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Inducing physically-shapeable open-eye hallucinations with just weed and a float tank

- Sat, 12 Feb 2022 20:43:22 EST n/1GNshB No.912078
File: 1644716602519.png -(10445B / 10.20KB, 390x259) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Inducing physically-shapeable open-eye hallucinations with just weed and a float tank
Brought a weed vape to a float tank and got proper stoned. After meditating/kinda tripping out for the first hour in the tank, I opened my eyes for longer.

It was utterly black, but still kept seeing light that I couldn't be sure wasn't actually there. Eventually figured out, no, my mind was just making things up in the darkness as we know happens.

Then dark, wispy shapes, like shadows, began appearing. They seemed quite bright but only in contrast to the dark. I realized then that could "see" my limbs, just barely, through the tiniest amount of photons spilling into the tank. I waved a hand through one of the hallucinations and discovered it changed the shadow!

I started whirring off little shapes into the darkness. Forming things in the air. Then imagining scenes, seeing them come to life, and interacting with them with my hands. Felt like a little demigod just figuring out how to create and control matter! It was fucking amazing. (I should say, near the end my brain drifted to sex, and I had a hyperreal sex fantasy, but after that, I wasn't able to get my mind off of sex and had trouble creating non-sexual phantoms. So if you're planning to try, I recommend taking care of business before you go.)

Anyone ever experienced anything like this? I've done tons of psys but this is the first time for me with something like this on just weed.

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