americans integrating it into everything possible, and just now realizing the horrid side effects of the urban and suburban dystopia we have created for ourselves. In general decentralized technologies like GunJS could be the future, or at least a big part of it. Free is always cheaper then paying to a corporation after all, but blockchain is too expensive and slow. In general, decentralized good, blockchain bad.
Clara Goodshit - Tue, 19 Apr 2022 15:58:15 EST QU6GYPQ1 No.40212 Reply
In my opinion blockchain has no future. NFT's are very obviously a scam created to make a fake use for Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has no future, because it is deflating by nature. If you didn't get in early, you are not getting in at all, it has an end. That is the reason why our currency is inflating, to keep it going for future generations. Even the mere concept of all wallets being public and decentralized is so absolutely insane. I can literally make a virus, disguise it as currency and drop it into your wallet without your concent. There my currency sits and taunts you, untill the day you accidently click and interact with it. Activating the virus and transfering all your funds to my wallet.
It is also very obviosuly a pyramid scheme. The very base of the concept consists around recruiting as many people as possible, after you bought your own coins first of course.
Edwin Goffingstack - Fri, 29 Apr 2022 21:28:20 EST U3E4S0yl No.40219 Reply
The only way NFTs gain something RESEMBLING a tangible value is if they represent ownership and thus the dividends of a corporation.
We already have a vehicle for that called "Stocks", and the moment you pull this shit with crypto the SEC will be on you so hard that you either expend so much fucking effort that you literally set up a stock and are using a meme to sell it, or are just hanging it on your shoulders as a digital trophy - in which case, Elon, I suggest you tie it's value to a shitload of solar panels.

Unless Elon Musk personally ties ownership of all his solar and gifts it to the government, these digital assets will NEVER get FDIC insurance.

books to read as a starter programmer?

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- Wed, 06 Oct 2021 12:31:28 EST yTf9ZFcb No.39888
File: 1633537888529.png -(22508B / 21.98KB, 1200x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. books to read as a starter programmer?
so i finally decide to take my lazy ass out and stop watching animes / playing vidya to learn something, but im kinda stucki dont know exactly what to learn and being self thaught has been like an pain to me is there any books that you anons would recommend as an essential for an new person in programming like me ? thanks
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Phyllis Gozzlewone - Tue, 08 Feb 2022 15:58:46 EST m5+C/qFg No.40142 Reply
its not the class that provides useful information, i didnt not say class alone is successful, i said class is the gold standard for producing computer scientists, and so one should look towards their materials: textbooks and assignments.
Phyllis Gozzlewone - Tue, 08 Feb 2022 15:59:28 EST m5+C/qFg No.40143 Reply
not just that* class provides useful information. I was trying to say video suck for learning compared to traditional syllabi materials
samsepi0l - Wed, 09 Feb 2022 00:54:32 EST GhSaBpun No.40144 Reply
agree to disagree. Most kids in my class cant even use a fucking terminal; or know how to use git. They are senior undergrads. I guess in my experience i would just have to disagree.

Advice on learning programming

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- Fri, 16 Apr 2021 11:08:29 EST lYgTaLfB No.39493
File: 1618585709512.jpg -(44635B / 43.59KB, 650x434) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Advice on learning programming
Im leaning computer science in college, just entered the course. Classes already suck. I was wondering if there was a better way to learn online, even better if free, some site or a program or a book maybe, i guess what im asking is whats the best way to learn programming ? how did you learn it ? thanks in advance
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Phyllis Sebblebury - Sat, 09 Oct 2021 18:14:54 EST uZcUgW58 No.39896 Reply
join his office hours and find something easy to contribute
fuckyounamefag - Tue, 23 Nov 2021 14:10:07 EST zJNpgIEr No.40033 Reply
1637694607293.gif -(649232B / 634.02KB, 171x255) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is my way, get inspired.

Step 1:

> I choose a language I want to learn
> I take a project made in this language
> I open a file of this project
> I come across codes I don't understand
> I'm researching and studying these codes until I understand them

step 2:

> I use the knowledge acquired to start my own project
> I think about functions that I would not be able to implement due to lack of knowledge
> I look for knowledge for the implementation
> I finish the project
> back to step 2

> I'm looking for a book about the technology I want to learn
> I look for items of things I don't understand
> read
> I understand what is being said
> I go back to step 2, but using the new knowledge learned

It is not necessary to strictly follow what I said, just adapt it to your own way.

Good luck.

P.S. I don't speak english fluently, forgive the grammar mistakes.
Fanny Murdfoot - Tue, 08 Feb 2022 10:51:50 EST dDArSUHt No.40138 Reply
this is how i learned too; and my CS classes sucked, and still sucks to this day. I got a job with a start up with skills i've developed on my own. Don't know how well classes are preparing me.

/CSG+/ Computer Science+ General

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!!33ivWmZL - Tue, 05 Jan 2021 06:33:48 EST 64dksXKJ No.39228
File: 1609846428824.png -(177511B / 173.35KB, 441x421) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. /CSG+/ Computer Science+ General
This thread is for those that aren't interested in taking shortcuts in learning how to program and want to eventually be able to solve interesting and potentially difficult problems down their career.

SICP STUDY GROUP information at bottom of post

disc ordDOTgg GMqFeHRfGk

See above, can't post I guess

The first link recommends SICP as an entry, but most /g/entoomen don't know calculus (go figure). In that case, I'd recommend How to Design Programs. Before you complain, read: See above

Free books:
See above

Not sure if programming is for you? Try:
See above
Word of warning though, that book has a new edition that just came out. You can wait until someone is kind enough to upload it, or just buy it now

See everyone next week for thread #1.1.2, where we run through SICP chapters 1 and 2 as a board while everyone else talking about grokking algorithms and debating Stewart vs Apostol vs Spivak

SICP start day: 11 January
SICP end day: 8 February

strawp ollDOTme/42389666

These threads will be about more than just SICP of course, and we may end up doing two separate books for two separate groups, depending on how the poll ends up.

Remember, you don't need to be a computer scientist to be a good programmer, but it sure does help

Note: Testing tripcode, will change it next post
8 posts and 4 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Hannah Nizzleshit - Fri, 21 Jan 2022 20:23:34 EST VYvG6Atw No.40122 Reply
The Inv isn't working, can you post another one?
Reuben Sattingspear - Mon, 31 Jan 2022 07:06:15 EST p3Od6i3j No.40132 Reply

Just take an abstract algebra class or something. That or first-order logic.
User is currently banned from all boards


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- Wed, 19 Jan 2022 23:26:31 EST K3SEtdmJ No.40120
File: 1642652791163.png -(321679B / 314.14KB, 640x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. +-----+
User is currently banned from all boardsUser is currently banned from all boards


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- Thu, 18 Nov 2021 16:59:13 EST UtW2FIVa No.40025
File: 1637272753714.png -(101805B / 99.42KB, 475x356) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I cant stop PROCRASTINATING HELP PLS
I can't stop fucking procrastinating for the life of me. I've got an exam I have to study for in 10 days, and I wasted all semester Doing absolutely nothing. At this point, I'm fucked. I was gonna pull an all nighter tonight, but im so tired and I havent done any work. I always wake up so late too. And sleep late. And jerk off all day and watch porn. FUCK MAN WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I DO I WNATED TO ACE THESE MIDTERMS AND COME FIRST IN MY CLASS. I KNOW I STILL CAN IF I PUT IN THE WORK BUT FUCK IT IM NOT ABLE TO FUCK THIS SHIT
Hedda Hishhall - Fri, 19 Nov 2021 06:40:38 EST L6EVtHv0 No.40026 Reply
I find the best way to study for tests is to just do a bunch of old exams. Only like 1-2 per day is enough if you start early, doesn't even take that much time. Make sure to go over the solutions directly afterwards.
Lydia Worthingwell - Tue, 18 Jan 2022 19:38:08 EST Y8fdtcLw No.40115 Reply
What sort of porn do you watch?

The Wizarding world of hacking /computer science and how i found it.

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- Thu, 11 Nov 2021 04:11:55 EST pySCF5TJ No.40014
File: 1636621915291.jpg -(4572B / 4.46KB, 295x171) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. The Wizarding world of hacking /computer science and how i found it.
TLDR; Got hacked, got pwned, need material, and resources on how to check the integrity of my system, as well as tools, and programs that would make it easier.
this wasnt just some rando, it was someone i know apparently, and it persists.

So, as the title suggests, theres an entire world hidden at our fingertips. and i honestly thought the shit was straight out of a movie, or book. until the day i was hacked in a way that was beyond just s DDOS attack, or a internet shutdown, or even a spammer. Someone, still not sure who, hacked me in such a way they were controlling the suggestions on my youtube, they were controlling my pandora, they were redirecting me to sites they wanted me to go to, funneling me and leaving small breadcrumbs. and the most fucked part about it was, they did in such a way that i actually learned what was up and how to stop it along the way. IE my computer was acting fucking ridiculous, never had it act so spazzy, so i did your basic control alt delete maneuver, just processes and task, and noticed quite a few that were never there before, and crazy multiples of those as well, well i began shutting them down, but here was a service in play i didnt recognize either that would immediately restart it, so i just shut em down as they popped and scanned the services for the trigger and when i found it, my computer shut off, when powered back on it immediately went to the browser which wasnt previously opened, to you a youtube video titled "How to shut someone on your networks computer off" or some bullshit like that. so i began going balls to the wall to understand computers, i was sorta savvy from generational knowledge, and know that any hacker has a reason. even if its to troll.
so, i had to find out what they were after.

This is where things got really fucking weird, i didnt wanna keep my roomate up, so i decided to sit in my car and just chill while my laptop charged, and try to figure out where the breach was, and manually find the malware or hack so to speak.
so i go to the event manager and look up the criticals and find 14 different occasions, where someone named avatar02 attempted to gain access to this computerand as i discover this someone drives by my house, at 3am, and slows down right in front of my driveway, for split second, then fucking bolts, and the message appeared again.

So now i know the car, and that this isnt some spammer or gold farmer, tryna steal my OSRS account, this is someone literal feet from me, that may or may not have ill intent. sooooo, im flummuxed, and i cant find any reliable information online due to my computer being breached, and my phone being overwhlemed with google bloatware, nothing is actual help. so i decide to start asking for help. friends, family, experts.
EVERYONE IS ACTING LIKE IM FUCKING NUTS, rightfully so, because i am to some degree, but even with tangible proof everyone played devils advocate for me.
which proper pissed me off, especially in regard to my best friend. i got him to play ball, by saying ok, say its not true, whatever, your probably right. but lets say it all is true. humor me, and walk me through what needs to be done beyond regaining my security, and resetting and fortifying my defences.
he asked what i had to offer, now that caught me by surprise because i knew they wanted something, and i knew i needed to figure it out, but i never stopped to think about what i have to offer. NOTHING, fucking nothing, im not even intelligent, just fucking dabble in a bit of everything. until this. for the first time in my life, magic became real in the form of computer science and hacking. and has now inspired me to pursue my goals of becoming a cyber security specialist and coder.

which brings me here. ive got alot of fundamentals now, learning python, and such.
but really need to find a place where i can find reliable responses to attacks, that will not nonly prevent it, but also discern the source. i know the internet has all the knowledge ill ever need, and i just have to ask the right question.

So my question is where can i find a website soley dedicated to learning everything there is to know about hacking, defensive, and offensive, and what sorta intermediate skills do i need to focus on to make sure im growing my skills without school.

The reward will be knowing you helped a fello anon out whos been around since /b/and its glory days., and i will make sure when im in the upper ranks of the elite cyber security and hacktivists, i pass down useful knowledge and help out the newcomers.

BECAUSE HOLY FUCKING SHIT BALLS, its the craziest thing ive every heard of, and its been a year since the first attack and im still giddy. fucking captivated totally.

also, any random tips, or lessons you learned from this industry, or underground, please share with me so i can learn form your experience.

INB4- you fucking grammar nazis, idgaf, i wrote this fast as fuck boy.
Loop Deloup the Humble Green Hat - Thu, 11 Nov 2021 08:05:16 EST pySCF5TJ No.40016 Reply
This is the kinda shit i'm talking about, your the man, i appreciate the look out anon.

Need a hel with JavaScript regExp exercise

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- Thu, 21 Oct 2021 13:04:18 EST Eb6vFStm No.39921
File: 1634835858631.jpg -(6784B / 6.62KB, 276x183) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Need a hel with JavaScript regExp exercise
>Create a function that will get text as an argument using regExp.
>Check if the text starts with a capital letter or not.
>If yes print True, if not False.
2 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Eliza Drullergold - Fri, 22 Oct 2021 07:59:13 EST 4+11Cn0q No.39925 Reply
You get good features from having a lot of man hours, but you also get bad features by existing for a long time. JavaScript suffers the curse of popularity and bears the weight of backwards compatibility. That's why the proliferation of tools around the JavaScript ecosystem exists because no one wants to break the web but JavaScript has some parts that need to be refined. Linters help
Charlotte Cegglekat - Sat, 06 Nov 2021 09:19:48 EST KAgPQQlh No.39994 Reply
<table border="1" width="0" height="0" cellpadding="20" cellspacing="0" id="table">

let randomColor = (Math.floor(Math.random() * 255));
$('.text').css({'background-color', randomColor})

🔗 [ANN][HBIT] Hashbit Blockchain: 100% POS With Curve25519 + SHA256 🔥

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- Fri, 05 Nov 2021 10:57:35 EST KBGd5pa6 No.39986
File: 1636124255870.png -(490581B / 479.08KB, 1075x435) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 🔗 [ANN][HBIT] Hashbit Blockchain: 100% POS With Curve25519 + SHA256 🔥

HBIT is a 100% proof-of-stake cryptocurrency, constructed in open-source Java. HBIT unique proof-of-stake algorithm does not depend on any implementation of the coin age concept used by other proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies, and is resistant to so-called nothing at stake attacks. A total quantity of 50 billion available tokens were distributed in the genesis block. Curve25519 cryptography is used to provide a balance of security and required processing power, along with more commonly-used SHA256 hashing algorithms.

Blocks are generated every 30 seconds on average. Since the full coin supply already exists, HBIT is redistributed through the inclusion of transaction fees which are awarded to an account when it successfully creates a block. Transactions are deemed safe after 10 block confirmations, and HBIT current architecture and block size cap allows for the processing of up to 1,101,600 transactions per day.


  • Transfer Coins
  • Mining
  • Block Reward
  • Encrypt Messages
-Build Assets
  • Facilitate Payment
  • Developer Tools
  • Asset Exchange
  • Alias System
  • Data Cloud
  • Marketplace
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Martha Dacklechin - Sat, 06 Nov 2021 14:08:58 EST vhhWqC6I No.39997 Reply
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I kind of need your help

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- Sun, 10 Oct 2021 11:29:25 EST YiT0WU2c No.39898
File: 1633879765430.jpg -(81259B / 79.35KB, 585x627) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I kind of need your help
So i'm studying Javascript and now we're learning array matrix

Here's example of how I got 4,7,8

var arr = [[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]];
for(i = 1; i < arr.length; i++){
for(j = 0; j < i; j++){

Right now I'm stuck at finding 2,3 and 6 number, I've been doing this particular homework for hours only on 2,3,6.....
Henry Shittingstone - Sun, 10 Oct 2021 11:32:13 EST YiT0WU2c No.39899 Reply
I need a help to understand this, so if there's a guy with a good knowledge of JS, please don't ignore this thread.
Nigel Nicklewater - Tue, 12 Oct 2021 21:49:18 EST mQOAgrkw No.39903 Reply
I hope this helps.

//arr[0][1],arr[0][2],arr[1][2] //upper triangle
//"i<j" is the predicate
var arr = [[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]];
for(j = 1; j < arr.length; j++){
for(i = 0; i < j; i++){
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