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- Sun, 28 Apr 2019 15:33:21 EST lW62FiRg No.37793
File: 1556480001076.jpg -(47228B / 46.12KB, 495x638) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. newb
total newbie in programming

i want to start to learn how to program. what are all the languages and which one should I start with from easiest to hardest?

goal is to work from home and make income
James Randi - Tue, 30 Apr 2019 04:20:37 EST 1LDhr8d/ No.37810 Reply
Get on google and start teaching your self is the fist step.

All languages have different strength and weaknesses.
So it's highly dependant on what you want to do.

I say just pick one and go.

You can start with scratch, a programming language for little babies, literally.
Fuck Bullercocke - Tue, 30 Apr 2019 07:14:46 EST yWCJdZvc No.37811 Reply
There may exist lower-effort ways to work from home. Why do you want to learn programming in particular?
Oliver Greenstock - Fri, 05 Jul 2019 20:15:47 EST FnW9ut/o No.37904 Reply
Decide on what you want to do with progranming and what industry you want to work in as well. Also there are thousands of resources for you to learn this shit
Oliver Greenstock - Fri, 05 Jul 2019 20:16:29 EST FnW9ut/o No.37905 Reply
I would also recommed learning some math (starting with brushing up on some linear algebra)
Matilda Shittingspear - Mon, 08 Jul 2019 16:43:11 EST tIjRESAS No.37909 Reply
>what are all the languages
No programmer ever knows them all.
As in, even heard their names. There just are so many. People make new ones all the time. Most never gain that much traction.
>which one should I start with from easiest to hardest
I'd recommend to use the resource https://www.htdp.org/2019-02-24/ to start with (but skip the "Prologue" section, it's actually a ruse to make you feel lost intentionally, simulating how other books teach programming). It uses a custom language for beginners made to teach better rather than be good for big projects / companies. My first attempts at programming never went anywhere because I never felt like I was actually learning to solve problems, rather like I was learning a load of curiosa without being shown the proper ways to use it. Because I was trying to learn C++ because that's what the big boys use.

Then after you've learned the basics, you would pick up a real world language based on what you actually want to do. The reason there are so many languages are that they are fit for different purposes. Working from home is probably more common with web development afaik.

But also seconding >>37811 , why programming?
It probably isn't the most straightforward or most sure way to reach your goal.
Also learning programming takes a lot of time and effort. Will you actually sit down and crunch or will you just switch tabs to some youtube vid as soon as things get challenging?

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