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Profound self-transformation

- Tue, 09 Jul 2019 00:02:48 EST h2FZ8KB7 No.896542
File: 1562644968922.png -(1642508B / 1.57MB, 1014x1074) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Profound self-transformation
hi 420chan, this is my first post and it looks like a friendly place and i'm happy to be here

i took my first dose of acid (very small, reportedly only 30 micrograms) about nine days ago and a multitude of things i've been struggling with for years, notably self-hatred and worrying myself with stupid drama bullshit, seem to have completely vanished. i definitely intend on trying more

share your own permanent changes
Caroline Cheblinghock - Tue, 09 Jul 2019 02:09:11 EST Q3DoFi2/ No.896543 Reply
how can you change if what you thought you were' was illusory to begin with?

change is unchanging
Caroline Shakewell - Tue, 09 Jul 2019 03:37:59 EST I7xsXuQN No.896545 Reply
Not how it works, people microdose exactly for this effect despite it being sub-perceptual doses
Matilda Fiddlestatch - Tue, 09 Jul 2019 11:34:34 EST WQX+eJ4d No.896552 Reply
its how it works when you've tripped 100s of times and changed more times than you can even remember

microdosing is lame btw, you should learn the meditative skill and willpower to achieve these states through sober healthy means, dont buy the meme, kid.
Eliza Cliffingchure - Thu, 11 Jul 2019 22:58:26 EST cvzNDFq2 No.896609 Reply

be so fucking careful

i had trauma but dont let that be an excuse to use like it was for me .

poor me, pour me, poor me, poor me, pour me another.
Sophie Hengerdock - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 05:14:17 EST iRl7djyP No.896612 Reply
I micro shrooms for a couple months and it helped elevate my mood out of depression enough to get back to life and realize it's not all bad
Phineas Dattingbury - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 17:12:42 EST eUhZzTte No.896615 Reply
Welcome. Microdosing is great. If you feel like it's doing you some good, and life doesn't seem to be throwing shit at you due to your behavior, I would say go on.
Phineas Dattingbury - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 17:13:26 EST eUhZzTte No.896616 Reply
Well, 30ug is some heavy microdose, but I don't take back what I said.
Hedda Shittingbanks - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 23:12:19 EST I7xsXuQN No.896619 Reply
Currently growing shrooms with the intent to MD; it's more of a "do for a few months" thing than permanent, right?
Molly Cimmlelud - Sat, 13 Jul 2019 08:39:14 EST 7OBsp/5q No.896631 Reply
If the positive effects seem relatively permanent, then you don't have much risk of having a bad experience from taking enough to actually trip. Honestly the only way it seems possible to have a bad trip, IMO, is if you've got some rather pervasive neurotic tendencies, thought patterns, and behaviors. If you aren't particularly mentally weak (and when I say mentally weak, I mean you have really poor mental resiliency skills and tend to overreact to negative things and blow them out of proportion), there's really not much chance of having a bad trip.

Personally I don't think it's possible for me to have a bad trip, having tripped more times than I can count and never having one or even any that seem like they could've been if the wrong things wound up happening. I mean, I've had trips (normally from combos, not psychedelics themselves) that resulted in unpleasant experiences that weren't particularly enjoyable or otherwise might sound nightmarish or bad at face value to anybody I might describe the events to, but the trips themselves always ended pleasantly and I never felt like I had experienced anything remotely traumatic.

In general, I don't tend to find any of my life experiences traumatic despite going through things that fit that definition. It may have even been an extremely unpleasant and difficult event at the time, but looking back at it doesn't cause me any anguish or suffering. Memories contain feelings and emotions somewhat for me, but for the most part they are a very aloof kind of sensory record that I generally feel separate from. I can talk about things that would be difficult for others without any problem at all, at least from the standpoint that they don't make me feel uncomfortable or negatively in and of themselves from simply having to recount them or "relive" them. Often I'm capable of seeing the good of having experienced something bad and feel as though I've grown from experiencing it, so overall I'm glad for having gone through it for one reason or another.

If this seems like you, then you aren't going to have any problems tripping whatsoever. If bad memories plague you and you have trouble dealing with parts of your past or seeing the good (like the lessons you learned about yourself, others, or the world) that has come from unpleasant past experiences, then you should be wary of how quickly and how far you decide to go over the edge. You're going to want to work your way up to it, and even then you may wind up coming out the other side damaged and having most or all of the good that taking psychedelics has done you in the past undone.
Molly Cimmlelud - Sat, 13 Jul 2019 08:42:13 EST 7OBsp/5q No.896632 Reply
To give you an example, I've had a few psychotic breaks from dissociative use, and one time from combining dissociatives and psychedelics, and I don't find those experiences to be traumatic. If anything, looking back, they were more interesting than bad. They sucked at the time pretty hard for sure, but I don't see why I should be permanently scarred from having experienced those times--it's not like I'm still psychotic.
Edward Mecklecheck - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 06:31:38 EST 4Kk3JT3E No.896659 Reply
It made me appreciate nature more idk
Lots of changes have been fairly bad, actually
James Sanningville - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 06:48:38 EST IUfz5v9T No.896660 Reply

This. Even the seemingly positive changes that occurred during the early, beginning stage of my psychedelic career were in fact illusory and laid the grounds for a series of unavoidable consequences of immersion in the void. I was completely blown away by this entire universe that exists within my own mind. The surrealism of the experience is wherein lies the danger.

The positive, lasting effects relate to my self-image and social interactions. I directly attribute psy+dis use to overcoming my sometimes crippling social anxiety.

Part of the bad is never being able to go back to the way things were before.
Samuel Tootgold - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 08:18:11 EST T/gnfGdG No.896663 Reply
I often end up realizing that a lot of things that I attribute to psychedelics were there all along. After using psychedelics, everything before seemed retroactively trippy. I didn't need LSD to trip, I was already tripping. I didn't need it to have abstract mindbending thoughts or to develop an inner world. That was already there.

I think there's some value to having your cherry popped, and to psychedelics as a curiosity and a therapeutic agent when things are grey or confusing. But a lot of the fanaticism and stuff that follows is bs.
Rebecca Pittlock - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 19:12:19 EST sE4xZSxq No.896669 Reply
For me, honestly this is the single only change that I think has stuck with me since I started tripping: I now fully appreciate the value of things outside of my "comfort zone" (i.e far more than what's convenient or tried-and-true). I don't think they made me more open, because I was already quite open.

Maybe they made me more spiritual? I'm still very skeptical of the idea of a "soul" or any similar divine component in the human/living being, but there is a certain that-which-cannot-be-grasped which maybe I'm more in tune with now. I wouldn't call it mysticism because it relates more to the material experience of life than any perception of profundity or an inobservable power. Most of the ways I've changed have been through increasing interest in zen/taoist philosophy, but psychedelics put me more in tune with nature which is the reason I began to explore agnosticism and eventually quasi-secular spiritual practices like modern post-mahayana zen, even "humanism" as it's known.

All in all though, I have to say they really haven't changed much. The people who are least likely to be interested in them would probably change the most, in my estimation. Like if you're cool with giving up self control that's a great thing, but a lot of people are incredibly neurotic, egocentric etc. and therefore an experience like this is totally alien to their whole way of thinking. It's probably more valuable for them too, honestly. I mostly just did psy's to "have fun" (via experiencing the novel, examining and being fluid with my perspective and outlook), and I feel like if you don't go around proclaiming you'll basically upgrade to YOU v2.0 upon doing psychedelics, people act like you don't take them seriously or see ANY value in the experiences. In reality, a lot of these people just want to see themselves as "superior" to people who do coke, meth, booze, and other social/recreational drugs.

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