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Psychedelic-Marijuana Experience?

- Sat, 05 Oct 2019 08:53:09 EST 1OGeDZ5g No.898930
File: 1570279989311.gif -(1145876B / 1.09MB, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Psychedelic-Marijuana Experience?
You probs wont wanna read this if you are currently tripping or something but here it goes...

I mostly just want some insight from you guys about this experience i had with cannabis about 4 months ago. I hadn't really thought back to it for a while until today and i've done a little research into it, and nothing too helpful has back from it.
Something i may add before is that for i had taken LSD once, and 4-aco-DMT twice, both low doses with some really great outcomes. And for bout 2 years, i had been smoking weed. I'd do it for about a month, give it a year break, then do it for another month. The reason why i would stop doing it after a month would usually be because i would just get bored of being high. I'd have early nights, lounge around, eat and be bored pretty much. The biggest issue i had with cannabis was, it would make my throat very tight, to the point where i'd be swallowing every 30 seconds, and have the sensation of not being able to breath properly. I know that it wasn't actually my throat or lungs closing up. It was all just in my mind. This would happen every time, no matter what i did. I would never panic about it... even though, technically what i felt was exactly the same as a panic attack, just without the panic. I can actually make myself feel what i feel when i smoke weed right now if i put enough thought into my swallowing. Anyways, enough with that here's what happened

Sorry about the poor green text format. I don't really remember most of what happened, so it's a bit jumpy

>hanging with partner at a convention
>there was a lot of tension between us and the relationship was defiantly not going to last the duration of the convention
>stress levels up quite high
>end up going to some room party
>having a few drinks and chatting to randoms
>feeling pretty drunk at this point
>see a girl puffing on her vape every few minutes
>assume it's a nicotine vape
>ask her if i could have some
>she tells me it's a THC vape
>take a draw from it
>feel fine so i take another
>i think 'oh fuck my lungs are closing up this is it im gonna die'
>slide the doors open and fall inside
>try ask for help as i fall to the ground
>almost crying now
>my arms and legs turn to jelly
>my body ceases up and im laying, stuck on the ground
>all i can hear is everyone around me asking me if i'm okay
>can't open my eyes but i can hear so many voices
>i try tell them all to shut up but i can't speak
>i hear someone say "call 000"
>i stop hearing sounds
>now i'm on a plane and anxiety is at it's worse at this point
>my biggest fear is being in a plane crash
>whole family is there with me
>plane hits turbulence and it starts nose diving
>at this point im fully convinced that im going to die and it's all real
>plane hits the ocean and all i see white just white blankness
>i see something
>i assume it's god as it has a big oval white face and just a small pink nose and flower petal around it's shape
>i can see this entity is above all of us and for some reason it sends me back down
>here i experience some of the worst things
>i see my family being cut up
>they are strapped to seats it's almost like a SAW movie where all i can do is sit and watch them being tortured
>from this point on i flash back to the plane
>it's crashed into the ocean i get into one of those life rafts
>i get saved and the rest of my family dies
>eventually over their death after lots of sadness
>i think about suicide quite a lot during this process
>life goes on
>i age and get old
>have a pretty good life
>then im there on my death bed
>i'm around 80 years old
>looking at myself from a perspective as if i just walked into the hospital room
>watch myself die and i feel content with my life
>i rise to 'above' wherever that thing was
>see the same thing and it is happy with me
>it didn't tell me anything but i feel like it put me through whatever i had just been through for a reason
>come back into reality and 'wake up' and my partner is sitting beside me
>i am speechless and i just can't comprehend what happened
>sort of want to cry but im sort of awestruck
>my partner says i was out for about an hour
>i get up and just walk out of the apartment room and go back to my room and try go to sleep

Now what i want to know is, how is it even possible that this could happen from just marijuana. I have smoked until i have greened out, or passed out whatever you want to call it. But i have never had an experience like this. I guess i sort of want to know what it meant. Like was it just a very intense dream because of the amount of THC i ingested? How could have this girl been puffing on her vape and not seeming like she is effected by it at all?
Apparently one of my friends boyfriend had the same experience after he hit the vape as well, the day after i did. He didn't really want to talk about it and he wasn't a very likeable guy anyway, so i didn't pursue that.
What stresses me out the most is that I'm going to be doing some LSD with my brother and a friend in a few days time and this feeling of stress keeps coming back to me because of this marijuana experience... mostly because I'm just scared of it. I am not even worried about it happening again. It's just, i don't want me passing out on the ground to effect anyone else's trip.

The weed experience I had also didn't really effect me too much, especially after hearing it happened to someone else, that def made me a lot calmer about it all. I did have a few questions before like, did i see myself later in life, what was that white thing in the sky. Only negative it has brought to me is that now I'm even more afraid of flying.

I might also add. Just because i want insight on this. My dad has psychosis or delusional disorder (hasn't been properly diagnosed because the therapist couldn't properly diagnose him because he hadn't 'ever seen anything like it'). But i believe it was already there, it just came out because he just had a lot of negative things happen to him in too short of a time, for example, my mum said the marriage was failing, both his parents said to him they just wanted to die which upset him, and he was also just hitting 50 years old. He had only ever touched drugs once in his life, think it was high school he smoked weed. When he finally snapped, it was on a flight from SYD to LAX. He was never scared of flying or anything, it was just at that point, leaving his parents who could be dead before we even got back from holidays just made him go bad........ buttttt i think it may also be a genetic thing as his dad apparently has the same disorder as him. Only difference between me and my dad was that my dad had lived dealing with his mentally unstable dad for around 30 years now, and he used to talk about how fucked up his dad was etc etc. I, on the other hand got out of that environment a year after it happened to my dad so i wasn't exposed to it for too long to see it as "oh that's just how dad is. He's just crazy."

I apologies for the blog post but i just have so many questions and i don't know where or who else to ask.
Archie Fanham - Sat, 05 Oct 2019 10:01:26 EST O+nLOUrh No.898931 Reply
twice I have cooked down 3/4ths of a pound of weed into a single glass pint of milk and chugged the whole thing

those experiences were absolutely psychedelic, but if your grandpa and dad both just turned crazy at some point there is a chance it's gonna happen to you as well
Phyllis Hallylag - Sat, 05 Oct 2019 20:21:54 EST gxzgBPUy No.898938 Reply
Yeeeeeeah.... anon... I don't think that was real weed. This sounds exactly like the shit that happens from synthetic cannabinoids. Weed can make you trip, yes, but not that. You got passed some fake/laced shit and had a one-puff reaction. I've seen this happen plenty of times to seasoned stoners. One puff of the fake shit, and they're down on the ground or having a seizure. Then you're in for a shitty garbage trip where time has no meaning.
Phyllis Hallylag - Sat, 05 Oct 2019 20:25:31 EST gxzgBPUy No.898939 Reply
>how was she fine
I forgot to respond to this part. It's called tolerance. Though, even with a tolerance, the factors are so many that it can be considered random, if a person will have a bad reaction to this synthetic bullshit or not. The fact that someone else had the same reaction, should be proof.

More importantly though. Make that bitch fess up about what's actually in her vape. If she knows it's fake weed, she deserves to be shot in the gut and left to die. Giving anyone a drug and saying it's another, is attempted murder, and should be treated as such.

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