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- Thu, 12 Jul 2018 07:12:24 EST VGeeHEV+ No.209399
File: 1531393944776.jpg -(70633B / 68.98KB, 586x680) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. trans
i posted this on /b/ earlier but the thread got locked after a few minutes so i'm coming here

basically i just spent most of yesterday reading articles about transgenderism as a whole

i had a negative perception of the whole thing before but i now realize that the fact that this mess has been allowed to attain the least bit of mainstrean acceptance and credibility is a downright travesty
this is not a medical mistake at the magnitude of lobotomy
it's way worse and if we don't stop this soon thousands of insecure and mentally ill youth will experience a horrible death at the hand of themselves, helped by the legions of psychologists and surgeons who are willing to ignore studies on the subject that very clearly paints a picture of transpeople as having severe psychological problems that will persist even after SRS

before today I thought that it was ok to call transpeople "freaks" and ridicule them
not anymore as i realize doing so would only fuel their movement which i now know has to be stopped at all costs

SRS needs to be banned asap as does transgenderism being classified as anything but the mental illness gender dysphoria

these people (most of whom grow out of this as long as they aren't encouraged to destroy their own bodies) are in dire need of psychiatric help
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Beatrice Ponderchere - Thu, 12 Jul 2018 19:41:43 EST ogjfl7YN No.209400 Reply
There are like 2 other threads about trans people on the front page here. Why not use them?
Phyllis Covingbod - Thu, 12 Jul 2018 22:42:25 EST 2LwLwSlz No.209403 Reply
Dear low quality troll, you have just demonstrated to yourself how easy it is to radicalize yourself reading propaganda that is designed specifically to radicalize you. This is apparently what you are railing against in others...even though you are admitting it is what you just did to yourself.

>>severe psychological problems that will persist even after SRS
people who have open heart surgery still have severe cardiac problems that persist after surgery. Where do you get this idea that a therapy for a problem removes a problem completely?

>>are in dire need of psychiatric help
As a rule, those who make it to SRS have already received hundreds if not thousands of hours of psychiatric help. They're the ones who recommend the procedure. Maybe you should do some research not from totally biased sources so you can at least know what the fuck you're talking about before you declare your little jihad?

It's a good thing society doesn't turn on your little imaginary crusades, because nothing is going to reverse the state of medical care for trans people, and even political attempts to stall progress are faltering in the 'last, best hope' for close-minded reactionaries, 'Murkur, where shadows fall...
Cyril Wipperfield - Fri, 13 Jul 2018 03:57:56 EST yG540JtQ No.209405 Reply
>>209399 My sole thought is of all there is to focus on in the world, why this?
Sophie Beshbedging - Sat, 21 Jul 2018 07:44:15 EST 4+oWREai No.209413 Reply
You're stupid. That's the only reply that you deserve. Get lost.
Hamilton Shakeridge - Sat, 29 Jan 2022 07:12:59 EST 43LYWyNb No.210658 Reply
The transgender movement needs to focus on honesty, instead of attacking childrens book authors for their twitter posts. I think the surgery is unbelievably dangerous and that hrt should be pushed as a permanent alteration. Instead of allowing moderation the community has pushed for more individuals, specifically children, to accept them. Nothing needs to be banned, doctors just need to be allowed to give information on what transitioning is, and their community needs to accept it. The problem will go away when we stop openly lying to ourselves about it.

This is unironically the kind of radical 4chan aims to create, people too pissed off to make logical arguments.
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Eugene Packlesug - Sat, 29 Jan 2022 12:59:21 EST 2YCFE3AB No.210661 Reply
>bumping a four year old thread just so you can get reported to death
Hamilton Shakeridge - Sat, 29 Jan 2022 16:38:00 EST 43LYWyNb No.210662 Reply
>replying to a recent reply to a 4 year old post then reporting that reply for having the wrong opinion
User is currently banned from all boards
Eugene Packlesug - Sat, 29 Jan 2022 17:39:33 EST 2YCFE3AB No.210663 Reply
>coming from 4chan.org to raid a obscure board on a shitty drug website because you think you're fighting the ebil elite by doing so
You should try bot spamming again lol
Hamilton Shakeridge - Sat, 29 Jan 2022 18:05:24 EST 43LYWyNb No.210664 Reply
I used to share high stories here alot, I also don't like the systematic abuse of the mentally ill. Chatting with (you) has nothing to do with that.
User is currently banned from all boards
Lydia Duttingnedge - Sun, 30 Jan 2022 01:56:20 EST kJvbsLrE No.210666 Reply
I know this is an ancient thread and OP has probably long since died of a brain aneurysm but since other people are clearly keen to keep hashing this out

>helped by the legions of psychologists and surgeons who are willing to ignore studies on the subject that very clearly paints a picture of transpeople as having severe psychological problems that will persist even after SRS

Where is this research? I'm talking papers in peer-reviewed journals that haven't been retracted, corrected, or misconstrued. The actual research points towards transitioning and recognition improving the lives of trans people by every conceivable metric.


that's what I don't understand about this angle of pretending to care about the facts, it's very easy to see that what you're saying is demonstrably untrue. I'm not being one of those "the science is settled" people, it's very much not, there's a lot we still don't know, and a lot of important research that still needs to be done and promising studies that ought to be replicated, research in this field is plagued by small sample sizes, and other logistical challenges to doing research on such a niche population, but the preponderance of evidence that we have right now suggests transitioning is the only remotely effective treatment for gender dysphoria and it improves the lives of trans people across the board, reduces suicidality immensely, improves mental health, reduces the likelihood of substance abuse, etc. The problem is though it also needs to be accepted, like if you just transition and you get kicked out of your house because of it or beat up or ridiculed for it of course that's not going to improve things that much, it still does marginally, but recognition and support is a necessary part of the process.

So here's my turn to be problematic though, and I'm really trying to actually have a good faith discussion, I want to learn I don't have a point to defend.

I think it's very clear that there are such a thing as trans people in a strict medical sense, you know dysphoria experiencing, never felt at home in their own bodies or at least after puberty, persistent desire to be the opposite sex, etc. it's a real condition that's been very well documented for at least a hundred plus years, they were doing medically transitioning all the way back in the early 20th century I mean. We know transitioning helps THIS population but do we really know that 100% of this next generation of trans identifying people actually have the condition?

Like I'm actually asking, I dunno, because to go down this line of thinking kind of goes against what I said in the previous paragraph, to automatically doubt people who say they're trans, but the thing is this radical, permanent treatment, this big, complicated, life-long medical procedure is worth it for people who experience tangible gender dysphoria, and have consistently, because the evidence suggests that they will continue to and transitioning is in an effort to abate that.

We know that their minds won't change because that's a feature of the condition, a condition which is at least as "real" as bipolar or enthusiasm, so we can say in that case the benefit is much greater than the risk and say go for it, the same way you would recommend psychiatric drugs for a mental illness, despite the fact that those drugs can have profound negative side-effect. We don't need to run expensive tests on every patient to look for neurological indicators of mental illnesses, because we see a variety of mental illnesses conform to specific patterns, and we can recognize those patterns and that's good enough to say someone has X condition, and in a lot of cases such tests just don't exist anyway.

The stakes a lot higher though with transitioning. If you start taking an antidepressant or something and you don't really need it you take it for a few months you feel a little funny you stop taking it, but if you transition and it wasn't actually the right choice you have to detransition, which has got to be an even more horrendously difficult thing to do and I really hope we don't see a wave of now-trans people doing so in the future.

I would imagine though that maybe if you're not actually trans you might realize what you're doing is not the move before the major physical changes start, just from the psychological changes.
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Barnaby Diblingway - Sun, 30 Jan 2022 06:33:48 EST 2YCFE3AB No.210667 Reply
>does the 4chan (you) meme like it has any relevance here
You basically just outed yourself. Enjoy the router reset lol, nobody will ever care about your culture warring or your ethnostate.
Graham Bucklegold - Fri, 11 Feb 2022 10:49:46 EST 4rEBEJOr No.210672 Reply
>doctors just need to be allowed to give information on what transitioning is
This is already the case though? The fuck even is this thread
There's basically like a stack or paperwork you have to go through page by page where they explain all the potential scary things that can happen to you (most of them aren't even true or extremely rare/only affects people with certain dispositions) and basically they are required to make sure you know and understand all the potential consequences. If people choose to tune it out and ignore it like dumbasses that's kind of their own fault, but this idea that people don't know is complete and utter nonsense.

Another stupid misinformed thread spewing hysteria, what a surprise.
Edwin Buddlewell - Fri, 11 Feb 2022 11:15:16 EST VzlITPwK No.210673 Reply
Lmao right who is forcing the doctors into silence? A lot of doctors in hick parts of the US will do everything in their power not to do abortions or gender stuff even though they're obligated to as health care professionals, and plenty more doctors who will all but refuse to work with you if you come to them already trans, they obviously can't say "I will not treat you because you're trans", but they say shit like not being "comfortable" with it because it's outside of their area of expertise, or religious hospitals refuse to perform hysterectomies/orchiotomies on trans patients, which I'm not saying they should be obligated to have someone there who can do SRS that is a pretty difficult and specialized procedure but almost every hospital in the country is equipped to do hysterectomy/orchi, but plenty of hospitals that start with St. are going to die on the hill of not doing it while explicitly saying it's because of a religious objection, does this really sound like a group of people who are scared to tell their patients the "truth" about transitioning?

we have no control over doctors just look how many are on record being anti-vax, promoting new age woo, bogus treatments, etc. it requires a very specific kind of intelligence to be a doctor and having it plus the patience to sit through a decade of college doesn't automatically mean you're actually good at critical thinking or have a good grasp on reality as a whole
Edwin Buddlewell - Fri, 11 Feb 2022 11:27:54 EST VzlITPwK No.210675 Reply
>I would imagine though that maybe if you're not actually trans you might realize what you're doing is not the move before the major physical changes start, just from the psychological changes

it's absurdly unlikely to even get to that point but yes this is something that is known to happen, it's sad as hell but if you read the stories of detransitioners a lot of them are "yeah I was never too sure about it to begin with and i never really liked it but i just kept doing it for reasons thinking i'd like it eventually until i got the the point i looked in the mirror was horrified by someone who isn't me", You pretty much have to be actively lying to your therapist/doctor to not be sorted out during the process of differentiation, the intense months long process designed specifically to keep this from happening
Samuel Serryset - Fri, 18 Feb 2022 22:58:53 EST xooZUoTF No.210684 Reply
4chan is a gateway forum, I've also been here long enough to know you can't ban everybody you disagree with.
Cornelius Fesslefoot - Sun, 20 Feb 2022 22:35:58 EST jc5FblHI No.210688 Reply
I can have every stormfag banned, fuck you for thinking you can happily cheer for people in camps but will cry when you get the hint of a boot on an internet forum.
Alice Follyhall - Mon, 21 Feb 2022 01:15:49 EST 4rEBEJOr No.210689 Reply
This isn't a matter of disagreeing, you're just flat out wrong and making up stupid bullshit.
Thomas Pipperchidging - Sat, 12 Mar 2022 11:09:54 EST Wa/2PG1L No.210719 Reply
1647101394810.jpg -(50389B / 49.21KB, 474x474) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I know a tanswoman. Not well at all she just lives on the same road, but hell do people talk.

In the UK its legal to transition on nhs money if you just want to get fucked up the ass by a man (homosexual transvestite, as opposed to a passive transvestite) but if you wanna get fuckwd up the ass by a hypno dominatrix you're a sex criminal.

I get the impression theres some sort of mind game about whether they think they are actually a woman in a man's body or just a man who sincerely wishes to better himself in that specific way. And a lot of shit about whether they want it up the vagine or the ass. Yes the nhs pays lip service to transbians but it's basically gay.

It's more perverse than that, but can't remember i just spent a whole school-day (starting at lunch) mooching for vodka and i don't do fucking gender studies.

FYI i'm AGP+ and my whole (religious) social group knows it cause i spam them with trap porn when i'm drunk. (Yes religious people do that, we just dont whore ourselves out at bdsm clubs). I don't care who else knows, i don't want or need their respect.
User is currently banned from all boards
Thomas Pipperchidging - Sat, 12 Mar 2022 11:18:25 EST Wa/2PG1L No.210720 Reply
Yes the nhs studies mentalism so they can drive people mental to protect them from their mentality.

and shit like that
and shit like that
and shit like that

who gives a shit what mental people think you'll never fix a single one of 'em,
you're studying mental people for the love of shit
User is currently banned from all boards
Thomas Pipperchidging - Sat, 12 Mar 2022 11:20:06 EST Wa/2PG1L No.210721 Reply
some of us smoje crack too
User is currently banned from all boards
Thomas Pipperchidging - Sat, 12 Mar 2022 11:41:28 EST Wa/2PG1L No.210725 Reply
Spider-women don't scare the shit outta me, i eat them three times a day!!..
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