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Tripping with my psy-naive friend

- Wed, 23 Oct 2019 03:44:00 EST G6iQToq9 No.899386
File: 1571816640080.png -(284583B / 277.91KB, 500x376) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Tripping with my psy-naive friend
Since I was 18 (25 now) I've been tripping every now and then with Magic Mushrooms, LSD, and DMT. I use maybe 4x a year max. Very inconsistent dosing. Anyways, in the last year I discovered DMT and had some incredible experiences, involving gods, ancestors, the afterlife, mind blowing stuff honestly.

I told my friend about my experiences with DMT and he wants to smoke about 0.1 in big joint, which was how I eased myself into it. It's very good for visuals but you don't get a head fuck.

Anyways, not only does he want to try smoking DMT in a joint, he wants to try LSD. I assured him the Etizolam & Valium I have will like 80% dull the trip and he seems to believe it, but I just wanna know if there's anything I can do that will ensure my friend has a good time. I'm going to be tripping too and I'm somewhat experienced.

We have:
0.1 DMT
2x 100ug acid
5g mushrooms

Does this plan sound ok? I was thinking about doing 100ug LSD, 1g Mushrooms and smoking some DMT at the peak for myself, but I was thinking about giving my friend just a 100ug tab with 3 valiums on standby just incase and probably before we drop acid, he'll have a small DMT joint to ease him into the visuals as I genuinely believe a light DMT joint is a good quick little dose that won't fuck you up.

Does this idea sound solid? How do you prepare to trip with your friends?
Nell Nurringheg - Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:23:26 EST MU5DQUTc No.899388 Reply
Why are you combining all these things from the start? Seems pointless and they'll kick in at different times as well as having weird unpredictable interactions. Just drop acid with him and see how he gets on.
Hamilton Brollysed - Wed, 23 Oct 2019 16:28:47 EST G6iQToq9 No.899408 Reply
He wants to smoke a little DMT joint at some point, but besides that he's just taking the acid. I'll be taking 1g Mushrooms and 100ug Acid, I'll probably take the mushrooms 15 minutes before I take the tab, that way 30 minutes from eating the mushrooms I should feel both the mushrooms and the acid come up. The benzos are just incase things get out of hand for my friend as he's a novice with psys. I actually think a small DMT joint will be the best way to ease into it as it lasts for 5 minutes after you put finish the joint and it's just a couple of closed eye visuals unless you dab a shit load.

mb if i rambled


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