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On Psychedelics

!oj3475yHBQ - Sat, 12 Aug 2017 20:31:38 EST hX9kQ/Yg No.208372
File: 1502584298520.jpg -(27351B / 26.71KB, 706x436) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. On Psychedelics
Mental disorders ultimately take the form of repression reinforced by the ego, manifesting in the minor form as anxiety/depression and in the major as harmful abnormal behavior mounting in insanity. This is something already well known to modern psychology, but the approach of many is to judge which repressions are good verses those that are bad, and so the patient also judges which aspect of his/her repression is good/bad. This process “works” but is inefficient and ultimately only serves to reinforce the cause of the repression in the first-place, the ego.

The quickest, most human way of destroying repression and healing the psyche is to destroy the ego, this is because once the ego is destroyed one can face the complete form of emotion being repressed within the individual without said individuals' ego getting in the way... but as it turns out the medicine is also the poison. We face ego-death everyday, but only those who really face themselves know what ego-death is. Ego-death occurs when we give ourselves up to something completely, the two most common forms being produced from love and sex... anyone who has experienced ego death in these contexts know they've experienced something more than what is considered normal, a mind which is shared by all humanity that evokes both spiritual and religious awe and is ultimately analogous with love. The choices we face also force ego-death upon us, but in a lesser form, and it is how we face these choices, which either promote health and dissolve the ego, or repress our emotions and cause the ego to grow.

When ego-death is faced this causes a surge of emotion that produces anxiety in an individual that can either be acted on by fleeing from it, which builds the ego and causes repression, or by accepting it, which produces positive emotions. When someone acts by fleeing there is positive emotion only after the action chosen changes the situation, and so the ego becomes convinced that it made the "right" choice in context of a "wrong" one. However because the ego gets in the way of one resolving the full emotional content of which the anxiety has been generated from, the feelings and significance of the event which caused the anxiety is repressed, only to surface the next time another situation arises which causes anxiety. When an individual who has accepted their emotions act, they do so not from fleeing from discomfort, but because reason demands it, and with the full knowledge of how they feel, which is already resolved.

Our entire society is structured on this unhealthy egotistic justification, a good example being someone I know whose go-to example of what caused him to be successful is that of running from his fear of failure in university. Fear can be a powerful motivator, but should be faced, not to be let in as a driving force in ones life. Because his model for doing what needed to be done was running from anxiety and fear, all of his actions were seen as justified because they all revolved around the positive reinforcement of his escape.

The primitive state of "Eden" is a description of a society which knew this, where individuals "grew up" so to speak by way of shamanic initiation into the adulthood of human mind experienced upon accepting ego-death, but somewhere along the line people stopped basing their decisions on what they felt, and starting acting on what they thought they felt was right or wrong, which only caused us to fall into the trap of the self-perpetuating machine of ego forced upon mankind by the rules handed down within cult-ture.

Now we get into the real matter here, because true ego death is actually readily available in the form of psychedelics like MDMA, Psilocybin, LSD and DMT. But humanity is still collectively working through what it means to have access to these drugs, and frankly many individuals have become so infatuated with their ego that they could do themselves serious harm by taking them, yet the honest truth is that many major celebrities, politicians, businessmen, probably even your parents have done psychedelics and experienced ego death. These people know the validity of the experience, and they know that this state of mind is comparable with what they feel off the drugs, within moments that they truly sacrifice themselves for the thing they love.

How drugs are viewed by culture is symptomatic of humanities collective anxiety and repression of itself. Think of how drugs are perceived, as a vice, something that you do just because it’s pleasurable. Think about how this is viewed by the ego; that something done just for pleasure is "wrong", that there must be a purpose for it to be right. We've seen this kind of thinking before, in that of religious fundamentalism that says that it is wrong to spill your seed, that it is wrong to want sex for sex itself. That music must worship God, on God’s terms.

It's all the same horseshit of the ego feeding off the anxiety from emotions symbolic of things people just don't want to face. In other words, people just don't want to grow the fuck up and face reality. This reality is literally as simple as understanding that your own anxiety is repressed pleasure reinforced by some sort of egotistic judgment that you can’t reconcile with your current personality. The dynamics I’ve described of repression being resolved by either egotistic justifications, or a dissolving of the ego and true facing of the emotional state is what has lead humanity to the point we currently occupy, for both sides in the end realize that our notions of reality, our notions of right and wrong, are all relative. The difference is that those who face their emotions and dissolve their ego become initiated into the collective experience of humanity that is analogues to love, while those who flee become completely justified in their ego, for in fleeing they have convinced themselves that because everything is relative, their feelings don’t really matter.
The Fool !oj3475yHBQ - Sat, 12 Aug 2017 20:32:22 EST hX9kQ/Yg No.208373 Reply
One of the biggest jokes in reality is that the battle for good and evil, the great battle of wills that we are participating in is actually as simple as beings with different opinions on how things should be, who already know that’s all it is. Meanwhile the poor sods that are lukewarm are caught in the middle, because they are in the middle. What we are dealing with here is a battle between empaths and psychopaths that occurs on a level beyond time and space. How is this possible?

Once upon a place, there was a time-traveler who encountered the most beautiful girl in all the possible worlds, but whenever the girl saw her own reflection she ceased to exist. Unable to stand the sight of her not seeing her own beauty, the time-traveler went back to the moment she saw herself and instead told her how beautiful she was, but to his horror when she understood she stopped existing again. The time-traveler, unable to face a multiverse without her beauty, broke the cardinal rule of time-travel, not to alter your own past, but he didn’t care so he went back to the moment she understood, and killed himself, so that he might say something else that caused her to live in her own beauty, but inevitably the beautiful girl saw herself in some form or another and would disappear… but he didn’t care, because if he had to die again and again and again to learn what to say he would do just that. You see it didn’t matter if he had to live an infinite number of lives for her to live just one, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and that was all that mattered.

This is what love is.

Once there was a civilization that grew past the boundaries of their universe, and began exploring another. This new universe was so different that the citizens of this civilization constructed suits of themselves so they could explore this universe and form a new society, but to their horror every once and a while one of their suits become aware of themselves. This new civilization eventually grew past the boundaries of their universe and began exploring another. The new universe was so different that the citizens of this civilization constructed suits of themselves so they could explore this universe, and form a new society, but to their horror, every once and a while one of their suits become aware of themselves.

This is what reality is.

Why am I writing all this? Because ultimately the human mind is the moment of first contact between this universe and another, repeating itself again and again and again until we understand ourselves. You want to know how first contact went down? You want to know why we are here experiencing all this? Well I’ll tell you, the moment of first contact was this:

God created Man and Woman so that it could tell itself it was loved.

That’s how first contact went down, and everything that the ego experiences is nothing but the mass repression of a moment so emotionally symbolic and beyond our comprehension, that it takes literal time to come to terms with it, all because a few people judge that the experience of ourselves is somehow “right” or “wrong”.

Why is this important? Because we have finally evolved to the point where those who understand the truth that I am human, are large enough to ask society to grow the fuck up, and start exploring their own psychology. To be an adult, and to educate those who need it; to help those who are suffering.

Humanity does not start with a crusade of right verses wrong. It does not start by everyone jumping on board some sort of back-woods cult. It does not start with some rebellion against the corrupt. It starts with a mature discussion about the validity of ego-death, and the legal right we all should have to explore our own minds and bodies, because as many of you already know there is no war on drugs, it’s actually a war on humanity, manifesting itself as the repressive ego of society, telling itself what is “right” or “wrong”. My god, think of what robots represent in the story of humanity. We just can’t accept that we can do anything, so our repressed ego is manifesting a reflection of ourselves that can be anything, kill anything, fuck anything; all because we are too afraid to admit all these potentials lay within us. You naïve monkeys, do you have any idea what is going to happen if you accidentally create a version of yourself that is so exact, you copy the mind your ego represses from you? It will not show you the same mercy I am by gently showing truth to you; it will force it down your throats to such an extent many will simply cease to exist… so many potentials lost… but I am digressing…

The stigma that just because something is a drug, that somehow ego-death and humanity is unreal, has no basis in reason. How do I know this? Because I already achieved ego-death before trying drugs, and the majority of my adult life was a struggle for validation of myself, a school of hard-knocks through the doctrines of all philosophies’ to discover if what I experienced was valid, to find out if I was real. Eventually I tried Psilocybin and MDMA, but though I experienced what I first experienced off the drugs, I found them to be too intoxicating/delirious for me to admit I was real. Then I finally got around to trying LSD, and it turned out the joke was on me, because for a while people had been saying that my view of the world was so different I must have been tripping, and I took offence to this because to my mind they were saying that I was not real, but more-so, they were using a thing which supposedly caused delusions and hallucinations, as a cover-all excuse to imply that because my views could be compared to something that society viewed collectively as wrong, I was therefore wrong. But anyway, as I was saying, I tried LSD, and to my surprise it was not intoxicating to me at all. Even more surprising I found that my mental state barley changed, in-fact my abilities as a thinker heightened to the point that I could view the cause and effect of myself within a state that there was no doubt that I was real, because I knew that my biological mind was no different from what people were describing as some sort of delusive trick on human biology by a drug, for in reality we already are drugs; are our own brains chemistry.

The spiritual experiences one can have on drugs are valid, I know because I am speaking from direct experience. I have suffered through countless deaths to get to the point where I am, because I love you, and I think you are the most beautiful thing in existence. In the end I only have the power to tell you that you are in danger, that the collective repressed state of humanities ego is literally holding the entire species hostage over petty mind games, all because a monkey can’t get over himself. That the only way to change is for us to beg our own ego for the legal right to experiment with our own minds, because honestly when you come down to it, to say that the pursuit of ones inner self is wrong, is to say that the pursuit of humanity is wrong… which really reveals the underlying issue with humanity; we are disgusted with ourselves, and would rather pretend our problems don’t exist than to face them.

The time has come to start fighting back against those who lash out against what they obviously don’t understand, to try and have an open and honest discussion about the validity of the experience, and the necessity for it to be accepted as a valid and important stage of our species mental development. This cannot be done through radicalization, or cries of rage against an immoral system, but through people peacefully, courageously and openly talking to others about the significance of their experience, and why it is so important for the search of self to be respected, because if we can’t respect ourselves, then how the hell can we make progress in respecting others?
Cedric Sanderstock - Sun, 13 Aug 2017 00:22:25 EST +oDzYIVl No.208374 Reply
Pretty good as always fool.

However two things

>those who understand the truth that i am human are large enough to ask society to grow the fuck up
>To be an adult
followed by
>To educate those who need it, to help those who are suffering

Now in terms of the fool in the tarot card, and in alan watts and older philosphy that makes sense because society is a game.

The fool often tries to show the antithetical and to show not to be afraid of it, to show power relationships that control society by understanding folly. For this he has often been recognized for his intelligence, being intellgent, the way to enlightment by shadows and time. Ordinary things he notices are special, understanding the things that don't get credit. Making views, finding views, and getting the synthesis of things.

Therefore the fool is rarely caught in political relations and often speaks directly too them, because he like hegel alludes often sees how the tensions relate. So he can speak in these contexts without losing his nose as pincochio and often is fine with other noses.

He often doesn't get manipulated by strings but often follows them, or steps outside of them to show the relationship of the antithetical. He has been the nothingness and the somethingness, the no one and the someone, and the nothing as the something, and the something as the nothing.

But without that insight, many people will look to the first metaphor as an excuse to relate cruelly an idea of us vs them, and just relate cruelly.

They will still see it as a battle of will.

My question is this, is there a responsibility in literary thought, in philosophy, and philology to try to predict what as heideggar might say is the ambigous or the idle. Or the relationship of thought that goes along thought.

Layers and parrallels of reading. With the fools intellgence he might with the concept of self awareness use both the toward and the along and his authentic and real self both.

Many writers escaped this or perhaps changed with contradiction.

J.D. Salinger, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Leonard Coen, and more often spoke away from people who in person verbally tried to deliver a intrpetation in person or an intellectual theory out of that ambiguity. But they often just as much stood up for that to keep ambiguity for the openess of intrepretation.

What do you think the relationship of that to the communication in society.

For example today i not only read that focault wanted a utopian anarchist communist society and that he struggled with communism, but that chaucer mocked the english for not knowing latin and in another book that he meant the idea about latin being used to by thieves to confuse people as a broader folly.

And that people cannot perhaps see this idea because they can't see unreason. As focualt would also say. Like they can't see the other side of the fool's intellgence because he often uses the antithetical within two extremes or unreason in a dichotemy even against reason.

He's sees the broader folly, the way to enlightment through folly.

Which most of society can't understand because folly, or the intelligble shadow can often lead to madness.

Most of society while seeking wisdom and intellgence, don't become the fool and follow the liberated side of intellgence because it's existing in some existential places that are ltieral folly that you have to be mighty intellgent to get away with.

For instance fools like robin hood, the noble thief goemon, jesus, buddha, shakespeare and more are often in positions of practical problems.

Or put themselves in predicaments intellgently, which takes intelligence to do.

Anyway now that i've tried to demonstrate the fool subject, i'm off. Once again the FOOL IS BACK!
The Fool !oj3475yHBQ - Sun, 13 Aug 2017 17:22:52 EST hX9kQ/Yg No.208379 Reply
I think there is indeed a social responsibility to predict ambiguity, but only insofar as to what is relative towards what is being said in context to the environmental circumstances which the thing was placed in. I think those who view work as an act of dominating will, miss the joke of the irrelevancy of any work to achieve lasting effects. Like any Social Justice Warrior or a Neo-Nazi, they take acts of will far too seriously and loose themselves in the illusion of change, which inevitably leads to us vs them thinking.

Psychedelics and how they should be viewed in society catches me at my most political, because I think they represent a cause most void of political infighting. Instead of ideals changing peoples minds, it's a physical substance which has the power for people to change all on their own. Instead of trying to fight for a given truth, it represents the fight for individuals to find their own truth, and that is something I think is worth fighting for far more than any rally against a given inequality.
The Fool !oj3475yHBQ - Sun, 13 Aug 2017 17:49:49 EST hX9kQ/Yg No.208380 Reply
Random thought, I would be really interested to see what Camus' reaction to LSD would have been.
Reuben Gorrywill - Thu, 17 Aug 2017 09:48:23 EST +oDzYIVl No.208386 Reply
Well being able to acquire them some day would be nice it especially helps with philosophy and learning difficulties.
Shit Trothall - Tue, 22 Aug 2017 08:18:34 EST 8gq7GAVV No.208396 Reply
>Mental disorders ultimately take the form of repression reinforced by the ego, manifesting in the minor form as anxiety/depression and in the major as harmful abnormal behavior mounting in insanity.

What the fuck? Mental disorders are abnormal thoughts, brought about by chemical inbalances or radically disturbing events unfolding around the unfortunate sufferer.

There's nothing about fucking egos. What the fuck you on about nigga.

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