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There's absolutely no central ethos driving modern thought and this is a good thing

- Thu, 26 Jan 2017 19:57:41 EST /8HhZCXH No.207641
File: 1485478661593.jpg -(73018B / 71.31KB, 940x198) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. There's absolutely no central ethos driving modern thought and this is a good thing
Every time it's a slow news day for some posh culture zine I see articles crop up about what makes this generation tick. They say we're too detached and ironic one day and then the next they say we're big on sincerity. We either care too much or too little about the world, relationships, religion, everything. They go on and on about what philosophies dominate our youth culture but what they say we think is constantly changing and never really gets it right. There aren't any movements in our culture that take hold of the vast majority of young adults anymore. There aren't any cultural idols or iconoclasts. There are very very famous people but for everyone who worships the ground these celebrities walk on there are as many who would spit in their faces. The Internet and in general the free access to information and quality of our schooling has brought up a generation where almost no one agrees on anything. Everyone has their own ideas about everything because they don't have to get their belief system from either their parents and teachers or counter-cultural movements. People can go online right now and read thousands of pages from the great works of every philosopher who has ever lived and been recorded. They don't have to suffer through learning by a lesson plan that directs their thought by only including the "right" things. And they don't have one single alternative to what's considered the "culture" of the "majority" at the second. Sure, most people don't care about any of this stuff and they just want to eat, sleep, fuck, feel valued and have fun but that's how it's always been. Only recently has the lack of any philosophical guidance brought this to light. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this way of thinking either. It doesn't make them dumb or immoral it just means they don't have any interest in ideology. If 99% of people in the world were like this it would still be better than when people followed a belief system insincerely because that's what they were supposed to or because they wanted to rebel. I think maybe someday this will change, I don't know how it could but it might, maybe by force of some world autocrat or a breakthrough in communication, so I want to enjoy what could be the greatest cultural and philosophical renaissance of all human existence while I can and I urge everyone to do the same. At this point in the West (obviously in less developed parts of the world this has not fully reached them) we by and large have the freedom to express ourselves and express precisely what we actually believe without suffering persecution or risking total social ostracization. There may be the risk of consequences within one's current social group for expressing dissenting opinion but without the pathetic oversentimentality and rigid traditionalism of the past, in dire situations where there is no hope of amends, people are free to travel the world in search of a group which fully accepts them. There is no longer really an emphasis on petty things you can't change like how long you've known someone or where you're from. You can move to a new city tomorrow and in a week someone you've met could consider you their best friend.
Hedda Crommlebury - Sat, 28 Jan 2017 16:48:00 EST BKJX7E+7 No.207646 Reply
I tried to read your post mate, but it's a wall of text in the fullest extent of the word.

Please use spaces between chunks of texts next time ok?
Eugene Dartbanks - Sun, 29 Jan 2017 00:42:57 EST wbhmCm0d No.207648 Reply
The past wasn't homogeneous either, we just tend to pigeonhole things more when they're further from us.

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