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- Wed, 31 Jul 2019 22:42:18 EST Je9nm5wp No.530711
File: 1564627338301.png -(1022116B / 998.16KB, 907x788) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. purging/starving/drugs
anyone else have an ED? For the past few weeks I've been doing this cut, like 500 calories a day or less, and then just now I drank for the first time then I binged on like 3000~ calories worth of food then purged it all then chugged another bottle of wine and ate 75mg of ephedrine. I've been on Wellbutrin which helps with appetite which allowed me to cut for so long, I've lost a little over 30 pounds in less than a month, I've lost 70 pounds since january, but I'm terrified I'm going to binge like this again, I'm adding ephedrine to my daily regiment, I try to cycle 30-90 minutes a day, but it's never enough, I want to cut myself open, I can't deal with being this grotesque, I'd rather my heart blow up from stimulant/diet pill abuse than keep going on as disgustingly hideously atrociously fat as I am, I'm so fucking scared to eat, it's easy not to eat at all than eat a little bit, once I start eating it's so hard to stop I'd rather not at all, I've been slipping, I need to eat a little bit so my metabolism doesn't slow to a halt but at the same time I feel like fasting until I'm thinner, I genuinely don't care if I live or die I just don't want to be this way anymore

I remember reading about this diet drug that was banned, helps with weight loss but has a tendency to cook you from the inside out, can't remember what it is for the life of me, anyone know? I don't care what it does to me on the inside as long as it fixes me on the outside. What drugs work better than ephedrine? I can get my hands on almost anything. Fenphen? Meth? I really don't fucking care.
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Eugene Duckham - Mon, 05 Aug 2019 19:55:04 EST R7NTdJHW No.530813 Reply
1565049304357.jpg -(4532B / 4.43KB, 183x275) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Since you're already on this path, and I kind of am too (used to be bulimic but now I'm just losing fat for good because I got to the point where I hated myself enough)

If you want to keep muscle while doing this get on some fucking steroids IE Tren and HGH but don't go with the recommended dosage, do about 1/4 - 1/5th the recommended for Tren and 1/3 recommended for HGH.

Obviously still hitting the gym, interspersing 2 days of cardio (elliptical) with 3 days of heavy lifting and the fat is melting off VERY fast and the muscle is staying put and I feel... normal. Not weak and dying like I did in the worst of my diet pills and barfing days.


if you find your loose skin getting out of hand, get compression garments. Underworks online is by far the best, Rainey Recovery is great too. You can even buy them from sports stores, get the tightest ones you can fit your goddamned body into - top and pants - get two of each - and wear them 24/7 unless you're showering. The first week will be a nightmare of itchiness but you get used to it.

I don't know why no one mentions the pressure garment thing but it's what docs give lipo patients (lol also me, best decision I ever made) so they reabsorb their now un-filled skin. Works fucking GREAT. I have no loose skin anywhere.

Don't die over this, OP. Just.. you know, be careful. Recognize and REALLY UNDERSTAND when you're going too far.
Jarvis Fanson - Wed, 07 Aug 2019 05:34:01 EST Uy/1xd7+ No.530843 Reply
OP not sure what country you're in but look up PGX Daily.

They are capsules you take with a lot of water/small meals and they swell and fill your stomach. You feel full basically forever. I can't successfully cut without them, they really kill the hungry feeling. It's recommended you only take 3 per meal but I found you can go up to five, you just shit more.
Barnaby Cliffingpot - Fri, 09 Aug 2019 08:46:57 EST UZV2PD9H No.530911 Reply
Ehhh but only one of those choices is free and actually serves a purpose.

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