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Candy flipping

- Sun, 12 Jan 2020 11:20:27 EST o/OnKyOL No.901010
File: 1578846027415.jpg -(1069325B / 1.02MB, 3024x4032) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Candy flipping
I'm planning to candy flip next weekend with a friend and would like some advice and thoughts. I've candy flipped before, once it was a combination of 120ug of LSD and around 150mg of MDMA taken in 2 equal doses and another time it was 100ug of LSD, 200mg of MDMA in 2 doses of 100mg and 15mg of 2CB, and some weed. The second time was pretty wild but because it was a fairly small dose of LSD and 2CB isn't too much of a mindfuck so it didn't get too crazy.

This time I'm looking to up the dose of LSD quite a bit but still keep the MDMA dose moderate. Our plan is to take 350ug each and then a ~100mg dose of MDMA and maybe a 50mg redose a couple hours later. I'd like to hear the experiences of those among you who have candy flipped with a similar LSD/MDMA ratio. The friend and I are both experienced with LSD doses up to the 450ug range so 350 by itself is very familiar territory for us. Also, what's the best timing for the dosing and redosing? I was thinking of taking the MDMA around 3-4 hours after the LSD so that there's at least a bit of overlap between the peaks and the MDMA crash doesn't come too soon. Then, around 2-3 hours after the initial dose of MDMA I plan to redose with the 50mg.

Does this sound like a solid plan? Anything to look out for?
Jesus Christ - Mon, 13 Jan 2020 13:36:07 EST 1+lO5BI7 No.901027 Reply
1578940567069.jpg -(1565004B / 1.49MB, 3000x2350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I have only ever hippy flipped with either shrooms or 4-aco-dmt mixed with MDMA.

In my experience it is not a good idea to do molly first hahaha because boy trying to trip on a comedown like that is bad, especially if I redose with mdma and have a harder longer comdown.

So I either make the peaks hit simultaneously or I have the MDMA at some point after taking the psychedelics. That is my wisdom. Another piece of wisdom: combine nitrous as well, get yourself a case of 50 whippets from amazon or a smokeshop and a whip cream dispenser of some sort and your balls will be tripped hard hahaha!
Matilda Chadgebare - Fri, 17 Jan 2020 04:57:42 EST r6BPcSUb No.901087 Reply
Yes, I prefer dosing the other stuff earlier, maybe after 2h but it's all personal preference. If I am taking other things too I will likely take more cid before the peak as well so that everything starts wearing off near the same time - I don't want to come down from acid but be on amphetamines.. My personal pref, would be to do ~200ug, then about 2h later take another 1-200ug with 50-80mg mdma and 20-30mg 2cb. I don't think the extra mdma will have too much of an effect idk what your tolerance is like.

I'm sure that you have experience with everything being more than the sum of its parts too. Sometimes less is more.
Phyllis Hockleford - Fri, 17 Jan 2020 14:32:12 EST o/OnKyOL No.901094 Reply
>In my experience it is not a good idea to do molly first
Yeah, so I've heard lol. Wouldn't want to find myself in a MDMA comedown while still tripping absolute balls. This is why I'm trying to time things in a way that will have me coming down from both at the same time. I'll also be smoking some weed, but only at the tail end of the trip, like 8 or so hours in. Smoking weed while the acid is still going strong has made things very weird for me before but I love it during the comedown. It sort of temporarily makes things almost as intense as they were during the peak but things stay manageable.

From my experience (and others I've read/heard), there's a much steeper short term tolerance increase with psychedelics than MDMA. That is to say, redosing psychedelics gives a much more diminished effect compared to redosing MDMA. So I'll probably be taking the acid all at once. Redosing MDMA usually gives me solid results but then again I usually only take MDMA once every 3-4 months so my tolerance never was that high. I've decided to lower the LSD dose to 300 instead of 350ug. 350ug is where things start getting very intense for me and even though I've gone up to 450ug, I'm thinking it's better to stay on the safe side seeing as it's my first time candy flipping with a relatively large dose of acid.

Thank you for your input guys. Tomorrow is the big day, can't wait.
Simon Girringwater - Fri, 24 Jan 2020 02:04:51 EST TC0WwMxS No.901196 Reply
Usually need 25mg of 2C-B to hit the sweet spot

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