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Complete newfag

- Fri, 25 Oct 2019 00:38:07 EST 50PHU0lW No.899443
File: 1571978287657.gif -(1906221B / 1.82MB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Complete newfag
Hello friends. I've been dying to get into Psychs but have no idea where to start. What do you suggest I try first and how do I go about getting it? Also the reason I want to try them is because I'm severely depressed and lack direction in my life. I remember reading somewhere that these are supposed to help with that.
Frederick Ballytene - Fri, 25 Oct 2019 02:04:08 EST jlcoTZD+ No.899445 Reply
Least head-heavy is acid by far, look into 1p-lsd which is functionally the same (at 38% potency so you'll need more) which can be ordered legally online. Shrooms is the next step up, buy a kit or google "pf tek" for that

For general depression and shit you'd be better off microdosing either than tripping
Baltazaras Aklasis - Fri, 25 Oct 2019 05:43:57 EST kfiGoZKH No.899451 Reply
Check your local laws before odering anything online. 1p-lsd and other analogues may not be legal in your country.
Fanny Gankinhood - Fri, 25 Oct 2019 16:04:46 EST Bl1ao/vg No.899459 Reply
Find direction on your own. Deep down you know what the problems are in your life, you don't need a substance to tell you. Work on that first. Get into a good headspace before you trip. If anything, psychedelics are likely to enhance those depressed feelings rather than erase them

There are other chemicals out there that can be used as a crutch if that's what you're really after.

As for locating, in my experience mushrooms are the easiest things to find. Do you really need a lesson on how to find drugs? Ask your weed dude if he can find some/knows anyone. If you don't have a weed dude, ask some pothead friends to ask around for you. If you don't have any pothead friends, go make some.
David Herrytot - Fri, 25 Oct 2019 22:04:03 EST jlcoTZD+ No.899465 Reply
1p isn't an analogue which is why it's legal in the US. It's more gray area but after extensive research I couldn't find any evidence of anyone getting in trouble for it, and for research chemicals in general the only story I remember is an idiot who was frequently sending huge amounts to hawaii to sell at his uni and his uni is the one that caught him

>dude who cares if you have a measurable imbalance in your brain just like be happy
You haven't been a victim of major depression/anxiety or you wouldn't say this bullshit. I've been broken to the point of walking into traffic not giving a fuck if I got hit by a car, go tell me to make all sorts of high effort lifestyle changes in that state. The idea of "hurr drugs dont fix ur problems" is nonsense, it fixes your outlook and mod which is used to fix problems, you can't magically make yourself not depressed or anxious. Using anything to make your life better is a crutch with this logic. Is using a literal crutch for a torn ACL a 'crutch'? Is using literally any medication a crutch?
>If anything, psychedelics are likely to enhance those depressed feelings rather than erase them
No, they're more likely to give you an overall sense of well-being from serotonin, which would be better done through light trips or microdosing. You are however correct about headspace. Medium to heavy trips will go down the shitter due to mood, light trips from serotonergic drugs (shrooms and acid) will make you at complete peace and euphoric with lasting MD-esque benefits for days. Unlike dopamine you also won't feel like shit when it wears off.
Graham Clenningchit - Fri, 25 Oct 2019 23:33:46 EST Bl1ao/vg No.899470 Reply
>dude who cares if you have a measurable imbalance in your brain just like be happy
is not what I said AT ALL.

The reason OP wants to try psychedelics is
>because I'm severely depressed and lack direction in my life
Psychedelics are not the answer. If it's somehow purely a chemical imbalance, actual antidepressants are probably cheaper, or maybe he can afford to micro-dose for the rest of his life as you suggest. But I sincerely doubt that it's just a chemical thing. If you want to solve the problem, sure, use a crutch for awhile. But don't just mask your problems with a chemical. You find real direction by honestly addressing the issues in your life and taking steps forward.

>go tell me to make all sorts of high effort lifestyle changes in that state
But change and progress are quite possibly the best cures for a depressed lifestyle. Yes, it's hard. You have to want it.

If micro-dosing for medicinal reasons is his only goal, I guess I didn't think of that and maybe that'd be beneficial. I'd say having a full blown trip however is a risky idea. Maybe he'd have a fun, beautiful, spiritual adventure, learn something new and find inspiration. Or maybe in his current condition he'd have a catastrophic experience. I don't know. I'd advise against going to trippy land in a crisis.

>You haven't been a victim of major depression/anxiety
I actually have which is why I responded at all. I spent a lot of years escaping to fantasy psych land to escape my problems. It was amazing, radical, beautiful, and solved none of my problems.
Nigel Tootwell - Sat, 26 Oct 2019 01:49:01 EST cmB+Muz9 No.899471 Reply
I agree with Graham. Being clinically depressed and being severely depressed are two different things. Clinical depression can play into that kind of depression, but usually being severely depressed is much more circumstantial. Being clinically depressed has little to do with the state your life is in and is far less emotionally involved in general. It's presumably more likely to be caused by structural problems in the brain or a chemical imbalance in itself, which makes getting over it resistant to actual improvements made in your life. If having your life significantly improve isn't something that affects how depressed you are, then you are probably clinically depressed. If your getting better has a good chance of helping you recover, then you're probably just experiencing a natural reaction to living in extremely shitty circumstances and dealing with the ghosts of previous traumatic experiences still hanging around to haunt you.

That said, using drugs to combat clinical depression is a viable solution, but as Graham has said, it's probably cheaper to just see a doctor and get put on an antidepressant. Not to mention safer and legal. The reason antidepressants hardly ever work is because doctors prescribe them to people who aren't clinically depressed, but straight up just depressed because of shitty life circumstances and traumatic experiences. If being depressed in this way is what OP is, then drugs aren't very effective solutions, and often are just as likely to make the problem worse as they are to make it better. A far more reliable, safer, and longer lasting/sustainable solution is to actually address and improve one's issues, make lifestyle changes, etc.
Nicholas Drammerkadge - Sat, 26 Oct 2019 04:10:14 EST dGHY9/jU No.899478 Reply
I believe LSD can pull one out of a depression mode. I also believe it can change ones basic personality as to not be depressed, as part of the scheme of things.

But may lose some of their usual basic personality traits along with the depression.

A decent drug for many, it's called mirtazapine. It may have one out of their depression mode within a few days of taking it. And a steady reliable sleep schedule and daily forward moving routine within a week. It's a lot kinder, inexpensive and predictable than other antidepressants.

Like prescribed, 25 dollars or so even $12? for 90 15 mg tabs. You can half the 15 mgs to 7 and
actually get more out of them. Like less is better. Google it and see what people say, think about it.

If no insurance in the US, get on medicaid ASAP, even if you are not unhealthy. 2 dollar co-pays for
dr ER room visits I believe cost nothing out of pocket, and prescriptions. Gotta have insurance and a primary care Dr though. It will save your hind-quarters (your rear) if you rub into medical issues.

Depression is a medical issue, so, you could have actual insurance within a week.
Nicholas Drammerkadge - Sat, 26 Oct 2019 04:15:42 EST dGHY9/jU No.899479 Reply
>I actually have which is why I responded at all. I spent a lot of years
>escaping to fantasy psych land to escape my problems. It was amazing,
>radical, beautiful, and solved none of my problems.

I never had any problems that needed to be solved that i noticed with LSD.
Nothing that couldn't be fixed easily enough anyway considering the lifestyle.
Baltazaras Aklasis - Sat, 26 Oct 2019 05:10:03 EST kfiGoZKH No.899484 Reply
>1p isn't an analogue which is why it's legal in the US
And how do you know that OP is from the US?
SMH at these damn americans, can't even fathom the idea that someone isn't from their god forsaken dystopic joke of a country.
Ian Duckman - Sat, 26 Oct 2019 11:17:50 EST 6b0rvHKi No.899492 Reply
Theres NO other country but the united states of Earth. Fuck off you naysayer. Nobody cares about the uninhabited deserts of the world.
Polly Dondleworth - Tue, 29 Oct 2019 20:34:27 EST guZeVoHO No.899606 Reply
LSA should bring every problem you have to the forefront of your mind, and give you greater cognitive abilities, impartiality and creativity to help solve them. You could drink coffee with it too to counter the sedative effects, and plus some DXM to make it a bit more anxiolytic if you want or need that. With a few hbwr, a dark room and/or eyemask and earmuffs you've got everything you need to solve any problem in your life, that can actually be solved by thinking about it. Regarding issues of life direction that probably involves trying new stuff.
Martha Sackleman - Wed, 30 Oct 2019 01:20:06 EST jlcoTZD+ No.899612 Reply
Grow kits do not contain anything with psilocybin which in many countries is the part that's banned
DrMario - Thu, 31 Oct 2019 01:31:05 EST 24/kcJ/x No.899634 Reply
buy LSA (hawaiian baby woodrose seeds are best/least hassle, followed by morning glory seeds) or grow your own mushrooms. Assuming you live in the US and don't live in one of the few states that doesn't ban p. cubensis spores (Cali, Utah, Georgia, and maybe a few others made them illegal), you can order a few syringes full of spores and follow the common growing guide called the PF Tek. Look it up.
Jarvis Wicklewat - Thu, 31 Oct 2019 16:04:09 EST MU5DQUTc No.899648 Reply
I'm thinking of the ones that contain exactly the same as the ones in the link except they have a spore syringe instead of colonised substrate.

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