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Critical thinking and Logical fallacy cards

- Wed, 27 Mar 2019 08:26:30 EST 55/SlMlx No.209635
File: 1553689590542.jpg -(190903B / 186.43KB, 750x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Critical thinking and Logical fallacy cards
Sorry for posting a reaquest here. But I was wondering if sombody could post a scan of some (or all) of the deck of critical thinking logical fallacy cards from https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/. (I'm from Straya and the P+H is over $40 and well, fuck that.
Also, Please tell me about your favourite logical falacy and give examples of times where you've seen it.
Doris Worthingfoot - Thu, 28 Mar 2019 06:10:56 EST Bucl4KP/ No.209636 Reply
What?! You want me to use my printer for your sake OP? No true Scotsman would do that.! Anyway who are you? GOD? NO? so you can't demand that of me. I think your just trying to avoid spending $40 because your a cheapscape so you obviously trying to be a freeloader. Where's your humanity? Think of the children. Do you really think I can afford to feed my family with you demanding I just use my printer? My scanner uses alot of electricity/ Just think of all the trees that get cut down to run the powerplants that make that electricity. You are making unnatural demands. This will lead to deforestation on a large scale if you keep demanding people to scan or print for you
Isabella Hipperfit - Thu, 28 Mar 2019 16:36:42 EST 2LwLwSlz No.209637 Reply
You know that you can just download a pdf of all the cards straight from their own website, right? They ask for a donation but you can just give them nothing and still download it.

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