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The Wizarding world of hacking /computer science and how i found it.

- Thu, 11 Nov 2021 04:11:55 EST pySCF5TJ No.40014
File: 1636621915291.jpg -(4572B / 4.46KB, 295x171) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. The Wizarding world of hacking /computer science and how i found it.
TLDR; Got hacked, got pwned, need material, and resources on how to check the integrity of my system, as well as tools, and programs that would make it easier.
this wasnt just some rando, it was someone i know apparently, and it persists.

So, as the title suggests, theres an entire world hidden at our fingertips. and i honestly thought the shit was straight out of a movie, or book. until the day i was hacked in a way that was beyond just s DDOS attack, or a internet shutdown, or even a spammer. Someone, still not sure who, hacked me in such a way they were controlling the suggestions on my youtube, they were controlling my pandora, they were redirecting me to sites they wanted me to go to, funneling me and leaving small breadcrumbs. and the most fucked part about it was, they did in such a way that i actually learned what was up and how to stop it along the way. IE my computer was acting fucking ridiculous, never had it act so spazzy, so i did your basic control alt delete maneuver, just processes and task, and noticed quite a few that were never there before, and crazy multiples of those as well, well i began shutting them down, but here was a service in play i didnt recognize either that would immediately restart it, so i just shut em down as they popped and scanned the services for the trigger and when i found it, my computer shut off, when powered back on it immediately went to the browser which wasnt previously opened, to you a youtube video titled "How to shut someone on your networks computer off" or some bullshit like that. so i began going balls to the wall to understand computers, i was sorta savvy from generational knowledge, and know that any hacker has a reason. even if its to troll.
so, i had to find out what they were after.

This is where things got really fucking weird, i didnt wanna keep my roomate up, so i decided to sit in my car and just chill while my laptop charged, and try to figure out where the breach was, and manually find the malware or hack so to speak.
so i go to the event manager and look up the criticals and find 14 different occasions, where someone named avatar02 attempted to gain access to this computerand as i discover this someone drives by my house, at 3am, and slows down right in front of my driveway, for split second, then fucking bolts, and the message appeared again.

So now i know the car, and that this isnt some spammer or gold farmer, tryna steal my OSRS account, this is someone literal feet from me, that may or may not have ill intent. sooooo, im flummuxed, and i cant find any reliable information online due to my computer being breached, and my phone being overwhlemed with google bloatware, nothing is actual help. so i decide to start asking for help. friends, family, experts.
EVERYONE IS ACTING LIKE IM FUCKING NUTS, rightfully so, because i am to some degree, but even with tangible proof everyone played devils advocate for me.
which proper pissed me off, especially in regard to my best friend. i got him to play ball, by saying ok, say its not true, whatever, your probably right. but lets say it all is true. humor me, and walk me through what needs to be done beyond regaining my security, and resetting and fortifying my defences.
he asked what i had to offer, now that caught me by surprise because i knew they wanted something, and i knew i needed to figure it out, but i never stopped to think about what i have to offer. NOTHING, fucking nothing, im not even intelligent, just fucking dabble in a bit of everything. until this. for the first time in my life, magic became real in the form of computer science and hacking. and has now inspired me to pursue my goals of becoming a cyber security specialist and coder.

which brings me here. ive got alot of fundamentals now, learning python, and such.
but really need to find a place where i can find reliable responses to attacks, that will not nonly prevent it, but also discern the source. i know the internet has all the knowledge ill ever need, and i just have to ask the right question.

So my question is where can i find a website soley dedicated to learning everything there is to know about hacking, defensive, and offensive, and what sorta intermediate skills do i need to focus on to make sure im growing my skills without school.

The reward will be knowing you helped a fello anon out whos been around since /b/and its glory days., and i will make sure when im in the upper ranks of the elite cyber security and hacktivists, i pass down useful knowledge and help out the newcomers.

BECAUSE HOLY FUCKING SHIT BALLS, its the craziest thing ive every heard of, and its been a year since the first attack and im still giddy. fucking captivated totally.

also, any random tips, or lessons you learned from this industry, or underground, please share with me so i can learn form your experience.

INB4- you fucking grammar nazis, idgaf, i wrote this fast as fuck boy.
Loop Deloup the Humble Green Hat - Thu, 11 Nov 2021 08:05:16 EST pySCF5TJ No.40016 Reply
This is the kinda shit i'm talking about, your the man, i appreciate the look out anon.

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