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- Fri, 21 Jan 2022 03:56:49 EST /taW7G32 No.911873
File: 1642755409210.jpg -(309886B / 302.62KB, 1080x1308) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. noob
I bought these a few weeks ago from a gay dude on Grindr. I was looking for coke and he only had crystal meth, GHB and these acid tabs.

they were $10 each so I decided to try them. I live with my parents so I'm usually never alone and they always talk to me in the morning or during the day so i cant take them except at night when they sleep. I broke 1 tab in 4 pieces and I took 1/4 then 3 hours later I took another 1/4. I binged Futureman and I felt a little funny and was a little high when I went to the restroom but saw nothing except I felt like I was the characters in the show, I was really feeling them. I took them at 12am so I stayed up all night and I went to sleep at 2pm. When I closed my eyes I couldnt focus on anything like I usually do like I couldnt "imagine" a simple picture like an apple or anything I wanted, it was just these intense geometric shapes that turned into alien faces with a bunch of colors and it made me dizzy, so it took me like 2 hours to go to sleep.

Anyway my question is if this is normal and if I take 1 tab instead of cutting it into pieces will I trip out and my vision be affected? Should I just get a hotel room instead and trip out there? I did coke in a hotel room and it was great because I felt safe and didnt have anxiety about my parents talking to me but I also read online that psychedelic's in hotel rooms are a different feeling and you can have bad trips because of all the chaotic energy that thrives there. Should I just take half a tab again at night or 1 whole tab?
Nick Fuentes - Fri, 21 Jan 2022 04:32:46 EST QEbLhwMt No.911874 Reply
Sounds like the real deal, you made the noob decision to take 1/4th, with your body load 1/2 would have brought about the desired effects. Probably a smart move though considering it’s acid.
Frederick Mankinfedging - Fri, 21 Jan 2022 20:58:18 EST 6gZspKBZ No.911875 Reply
i've had identical looking blue pyramid gel tabs about 5-6 years ago and they were insanely good. one tab would get me zooted hard. please take 1 whole tab for a proper experience. if you're worried about parents wait until they fall asleep then consume and stay up all night tripping.
Archie Bunfuck - Sun, 23 Jan 2022 02:56:33 EST zHqr2wcj No.911887 Reply
t take tab incremements and it really helps with th e uncomfortable come up which only happens once and then you are up. you can stagger doses and if you take enough you will trip the fuck out.\\

some people will disagree but comfort is the name of the game not being tripping balls so hard you are uncomfortable

you made the right choice

might as well take a whole tab see wahat its all about but try to gohiking or something so you are not inside the whole time because inside gets a little ugh when super high
Hannah Claywater - Sun, 23 Jan 2022 18:23:09 EST 6gZspKBZ No.911893 Reply
you shouldn't be taking drugs whose effects you don't know. here's a start, but do more research please.
tl;dr what you should be looking for with 1 tab is audio/visual hallucinations both open and closed eyed, a stimulating body high, abstract thinking, intense emotions, euphoria, and lots of laughing. if one tab is lacking then don't buy from that person again and find better acid.
Hamilton Docklebere - Mon, 24 Jan 2022 11:10:25 EST /taW7G32 No.911898 Reply

thanks for the info I read it last night before takin 1/2 tab at 2am
I'm glad I did too because it got super intense and I'm glad I only took half of a tab.

I was seeing visual hallucinations mostly swirlys and super depth to everything. I decided to play League of Legends while having a deep analysis of my life and what I want to do in the future. It was very enlightening because I realized some traumatic stuff I was hiding from myself but I feel so much better now.

I'm glad I had the experience, I dont know what ill do with the rest of the tabs i think im done with them for a time. How long do these last could I save them for next year?
dick cockandballs - Mon, 24 Jan 2022 14:28:52 EST LEuF2h5a No.911899 Reply
they will lose potency over the course of a year if not stored properly. a dark cool place is the go to but gel tabs you might wanna stick in the freezer if you can.
Charles Gullyfeck - Tue, 25 Jan 2022 08:59:12 EST uRv7cLBI No.911910 Reply
1643119152458.png -(983366B / 960.32KB, 640x491) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
do you not have friends? lsd is best done in nature and on a hike. you need to do that. being inside sucks. do min 1 tab. max 2. until you're used to it.
Ian Clindersture - Tue, 25 Jan 2022 18:34:50 EST 6gZspKBZ No.911922 Reply
>do you not have friends? lsd is best done in nature and on a hike. you need to do that. being inside sucks.
everyone prefers to experience drugs differently. there's no 'right' or 'wrong' way. nb
Charlotte Passlestock - Tue, 08 Feb 2022 14:47:45 EST zHqr2wcj No.912039 Reply
if you are constaantly uncomfortable and or put yourself in situations while tripping that are not fun/safe ( loose use of that word because danger is my middle name)

you are not doing it right, there is def a wrong way to trip but it happens to be just common sense, like when i was 15 or 116 i went to my grandparents house to eat dinner while peaking on lsd and their air conditioner was out and it was fucked up, wrong way to do it
James Worthingville - Tue, 08 Feb 2022 17:09:58 EST QP6Ab5KH No.912040 Reply
SHOULDA BOUGHT G TOO. It's dangerous is misused but one of my favs. It would help you on the comedown too probably but again if you don't dose properly it's no bueno
Sophie Brippershit - Sat, 19 Feb 2022 10:47:58 EST /taW7G32 No.912118 Reply

I actually did get some GHB too
I tried it took a teaspoon I think it was like 1ml and it felt really nice but didnt feel much else so I took 2 teaspoons 2-3ml and for 30minutes it was amazing but then I got nauseous and it went to shit.

I literally kept shitting and vomiting it was the worst and the nausea lasted the whole day it was the worst.
Martha Chucklesire - Sun, 20 Feb 2022 14:45:15 EST zHqr2wcj No.912122 Reply
the person said there is no right or wrong way to trip and i believe there is, you can be prepared and stuff= right

you can wing it and put yourself in dicey situations becase yolo= my opinion of wrong

I think that my previous comment was not taken out of context

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