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Harm Reduction Notes for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Psychedelic's Long Term Effects on Dreams

- Sat, 08 Feb 2020 13:18:41 EST CQ+MGLrb No.901493
File: 1581185921055.jpg -(66275B / 64.72KB, 900x488) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Psychedelic's Long Term Effects on Dreams
So after tripping every other week for about 4 months straight, I took a break. Mostly 1cp-LSD and the finale was a 4-tab ETH-LAD trip.

In the ensuing months, I've noticed that even though the HPPD has more or less worn off, the effects on my dreams have actually become more intense. Like, I never thought I could dream productively, but I have. My dreams are ultra vivid, I'm self-aware in them about 50% of the time, I have psychedelic-esqe geometry that lingers for a minute or two after waking from an intense dream, I dream almost every night, and the sleep I get now is just so satisfying and rejuvenating.

Just last night I had what was arguably the best dream I ever had. I was out in the desert at a gas station trying to buy candy because I had just ingested some strong drug and was hungry. Before I could, I had suddenly become engulfed and intertwined in what could best be described as a "living" trip. I was part of some life form that moved and acted as my thoughts raced, with memories and emotions projected as video on it's scales and bones. It's really hard to describe much else due to how abstract it all was, but when I woke, I kind of realized that I had kind of experienced the emotional and spiritual elements that I had wanted from psychedelic drugs, but never actually got. My dream was basically the most fulfilling and intense trip I ever had and I haven't touched any drugs for months.

Anyone else have any similar experiences like mine? I've been reflecting on all since I woke about an hour ago.
Nicholas Weckleway - Sat, 08 Feb 2020 16:02:08 EST TBemuDKg No.901501 Reply
I think it's mostly that now that you have that experience/ mode of existing collected into your library of what life can be like, it also enters the rotation of what your dreams can collect from to do whatever it is dreams are for. Like you are less likely to dream you're on an airplane if you've never flown in your life, or seen it in movies. But if that is in your context vocabulary, it can be integrated into dreamscape as needed. Once your dreams learn to talk psy they can talk to you easier.

I get stoned in dreams sometimes, it's good.

The best dream drugs though are ones that aren't even based on real ones. They can get real fucky, in a good way. Kinda like flying to walking, even though you've never flown (without the aid of machinery) before. Like that, but for drugs. Something only experienced in dreams.
Shitting Somblefadge - Tue, 11 Feb 2020 13:37:48 EST nCIePzPM No.901544 Reply
Ive fallen asleep on the acid come down from time to time and all i can say is the dreams are intense and mystical. I remember dreaming that i was in a church full of spiderwebs with changing colors and shiny reflections all over them. I saw my girlfriend playing with them, twirling them around with her fingers and letting the spiders crawl freely over her. At some point i had left the church and was taken to what felt like an ancient memory of me sitting in the crib in a house out in the country that id lived in until i was about 3 by an open window, overlooking a field. My thoughts were racing and i kept thinking to myself over and over, this is the window pane of heaven and got is made of memories. That was probably the most beautiful dream ive ever had
Molly Turveywill - Thu, 13 Feb 2020 02:06:45 EST OiIBPiTK No.901575 Reply
Hello OP

Yes, I have experienced this. From my first usage of psychedelics onward, I began to have more intense dreams than I had experienced since I was a child. I had some of the most horrible nightmares of my life where I felt like I came into contact with separate entities that had nothing to do with my psyche. Some of them, not in chronological order: gigantic huntsman spider that talked to me (I do not live in Australia), cephalopodic being that moved at the speed of thought and unsheathed knives from its limbs, invisible entity keeping my entire family hostage in a hidden room of my house, and a regular looking man without any eyes that I understood to be Lucifer. I had a lot of positive dreams too. This was after consuming about three and half grams of Cubensis. The waking experience was pretty normal for a psychedelic, and that pattern has continued in my life. I kept a dream journal for a long time. Some entries went on for whole pages. It was nearly 50,000 words long before my computer crashed. I suspected I had schizophrenia now and then but I knew a man who actually had a psychosis triggered by mescaline and later killed himself. After some years of abstention, much of this died down, but I still had visionary paralysis dreams where I interacted with what felt like distinct beings. In many cases they were dead people I had been reading about. I took their advice too seriously for a long time and caused myself some trouble by associating with certain people in waking life. To clarify, I had paralysis nightmares on a near-weekly basis for over a decade before taking psychedelics. They stemmed from a traumatic experience with a congenital illness as a child that probably contributed to all this.

I started taking them again a couple years ago and the same thing occurred. I took up to 440-660 ug of acid at a time. The trips were frightening at first but generally positive. To my surprise, I kept myself together during most of them, even though I was alone. The nightmares returned with more intensity though. I was taking much more than I had ever taken in my life, and almost every week. I was waking up to visions of locusts covering my bedroom walls. I'm not sure if they were locusts but they had a similar anatomy. I also had visions in the morning of a city floating somewhere in the Arctic. There were strange mammals flapping on ice floes around it. All of this was hypnagogia potentiated by HPPD, as far as I can tell. On New Year's Eve, I had a terrible nightmare about a spirit of war raping corpses in a field. They were dog-headed creatures. This was somewhere in the Appalachian mountains. The spirit ranted in my mind as it displayed horrible scenes to me. Once it was finished, I woke up with a jolt, as if it had severed the communication. I could go on but you get the picture. All of this has died down again, over time.

IME most hallucinogens with "psychedelic" properties potentiate dream activity. Some people are more sensitive than others. In many cases, entry into adult life has eradicated these tendencies, and these drugs have a way of bringing them back to the surface. I don't regret any of the things I have gone through. I will probably do it again. It fascinates me, for some reason.

SLAYER to everyone.
Hedda Dartshit - Fri, 14 Feb 2020 04:44:07 EST I5Hl5a4A No.901586 Reply
Yeeeesh, I'm definitely glad I don't dream about monsters and animals like you do.

My dreams are almost always centered around people I know in abstract but realistic environments. A nightmare for me is usually centered around not being able to do something I want to do because of circumstances beyond my control. They aren't scary so much as they are intensely frustrating. Usually something I really want will be so close I can taste it, but it slips away from me due to someone/something interrupting me.

Tornadoes are a pretty common bad dream for me; an unending line of tornadoes prevents me from doing anything other than moving out of their way and letting them pass me one after the other.

Dreams where my teeth are falling out is also a pretty typical bad dream for me.

The 'scariest' dreams I get are situations where I am in a cemetery or mausoleum where the corpses are disinterred lying around in various states of decomposition in their open caskets. It's not so much scary as it is unnerving.

I've only had sleep paralysis a handful of times. Last one I remember had me waking up with a car-hop waitress in a skirt and skates standing in the corner or my room. I also remember one I had as a kid where I was at some waterpark with slides and pools and there was a huge television screen with an alien on it. The screen just kept zooming in closer to the alien and I couldn't look away at all.
Phineas Fossledock - Wed, 19 Feb 2020 13:28:30 EST p1hMElk3 No.901672 Reply
1582136910381.jpg -(1077960B / 1.03MB, 3508x2480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I trip every week and I've noticed my dreams are much more intense and aren't as random anymore, they're much more affected by the things I did few days prior. It's like set and setting rules carried over from tripping to dreams.

I had a dream last night about doing chemistry experiments at school, poured some substances to black liquid. Orange, purple and translucent fractions started emerging, they had jelly-like consistency. After stirring the mixture thoroughly the mixture had even orange-ish tint. Soon the fractions started separating again, they were moving in all kinds of weird ways, flowing, rotating, mixing. Image started forming on the surface, getting more structured and complex with each second until it became a screenshot from Rain World.

I made scrambled eggs yesterday and mentioned Rain World to a friend online few days ago. Good game. Good eggs.

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