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Do you think important people of the past, who weren't important in their time

- Sun, 22 Oct 2017 16:31:33 EST tKRmy9hF No.208470
File: 1508704293015.jpg -(31320B / 30.59KB, 928x510) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Do you think important people of the past, who weren't important in their time
ever thought themselves fools for writing it all down?

I mean we have all these books, written long before the telegraph or even the printing press. We have records, documents, journals, short stories tales and fables. Do you think the people writing these seemingly frivolous and pointless logs containing their dreams hopes opinions plans debts and whimsies, ever thought to themselves the way we today do, "What's the point of writing a book? What's the point of keeping a journal? I'm a nobody. It doesn't matter. I'll never be famous. I'm going to play videogames/watch tv/movies/jerk off/do yard work/eat food.". Except minus the modern stuff they obviously didn't have, replace with old timey equivalents.

My point is, i've been mulling it over and I don't think they thought in those terms. They didn't have kardasians, they didn't have instant porn on tap. When they got bored, they contemplated life, they wrote things down. Not in aetherial online forums. They wrote them down in a way that they would be kept and organized. Not lost and scattered to the winds of the internet. They probably didn't expect anyone to read their crap (i'm talking about normal people who later became known through their journals and works, not people who were doing multigenerational work at the time and expected their shit to be read down the line.) and didn't care either. It was for them.

What I'm also getting at is that we're rarely doing it "for me" anymore. Like everyone I know is doing things so they can...SHOW it to the world. So they can, get some kind of sliver of fame. I don't understand it. Fame is stupid. Self fulfilment is what matters, you'll find that out after you get fans. It even will grate on you, because you will hate them for loving you, because you don't love yourself...it angers you that they see something that you don't consider to exist. It bothers you that they get to love you, but you don't get to love yourself.

Idk. I think tech is fucking us up badly. Socially. It's getting fucking creepy. Like really, really fucking creepy. Kids have their faces in their phones all the time now and I always thought it was bullshit when adults would say that growing up but now...it's creepy, like I said. I'm only 27. And shit is getting fucking weird

Was just thinking all this while journaling for the first time in years. I've been putting my phone in a drawer recently...idk why. It creeps me the fuck out. When I can visually see it, it grips me. I can't explain it and it just creeps me out badly. When it's not physically on me, or visible, I feel differently. My anxiety goes the fuck away. I have had crippling anxiety for the last 4 fucking years (when I got my first smartphone...) and have had no idea why, or what changed me. These shit's are fucking creepy. I pretty much use my pc again when needed now. Feels much more normal. I don't even use it often. Mostly for movies/tv, but I only watch maybe a few shows a day, whereas with the phone, I was watching dozens of yt videos and random distracting horse shit. Something about the touchscreen...it grabs your monkey brain harder. Another note, I can't use pc on acid or shrooms, but I can use a touchscreen fine. It's fucking bizarre.

Anyway, this turned into kind of a rant/ramble but it started as a simple thought. I was wondering what the differences were between us and them after having the initial contemplation on what their intention was for their personal journalings. As a form of personal entertainment and remembrance at a later date, or as a means to be "remembered in history somehow" as I personally have fantasies about as a "modern man".

An open discussion about humanity pre and post technological revolution.

Posted in /b/ but here might be better. Also, why the fuck do we not have a Philosophy board?
Samuel Hannershaw - Tue, 24 Oct 2017 06:56:52 EST /hgiLgki No.208474 Reply
It's not really fame, directly, not for everyone at least.. Often fame is just a shortcut for money. You're decontextualizing your observations here, because it's not like we're seeing how "modern society" deals with technology, but how "a particular brand of western society where jobs are rare, underpaid and fragile and if you don't have one you have no safety net" deals with technology. Once you realize this is the background situation, you connect some dots. Kids are on their phone all the time because their parents don't have time/energy/know-how to deal with them. People in general are more obsessed with entertainment because their situation in the world is not a happy one, and in our society we always want everyone happy and upbeat, we can't deal with negative emotions.

Also, we're far more obsessed with results and winning that we ever were, rather than with exploration and play, since infancy, where getting a bad grade meant risking your social circle. It's a miracle someone still manages to not worry about that shit in adult age, considering how much we've been primed for it all our life, and how many adults still think in those terms. Your phone is innocent, it's not gripping anything, that's just you wanting to escape from something, something we all struggle with. If you want it to not have power over you try to understand yourself first.
Emma Fanford - Tue, 24 Oct 2017 22:47:56 EST e5C650gC No.208475 Reply
i most assuredly understand and agree with your points about the creepiness of smart phones and how easily people become addicted to their blinking screen. at work when i am in the break room 90% of the time, out of 5 or 6 workers, i will be the only one not slouching forward playing with my smart phone or tablet. one lady is always shopping. for anything. clothes, shoes, groceries, home things, doesn't matter. if she has a free nanosecond she is online shopping. another guy always play games. like the shitty asian tap-screen-faster-to-win phone games. 3 or 4 others are glued to their facebook feed. meanwhile i am just slowly gazing from person to person like i am at a zoo. i could pull a gun out of my pants, disassemble, clean, and reassemble it, or just pull out my dick and then put it away, and none would be the wiser.

as to the "doing it for yourself" vs "doing it for others" i think that varies on an individual basis, obviously with cultural and nurtural influences, but still the ultimate view and choice is one's own, regardless of time. think of the graffiti on a wall from ancient pompeii that gets posted, http://www.pompeiana.org/Resources/Ancient/Graffiti%20from%20Pompeii.htm where they talk about getting drunk and fucking bitches and shit. that was essentially their "social media" of the time, and i am sure at least one scribbler was thinking "gee i hope pontificus thinks im funny when he reads this" while another was thinking "ha ha i pooped here" and does it for themselves
Albert Goodhall - Thu, 26 Oct 2017 17:28:15 EST 8gq7GAVV No.208476 Reply
>They wrote them down in a way that they would be kept and organized.

Nope. Most written historical records are gone... forever. You should read up on lost books that we only know from lost books that were mentioned in half-decayed books.
Matilda Clucklestone - Tue, 14 Nov 2017 03:08:15 EST Iw2FXFb1 No.208533 Reply
1510646895885.jpg -(141136B / 137.83KB, 437x606) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
For example China had ten ages in their mythology that spans back beyond what is known. Of what little history remains the dating is dramatically inaccurate. Anyways, the reason that is is because all the sages were killed and the books chronologing those eras were burned.

If you go back farther, history was remembered through storytellers, poets, and bards or whatever. The stories were fluid, altered over time, and varied per teller, until they were written. The story of Beowulf being the most obvious example. That tale was told countless times taking on different meanings while the core premise probably remained. Its continuous development occurring in spoken form becomes stunted in writing. From the novel a movie, diluted for the worse, to inspired variations like the 13th Warrior, its re-presented in another medium. Scroll credits.

The storytellers of the distant past who kept humanity's lessons and history alive across many generations are unknown. Certainly there is power in being the keeper of culture, its flame, but it was about what they told, not who they were. A select few people can make movies, many can write, everyone can tell stories.
Fuck Diffingridge - Tue, 14 Nov 2017 20:15:20 EST oX3f4KlI No.208534 Reply
The internet as a historical document will outlast every notebook journal diary or folio in existence.
Eliza Gemmerwell - Sat, 18 Nov 2017 06:57:53 EST qJ30WOYM No.208539 Reply

and yet finding anything of worth is like finding a certain needle in a pile of needles.

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