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I love u 420

- Tue, 19 Jun 2018 15:25:31 EST 8n5k8z4E No.37563
File: 1529436331824.png -(3114040B / 2.97MB, 1300x1370) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I love u 420
Soi don't know much about programming
I've been using computers since I was basically born and remember rainbow logo macINTOSH computers when're that was a thing
I've decided I'd like a career change

I want to eventually deal with AI or Cybersecurity
And by AI I am pretty certain I mean a type of machine learning where you build a "neural net"
I think thats like the predominant thing in that field right now
Im really interested in for lack of a better term "future tech" like bioengineering and anything that has to do with the human body and tech kinda "merging" in any sort of way
I've always really been so interested in the way networks and computers interact which is why cybersecurity is another thing Im really starting to look into, I think computer forensics falls into that category tooI guess that involves "hacking" to an extent to understand how to attack/infiltrate a system?

I'd like to learn on my own and slowly build a kinda portfolio and eventually when I think I'm good enough try and contribute to any ongoing projects or something, to gain "clout'
(really more like rub shoulders with people who can help me later haha.)

But before all that I'd really like help figuring out the best avenues of action from you guys hence this post and all that.

Im in-between cyber security or AI
I also have a buddy thats die hard for blockchain tech and while I'm not a bitcoin radical, I do know a lot of money is pouring into the blockchain engineer space
so that is also something that might be interesting.

I'd appreciate some well thought answers, I always ask 420chan for advice like this, I just love you so much you know?
Sorry guys, Im all on drugs and introspective and wish I had a dad but ANYWAY like I was saying, those all sound interesting for me and my question is what languages would help me the most to do those right now assuming I know nothing?

I think over time its important to learn a lot of languages for different reasons so its really hard to have a definitive "BEST porgramming language to know EVER" but what would you think are the best
languages for a novice to learn are? For cybersec or ai?
Oliver Mazzleman - Tue, 19 Jun 2018 22:22:15 EST 2qXrTEql No.37564 Reply
Python is both the lingua franca of AI and frequently recommended to infosec people. It's not without its problems, but unless you have very specific constraints you have to worry about it's generally a good choice for any project.

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