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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated April 10)
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Samuel Hunderbanks - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 16:12:46 EST ID:Ue6PAjCs No.894231
File: 1552507966686.jpg -(503946B / 492.13KB, 1920x1480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 503946
Why do I get depressed on shrooms?

I've taken shrooms 3 times in my life, and every time this same thing happens. Last week I took 3g of shrooms, in the beginning and mid trip I felt mainly peaceful and good with occasional anxiety, but somewhere mid trip I got very depressed. It was this very clear sadness/emptiness, and it lasted until the end of the trip.

Im no beginner with psychs, done acid 20+ times up to 450ug, and i know when I'm just holding on and not letting go, but I couldn't let go completely on shrooms for some reason even when meditating or going for a walk. The sadness was just overwhelming.

What are the shrooms trying to tell me? That I'm depressed? Id like to think that I've been getting better lately.
fd - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 16:46:21 EST ID:pOcI0WYM No.894232 Ignore Report Reply
It's probably just your brain chemistry. Psilocybin is known to enhance emotions more than lsd as well. On the flip side some people can't seem to have a good time on acid but love shrooms.
Samuel Hunderbanks - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 17:00:52 EST ID:Ue6PAjCs No.894235 Ignore Report Reply
Yeah, I get that. I am quite introverted and a feeling type of person in the first place so it just might be that. Shame because I like the down to earth thing with shrooms, thankfully acid seems to work wonderfully for me.
Ernest Barryhall - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 19:54:58 EST ID:+6ycvpUH No.894240 Ignore Report Reply
That kinda of happened to me on my last trip, but it was with acid

My peak was nice, but afterwards when I started to come down I started to feel depressed. Kept having a bunch of negative and self-conscious thoughts about myself. Never really happened to me before. That said I could use some self-improvement right now.
Emma Bavingteck - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 22:51:46 EST ID:Fa/RWioy No.894242 Ignore Report Reply
I have the exact same issue. Multiple depressive shroom trips (with occasional euphoria but still net sad) even though I’m fine on other psyches. Hell I even have a good time on DMT most trips. One time at a music festival I took shrooms one day and just started ugly crying in public. The next day I took LSD and had a terrific time.
Shit Cleshmad - Thu, 14 Mar 2019 01:47:03 EST ID:JAp+VNN5 No.894243 Ignore Report Reply
1552542423098.jpg -(54312B / 53.04KB, 750x742) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My shroom trips always end in a coin flip, either life ends up feeling like a miracle or all existence is pointless and we're all just monkeys trying too hard.

I've had only one trip with vivid visuals when I laid in bed with my eyes closed at night with music on. Very specific conditions, basically. The rest of them felt more like an emotional tug-of-war, when I tried dried shrooms powdered up in pill form (had to make those myself, I own a food dryer now) it was a staircase-like effect where every moment of wonder was followed and preceded by a bout of anxiety and nausea.

Setting, mood and solitude are three important factors for a good shroom trip. Having a sitter is nice, but the anxiety that comes with having to focus on this other person usually isn't worth it for me.
Martha Cemmlelark - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 07:20:39 EST ID:sl7DyCSC No.894271 Ignore Report Reply
OP, once you get the message hang up the phone. Just a theory really, but maybe you're the kind of guy to get lost in escapism. Maybe it's the shrooms telling you to conquer sober life for a good while, and then you may return.
Lillian Puddleforth - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 10:54:36 EST ID:FpPL38Op No.894273 Ignore Report Reply
My trips vary pretty widely in terms of the moody atmosphere of them, but I never seem to actually identify myself as feeling the ways that they feel internally on an emotional level, like I otherwise would while sober. Rather, the emotions and feelings almost become an external element in the trip similar to the visuals and whatnot.

I guess you could say that it's a form of dissociation even, although it manifests far differently than dissociation from dissociatives or when experiencing ego death on psychedelics (or dissociatives for that matter). but yeah, rather than experience the moods, feelings, emotions, vibes, and atmosphere of a trip as being an emotional state im in, it's more like a perception I bear witness to instead, akin to the visuals you get as i said. i really cant find the words to describe it any better than that im afraid.

so that said, no matter what the emotions and atmosphere of the trip are, be it somber, depressing, sad, happy, joyous, exuberant, excited, plain happy, peaceful and connected, what have you, i still really enjoy and appreciate the experiences both while theyre happening and in hindsight.

of course, im naturally rather emotionless/have blunted affect to some degree anyway. i pretty much always view and experience my emotions that way, only i dont typically perceive the feeling of them unless theyre rather intense, which rarely happens. psychedelics allow me to feel them, but they still remain a rather external sensation/phenomenon for me, and i suppose thats reflected in how they seem more to just characterize the nature of the trip itself rather than how i actually feel viscerally during the trip.

how strongly would you say you typically feel emotions while sober? do you feel like theyre a very integrated part of your personal experience of the world, or do they feel more like theyre rather just a thing that kind of happens that gives a somewhat loose indication of how you are reacting as a human being to a given situation? it sounds more like the former, maybe actually try perceiving them in a way more like the latter while tripping and see how that affects your trip?
Jenny Dapperpore - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 17:20:56 EST ID:Ue6PAjCs No.894277 Ignore Report Reply
Sometimes I lean towards escapism, there's no denying it, I am a human. I rarely do drugs for escapism these days though, I spent a year or two smoking weed until I got so sick and tired of it that I quit it for good. I am doing ok in my sober life, circumstances could be better but I'm serious about self improvement. I love living a conscious life, and psychedelics every 1-2 months help me a lot with that.

Sober, Im able to disidentify from my thoughts (which generate emotions) and ground myself in the present by meditation, that's when I become the observer and feel happiness.

On mushrooms, this becomes a lot different, the ego seems like it overwhelms me completely. The sadness definitely felt like an integrated part of my personal experience, it was very hard to become the observer even for a few moments.

Your post made me think that It might not be a bad thing though, there must be something good about feeling the sadness, if I just let myself feel it completely, right? I'll keep your post in mind the next trip.
Martin Gollyworth - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 20:46:54 EST ID:A9FGcVdm No.894278 Ignore Report Reply
1552783614030.gif -(4904409B / 4.68MB, 635x359) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Your post made me think that It might not be a bad thing though, there must be something good about feeling the sadness
It definitely doesn't have to be a bad thing. I'm generally okay with feeling negative or unpleasant emotions/feelings anyway, but they really don't bother me at all while tripping. Something about tripping on psychedelics in general (or dissociatives in this case too) makes me more than just totally okay with it, but almost so that I even enjoy them too in a really "the fact i can feel this way or any way at all is beautiful in itself" kind of way that I feel a rather deep, reverent appreciation for.

Psychedelic and dissociative trips for me are a kind of spiritually, emotionally, and existentially holistic kind of experience that reflect the fundamental nature and machinations of the universe and my conscious experience of reality as a whole. Each trip individually as well as all of them collectively are a microcosm of life that reflects the macrocosm of existence, conscious experience, and the human condition. This includes both joy and sorrow and in general is comprised of many polar opposites, which through the course of the experience, eventually become reconciled with one another and form something new and whole in unity, beyond the limitations of our normally dualistic conscious experience. Typically this most poignantly takes the form of ego death, but even on trips where ego death isn't experienced, the dual nature of reality and the human experience becomes whole through the unconditional acceptance and embracement of, as well as appreciation for, the parts of our life experiences we try our utmost to reject, avert our eyes from, distance and shelter ourselves from, and especially run away/escape from; namely, pain, suffering, unpleasantness, discomfort, cognitive dissonance, unease, unpredictability, shame, fear, disdain, lack of control, the unknown, and the other shadowy, darker parts of our reality.

Without these experiences in concert with the more easily celebrated and cherished experiences of joy, love, trust, understanding, etc., no experience is possible. No matter how often, while sober, I wish I didn't feel a certain way or even wish I could just die or disappear, I unequivocally, without a doubt, prefer experiencing and existing to nonexistence. As the dark, negative side of our reality is in all truth one with the light, positive side, a whole and complete package, while tripping I become fully capable of welcoming, embracing, and accepting the dark, negative, and bad aspects of life as I am the good aspects. This creates within me a true tranquility, bliss, and peace that exists independent of but often times concurrent with both "good" and/or "bad" experiences I may be having while tripping. No matter how unpleasant, negative, or bad a trip experience I'm having may be, I love the fact that I am having it without reservation.
Augustus Murdwater - Sat, 16 Mar 2019 23:04:15 EST ID:S4eToqCq No.894282 Ignore Report Reply
Come back after your 8th trip and see if you’re still depressed. They’re telling you you are doing them for the wrong reasons. Probably thinking they will MAKE your depression go away, maybe you think you NEED them. Do them for fun, don’t expect anything from them. Don’t fucking listen to the ego telling you you’re sad. You are beautiful, capable and what I read you have an ability with response. You are listening to your body telling you, woah I’m sad. Well think on WHY you are depressed and not “why are the shrooms doing this”... you are doing it to yourself. Saying this from someone who has went through that myself. Which I still eat them.. so don’t get me twisted. Just listen to your body, you’re already doing good by being aware of it. Don’t rely on the internet to tell you how YOU feel.. c’mon

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